Aunt Comes to Florida Pt. 01

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It was 1960 and my bedroom was right off the kitchen which also lead to our basement. I was always so excited when my aunt would come to town, she was so very pretty and even at the age of 17 I already know she was a special lady with the fact Aunt Sally was a dancer on Broadway.

Sally would come to town and she would bring so many pieces of luggage, she loved all of us and her smile was as big as her heart. Sally would always be in heels and stocking and I know this is where my stocking fetish came to be.

I always wondered when my mom would invited her friends to stop by (my mom and dad went to parties every Saturday evening with 12 other couples) and 2-3 of the ladies from these parties would stop by when Aunt Sally was in town after we had dinner and talk with my mom and dad and Aunt Sally until late at night, eventually bringing the talking to the basement so that they would not wake me up.

But I always found it odd when my mom and dad would take afternoon showers and dress up before dinner when Sally was in town, mom would come out of her room with stocking and heels and smell as good as Sally and looked well sexy if I may say so myself.

My dad had a tool room off the shower in the basement and when I bursa escort was about 18/19 I remember making a small little hole in the ceiling time so that I could spy into the shower area in anticipation of my Aunt Sally’s arrival. Sally would come to town, as I said, all dolled up almost in anticipation of their long night talks and would take a shower within an hour after she arrived at our house.

I listened as she walked from the back bedroom into the bathroom to take a shower and then that’s when I made my move going into the back bedroom and touching the stocking she just wore and then making my way up and over the work bench to spy on my aunt.

The first time I thought my heart was going to pound right out of my chest, crawling up trying now to make one little noise and then the light from the bathroom as I looked inside the bathroom to find my aunt naked with the sink on and facing the mirror as she began to shave herself. One leg up on the toilet seat as she shaved each side of our pussy and then as I watch her squat as she shaved her bottom making sure she was well shaved except for the mount of hair on top. She was fast and I still remember her beautiful breasts with dark brown nipples as she finally bursa escort face toward the shower and walked in. I watched as she soaped up the cloth rubbing her breast and shoulders and how the first time I heard her moan just a little bit as she rubbed her clit with the wash cloth and then aimed the water towards her pussy as she rubbed it hard. What a sight for a 19 year old kid.

But that night continued to be special as my mom’s friends came over after dinner and they all sat down about 8pm to have drinks and talk with the special guest Aunt Sally.

I went to sleep that winter night at about 8:30pm with my door closed, but able to listen to ever sound that was spoke, even the whispers.

About 9:30pm is when I started to listen to my mom talk about my parents collection of sex toys and she named them all to the entire group, from different sized dildos (which my aunt and the ladies said they have never used) to my father collection of cock rings and she even went into her room and showed them her breast enlarger which latter I found was a plastic thing that fit over each breast and warm water sprayed onto. She told the group that since she was still lactating she didn’t want the bursa eskort size of or boobs to go down afterwards.

My dad came up from the basement and told the ladies that he had the 8mm ready to watch and they all went to the basement, but to this day, I remember as my aunt and mother went past my closed bedroom door, my mom told my aunt that she would teach her this evening how to use the dildos inform of the others.

I had a hard on like never before as I listened to the group get soft as the movie started and then as the comments flew from each of their mouths. I heard the ladies say out loud that they had to start playing with themselves and remember my father tell them to feel free to do whatever they wanted.

I listened to how the ladies each told each other to take their dresses off and my mom telling them to leave on their stocking and heels. About that time my Aunt Sally asked if she could be the first to put a cock ring over my father’s cock and my mom told her that she had one for each lady and that they all were to slide one on him and the laughs and filthy comments began to fly as they watched the movie.

One of the ladies asked if she could take off my mom’s black bra and suck on her tits, that she always wanted to try breast milk and from that point on each of the ladies I presumed had a moment to suckle.

As this was happening my aunt told the group that it was her turn to learn how to use a dildo and well, that’s is when I just exploded.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32