At the Airport

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He saw her check in at the gate – observing her from the guise of reading this morning’s paper. She wasn’t pretty in a traditional sense, but she was put together in such a way that his first thought was taking her apart. Knowing it was the first flight out in the morning, she’d have been at the airport since 5:00 a.m. and she was in a business suit, hair in one of those twists that he fantasized had just one pin in it, and her makeup was perfectly applied. She was about to be given the same news he had received 10 minutes before and he could just tell that she wouldn’t respond well.

He gave her credit when she took the news of the 2-hour delay with a calm anger instead of lashing out at the gate attendant. He could tell her blood was boiling though and liked how it looked on her face. She turned around and looked for a seat among the plenty around, and placed her briefcase down and took out her cell phone. She started to make a call, then realized the time and thought better of it. That’s when she sat back, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath and sighed.

When she opened her eyes, she looked directly at him. It was definitely an accident of when she opened them, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of his. His gaze was penetrating and powerful. He was in business slacks and a neatly pressed golf shirt, but it wouldn’t matter what he wore. His confidence and power would have come through in anything from a custom-made suit to Scooby-Doo boxers. But it was his eyes that caught her – trapped her – mesmerized her. Oh yes, his eyes were definitely talking to her. His eyes were telling her of possibilities.

He wasn’t just looking at her, he was seeing her. He saw animal underneath the controlled professional. He saw a slut under the prudish exterior. He saw fire and passion that hasn’t been tapped for either quite some time or perhaps – ever. She’d be appalled at what and who he saw.

She hadn’t felt such a powerful reaction to anyone and was caught off guard by her sheer arousal. Will he come over and talk to her? She couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. She couldn’t tell if they were green or blue from this distance – all she knew was that he would have to look away first, she was lost in the power of his gaze.

The message in his eyes changed a bit and then his gaze broke and she felt robbed – empty, needing more.

He got up and walked down the corridor to an elevator. He pushed the button and waited. He did not look to emek escort see if she was following – he knew she would.

She wasn’t sure what possessed her to follow, but she did. Her purse and briefcase in hand, she walked towards him, followed him. His walk also spoke of confidence – a man who moves with the efficiency and grace of one who knows and is comfortable in his own skin. She reached him waiting for the elevator just as the doors opened.

He walked in, she followed, and the doors shut. He turned to her and she started to say something. He put a finger over her mouth and she instantly stopped and understood there was to be no words.

No words, just need.

She needed to be filled, to be satisfied.

He needed to take, to control, to fill.

His eyes left hers for a moment to look at her lips – but then came back. Her eyes were large and the color of stone washed denim.

His eyes were blue crystal, the kind that had fire and ice all at once. When his gaze moved a bit lower, her lips at once became dry – her throat parched.

He stopped the elevator with a code in the keypad – no noise was heard. His hands took her purse off her shoulder and dropped it on the floor. She was staring, some fear – mostly aroused. He placed one of his large, well-shaped hands to her neck, massaged it a bit – then expertly took out the one-pin that held her hair in the twist. Her dark red, shoulder-length hair tumbled on to his hands when he took some in a fist and moved her head sideways so she can take his kiss. Actually, it was him taking – all him. His tongue explored her mouth at the same time her will was being molded to his. She felt his kiss in all parts of her – parts long asleep were now wide awake.

He took both of her hands and lifted them over her head taking more in his kiss, letting her know who owns, possesses and takes in this interlude. His eyes let her know to keep her hands there as he unbuttoned the one button on her blazer and the few on her blouse. Her skin was pale and the bright purple lace bra stood out against it, inviting his lips to the edging. His tongue traced the edges and he heard her moan in pleasure. He moved the bra so that both her rock-hard nipples were poking above the material. He expertly unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the ground, leaving her in thigh highs and a matching lace purple tanga.

She always felt so keçiören escort self-conscious about her body and his welcome assault took away every drop of thought to how she looked, and instead, made her very aware of how she felt. Her body was on fire – her need palpable. She started to say something but remembered his stare. She moved her hips to communicate her need.

His finger went to touch her slit. She was so wet already. He took his finger and lifted it to her own lips to taste how wet she was even through the lace tanga. She closed her eyes when she tasted herself – no one ever did such an erotic act before. He pushed himself against her letting her feel how hard he was. Again she pushed her hips in to him.

His hands played her flesh like an instrument bringing out sensitive spots she didn’t know existed. He knew a woman’s body and how to make it sing. Her flesh was sizzling. Her nipples hardening each minute. His mouth took first her left nipple and sucked it hard.

Her gasp and the way she arched her back told him all he needed to know. He sucked the right one, immediately noticing it was the more sensitive. Feeling her squirm under him, pushing against his hard cock was amazing. He felt her need and it drove him further.

He’d take her to the edge of ecstasy with his mouth on her nipple, then pull back. Her moans and shivering body told him where she was on that edge. He pushed and pushed. She will fall off when he chose – not before.

His fingers moved back to the inferno between her legs. He inched lower and kissed between her breasts and her stomach and her hips. His mouth barely touched the top of her pussy when he felt her body start and immediately pulled back, letting her get closer but not fall yet. He knelt down and pushed down the tanga down her thighs and very softly kissed the very top of her pussy. Her legs were quivering. He knew if he licked her now, she’d shatter.

She watched him undo his belt and pants. He removed his pants and boxers at once, showing her his beautiful throbbing cock. Liquid heat starting in her belly drove her lust in to another gear. She needed this man inside her filling her as no one ever has. She needed what she never knew before.

His eyes pierced in to hers as if deciding on the ‘how’. He saw in her raw need. She saw in him pure power. Excited that these forces will come together, she trusted him on gölbaşı escort how. When he saw that trust come in to her eyes, his arms pushed her down to kneel before him.

She took him deep, burying him inside her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head and sides as the head kept going farther inside towards her throat. She sucked and slurped and tasted his amazing cock. It was thick and gagging her and still he pushed.

He pushed in her mouth, taking it, owning it. He looked down to see his cock go in and out of her wide mouth, her eyes looking up at him.

Will he notice her build again as he sucked her. Will he stop it yet again, her desperate need to come was getting more and more urgent. Sucking and sucking, letting her mouth get fucked by this sexy stranger, her pussy was on fire. She let out a moan and he pulled her up – again stopping her before she exploded. She started to blurt out a ‘Please!’ when his eyes stopped her and his lips met hers in a taunting kiss. He pushed her farther against the wall and shifted himself teasing her pussy with the head of his cock. Her eyes showed the need and lust.

Did he realize that all he had to do was put it right there and she’d come? He had to know, he was teasing her mercilessly taking her want to need… her need to crave. She was dying for him.

He finally placed himself at the entrance of her pussy and in one hard shove, entered her – deep and hard. His eyes looked in to hers seeing the anticipation. He stayed put, deep, didn’t move. She attempted to move and his strength wouldn’t allow it.

Then she started to feel it – even without him moving. The orgasm came from the roots of her hair and spread like wildfire throughout her body. She couldn’t control it any longer and held on to him as her body shook in pleasure, letting out small mewing noises and guttural moans all at once.

He felt the gush of warmth on his cock and it drove him farther. He now started the dance, and he pounded her against that wall back and forth, feeling her shake and squeeze him in her pleasure.

One orgasm went in to another til they ran together. Never has she felt this pleasure before. Build after build, it’s going to happen again. How can it? She wondered if she could die from too many back to back, then decided she didn’t care.

He felt it build, felt his own tickle in his balls, knew he’d come soon. In one hard motion, filling her deeper than she’s ever been filled, he emptied his balls in to her, and let out a primal growl of pleasure.

Not knowing how long they stood there like that, they stared in to each other’s eyes. Slowly he removed himself from her and dressed her before he dressed himself.

He kissed her lips, then pushed the elevator button. Not a word was spoken – but they spoke volumes.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32