At Last

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Gavin looked across the classroom at the girl who had been the focus of his love and lust for the last few years. He eyed her closely, but to anybody looking it seemed as if he was busy reading a book. He had long since perfected the art of looking with seeming to, and he found it very useful.

He looked at her, her pale skin and long black hair. She was shorter than average at 156cm, but absolutely stunning. He sighed heavily. A few years prior, he had been lucky enough to date her but his insecurities had driven her away. He felt a stiffening in his pants as he remembered how close they had been, the embraces they had had, and the passionate kisses they shared.

He gritted his teeth in annoyance. It had never ventured beyond kissing before it ended and he was left frustrated. He forced himself to take several deep breaths to calm down and get his body under control. Once he was no longer irritated, he began breathing normally.

He looked at her, the way she covered her mouth as she laughed, the way her breasts bounced softly as she walked, constrained by a bra. His secretive gaze of her was interrupted by the bell signalling the end of break. He sighed one last time and organised his table for lessons.

Her name was Janice, and he was extremely attracted to her. The only problem was, she wasn’t as attracted to him as he was to her. He doubted she had any feelings left for him, but he wanted desperately to at least fuck her once before they graduated. He was 18 and had remained a virgin in the hopes that she would do so too.

He knew she had remained a virgin, because of how almost everyone called her a prude. She was sitting diagonally in front of him during their next lesson, Biology, and he noticed something strange.

As he looked at her, he saw her constantly fidgeting in her seat. Her thighs would occasionally rub against each other and he could barely see that she was biting her lip.

He was shocked, it seemed as if Janice was horny. He smirked and turned his attention back to the biology lecture going on. As the lecturer droned on and on, he got bored and returned to gazing at Janice.

She was still doing the same thing, but with a greater urgency. He smiled to himself and shoved his water bottle of the table. It landed loudly on the floor and caused the lecturer to stare at him.

After realising nothing had happened, the lecturer continued on but Janice couldn’t. She had turned around to identify the source of the noise and had momentarily made eye contact with him. His face had been carefully composed, as it always was when they looked at each other. But this time, her instincts warned her that he knew what she had been doing and feeling.

She felt panic rising up in her and she forced her to stop trying to relieve her horniness during the lecture. She couldn’t risk him actually asking her about it. She had her pride, after all.

He noticed that she suddenly became as still as a ataköy escort statue, only her arm moving to copy down notes. He smiled. Her cessation of motion proved that she had something to hide, namely that she had been masturbating. Now he had vague ideas of a plan he could implement to finally fuck her. The plan quickly took shape and before the lecture was over, he was ready.

Janice felt herself getting more and more sexually frustrated. She felt the urge to just start fingering herself, but she had to control herself. She couldn’t risk exposing herself. And so, her tension built up steadily. All according to his plan, of course.

Once the lecture was over, everybody got up to pack except Janice and him. He was feigning being asleep and she was slowly packing all of her stationery. She took her time and moved slowly so she had everything, not rushing because she had no more lectures or classes to attend.

She glanced back at the sleeping teen and began to walk away as the classroom just emptied. Just as she reached the door, she felt a hand wrap around her wrist. She glanced back and saw that it was him gripping her wrist.

She glared at him and snapped out “Let me go, we’re not dating anymore. You have no right to touch me.”

He smiled and let go, but not before getting a sentence in, “How bad is the tension? Is it eating you up? Is masturbation enough to sate your hunger for release?”

Janice froze, knowing she had been caught. She looked at him with panic and alarm in her eyes. Her limbs momentarily turned to jelly, and he used that moment to pull her in close in a hug, pressing his rock hard cock into her wet cunt.

Janice felt the pressure and felt herself getting wetter and wetter. She swallowed in anxiety, she didn’t want to fuck him, but his cock felt so good, even separated from her cunt by his jeans.

Without thinking, her hands dropped to his jeans. She unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans down to floor. She saw the obvious tent in his underwear and got even more aroused.

Just as she was about to kneel down, he gripped her arms and stopped her. She looked up at him confused, at least until he shifted his grip to the hem of her shirt and lifted it off over her head. She went along it, desperate to get fucked, her horniness preventing all rational thought.

She was left in a black bra hugging her pale 34B breasts. He reached one hand to her bra hook and unhooked it while simultaneously kicking the door to shut it and sliding a nearby broom to jam the door and get some privacy.

He stepped back and stripped off his shirt to reveal a hard muscled body. He stepped forward again and pressed his lips against hers. He felt her groan into the kiss as her diamond hard pink nipples rubbed against his chest.

His hands were cupping her face, but he quickly changed it to her jeans. He unbuttoned them and quickly forced avcılar escort it down her legs. She stepped out of them to reveal matching black panties, not that he noticed. He was still wrapped up in their make out session.

He had forced his tongue into her mouth and was using it to roughly press and shove against her own tongue. He was clearly dominating their make out session, her body was arched back in response to his bending over hers. His tongue had subdued hers, and she barely put up a fight anymore.

Gavin gripped her panties in his hand and tore them apart without a second thought, exposing her vagina. Janice was naturally more hairy than others, her arms and legs had significant hair growth, but her cunt lips had hair growing over them.

Her pubic hair was soaking wet from how turned on Janice was. He found this out when his hand brushed her cunt briefly to test if she was ready. To his delight, she was. He squeezed her firm ass cheeks and lifted her up on to the lecturer’s table.

She lay flat down on it, her hands just laying on the table. She was helpless in the face of how turned on she was. He mounted the table and knelt down, spreading her legs by placing his between them. He placed his hands next to her head and looked her in the eyes.

She felt her vagina getting wetter, with some of her fluids leaking out on to the table, creating a small puddle. She saw the lust in his eyes and felt herself getting flushed. There was no turning back, not anymore.

He aligned his manhood with her pussy and slowly thrust in until he felt the barrier of her hymen. He paused to look down at her, and there was tender care and concern in his eyes. He didn’t want to force this on her, he wanted her to want it.

Janice hesitated but eventually reached up to grab his neck and pulled him down into a kiss. Gavin widened his eyes in shock, but returned the kiss. He took this as her decision, so without a moment’s hesitation, he pulled out and thrust back in, hard. He broke her hymen and Janice let out a groan of pain into the kiss.

He groaned out at the sudden tightness around his dick, and he paused to let her get used to the pain. After a few moments, the pain subsided and Janice let go of his neck to fall back on the table. Her nails had left scratch marks on his neck and her fingers had left bruises, not that either of them cared.

Janice bit her lip and gave him a nod, telling him to continue. Gavin bent over her and began to kiss her neck. Janice let out a soft groan of pleasure just as he pulled out slightly and slammed his cock all the way in. He bottomed out in her soaking wet cunt, and she let out a loud shriek.

Gavin’s head snapped up in alarm, listening for the sounds of anyone approaching, his dick still lodged all the wat inside her cunt. He listened attentively, but when he couldn’t hear any sounds, he deemed it safe to continue.

He bahçelievler escort gripped her legs at her hamstrings and lifted her legs up on to his shoulders. He bent her at the waist until she let out a whimper of pain. He eased off slightly before beginning to fuck her. He made smooth, deliberate thrusts into her cunt was rewarded with Janice’s soft groans and moans.

Her arms were lying at her side, leaving her breasts free to bounce in time with his thrusts. They were firm and the way they bounced was a huge turn on to him.

He decided to kick things up a notch, and so he began to vary the timing of his thrusts. He would alternate hard and fast strokes with slow strokes. He felt her slick but virginally tight cunt squeezing his cock, trying to bring him to climax.

Janice felt the warm, rock hard member in her body and felt herself being brought closer and closer to orgasm. Sweat was rolling down her forehead, her hamstrings burned in protest from being stretched, but she loved every minute of it.

Her groans grew louder in frequency and pitch as she grew closer to climax. Gavin felt his climax and approaching as well and he lost any desire to control his thrusts. He slammed his dick in hard and fast without any attention to pacing it. He became exceedingly rough, although he let her legs drop from his shoulders.

He lay down on top of her, making out with her and biting on her lip. One of his hands went to her right breast and squeezed and groped it, caressing it. His other hand went to her ass, which he stroked and squeezed. Her boobs were pressed firm against his rock hard chest.

The firm softness was exquisite and he loved the way her body felt underneath his, so warm, soft and slicked with sweat. He slammed his cock down into her pussy, causing her to almost scream. With gravity’s help, he was brushing her cervix almost every time, giving extra pleasure.

He kept this up, giving her no mercy or time to rest. Eventually, they both reached their respective climaxes.

Gavin ran his hand through her long, smooth, black hair and when he went over the edge, he yanked on it firmly, causing Janice to scream. His other hand was still on her right breast, but he tightened his grip on it and squeezed it tightly.

Sweat dripped down from his head on to her breasts, with the sweat droplets rolling down her firm tits in return. At the same time, his cum was being splattered inside her cunt. He filled it up with 7 jets of cum, causing it to overflow. His cum shot onto her cervix, triggering her climax.

Her back arched up and her hands flew to his neck, scratching it deeply, leaving small blood trails. She let out a scream of pleasure and her cunt contracted again and again around his cock, squeezing it and prolonging his climax. Her whole body tensed for almost a full minute before she dropped back on to the table, panting.

Her whole body twitched and jerked for a few minutes after, aftershocks from her orgasm. When she finally regained control, her cunt relaxed its grip on his cock and he pulled out reluctantly.

He rolled over on to his back, lying next to her on the table. They were both panting, but they soon recovered and got up, dressing quickly. Without speaking a word to each other, they left the lecture theatre.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32