At the Villa Ch. 26

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Chapter 26: Athina.

“Note:- Before one start reading the “At The Villa” series, you have to read the 2 episodes “On The Boat”, Chapters 1 and 2 where Sam was seduced by Olympia, who had the hidden Agenda; followed by “After the Boat Trip. Then it should be followed by “At The Villa” Series. The first stories I wrote with Sam as the protagonist were “Unforgettable Sexual Encounters” Chapter 1 to 11. These stories are the follow up of “At The Villa” stories.”


On his return from Athens, Sam settled back into the smooth quite life within the walls of his property. He found Padme waiting for him, as always; anxious to accompany him to bed where she pampered him; massaged his body and finally a good fuck, the way she knew best. Sam never hesitated; he always showed his duty to her needs, as much as she had done towards him. That night they made special love. She had just cleared her period, a day earlier than normal. She was hot, too hot, waiting for him to be back, so she can take him to bed. A whole week alone was too much for her, roaming around that relaxing place, which Sam had put together since he had moved to the island.

Padme missed him or rather she missed the pleasures of the flesh. Sam was always great in bed and when he got close her body started to react. She masturbated a few times during his absence, trying to satisfy some of that hunger she usually gets into; before and after her periods.

They made wild love, which started from the moment Sam arrived home. They stopped for dinner and then spent the rest of the night fucking, before falling into a deep long sleep in the late hours of the morning. They even dreamed about making love during their restful night. Before breakfast, they attacked each other as they started making love again, which was why they woke up rather late the next day. The weather was not very friendly. Strong cold winds coming over from northern Europe, dominated the island. The rain did not seem it was going to stop, either. According to the latest weather forecasts; which the radio was blasting out of its loudspeaker; the indication was that they had to spend the day inside Sam’s luxurious villa.

After breakfast they returned to Sam’s cosy bedroom, where after they fucked again. Padme gave Sam a must needed massage, complete with a tantric massage to which Padme was the recipient. She went wild as the final touches took place. Sam had fingers roaming inside her vagina with his thumb working on her clitoris.

‘Fuck Sam; please stop…stop. Aaaaahhhhhh Sam pleassse ssttooooppp… stooppp. Stoooppp.’ Her cries to stop and the pressing of her hands against Sam’s hands trying to push them away; were more than enough evidence of what strong orgasms Padme were dominated with.

At last Sam moved his body from between her legs, nestled quickly on his knees between her wide open legs and stuck his manhood as deep as he could inside her vagina. Padme’s body became nothing less than a ball of fire. ‘Fuccckkk meee Sam fuck me; fuck me harder. Yessssss. Saamm fuck meeee.’

She continued to cry and shout, while she hugged Sam’s body against her’s. Sam made love to her slowly during which, Padme’s body was out of control. Sam controlled his body well and managed to stay calm while he enjoyed multiple orgasms before he was about to empty his load inside her well lubricated tube, but he decided to save it for later.

They both; enjoyed strong orgasms and while they continued to immerse themselves in them, Sam continued to fuck her until Padme had a huge orgasm to which Sam had contributed greatly. The final, was a combined orgasm when both Sam and Padme came together. There was a huge cry which came out as the two exploded simultaneously. They remained connected for many moments after; enjoying that incredible combined orgasm. The satisfaction of that, could last for more than a few hours.

More of those were enjoyed during the rest of the days until Christmas day. Sam and Padme started preparing themselves for the Christmas festivities. They made a list and from a few days earlier went down town to buy all that was needed. They went out shopping together, trying to get everything in one go. Even though they did not need so many things, but they had to choose something nice to give to Athina as a Christmas present.

The only visitors they invited were Prodromos and his daughter Athina. Sam never made any real friends on the island, even though he was respected by many; mostly for his generosity. Naturally he knew a lot of people but he preferred a sort of businesslike situation. After the Christmas lunch Sam and Prodromos settled on a sofa within the walls of the sitting room, while Padme took Athina on a walk round the garden.

Prodromos; immediately he found himself comfortably alone in Sam’s company, he addressed him about some issues that were hurting deep inside his heart; ‘Sam, as you already know how I feel, I must add… that my weeks on this earth are numbered.’

‘What Ordu Escort are you saying Prodrome? Nobody knows that, except; maybe one.’ Sam answered.

‘Sam, I need a favour; a great favour I need and a promise. I know I’m going to put a huge responsibility, but I have none other than you whom I can trust to really lift such duty.’ Prodromos talked with a wounded heart.

‘Whatever it is, it would never be so hard. I take it a duty to a friend in need. I think I can handle anything you like to ask.’ Sam answered.

‘I’m very worried about the future of Athina. After I pass away into the next, my nephew will tear her to pieces. Not only that, Sam; remember, we knew each other not for a long time; but since you came to live next door, I immediately knew that I had a respectable neighbour. Please look after my Athina … when I leave. I want you to promise me, that you will take my place, and treat her as if she were your own daughter. She’s a good girl, Sam. Please promise me.’ He begged.

Prodromos started to cry. He could not hold his emotions anymore. He knew that the days he had available on this planet, were numbered.

‘I promise you that “I will”; not only that, but I will make sure she will do not be in need of anything. I guarantee that she will be part of my family. Does Athina know about your condition?’ Sam asked.

‘Probably she knows something, but not enough. She found my pills I kept hidden and she checked with somebody. We never discussed it. Probably we never wanted to hurt each other.’ Prodromos answered.

‘Best way is to take the rest of your days, weeks or months, easy. I will promise you, whenever it happens; I take care of everything, without any reservations. Athina does not need to do anything, and again, I promise that she will be as happy as if she was living with you.’ Sam assured Prodromos.

Sam was sure, that he had convinced his neighbour. Sam promised him that he was going take care of his daughter and of any problems that may arise. What Sam promised, he would sure, will honour.

By the time the ladies were back, Prodromos had fallen asleep on the sofa with a smile on his face. The assurances Sam promised, became evident, with that smile. Sam felt relaxed but he did not fall asleep, especially when he knew that Padme and Athina were going to be back soon from their garden tour.

When they arrived they went into the kitchen where they prepared some coffee while Sam stayed close to Prodromos. When they enjoyed a coffee and also took a couple of cups for Sam and Prodromos Padme and Athina left the gentlemen to enjoy their relaxation. The two ladies went to the empty bedroom where Padme started to show Athina the clothes Sam had ordered for her.

‘Are these for me?’ She whispered in astonishment. ‘These are too many Padme.’

‘Sam knew precisely what you needed and how many, so don’t hurt him. I think you better try them, as Sam made some agreement that if you want to change something, you can freely do so. Please don’t worry, if you do need to change any, I will come with you.’ Padme explained.

Athina tried some of the clothes like the jeans and the blouses, but not the underwear. Everything fitted precisely not too tight, but just right. Padme noticed that she looked so very elegant in the ones she tried.

‘Do you like the underwear?’ Padme asked, as she was watching every step Athina was doing.

‘I think I feel embarrassed; Sam bought me so many things and I did not bring anything.’ Athina said, feeling rather down with embarrassment.

‘Don’t be; Sam expects nothing back, maybe, just a simple thanks. I think that it will be more than enough.

‘Thanks for everything. What you bought is really nice, and I promise you, I will greatly treasure them. Thanks again.’ Athina put her hands around Padme’s neck and after she hugged her she gave her two kisses one on each cheek.

‘Athina, if something happens don’t bother to call. I’m always around and very rarely go away, so any problems that may arise, you know the number.’

‘Yes I have the numbers, thanks. I will sure do, especially now. I’m very worried about Dad. I know that he is not very well, and I am expecting something really bad happening, maybe sooner than later. The big problem is that he never told me anything, even when I tried to ask.’ Athina confided her problems with Padme.

‘Anything that’s happens, Sam will help. So just call.’ Padme insisted.

When the two ladies joined the males Athina not only thanked Sam for the nice clothes, but she also hugged him and gave him a kiss. Sam was pleased and he assured her that the presents were coming from their hearts.

They continued talking about local subjects, but the health condition of Athina’s father was never mentioned. Padme prepared teas and coffees which they enjoyed, but the time was passing and both Prodromos and Athina ended staying for the evening meal. After they had enjoyed the evening meal together, Sam gave them a lift back Ordu Escort Bayan home, even though they live quit close. Prodromos looked very fragile and Athina was right that she was worried.

Sam invited Prodromos and Athina again for the New Year’s lunch. He also invited Antonis and his girl friend Adriana. Sam was very interested to get to know who Antonis young lady was. Prodromos and Athina had to leave after New Year’s Lunch as he was not feeling really well. Sam drove them back to their home and stayed with them for about an hour so he makes sure that everything was ok. Athina thanked him again for inviting them for New Year’s Lunch and for the help he was giving them.

When he returned, Antonis was about to leave as his girl friend’s auntie Irene with whom she lived, was very strict. She was scarred that they do something which could have a lot of repercussions, not to mention embarrassments. Therefore a few minutes after Sam arrived back, they left.

Padme together with Sam, they went to his bedroom where they spent some time making love. It was great, but Sam’s mind was not totally there. He was worried about Athina and mostly about her father’s health. He looked far worse than he was on Christmas day.

Lydia had called at Christmas and also at New Year. She had not yet moved in the new apartment Sam had given her, but she neither had told her mother nor her father about the apartment. She promised that she would tell her mother after the next semester starts when she intended to move.

Lydia could not resist not staying away; therefore she had visited the apartment a few times. On one occasion, she even told her mother that she was going to sleep with one of her friends. She also took some books, maybe she could do some work, but she just rolled herself on the main bed and masturbated herself, while she dreamed about her biological father and the many times they made love; especially that particular day when they did not yet knew about their family connection. For her, it was the greatest day when Sam took her cherry and she found out that he was her biological father.

Lydia spent a lot of time walking from one room into another, while trying to believe that, that luxurious apartment was actually hers’. She read the contract a few times, but just the same she could not believe she had signed it herself. Many times she wondered what her mum was going to say when she tells her. She even wondered what would; she may say when she finds out that it actually belongs to her daughter.

Days passed and the news about the apartment became known. Lydia had to tell something to her mother before she actually find out. She did not want her to know from behind her back, so she decided to be the one to break the news. She even took her on a tour of the luxurious apartment.

Her mother could not hide her amazement at the luxurious fittings and furnishings. Without telling her daughter, she wondered how many times her brother will be fucking her daughter, but she never asked. She did not even know that her brother had told his daughter, or better his niece, that the end of making love together, had arrived.

Sam’s sister called and although she was proud with what her brother had done by making such an apartment available to her daughter so she could have her own privacy; she was not so happy to loose her daughter, even though she knew that she frequently she sleeps away at one of her friends’ apartments. She thanked him for his generosity but just the same she expressed her reservations that she did not like, that her daughter will live alone, even though it was time to have more privacy. She preferred that she stayed close to her mother rather than she sleeps away. She like to hold some control on with whom she shared her bed.

The first weeks of January were hectic. Antonis was working on the Gardner’s lodge which needed some refurbishing especially after it was used to store the olives, before they were delivered for oil pressing. There was enough work round the garden which sure could be finished before Antonis will go back to his normal job.

Sam had visited Prodromos on daily basis, especially when he became bed ridden after a week from the first day of the year. Sam even tried to help Athina not only in handling her father but also with the animals which became a burden. She became worried day after day until at last he fell in a coma.

That was the last straw. She was devastated. Sam arranged a fast transfer and within a couple of hours he was in a hospital connected to a number of monitors. From that first night Sam took Athina home with him and offered her to sleep in one of the bedrooms.

That first night was the worst. Sam together with Padme spent most of the night awake, with Athina expecting to receive some positive news from the hospital. But the good news did not come. They waited and waited with Sam trying to comfort her that at last Athina became so tired that Padme had to help her to move Escort Ordu to the designated bedroom, where she slept just for a very few hours.

The following day passed without any positive results. Sam and Athina visited her father immediately after she had fed the animals. They visited her father three times during that day. Sam had found out, that there was no hope. Prodromos heart was failing slowly and the doctor on duty informed Sam that they were expecting that in the next few days he will be gone.

Sam never told Athina, even though she had also lost all hope. After the third night and following a visit to her father after feeding the animals, Sam and Athina discussed her father’s condition.

‘Sam, sorry for all the trouble, but I don’t think I could have handled this situation by myself.’ Athina became very conscious of the help Sam had offered until then.

‘I’m here for you, so don’t try to do anything on your own. Your father was conscious of what was coming. He told me everything and I promised him, that I will take care of everything. I remember that; that day I had made him very happy.’

‘Thanks Sam; so my dad knew that he was close?’ Athina asked.

‘Yes he knew and he told me on Christmas day, that his days are numbered.’ Athina eyes blocked with tears as she started to cry like a baby. Sam put his hand on her shoulder and tried to say some comforting words to encourage her, but the outcome was going to be too hard for her, especially after all these years they lived together.

‘What do I have to do now? When mum passed away I was too young to understand.’

‘You have to do nothing. I will do everything as I promised your father.’ Sam answered.

‘So dad discussed everything with you. What about the animals, the garden and whatever?’ Athina was scarred. ‘Dad used to do everything; I mean even handing the administrative problems.’

‘Now just relax. There is one thing your dad had asked me to do.’

‘What?’ Athina asked. ‘Sorry Sam it was just the excitement, worries. I don’t know. I’m scared.’

‘Don’t be. First; I promised your father that I will help you to clear any problems that might come around, including financial. The second; it is something you have to decide yourself. I cannot do it for you. I cannot take that decision myself on your behalf. OK.’

‘What do you mean Sam? Why do I have to take such a decision by myself; and maybe not the two of us, together?’ She asked.

‘Your father, when you were here on Christmas day, he had asked me to take his place; as a subordinate father. Therefore it is a decision which you may have to decide on whether you like accept me as your father or not, including, that you will be ready to live here with us and not on your own. I’m not saying that you have to do exactly what I say. You will be free, but at least, here you won’t be on your own in a huge place like that.’ Sam tried to put lenient words to encourage her that she will be well looked after.

She looked at Sam a couple of times while thinking, or better analyzing the proposal. She took more time until at last she stood up, put her hands around Sam neck while she cried as the kisses never seemed to stop flowing.

Sam stood up and hugged her like if it was his daughter. ‘Thanks dad. I have no idea how I will ever thank you.’

‘No need of thanks sweetie. I will be proud being your dad. I hope you liked the set up here and also your bedroom.’

‘Thanks dad. My dad will never forget what you had done for him and now fore me. If I loose one I’m going to have a second.’ She hugged him and kissed him so many times, while tears never stopped trickling down her cheeks.

Before they went to visit her father they went to feed the animals. When they arrived at the hospital the situation had more than worsened. One of the attendees told Sam what they were expecting, that probably he won’t last the night. His heart was faltering slowly and probably death was slowly closing in. Whatever happened; Sam left a message to inform him, if he worsens.

When he explained the latest situation, Athina decided that she will stay close by her father until he passes into eternal life. Sam accepted her decision and stayed with her until a few minutes after midnight the last breath was taken.

They went home. Athina’s heart was broken. She cried even though she was dead tired. She tried to sleep, but she could not. When she felt dead tired she surrendered. It was as the sun was coming up. Sam stayed close until he noticed that she was asleep. He made a couple of telephone calls to arrange for the funeral and get some information of how he had to handle the situation.

It took Athina two weeks before she started to accept what had happened. Sam went to help her with the animals, both in the morning and in the evening until on the third week she asked Sam to help her sell the sheep, the couple of goats and the pigs. What was left were the chickens, the rabbits and the pigeons which they did not need much work, to keep them.

When Athina had accepted her fate, her happy face returned. The collaboration between Padme and herself became very friendly and together they looked after Sam’s place and also joined Athina, helping her around her house.

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