At the Mercy of Innocents Ch. 01

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I stood naked in the iron cage in the living room. My wrists cuffed to the heavy black bars above my head. Two maids—real Thai maids, not Mistresses—went about their business. What did they think of this? I could not tell. They would occasionally give me a curious glance, but spoke only to themselves in whispers.

My wait was longer than usual, but eventually I heard the click of Mistress’s steps as she came down the wood stairs. I had tried hard to prevent an erection in front of the maids, but the mere sound of my Mistress’s steps had my penis stirring. Then Mistress appeared.

It was not what I expected, but the effect was no less stunning. She was not wearing the fetish wear I was accustomed to. She was dressed like one of the many cute and sexy young Thai ladies I saw every day in Bangkok. She had on a rather short, simple skirt of light material and a white knit cotton spaghetti-strapped top that left just a hint of skin exposed between her top and skirt. Fleshed colored hose, a gold anklet on her right ankle, and open-toed white heels finished the effect that hovered between innocence and sexy seduction.

There was little innocent about her manner as she reached behind my head and pressed my face against the cage’s bars. She said, “I have a surprise for you tonight. We are going to a private little party. A couple of friends of mine invited me over. I have not seen them since I started this new line of work. I would not want to miss seeing them, but of course I did not want to cancel our session. You are coming with”.

Mistress managed to get my already rock hard penis into a harness and inserted a plug into my anus. The plug could vibrate at the command of a remote control, which Mistress placed in her purse. On the drive over I learned that her two friends had gone to school together with Mistress at the university. One had graduated with Mistress and was now working in an office. The other was still finishing her last year of studies. Of course I was ordered to follow my Mistress’s every command. She ordered me to act like her new foreign boyfriend until she told me otherwise.

When we arrived only Miss Tan, the student, was home. Miss Buu, the office worker, had called in and was stuck in traffic. bilecik seks hikayeleri She would be arriving home soon. Miss Tan was adorable looking. She had just gotten back from studying, and was still dressed in her university uniform white blouse and black skirt. Like many of the modern students, her blouse was very tight over her small, firm breasts, and her skirt was very short. She was barefoot, but I could picture her lovely feet in any one of the many pairs of shoes that were left just outside the apartment’s door.

Miss Tan brought Mistress and me a beer. We sat chatting, getting acquainted and waiting for Miss Buu to return home. Miss Tan sat opposite me. Her short skirt had ridden high up her thighs, but like all Thai ladies I had ever noticed she somehow sat modestly, not exposing herself. She was not exposed, but my imagination was running wild.

As we engaged in the usual getting to know you chitchat, Mistress would occasionally engage the vibrator’s remote. She did it, inevitably, while I was speaking. My voice would crack, as I tried to adjust to the sensation. I wondered what Miss Tan made of it.

We had almost finished our first beers when Miss Buu arrived. She, too, was remarkably cute. She was dressed in a short, but suitable for an office, gray skirt, a light blue blouse and black hose. I could not help staring as she slipped off her black pumps at the doorway and revealed her perfect little feet, with the hose’s reinforced toes and heels. Mistress, knowing how much I loved feet, knew exactly what I was thinking. Just as she was introducing me as her “special” boyfriend Henry she turned the vibrator on high. I somehow expected that, and was able to return Miss Buu’s greeting without undue embarrassment.

It was time for Mistress, Miss Tan and me to have another beer, and of course Miss Buu was thirsty. “Tan,” Mistress said, “Let Henry get the beers. He loves to serve.”

After I had brought the round of beers we chatted a short while. Suddenly Mistress announced, “Tan…Buu, there’s something that Henry wants to tell you. Stand up Henry.”

We had not rehearsed this, but I figured I knew what Mistress had in mind. I told Tan and Buu that I was Mistress’s slave and that I did everything that she ordered. I am sure that my face was deep red with equal parts embarrassment and excitement as I made my confession. I had so often dreamed of declaring my secret to “ordinary” young Thai ladies that I saw by the hundreds—thousands—as I went about my business in Bangkok.

Tan and Buu looked rather confused, as if what I was saying was not quite sinking in. Mistress added, “Slave, you mean everything, right? You do everything I ask, don’t you?” “Yes, Mistress,” I said with my head properly bowed, “everything.”

“On your knees, slave, kiss Miss Tan’s feet.”

I was thrilled at the chance to focus my attention on those soft, bare “virgin” feet. Of course I knew Mistress meant more than “kiss”, so I worshipped. I sucked her wonderful toes—one bore a tight silver ring. I licked her pink insteps. I ran my tongue along the soles of her feet.

With my attention focused on the student’s feet I could only imagine the expressions on the faces of Tan and Buu as this big foreign man knelt before Tan worshipping her feet.

As I continued my foot worship, Mistress explained to the ladies some more about what my slave status meant. Miss Tan’s curiosity seemed aroused and she sometimes asked Mistress questions. It seemed that Tan had seen several Japanese BDSM videos and had some notion about femdom, although probably she had never imagined it would happen to her. Miss Buu was mostly silent, except for her occasional giggles and interjections of “oh really!”

I had been worshipping Tan’s feet for quite some time when Mistress stopped me and ordered, “Slave, stand up and take off your clothes.” I grabbed Miss Tan’s foot and, holding it in my hands, I gave her toes one last long and worshipful toe- suck. She leaned back and let me, seemingly understanding her superior place and enjoying it.

I was told to remove my clothes slowly. Once naked, I was ordered to stand on the coffee table and display myself, including allowing Tan and Buu a close inspection of my penis harness and the butt plug sticking out of my anus. Of course Mistress had kept the vibration mode on high for a long time now and she did not slow it down.

Next I was ordered to crawl over and worship Buu’s hose-covered feet. I couldn’t believe this was I, kneeling naked and sucking on the stockinged-toes of a cute office girl. There was a soft, sour smell to her feet, as clearly they had spent much of the day in her pumps. The odor was, to me, not at all unpleasant. To the contrary, it helped remind me of my lowly slave status. I would gladly kiss, lick and suck these sour but perfect feet.

Buu seemed to be enjoying it, giggling as she teased me by keeping her feet in constant, if slow, motion. Mistress noticed the little game of cat and mouse Buu was playing. “Don’t cheat and use your hands, slave,” she said, “Crawl and squirm for the pleasure of those feet. You don’t deserve even to worship them.”

I lifted my head briefly and thanked my Mistress—and Miss Tan and Miss Buu—for the honor of being their slave.

“Slave,” Mistress said, “If you can tear yourself away from Buu’s little feet for a moment, we Ladies need a beer.” I started toward the kitchen. Knowing my place I was on my hands and knees. The Ladies already seemed a little drunk, and I thought I noticed Tan’s and Buu’s inhibitions fading quickly.

When I returned, I was granted a few more minutes to enjoy Miss Buu’s feet. I occasionally took the liberty to let my tongue run up her luscious calves and suck the slack of black hose behind her knees. I noticed she occasionally stroked my hair like I was her adoring puppy.

Mistress and Miss Tan meanwhile were discussing their domestic life. More specifically, they were discussing in hard tones the worthless playboy who used to be Tan’s boyfriend. Tan had just been dumped. The boyfriend had run off with another lady. That, actually, was why Buu had called Mistress suggesting a little party.

I knew Mistress pretty well and the picture was becoming clear. I realized I was in a small condo at the mercy of three increasingly drunken Thai ladies—who were not, at that moment, especially fond of the ways of men. And there I was.

“Tan,” Mistress said, “Men are worthless worms. Don’t worry about your old friend. He didn’t deserve you. Not nearly. You need to know just how worthless men are. I am sure it would do you a world of good to take out your rightful anger against man.”

“Slave,” she continued, “YOU need a hard spanking. Lie across Miss Tan’s lap, now.”

I didn’t hesitate. I knew better…

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