At Long Last

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For Him

Finally, after all this time, I’m going to meet him. I’ve been talking to and dreaming about this man for so long that I almost have to pinch myself to see if it’s real. But here I stand, in the airport waiting to be picked up by a man whose body I know as well as my own but only via the internet and digital pictures and description.

I have dreamed about tasting his body for so long and feeling his skin against mine that I’m getting wet just thinking about him. I’ve dressed for this trip, comfortable yet sexy… I hope: Long black pants, a fitted black top with a low neckline that dips dangerously close to my nipples, which are covered in a royal blue satin bra. I wanted sexy panties so once we landed, I changed in the bathroom and put on black and blue lace boy short panties. I’ve topped off the outfit with a silver drop necklace that sits in my cleavage and silver hoop earrings and black high-heeled boots to tighten my ass and make my legs look longer.

I check my watch again and hope I haven’t made a mistake in accepting his invitation to visit. I run a hand through my hair and sigh, the jetlag catching up with me. As I’m about to give up hope, hands cover my eyes and I feel a tall hard body pressed against mine. I smile and hear your voice in my ear… “Welcome sweetie.” Your hands move and I turn around slowly with a smile on my face. I look up into your eyes and know that I’ve made the right choice. You dip your head down and kiss me sweetly. Our kiss, after so many conversations about it, is electric.

I’m instantly on fire! I press against you hard, sliding my hand down the front of your pants feeling you begin to grow. The kiss deepens and our tongues slide against each other mimicking what our bodies want to do. I feel myself grow wetter and know that I won’t last long. We break the kiss and look at each other knowing that this is going to be an amazing week. Placing my mouth on your ear, I whisper “I want you… now!” You pull your head back, shock and desire in your eyes. “Let’s go!” you say and grab my bags in one hand and my hand in the other pulling me after you. We get to your car and stop to kiss deeply one more time, your pelvis grinding against mine.

I can’t look at the scenery as we drive… all I can do is stare at you and think about your beautiful mouth and where I want it to be. We talk little but stare at each other every chance we get. As we drive along, I slide my hand over your thigh and begin to lightly scratch my nails along the seam of your jeans moving higher along your inner thigh until I just barely brush against your straining cock. You moan loudly and deeply as if you can’t hold back. My fingers continue their light scratching over your balls and cock tickling through the cloth and adding to your frustration.

As we drive further into the country towards the B&B I found and paid for, I begin to moan as well, squeezing my legs together tightly. You look over and see my nipples hard under my shirt. You see my breathing hitching and my skin flushed and pink. Around the next turn there is a dirt road that pulls off behind a grove of bushes and trees. You swing a quick turn and pull into the deserted area, turning the car off immediately.

In less time than it takes to Mersin Escort blink we were out of the car and wrapped around each other kissing passionately, our hands moving faster than hummingbird wings to touch as much as possible as fast as possible. “I want you NOW!” you growl. “Oh GOD yes!” I whisper. We both take a step back and stare at each other breathing like we’ve just run wind sprints.

I look at you and grab the hem of my shirt, slowly raising it over my head and pulling it off my body and dropping it on the hood of your car. I stand before you in the full sunlight my breasts heaving. You continue to stare as if rooted to the spot. I walk slowly towards you and slide my hands up under your shirt, lightly scratching your chest and flicking at your nipples. The sensation breaks you out of your spell and you become a wild man.

You push me back against the hood of your car and lay me back, your body pressing me into the hot hood. My back arches away from the heat of the car and towards the heat of your body. My hands are on your now naked chest and shoulders gripping you hard and leaning up, I kiss you deeply again before biting your shoulder. You pull me up and place your shirt and mine under my back and lay me back down. You kneel before me and slide my pants down gasping at the black lace you find underneath. You stand and look at me, spread out on the hood of your car wearing black lace, blue satin, sunlight and a smile.

You quickly drop your jeans and step out of them, moving back to the car. I hold out my hands to you and you move to me, tearing my bra off and sucking on my nipples. I arch my back into you gasping loudly and grabbing the back of your head holding you to me. “Oh my god,” I think, “I’ve wanted this man for so long and now here I am!” You continue your assault on my breasts biting and sucking and licking. My pelvis tilts up and begins to grind against your stomach. Your mouth slides down my belly and down to my black lace. You can smell my arousal through my wisp of cloth and you can’t wait. You tear at them and I lift up to assist you.

You spread my legs and dive into my cunt like a man in the desert drinks water. As your tongue hits my clit, I cry out in shock and pleasure. My cunt twitches with every flick of your tongue and my legs tighten, I’m not going to last long. You sense my impending orgasm… after all you have heard me cum before. You stand up and move between my legs. With one more flick of your finger over my clit, you thrust yourself into my hot tight pussy.

The flicking of your finger, the anticipation of this week and your hot hard cock thrusting deeply into me is too much and I cum loudly, crying out your name, tears rolling down my face from the strength of my orgasm. You feel my cunt clinch around you in a vise like grip and marvel at the tightness and the strength of my inner muscles. You stay still until you sense I’m ready for more… you begin to thrust hard and fast. Your balls tighten and as you get to the breaking point, I cum again, crying out again, and the rhythmic twitching of my muscles milking you, pushes you over the edge. You cum hard, moaning loudly, filling my cunt to overflowing and the excess rolls down my thighs and my ass crack. Mersin Escort Bayan

You collapse on me and I wrap my arms around you and pull you close, my hands stroking your back. Once we can both breathe again, we clean up with the wipes I brought, just in case, get redressed and kiss sensually and get back in the car, giggling.

We finally make our way to the B&B and get checked in. We have dinner in the quiet restaurant and take a stroll around the grounds holding hands and talking like we’ve known each other for ever. Finally, we decide to retire to our room but I ask you to wait down stairs for ten minutes before you come up. You wait ten minutes and arrive at our door feeling excited, not knowing what I have in store for you.

You knock, waiting for my voice to call out to you, inviting you in. The door opens seemingly, on its own, and you walk in. The room is bathed in candle light. As you look around, your eyes adjusting to the dim light, you see me standing in a dark corner wearing more black lace. I walk into the light and your jaw drops. I’m wearing a black lace corset that laces up the back, black garter that is attached to black stockings and nothing else. My breasts almost fall out of the top as I curtsey for you. You move to me and slowly and sweetly draw me into your arms and kiss me. I wrap my arms around your neck and press my body against you moaning into your mouth.

You begin to move and I stop you by placing my hand on your chest. I shake my head, telling you not to move and I begin to undress you slowly. I unbutton one button at a time and kiss the skin that is uncovered with each one. I move around your body drawing the shirt off and tossing it over a chair. Your hands lift as if to touch but I shake my head again, smiling. I kneel down and, smiling even more brightly, I undo your pants and slide them down your hips and down to the floor. You step out of your shoes then your pants and then your socks. I look up to see you standing naked before me with the beginnings of a beautiful hard on.

I slide my hands up your legs and moving in front of you, I kiss your thighs, flicking my tongue over your skin tasting your body. You look down to see me kneeling at your feet my mouth, hovering a mere breath from your hard cock. My tongue flicks out like a cat and barely swipes your head causing you to jump. My arms wrap around your hips, my hands squeezing your ass, pulling you to my mouth. With one swift bob, I take you deep into my mouth, sucking you hard and long. You moan loudly and your hands rest on my head both for balance and for contact. My mouth is working you, long strokes mixed with short hard sucks of your head, my tongue flicking like a whip around your shaft applying pressure and adding sensation to the hard sucking you’re already getting.

Your hands fist in my hair and I pull back looking at you, knowing what you want. I stand up and kiss you hard and fast, pulling you to the bed. I tell you to lie down and once you’re settled, I climb on the bed and straddle your head, lowering my naked, hot, wet pussy to your lips. I gasp as your lips begin to devour my clit, sucking and nibbling in a way I’ve only ever dreamed about. I lean over, my breasts rubbing Escort Mersin your stomach and I take your cock into my mouth again. As I concentrate on your cock, sucking and tonguing, my hands fondle your balls and tickle the sensitive spot behind them. My lips tightly sealed around your cock, my tongue rubs you hard and fast.

I’m beginning to have trouble concentrating on your cock as I get closer and closer to the brink. I suck you deep one more time then move off of you and turn around to kiss you, tasting myself in your mouth. I move over you once more, straddling your cock and sliding you deep into my cunt. I gasp as you fill me. I slowly begin to slide my hips front to back at once riding your cock and rubbing my clit on the base of your cock. My muscles again begin to clench tightly around your hard throbbing shaft and I begin to move in circles to make sure you feel all of me.

I lean forward and kiss you gently as my body fucks you hard. Your hands are on my breasts tweaking my nipples and making me cry out in pain and pleasure. You decide that you want control and you flip me over onto my back and fuck me hard. My ankles are locked behind your ass pulling you deep, my pelvis tilted to meet you as you slam deeply into me. My hands claw at your shoulders lightly scoring your skin. I lean up and bite you on the shoulder as you continue to fuck me hard. I’m moaning loudly and we’re both breathing hard looking deeply into each others eyes as our bodies meet time and time again. I begin to shudder deep inside as my climax draws close to the surface. You pull out quickly causing me to cry out in protest.

You flip me again, this time onto my stomach and I draw up onto all fours preparing myself as you slam into me from behind. My back arches as I throw my head back again gasping from the deepness of your penetration. “FUCK ME!” I scream at the top of my lungs not caring who hears me. You grab the slender vibe you saw on the bedside table and using my natural lubrication, slide it into my ass as you fuck me harder and faster. You can feel the vibe shaking your cock through the thin wall of my pussy. You hold your release back waiting for me to cum. My hand reaches around to flick my clit and I feel my orgasm building deep inside me and I start moaning one long almost wailing cry.

My entire body tightens up and then begins to ride the wave, clenching around you with the speed of the vibrator still buried in my ass. This proves to be more than you can handle and you quickly pull out and I turn around and take you into my mouth once more. One long sucking pull on your cock, the flicking of my tongue and I feel your balls tighten and I know you’re about to cum. I tighten my hand around your cock and pump you with my hand and my mouth and stroke you with my tongue and you begin to shake. In the next instant, you release calling out my name and pumping yourself into my mouth. I suck you deep and swallow your cum as it pumps out of your cock in a seemingly never ending stream. My tongue is massaging your cock for every last drop. I continue to lick your cock slowly and, finally, with a kiss to the head, I let go of you.

I roll off the bed and strip off the now torn black lace garments and slide under the covers with you. I smile at you and you kiss me gently. We curl up, my head on your chest my leg thrown over your legs and we fall into a deep sleep.

After amazing morning sex, at 5 am, I smile as you kiss me hard and deep. I’ve just realized… I have 6 days left! What are we gonna do today?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32