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Millie’s heart galloped in her breast as Pilar hurried them into an alley behind the theater. She was hornier than a toad. “Pilar, basta ya,”

Pilar didn’t wait, but shoved her up against a wall, parting her legs with a knee and jamming a hand up her skirt. Millie gasped as she slid a finger over her clit, Pilar’s breathing speaking the language of sex in her ear. She thrust another finger inside of her, compelling Millie to frott her hand, her whole middle screaming in pleasure.

“Fuck, go faster,” Millie whined, uttering a symphony of groans and moans as Pilar thrust in and out of her. In that moment something caught her attention, winking in the corner of her eye.

A woman, her diamonds sparkling in the lamplight, sauntered past them, accompanied by her well dressed escort. Millie could only stare at the conundrum, her senses ruthlessly trying to overpower her sex drive. Pilar, however, noticed nothing, but kept inflicting the same pleasure, eliciting Millie’s every humiliating response.

Millie tried to coax Pilar away. The woman walked right past them, looking Millie unabashedly in the eye. The smirk that played at her lips doused Millie in ice water. Millie could only imagine herself then, a wetbacked tribade splayed against an ugly brick wall, fucking finger like it was some kind of circus performance. She felt as though she had been clocked upside the head.

Millie pushed — hard. She gasped as Pilar fell back, landing in a puddle of dirty water. Cheeks flushed, she glared up at Millie. There was disgust in her eyes.

“Disculpame, Pilar,” she cried in earnest. “Please, I didn’t mean to…”

“What is your problem?” Pilar stood.

“Lo siento,” she stuttered, but Pilar wasn’t hearing it. Taking a step forward, she slapped Millie soundly across Kadıköy Escort the face.

Millie trembled, ridden with shock as Pilar spat at her feet. Her mascara blurring, Pilar whirled, marching back the way they had come. Millie listened, waiting for the collapse, as Pilar started up her scooter, then sped away. As soon as the quiet returned, Millie began to sob. The shame was like a needle in her heart, the poisoning making each beat painful. She cried there for a matter of minutes, clutching at the short strands of her hair and trying to keep from feeling dirty.

Eventually she found the will to stand. She peered down either end of the alley. A car was parked on one end, much to her embarrassment, and she recalled in clarity the expression of the woman who had passed them by. It was a fine car, seductive even. She took a step, then another.

“That was quite a show you and your girlfriend put on back there,” an earthy voice loomed out of the shadows. “Not half as bad as the film playing this evening.”

Millie stared at the soft figure, the long legs disappearing into black satin fabric. Half-lidded eyes blushed by the red blossom of a cigarette, the smokey attar tickling her senses.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Millie said, the shame turning leaden in her gut. “She’s my ex.”

The figure chuckled, her voice husky, “I know how that goes.”

Millie stood, rooted, as she stepped into the lamplight, facing her. Millie watched as she took out her cigarette and gave Millie the once, then the twice over, briefly running her tongue over her unmoist lips. Her eyes met Millie’s, and she gave her that half smile, nodding toward the car.

Flummoxed, Millie followed her in, chills running through her at the touch of leather. No sooner Kadıköy Escort Bayan had the doors clicked shut than the strange woman offered her a smoke.

“No, gracias,” Millie declined.

Indifferent, the woman tucked the cigarette away, sucking on her own as the engine geared up. The driver was the same man she’d seen earlier, his manner as brooding as a shadow’s.

“You can call me Ana, by the way.” Plumes escaped her mouth when she spoke.


“Analia Martinez,” she winked.

“I’m Millie,” she offered meekly, after a pause.

“Millie?” Ana pondered the name. “You have an exotic look about you, Millie.”

She replied blushingly, “Venezuelana.”

Ana nodded, “Soy Colombiana.” Snuffing out her cigarette in a nearby tray, Ana shrugged off the shoulder of her dress, then began unzipping. Millie barely noticed the driver had disppeared behind a sheet of tinted glass. Ana stayed with her eyes fixed on Millie as she wriggled out of her dress, a delicious curve to her lips as she teased a taut nipple. Moistening a finger with her lips, she trailed it down her stomach, her thighs.

Millie wanted to touch her. She seemed ageless, her glossy hair as black as her lingerie, her lips fresh and inviting. She winked at Millie, and the diamonds sparkled on her ears, her eyes fluttering closed as she rolled a nipple between her fingers.

“It’s not hard, you know,” Ana said, and for a moment Millie thought she was making a joke. “You can do it, too.”

Millie tore at her top in a frenzy, gasping as she pinched her flesh. Watching Ana was like drinking wine, she decided, enjoying the warm, spidery tingles, even laughing a little bit.

Ana’s laugh mingled with her own, and she realized the space between Escort Kadıköy their bodies was gone. Ana’s tongue was on her neck, her lips sucking, slowly moving up to the corner of her mouth. Millie nibbled her lip, tasting the smoke leftover from her cigarette. The kiss was interrupted suddenly by Millie’s cry, as Ana had surprised her with a hand between her legs.

“Here,” Millie said, breathing ragged as she pulled off her skirt and panties. Ana gave her clit a pinch, making Millie scream.

“Move up like this,” Ana said, coaxing her with a slippery finger and placing kisses all over her throat. Millie raised herself up so that she straddled Ana’s thigh, her finger still sliding over her as Millie rubbed her lips against the soft skin. She felt no shame as she groaned and shouted, holding tight to Ana as she rode out her pleasure as though riding a mare, Ana kneading her breasts in her hands.

Just when Millie felt she might come, Ana urged her to switch positions, laying her down so that her head almost touched the door. Milled puled like a kitten as Ana pressed her sex between Millie’s aching legs, her finger still sliding gentley between them.

“Don’t stop,” Millie begged, squeezing her hand as she bumped her hips, meeting a pang of pleasure every time, each thrust making her moan louder. Ana keened low in her throat, nowhere near stopping, her hips moving back and fourth to the innate cadence of sex.

Millie came when the sweat had begun to pool on the seat. They kept going however, until every last ounce of pleasure had come pouring out of them. Millie felt a great relief, something she’d sought so desperately for the past few months, but had been unable to find.

Ana sighed. Untangling their legs, she slumped on top of Millie, caressing her naked flesh and sharing her deep breathing. The pair of them didn’t stir as the tinted glass lowered every so slightly, a hollow voice wafting through the space.

“We’ve arrived, Miss Ana.”

The women met one another’s eyes. Ana smiled, “Would you like to see my home?”

“Claro,” she cried. “Of course.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32