Aunt Cathy Pt. 38

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No sex again guys, gotta have some meat with your gravy 😉 Hope you all had a great Christmas. Wishing you all the best for the new year. Thanks for reading.

{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

As soon as mom and Cathy saw dad, Doug, and electric, fingernails dug into my biceps. Suit coat or not, it hurt. Both of them began cautioning me about doing, saying, or even thinking anything to the three. I found that ironic seeing as I was worried mom was going to go off. We were getting closer to the idiots when I started looking around like I’d lost something, hoping mom’s curiosity would get the better of her.

It did.

“What are you doing boy?”

“Nothing mam’, just making sure no steaming hot coffee pots are close to hand.” That got her, she started to laugh just as we walked past the three.

Doug? He was about to explode.

His sister had her neck tendons so taunt you could of played them with a bow. Red-faced with flared nostrils, it was killing her not to make a catty remark.

My dad looked blank. Never in my life had I seen him like that.

The aloofness I thought I was projecting evidently didn’t come off as intended. As Cathy put it later, “You looked like an arrogant, uppity, socialite looking down at your servants, without actually looking at them”. She giggled. “You looked PERFECT!”

We all had our coats checked, and headed up to be seated; except for coach, he was still outside waiting at the front door. For a second, half of me wondered if he was going to take off in the bus again, but that didn’t make sense. He’d put too much into getting us all together tonight. The way I figured it he’d caught wind of the wolves having a team-only dinner and upped the stakes by inviting family and booking the upper dining area.

What else would make sense? He damn well knew the Wolves bus would be grading that hill, and that, if you book the upper tier, priority was given as far as seating went. Coach was doing what he always did, and that was milking an opportunity for all it was worth. A gelling team all by itself is something, add family to it? You get a sort of community that stands up for each other.

He didn’t want to oppress anyone, just make it clear to our team, and theirs, we were equally backed for this game. That thought shaved a lot of apprehension off me, my captain jersey didn’t feel so weighty anymore.

As to why he hadn’t come in? At that point in time, I was at a total loss.

The upper floor of Robert’s was basically a loft that ran around the inside perimeter of the building. You could look down to see patrons below, and if there was a band, watch them. There were booths along the walls and tables at the railing, and yeah, me, mom, and Cathy got sat at a railing table, directly in the sight line of Doug and his cohorts. I took the middle seat facing toward them, if anyone was going to get glared at I wasn’t about to let it be Cathy or mom.

The first surprise of the evening came when coach finally joined us with a date. In all the team functions we’d attended he’d always come alone. I asked Cathy if she was on their bus, and she answered with an emphatic, “NO! You think I’d miss a goddess like that? She must have driven herself.” Goddess wasn’t an over exaggeration.

The woman in question was lean and tall, with a sinewy body sporting firm upturned breasts. Her skin was midnight black and sleek as a panthers fur. When she moved the light seemed to glide over her the way moonlight does on an ebbing river. A silky, dark purple evening gown with spaghetti straps matched the color of her velvet stilettos. Silver bracelets and hoop earnings were paired with a thin ribbon-like diamond necklace that draped into the top of her cleavage.

Mom quietly said, “My lord, look at her eyes.” That wasn’t an option, you had no choice. A vivid mix of sky and ice blue, they appeared to be illuminated from behind by flickering candlelight. Her makeup was subtle but expertly done in a shimmering, golden bronze hue.

She was being scrutinized by all of us. After an uneasy long while of being gaped at, she blew my mind by turning into a negative image of Cathy.

Look wise they may of been on opposite ends of the spectrum, but the idiosyncrasies were all there. A smile formed on her lips and she clapped her hands twice, tilted her head to one side, and giggle laughed, “Wakey, wakey folks. My name is Deidra.”

A lot of the folk started stammering apologies and the like when a joke we had about coach came to mind. It seemed to fit the situation, and now seemed an apropos time to share it as somewhat of a tension breaker.

“Sorry Deidra, it’s just that,” I glanced around the room. “Well, we thought coach was a monk.” Popoff, sob, and the rest of the team about lost it, coach gave me a look that said I’d be doing pushups till I was eighty, but it worked. Deidra bent a bit forward, hands up to her lips prayer-style laughing. Everyone else was in a relief laugh mode. Then Cathy Lefkoşa Escort piped up, pointing at coach while looking at Deidra.

“Can you imagine that hairstyle on him?”

“OH MY GOD GIRL!!” This time the clapped hands were raised above her head while she did that little, staccato dance in place thing. Those perky boobs firmly jiggled. Coach sighed, gave me a dirty look, and asked where they were sitting. As luck, or misfortune, depending on your viewpoint would have it, they were seated at the table directly behind us.

This was fate, had to be. Deidra acting like Cathy, Cathy making her laugh and dance, and now their right beside each other? Before we’d even finished pre-dinner drinks, (Bonnie had oddly declined) they’d hit it off, chatting away like they were BFFs. Cathy had made a new friend and it was odd to watch them.

Their mannerisms, while not book-matched, were uncannily similar. You could argue that what had me enthralled easily could of been chalked up to basic female traits, but I’d argue that women walk, smile, and laugh, but no two do it exactly the same.

Until tonight Cathy had been the only woman I’d ever seen waddle her head from side to side when she rolled her eyes. Or drum her fingers on her lips thinking, then touch her nose and temple when she’d figured it out. What killed me was when they both giggled at the same time.

Anyone who’s been following this story knows I’ve got a bad giggle fetish, and if you didn’t, well, now you do. My fascination had been purely platonic until then. What I heard went straight from my ears to my cock. Instant hard. Both of them had a musical titter just far enough apart in tone that it sounded like they were harmonizing. It was the most erotic sound I’d ever heard and it was about to get put on a loop.

The corner of my eye caught Mary motioning to Misty by putting two fingers to her mouth as if smoking. She readily nodded. Cathy got the same gesture, repeated the nod in kind, and leaned into her new friend’s ear. Deidra’s response was a huge smile. Mom and Bonnie both got the signal but waved it, (another odd decline by red).

Mom explained her decline with a cold glance towards the Dawson trio, “Toes. Keep on them.”


Until we had all parted ways, there was that worry.

Bonnie, I didn’t get. She loved new people and having a good time, but so far tonight she’d turned down both opportunities. Sob’s girlfriend announcement might have thrown her off and she just wanted to keep a low profile, but it only took one look at her to put some worry into me. Nothing about Bonnie was Bonnie. The fire was out. Her eyes, the firecracker charisma, even her hair didn’t seem to have the luster it usually had.

On the other hand,

The bathroom thing was deja-vu of the mall bar, only with some change up of characters. Deidra would be playing the part originally played by Misty as the new girl, and Mary was in Bonnie’s role. While I knew the point of the trip was to get high, I also knew what happened in that bar bathroom. That recollection didn’t ease what was going on in my pants. Was this going to be another lesbian tryst? If so, who was going to be doing who?

With the look Cathy had given Deidra it wasn’t too hard to imagine my aunt doing some heavy-duty tongue work on the women. I don’t know why my mind mixes things, but Cathy’s rope and handcuffs comment from the shower merged with the tryst thought and I got a very vivid mental image. Cathy tied up being subjected to the whims of me and Deidra. Was just my luck the image decide to become indelible. Every time I looked at either of them the rest of that night, that’s all I saw.

Surprisingly They were in and out in less than ten minutes. Either they were all horny as hell and just shy of an orgasm, or nothing sexual went down. It didn’t matter on my end, when Cathy and Deidra returned to their respective seats, their giggles were in full mary jane force. It started to hurt after a while, you know?

Unexpectedly Cathy leaned over, I figured she had something to tell me. Instead, she put her hand on my crotch, smiled at me evilly, and whisper, “Thought so.” Turning back to Deidra she said something to her which brought forth an equally evil grin followed by the words,

“Oh really?”

“Trust me.” Was all my wife answered back.

Next thing I knew Deidra had leaned over, diamonds, cleavage, and skin all shimmering in the light, her and Cathy’s empty glasses in hand. “Sweety, think you can get me and Cat a refresh?” Cat. They had pet names already. (Cathy confirmed that later when Deidra was shortened to Dee) The wife got a death look that Dee cut short with, “Don’t be shy now lover. Gimmie a look-see.”


Less than ten minutes. How much can two women, (who, mind you, just met) share while passing a joint around a group of four? Obviously enough that Dee knew what Cat romantically called me, and about my thick attribute. Made me wonder what else had Girne Escort been talked about. For some stupid reason, I looked to coach for help. I don’t know why. He had no idea what was going on between us three, and after seeing what he was doing, I don’t think he even knew they’d all gone to the can.

Want to know what he was doing? He was busy drawing freaking plays on his sketch pad! The first time we’d seen him with a date, a hot one to boot, and he’s drawing plays. Maybe the monk joke wasn’t too far off the mark. I felt fingernails thrumming dangerously close to my glans and looked to see Deidra had moved closer.

The fingers did not belong to my wife.

Cathy’s fingernails, (To be more poignantly singular, the tip of the middle one), had slipped past her parted lips and was being sexily bit. She looked like the only thing she wanted for Christmas was for me to stand up. A futile attempt on my part to throw Dee off didn’t work, she just kept on finger-drumming. I just gave in and told Cathy she was some kind of sex witch. Deidra moved in closer to my ear and said something that spooked me.

In a cold mist, Mississippi bayou tone she whispered. “Don’t give her all the credit. How do you know I’m not the voodoo queen?”

Straight up jumped.

No word of a lie, I literally came to my feet so fast Dee didn’t have time to move away, her hot breath caressing my cock when she sinfully spoke, “Oh my.”

I’d never uttered a damn thing about Christmas, but Deidra dead ass turned to Cathy and said, “I always wanted a pony for Christmas but never got one. You did… at least the important part anyway.” When Dee and Cat burst out in a roar, coach finally got coherent with his surroundings

“What’s up?”

I may of let the two women get a good look, wasn’t about to let coach get a gander, and high-tailed it to the bar. They could make up some story to appease him, I had my own situation to deal with, namely a room full of people to traverse and a tent in my suit trousers. At least two things were in my favor, the lighting was dim and my suit was dark. Didn’t stealth out everybody though.

Mary caught sight of me and broke into a sleazy grin, the pink tip of her tongue caught between her teeth. Then some women I’d never seen in my life asked me what number I was on the menu, then proceeded to leer at me for the rest of the night. Getting to the bar I plopped down the glasses and asked for refills only to have the bartender ask, “Uh, of what exactly?” I’d been duped.

Didn’t have to turn around, I could just see their faces. They’d set me up. I’d made half of one trip over here clueless as to what they’d ordered, and was now fully expected to make three more half laps to get it right. That wasn’t about to happen. Instead, I ordered for them… and me. “Five tumblers, no ice, with four shots of J.D. in each”

“That’s a lot of booze bro.” He had a perfect right to question the order. Servers can get in major trouble for selling too much alcohol to one person.

“See the dark-skinned lady and the milfs?” He nodded. “Three of them are going there. The other two belong to me. One for the table, and one to get downed while you pour the other four.” Some mulling over went on before he relented. As the drinks were poured, I gulped the first of mine down and was about to head back when he asked,

“Hey man, you know the redhead that was sitting there?” He pointed to sob and Mary’s table, sans one Bonnie.

“I do.”

He started asking about her as I scanned the restaurant, no sign of her. She couldn’t be in the can, that door was right beside the bar, I would have seen her go in. When I looked back to where she should of been, Mary was doing something odd. She was waving her hand in front of sob’s face as if asking if anyone was home. He looked disengaged, like he was there but not.

A waitress from downstairs approached handing sob a drink. He took it, the stupidest grin on his face, then raised with a cheers to the lower part of the building. I saw electric, and her brother crack up. Didn’t take a lot to put it together. “Fuck me.” They were sending him spiked drinks. Was time for me to ask the tender a few questions.

“Do you know where the redhead went? And how many drinks have come to her table from downstairs, and from who?” He held up his finger getting on an in-house phone. A minute later he answered my inquiry.

“Far as the redhead goes she headed outside. Downstairs says Three drinks have come up from that table.” He pointed to Doug’s roost.

“Okay man, thanks. I’ll let red know you’re interested.” He gave me a thumbs-up. I headed back with a don’t give me shit attitude. Cathy, Deidra, and mom all lost their smirks when they saw my face. They got their drinks, but no explanation as to my attitude or why I left for Popoffs table.

He did get an explanation and got major pissed. Misty was none too happy either, but all of us realized that if we did anything, it just would Magosa Escort end up looking like we started something. “We need to get sob outside for some air.” Pop agreed so the two of us set off to see how up for that idea our line-mate would be.

He was surprisingly more than willing to go. Me and Pop were about to get a lesson on how the other team felt when he pulled one out of the hat. He walked fine through the upper tier, but as soon as we got in sight of the lower floor? All fumbles and stumbles till outside, then he was sure foot frank again. Me and pop were both confused as hell till he took us around the corner and pulled his pant leg up.

There, medical taped to his shin was a Roberts Restaurant souvenir sports bottle. He proceeded to remove it, dump the contents on the ground, and started explaining.

“What just got poured out are the drinks I’d been getting from a so-called admirer as the waitress put it. Once I got it out of her who that was exactly all the red flags went up. Took one sip and handed it to mom. All she had to do was smell it to know what was in it. She wanted to raise holy hell about it but I got a better idea.

Them drinks there sending? They cost a bunch, a thirty-five dollar a piece bunch. Now, add the cost of the drug being slipped in there? Me and mom figured that’s about eighty dollars a drink. Mom always carries an emergency kit in her bag with gauze and tape, I went and bought a sports bottle, used the tape to fasten it on my leg, and been pouring the drinks into it.

They’re expecting me to get obliterated, so I’ve been faking that I am. Only thing is, and I can tell just by looking at them, it’s taking way too long and they’re getting pissed off. And knowing what a douche Doug is he’s just going to keep sending drinks.”

“So they keep sending you drinks? What’s the big deal?” Popoff got it immediately.

“Bleed them dry.” Sob gave Popoff the finger gun while I clued in. Dawson may be a snot, but he is not a rich one. If dinner only lasted three hours, at the rate they were sending him booze, that was going to add up to almost eight hundred bucks.

“Bro you are the most deceptive,” I busted out laughing. “And rightly named S.O.B I’ve ever known.” There was no argument, just a triad of fist bumps. “So how does Bonnie’s disappearance figure into this?”

“Don’t, she said she had a call to take and was going to the bus to answer it.” For somebody who could devise a plan like the one he just divulged, I had a hard time believing he thought that was the truth.

“Pop take our thespian friend back inside after he gives me a smoke, I need a smoke.” Didn’t need a cigarette, but it gave me an excuse to stay out to look for Bonnie. She was out here somewhere and had me a little more than worried. Turns out she was only half lying. I did find her on the bus, sitting on the back seats, only crying instead of talking.

All she did was confirm my thoughts something was wrong. “Oh, hey. I, uh, got some bad news from a friend, kinda wanted to be alone.” her nipples were rock stiff hard and it wasn’t from any libido action.

“Yeah right. Only problem with that is you would of needed to take the call first to find that out, not tell sob you were heading to the bus to answer it.” My suit coat came off and despite her objections was placed over her shoulders while I sat beside her. “You, Cathy, and mom can all throw me physically and mentally, but none of you can lie to me. And you my friend are doing just that. Want to tell me what’s wrong?”

Despite her first objections to the coat, she pulled it closer around her. “Fine, but you tell no one. And I mean that I’ll castrate you if you do.” My hand went out pinky swear and she smiled but did it. Then got very somber.

“I’ve been sick every morning.”

“What? That’s it? Bonnie has a tummy ache? Half the people we know are sick.” She sat up.

“No. I mean I’ve been throwing up.”

“You got the flu. Why is this bothering you so much?” She got stiff-backed and locked into my eyes.

“I have morning sickness.”

“Yeah, I know you told… me…” KERANGGGGG. Mom owns a large cast iron frying pan, probably weighs about two tons, Bonnie just verbally used it on my skull. “Oh, holy fucking shit.” Didn’t even have to ask the next question, she read my face and answered.

“And no, there’s been nobody but sob.”

“How far along are you?” I almost throttled her when she replied,

“I haven’t gone to a doctor yet. I’m late.”

I may not be a worldly man, but I do know that using rhythm either as a contraceptive, or a pregnancy test, does not work. “For fuck sake. You’ve never been late before?” Silence. “God damn it Bonnie yes or no?”

“Yes. But this time it feels different. Look, I’m close to three times sobs age, what if I am? I sure as shit am not getting an abortion, and I don’t expect sob to ‘do the right thing’ but he’ll probably want to. Marriage is not on my bucket list.”

She plopped back down against the seat.

“All I wanted to do tonight was sit in the house to think. Instead, he calls me his girlfriend, in front of everyone, and somehow it doesn’t blow up, and what do I get to do instead? Ride the bus with a bunch of moms who aren’t in a sex competition with their son’s preggers old girlfriend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32