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Arabella bit her pink lip as she entered the hotel reception. “Key for room 12, please” she asked in an over confident but shaky voice.

The receptionist didn’t even hesitate and handed the key to Arabella.

“Yes” she thought, “this will surprise Antony when he returns from work”.

She was determined that Antony was going to have the night of his life; all the rude things they had talked about, teased each other with over filthy texts, was going to become a real life fantasy.

With hand trembling Arabella posted the keycard into the slot, then when they light blinkered green she hurried into his warm room.

The room smelled of Antony’s aftershave that he had splashed on earlier that morning. The scent reproduced thoughts of her first passionate sex with Antony, it made her tingle as a massive smile crept across her flushed face!

As Arabella stripped off her coat, she traced her cold fingers across the bed where they had taken each other before. Dirty thoughts crossed her naughty mind as a pang of excitement engulfed her trembling body.

Arabella’s choice of outfit was completely shocking; a pussy valance just about covered her mesh hidden throbbing slit, a 6 inch gap between her shaven muff and the lacey stocking tops that gripped her thighs, and sky scraper platform heels. Her perfectly pedicured feet naturally arched on underside of her foot making her step carefully but gracefully.

She knew what Antony liked and that was for her to be his personal sex slut…and Arabella urged to fulfil his sordid fantasy.

Admiring her long slender legs in those ridiculous heels almanbahis in the mirror, Arabella adjusted her pert breasts in her cupless bra. Her tits spilt over the top of the underwire to reveal her soft pink nipples, ready for them to be nibbled and sucked by Antony’s warm moist mouth.

Watching her long dark curls spiral down her naked spine, Arabella flicked her hair away from her beautiful face. Over exaggerated eyelashes, with thick black eye liner to emphasize her piercing blue eyes. Her slightly bronzed cheeks framed her sexy face as she pouted to apply lashings of her favourite candy pink lipstick.

She had visions of her pink lips wrapped around Antony’s shaft……it made her clit throb and her pussy wet.

The door creaked open, and in walked Antony with a massive smile on his face, he watched Arabella posing in the mirror.

“Let’s turn that massive smile into a massive hard on” she said, with a lick of her lips.

Throwing his jacket and tie on the bed, Antony picked Arabella up and kissed her deeply… pulsing his thick tongue down her throat.

His rigid rod pressed against Arabella’s hip and from that second she knew that he would be at her mercy.

She was there with one mission in mind, and that was to be fucked, bucked and screwed in every way possible, she wanted his long length to be wedged up her tight little pussy and even tighter arse.

With urgency and pure raw sexual urge, Antony grabbed hold of Arabella’s hips and pulled her into him.

She unzipped his trousers to reveal his spring loaded cock.

He laid her on the bed and stripped off his almanbahis yeni giriş restrictive clothes.

“What are you?” Antony asked peering over her.

As if it was rehearsed Arabella replied “I am your fuck whore!”

“And what do you want?” Antony frowned seriously.

“I want you to fuck my arse till you cum deep inside me” she said with a smirk.

A smile spread across Antony’s face, “And that is exactly what you’re gonna get, you dirty slut. I’m gonna fuck you so hard and then stick my dripping cock down your tight throat until you choke on my cum”.

He flipped her onto her face, spat on his hand and wiped it over Arabella’s arsehole.

Arabella spread her stocking clad legs as he thrust his massive tool inside her and it hurt her. You could tell by the loud forceful groan that escaped her smeared pink lips.

Antony spanked her naked arse so hard that it left his handprint shining on her cheek. Gripping her skin, he fucked her deep, pushing his cock up inside her dirt box.

Arabella pushed back onto his groin, inviting him in deeper and took his whole length inside her bum. She could feel his full balls slapping her pussy as he shagged her.

“Pull my hair”, Arabella pleaded with him.

Antony gripped a handful of soft curls and yanked it towards him making her scream out of pleasure.

Antony’s balls were rising and he knew that time was coming. He was going to ejaculate soon and he still wanted his bitch to suck his throbbing cock.

He pulled it out of her wet sucking arse, watching her hole slowly contract as her juices flowed out of almanbahis giriş it. This was so fucking horny for him to see.

Arabella turned over, breathing heavily after being arse fucked for the last 10 minutes. Her hair was ruffled and her nipples were rock hard.

With his cock in his hand, Antony straddled Arabella’s beautiful face. His balls gently landed on her warm mouth, which she willingly opened to engulf his love nuts with her tongue.

Antony jerked with sheer pleasure and fucking loved every second of his tea-bagging.

Looking into her sparkling blue eyes, Antony loses himself in ecstasy while Arabella’s wet tongue traces the length of his rod.

Reaching the helmet she circles his Jap’s eye and teases his solid helmet. She flicks the join of his foreskin and shaft before gently planting soft kisses all around his cock, though not popping his helmet inside her mouth.

Antony couldn’t take this teasing anymore; his animalistic urge takes over as he forces his massive hard on into Arabella’s mouth.

The feeling overwhelms him as she expertly sucks his knob that slides along the lngth of her tongue, pressing towards her throat.

The waves of passion start in Antony’s toes and builds up through his toned thighs with every suck. Feeling like he’ll pass out it finally reaches his erogenous zone as he releases his hot creamy load deep into Arabella’s throat.

Pump after pump of his jizz lathers Arabella’s full mouth and throat as he fucks her lips and forces a gag.

Arabella hungrily swallows the load with very little escaping her mouth and continues to squeeze every last drop from his throbbing cock.

Antony freezes as the elixir of Arabella’s sex immobilises his limbs momentarily.

The mind blowing filth that they had shared was completely unimaginable and an indescribable beautiful dream…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32