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Disclaimers: First, each and every person in this story is only real in my own mind. Second, any person in this story who might be sexually active is over 18. Third, this story could fit into more than one category, you decide if I have it right.


My name is Connie Gordon, a 47 year old divorcee, who at the age of 34, decided to enter law school. My kids, at that time were 12 and 10 were the only family members who supported my decision. My parents thought I had a screw loose, as did most of my friends. My ex thought it was a shitty idea, because he got stuck paying the bill. I had a better lawyer than he did.

I had kept myself in fairly decent shape, at 5’8″ and roughly 130’ish. Never considered top heavy, I did actually fit into a nice small C cup, and even after my 2 kids, they stood up fairly well.

As I soon found out, a 34 year old, mother of 2 pre teens trying to get through law school was no walk in the park. The actual school work wasn’t the problem, it was the snot nosed kids, some more than a dozen years younger than me, who thought I would appreciate a young cock being forced in me.

I must have been hit on a half dozen times the first semester in law school. I couldn’t believe some of the arrogant pricks and their sorry bullshit lines.

First example: This 21 year old trust fund piece of shit, asked me out, saying he could help me get a good job because his daddy was a senior partner in one of our areas largest firms. Not only wasn’t I interested, he wasn’t very good looking! I couldn’t say no fast enough.

Second example: This 23 year old second year student, asked me out, telling me it would be the best sex of my life! His actual words! I looked at him and with a very straight face told him I had a vibrator that was better than he ever thought of being. Since there were about a dozen of our classmates within ear shot, I thought his brain was going to explode, he was so pissed.

I never did get any other unwanted date offers.

During my second year, I did actually go on a date, with a neighbor of mine. He was nearly 40 and lived across the street from my little rental house my kids and I lived in. He was a pleasant enough man, but my kitchen mop had a better personality. You get the drift? There was no second date.

After graduating in the top 10% of my class, I now faced the daunting task of finding a job. Not so easy for a 37 year old, trying to support a 15 and 13 year old. I had a few interviews lined up, one with the firm that trust fund kid’s father headed up. When I went for the interview there were 3 of the senior partners, including daddy. After the first 5 minutes, I realized where Sonny boy got his arrogance from. I quietly told this group that we just weren’t a good fit. When daddy asked me why, I couldn’t help but be honest.

“My first semester of law school, your son told me if I fucked him, he would get me into this very firm. Not interested, then, and not interested now!”

With that, I gathered up my things, and left. On my way out the door, the receptionist handed me a note with the name of another law firm, and told me they were hiring. I thanked her and left.

I did get an interview with that firm, and still work there. This firm, a small to medium sized firm, gave me all the help I needed, allowing me to specialize in Real Estate law.

Fast forward to present day, now with 10 years experience and zero love life. I do have to admit that is partially of my own choosing. I just have this deep rooted fear of being used like my ex used me.

One Monday morning, a few weeks ago, I see a folder on my desk, with a case file in it, for a will to be read that afternoon. I asked my boss what this had to do with me, and learned there might be a dispute with a house. My kind of case.

I go into our lunch room, and there is a young lady sitting at one of our tables, with an adorable little boy at one of her enormous breasts, nursing away. I apologized for interrupting, but she told me she didn’t mind, if I didn’t.

“My name is Lynn Grant, and this is my son, Dominic.”

She seemed to be about 25 or so, quite large with the aforementioned huge chest. Her son was light skinned black with the start of a cute Afro. She told me he had just turned 3 months of age, and had the most adorable smile.

I found out that it was her parents will that was being read, and her father’s secretary might be contesting some portions of the will. We talked for almost a half hour, with me finding out some really good things I would need to know. Oh, I did get to hold little Dominic, loving each minute, as neither of my kids seemed to be trying too hard to make me a grandmother, yet.

Onto the reading of the will. Pretty standard stuff, until it got to the house, that the will stated was to go to Lynn. This is where the secretary, Gloria, antalya escort something or another, says, “my boss promised me that house!”

“Do you have that in writing?” I asked.

“Well, no, but he told me many times.”

I quietly put my hand on Lynn’s arm making sure she stayed silent, then continued. “Was this told to you in bed, while you two were fucking like warthogs? Cheating on both spouses?” I continued.

I did have a slight smirk on my face, as did my boss.

The reading was over. Lynn and her baby got the house, and a fairly sizable sum of money.

Sitting back in our lunch room, I was holding little Dominic, while Lynn was packing up all the stuff needed to carry around with a three month old.

“Mrs. Gordon, would you like to come to dinner at my house, some time?” she asked. “Just dinner, not like a date or anything like that.”

“Sure, but I’d like to know if Dom’s father is paying child support, and please call me Connie.”

With her head down, she mumbled no, he won’t acknowledge his part in this.

“What’s his name?” I asked.

“Dominic Price, Sr.”

“The football player?”

A quick nod of the head, in the affirmative.

We made our dinner non date for the following Friday, and I made another date, without Lynn knowing for Thursday, after talking football with my son.

Thursday, I had an appointment with the Head Coach and General Manager of the Seattle Seahawks at their training facility, in Renton, south of Seattle.

I asked if Dominic Price was available, and told them it had to do with paternity. When they turned down my request, I got up to leave telling them we would meet again, in court. By the time I was getting in my car, Mr. Price was hurrying right behind me, asking what I wanted.

“Not me, it’s what Lynn and your son need. Child support!”

He just nodded, and mumbled, done.

The next night I found her house, and was more than delighted to find little Dominic laying on a blanket, just cooing away. Lynn met me dressed in a nice pair of jeans, and a Seahawk pull over. I was in my casual, not at work clothes. Slacks and a nice blouse.

The first thing I did after picking up Dominic off the floor was to let Lynn know she would be getting some child support.

“I know, his dad already called, or should I say, his agent.”

After a very pleasant dinner, we sat in her living room, and soon enough her son decided he was hungry. Showing a minimum of modesty, he was held up to one of her gigantic boobs.

“You must get back aches lugging those around,” I stated.

“I’m used to them, as I was already a DD cup when I finished high school”

When it was time for Junior to go to bed, I actually helped change his diaper, and thought it was time to leave.

“Connie, can I give you a thank you hug?” she asked.

Never, ever having any sexual contact with any other female, this stopped me in my tracks.

“I’m not hitting on you, or anything, its just you are the first adult in quite awhile who has shown me how to be kind. If you are wondering, I’m not hitting on you.”

I walked over to her, lifting my head slightly upwards, and kissed her on the cheek. With my arms around her neck, she moved her face around and very softly kissed me on my lips.

“Oh, my, I didn’t expect that,” I whispered.

“Neither did I,” she responded.

Without breaking my hold, I kissed her, again. She returned my kiss, opening her soft mouth and pushing her tongue through my teeth.

“We better sit, before we fall over,” I stammered. Without answering, she led me to the stairs and started going up.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Not really, but, maybe, oh shit, I don’t know.” Lynn’s answers left me wondering which one of was in charge.

Getting to her bedroom, she started taking off my blouse. I put my hands on the bottom of her pull over and lifted it off over her head, exposing her bra covered engorged tits. Turning her around, I unhooked her bra, freeing her mounds. I moved one hand to each one, and very gently started massaging them. Aside from their size, her nipples must have been as thick as the tip of my pinkie finger and close to an inch long.

“May I?” as I leaned in, kissing one, as we both leaned over, getting on her bed. She nodded, as she finished removing my bra. With just lightly kissing each nipple, nothing leaked out, but she leaned down licking and kissing each of my now rock hard nipples. While not overly large, they were hard enough to etch glass.

She was first to start down my body, kissing each breast. Down my tummy, while one finger ran up and down my pussy lips, eliciting several throaty moans.

“Oh, shit, shit, Lynn.”

When her adventurous tongue discovered my clit, I was so close, I grabbed hold of the back demre escort of her head and pushed my bush right into her waiting mouth. I had to consciously muffle my screams, so I wouldn’t wake her son up.

I was literally shaking for several minutes. We just laid in others arms, kissing and stroking each others hair.

“I guess I did that right,” was her understatement of the month. “Not bad for my first time,” she continued, smiling.

Not bad, indeed, I thought to myself, wondering if I could do that.

“You know, Connie, you don’t have to do that to me, if you’re uncomfortable.”

After a few more minutes of kissing, and hugging, and rubbing boobs, I started kissing lower on her chest. With two fingers rubbing her puffy pussy lips, she already seemed close to an orgasm. When my tongue licked her clit out of hiding, she drenched my face with her sex juices. I took my time, licking her pussy and thighs clean. Just as I was finishing, she came again, but with a lot less force.

I guess we were both in a desperate need of attention. After cleaning ourselves up, it took us about 2 minutes to be sound asleep.

When little Dominic let it be known his diaper was in need of changing, I didn’t know if I was on foot or horse back. Luckily, Lynn got up to do the changing.

I threw on a robe she left out for me, and headed down stairs to start some coffee. Lucky for me, she fed her son upstairs giving me time to collect my thoughts. I knew I wasn’t a lesbian, but that was definitely fun last night. Smiling, I waited to see what might take place when she came down stairs.

Holding her bubbly little boy, she walked into the kitchen, poured a cup of coffee, and after a huge sigh started talking.

“I hope you know, that sex wasn’t the reason I invited you to dinner. Don’t for a moment think I didn’t enjoy it, because I did.”

I just nodded, sipping my coffee.

She continued. “Its just been very difficult these past few months, with giving birth, then loosing my parents.”

I went over to where she was sitting and softly kissed her on the forehead, telling her I truly valued her friendship and didn’t want sex to get in the way.

About two weeks went by, when during one of our many phone calls, she asks me to dinner, again, on Saturday.

When I get there, I noticed a fancy sports car in her driveway. Opening the door, there stood Dominic Senior holding their son.

“Hello,” I said, giving Junior a touch on his cheek.

“How are you doing, Mrs. Gordon?”

“Its Connie, and I am doing fine.”

Just then Lynn comes into the front room, beaming and tells me they are trying to make a go at being a family. Maybe not marriage, but living together. Junior loved the attention he was getting, and Senior loved giving this attention.

Nothing was said during dinner about our last dinner, and sexual encounter, and that was fine with me. I found that I had made new friends with the three if them, but still had to wait on my children to get on the stick, if I wanted grandkids.

Continuing on at my firm, one of the men in a neighboring office, who I have spoken to on numerous occasions, and shared our coffee breaks together, out of the blue, asks me if I want to have dinner, some time. Wow, a date? I had to think. Do I want to date a man several years younger than me? A man barely taller than I am? Sighing, I told Tim Donaldson, yes, any time. I guess I wouldn’t mind a date. After all I hadn’t dated a man in eons.

I reflected on my upcoming date. Tim had just turned 38 years old and was maybe an inch taller than me. He seemed a bit on the thin side, but always had a nice smile.

My date night finally arrived, with Tim taking me to one of the many nice restaurants in our area. I couldn’t believe how well we got along, just talking and being ourselves. I found out that Tim had been divirced for 3 years. I had nearly forgot how much I missed this sort of social interaction.

As we were getting ready to leave, I leaned over and very quietly asked Tim if he thought I was too forward if I asked him back to my house? Not at all, he answered, but its been a while, since he divorced his wife, who he caught cheating on him a few years back.

Arriving at my empty house, it was just a bit awkward, as neither of us seemed to know what to do. I asked him if he wanted something to drink, but he declined.

Sitting in my living room, he took both my hands in his and told me he really wanted to spend the night, but he was a bit rusty on how to start.

Taking his hand, I led him upstairs, to my bedroom. As I started to unbutton my blouse, he tells me, it should be his job to do that. Finishing my blouse removal, he smiled, and leaned in to give a very soft, gentle kiss, while I was holding his shoulders. I started to elmalı escort unbutton his shirt, while he reached behind me to unhook my bra. Yes, he was on the thin side, but with a runners physique.

Laying down on my bed, wearing just his briefs and my panties we slowly started kissing. He leaned down taking one nipple in his mouth and running his tongue all around it, making it hard as a rock.

I started at the waistband of his briefs, and pushed them down over his growing erection. Moving my body down, I took his cock in one hand and licked all around the head. As it grew, my mouth engulfed the first 3 or 4 inches as my head bobbed up and down. Not being a deep throat champion in anybody’s book, I managed just over half of his nearly 7 thick inches. I heard a few “oh, shits” coming from his heavy breathing and was the recipient of several huge blasts of his pent up load. I let his cum slide right back down his still rock hard shaft, and climbed on top, aiming his tool right inside my sopping wet pussy.

I was so turned on, the mess between us was hardly noticed. He pulled my lips to his, and proceeded to kiss and lick my entire face. Rolling us both over, with him on top, round two seemed to last an eternity. In actual fact it was about 15 minutes. Long enough for me to rattle the windows twice with my orgasms.

Panting like we had both run a 10K run, he just laid in my arms, with both of us still kissing.

“I think we both need a shower, Tim,” I panted. He just nodded, and slowly got off, and grabbed a few tissues for both of us. I started the shower, and when I invited him to join me, his smile could have lit my entire house. Without saying a word we went about washing each other with my two soft cloths kept in my shower stall, but not used together for years. Yes, we both became aroused. Yes, we both kissed, deeply. While he washed my trimmed bush, I washed his semi hard man hood.

Drying each other off, and falling back into bed, I just laid in his arms, thinking I could get used to this younger man.

“Can I assume pregnancy isn’t on the table?” he asked, out of the blue.

“God, no, how would we look at our ages pushing a stroller?” I countered. “Mother nature has taken that option off the table,” I added, smiling.

After a few more minutes of staring, lovingly at this wonderful man next to me, I was sound asleep. I hadn’t had that much sex in years, and hadn’t had a cock in my mouth since I couldn’t remember when.

When my eyes finally opened, there was Tim smiling at me, with a sly grin. Oh, yes, I did feel his hand rubbing the inside of my thigh, lightly touch my lips, and coaxing my clit out of hiding. Moving down my body, kissing each and every inch of it, his tongue resumed its assault on my soaking wet pussy. I must have looked like a bucking bronco, thrusting my hips like a wild woman. Hardly missing a beat, he rolled me on my tummy, raised my quivering ass in the air, and slid his cock inside of me. My God, I must have cum another three times before he shot stream after stream of cum inside me.

“Was that breakfast?” I asked.

“I hope that’s not all, my dear Connie,” he replied.

As we laid in bed, spooning, I felt him getting hard, yet again. In my mind, I was thinking. Do I dare? Does he want to? I opened my night stand drawer, and found a condom, and some lube. Without saying a word, I showed him both, with “a look” in my eyes.

He took the condom and tore the package open. He very gently applied some lube to his finger and slid up and down my back door pucker. God that felt good, I thought. A little more lube was added to his condom covered shaft, and oh so very carefully, he entered my back side. Still spooning, he started a very slow, rhythmic motion that had my entire body on fire. He reached around me, inserting two fingers into my dripping sex.

Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think that anal sex would be this fucking fantastic!

Would this be part of our regular routine? Who knows? Would we have a regular routine? Again, who knows?

We spent the entire day, Sunday, just talking about ourselves, getting to know each other, better. He told me one if the other reasons for his divorce was his ex wife’s reluctance to have children. He couldn’t wait to meet mine. Chalk up good guy points for the man wanting to meet my family.

In retrospect, I think my one night stand with Lynn Grant paved the way for me to start dating, again. And trusting, again.

I introduced Tim to my daughter, Jean, 25 and my son, John, 23, the following weekend, when our busy lives finally meshed. We all hit it off well enough for Tim and I to start talking about buying a house, together. Yes, marriage was discussed, with our eyes on the future.

Epilogue: Six months after buying a nice house in the suburbs, Tim and I got married, in a nice, small ceremony. My daughter, Jean, has a fairly steady boy friend, now living with her, so there just might be grandkids in our future. Also, my son told me that Dominic, Sr. just signed a huge contract extension, and Lynn let me know they, too will be getting married! Wow, indeed.

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