Auctioned Ch. 01

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***This is a true story***

“Any improvement on $5…going once, going twice, gone.” I peeled off both soxes one at a time, balled them together and arced them into the corner of the room. “Now I’m trusting you, Eve. You put that fiver in the mail.”

‘You bet :-)’ appeared in the textbox.

So I left both bare feet up on the desktop, wiggling my toes, etc, for the webcam — and receiving a whole string of :-)s and ;-)s and ‘applause’ emoticons. Until one of the unseen audience typed in, ‘methinks he’s stalling ;-)???!’

“Okay-okay,” I said, pulling my feet off the desktop and standing up, turning first one way slowly then the other way, just as slowly, running my hand over my own rump, “now I think you’ll admit these are first class slacks…”

It’s the kind of thing that happened every so often. To put it bluntly, I spent more money than I had –so I auctioned off my ‘butt’, so to speak, online. (Using the webcam feature of a popular dating website). It was meant to focus my attention — embarrass me a bit, making me more careful. After all, I had no idea who was looking in, and ‘bidding’ etc. And it usually worked. For a while. I usually woke up somewhat sheepish the next day and more than a bit anxious in case someone really had recognized me. I mean, they certainly could, couldn’t they…

At the moment in question, there were 748 people watching (according to the website counter in the lower right corner of my monitor) as I playfully stroked my rump. Most of the onlookers were female, probably. “…and since they are first class slacks and I’m offering the slacks, Bycasino mind, not just the belt — in fact I’m offering the belt and the slacks, well, I’m going to put on a reserve of, say, hmmm, $20…”

‘$20 it is,’ Monica typed in. Amie was just behind her and Louise, Jenny, Eve and Tracy also bid the reserve.

Thinking I at last had an auction I tried to push it up… “Do I hear 25?”…nothing… “22?”…nothing… “You ladies are a hard crowd.”

‘We’re not the hard ones :-),’ Amie typed.

And she was quite right. I turned to face the cam and I was indeed filling the slacks. “Ha bloody ha. C’mon, ladies, have a heart. I need the cash here — you know that. 21?” Nothing. “Going once…going twice…”I popped the belt and little catch and peeled off the slacks, adding them to the soxes in the corner, in exchange for Monica’s typed, ‘The cheque’s in the mail 😉 ;-)! ;-)’

Three winks caused me to chuckle. And I was hard and no erection likes to be trapped so that’s why I decided to part next with the boxers, pulling on the thick elastic and rocking back and forth on the balls of my feet. The bids were better. Having not set a reserve they ranged from $5 to $35 on the opening bid and I did manage to convince Tracy to go $41…

When I peeled the boxers out from under the flaps of the shirt and tossed them in the corner, to the array of emoticons and typed in quips, I did some side turns and one full slow turn of 360 — feigning self consciousness and stretching down the flaps on the shirt — before releasing them and undoing the top button of my shirt.

I Bycasino giriş was into the process now. (The sheepishness would come in the morning)

The typed quips and emoticons and such out numbered the bids but it did go to $50 by the time I was down three buttons…then it stuck and didn’t move. Although the comments continued so I was down to my last button when Jenny typed in ’51 :-)’

No amount of whining, pleading, quipping, etc., moved it to $51. So that was that. I popped the last button, literally peeled the thin fabric from my perspiring flesh and stood, nude, fully erect, and yes, embarrassed on some level, heart thudding, in front of 833 people. Mostly female.

And in poured the comments and suggestions and emoticons and my erection was responding on its own, sort of quivering and getting that little bit of pre-cum visible in engorged cut tip…and I was swallowing a lot, and sipping from my drink, and about to move on to auction off my ‘forfeit’ when my heart stopped.

So would yours. If someone was knocking on the door. Because someone was knocking on my door. Through the mike and cam they could obviously hear this because I was getting ‘Well answer it’… ‘Go on’…’Hurry up, don’t keep us waiting’…

And I thought, why not? I turned, and bare-assed, erection rolling and jouncing, the way they do, I crossed to the door. I knew they could all see me on the webcam and I thought okay-just-crack-open-the-door-for-a-peek and so I reached out. When I touched the metal doorknob it was like one of little electric shocks but I undid the latch and turned Bycasino deneme bonusu the knob and cracked the door about a quarter-inch and I peeked — And there was my neighbor, Jenny, holding a 50 and a 1. And grinning broadly.

“I do believe,” she said, placing her free hand flat on the door and pushing, slowly but insistently, “That I just bought your gorgeous male ass…”

The details from there are vague. My temperature went critical and I’m sure every square inch of me was scarlet. As it turned out, the webcam was going viral. Jenny was my age, give or take — and gorgeous. We’d exchanged glances, etc, even coffee, once, but it hadn’t developed. In part because she clearly had an FB and I had, well, an FWB.

But Jenny quickly proved more than willing to exploit her current advantage. Simply taking hold of my throbbing erection in her free hand and, still grinning, walking toward the computer and webcam with me struggling to keep pace behind her.

It’s all a bit of a haze, to be honest. But I somehow came to be standing about 6 to 8 feet in front of the cam. My hands were on my head and $51 in bills were on the floor between my feet. In between, my engorged erection was the focus of a wry sideways Vanna-like gesture from Jenny, who was saying something like, “I have a few ideas of my own but I’m open minded so keep those suggestions coming, girls,” at which point she closed her hand around my erection and stroked, slowly, once, twice — and I came so hard that I only resurfaced with one knee resting on the bills…


“Now that was just too easy,” Jenny was saying, taking a firm grip on my hair and holding my head up to face the cam. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, Tracey, now that is a deliciously vicious punishment for lack of discipline….”

I was trying desperately to read the monitor but I couldn’t yet make my eyes focus…

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