At 64 My First Gay Experience

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Group Sex

Yesterday I had a marvelous experience, I sucked a cock. I am a 64-year-old male and a hardcore heterosexual I would never in a million years thought that I would have a gay experience. I did and I liked it.

I live in a small central Florida city and yesterday I was on my way to Tampa, I noticed the car in front of me swerve to miss a dog and slide into a ditch. I stopped to make sure no one was hurt. The occupants were 2 men in their late fifties or early sixties, the driver had his pants off and the passenger was on the floor with the driver’s right leg over his shoulder. No wonder he ran into the ditch, he was getting a blowjob. I was a little shocked at this but I was also amused, I asked if they were o. k. The man on the floor was on the verge of tears because of his position and the fact that he had been caught in a compromising position. The driver was trying to get his pants on but couldn’t, his right leg still being over his friends shoulder. I suggested they both calm down and get untangled that I wouldn’t tell anyone what they were doing before the accident. It took a few minuets but they managed to get their cloths on and get out of the car.

The car was stuck in the ditch and the driver asked if I would take them to a telephone so they could get assistance. I agreed so we got in my car and headed for a 7-11 down the road. The store had closed and the telephone was broken, Bill, the driver, told me that he lived about a mile from where we were and offered to pay me to take them to his house. To make a long story short, I agreed and drove to his house. Bill asked me inside because he insisted on paying me for my time. Once inside he offered me a drink and being a lover of alcoholic beverages I accepted.

John and I went into the living room while Bill went to get our drinks. I asked John why he was blowing Bill in the car when they were so close to home; he explained that it was something they did because of the chance of being caught. Bill came in with our drinks; we carried on with small talk until I asked if I could use the washroom, as I had to pee. I was directed to the toilet and away I went. When I returned to the living room both Bill and John were nude, I was a little taken back by this but for some reason instead of leaving I asked for another drink.

After I had consumed 3 or 4 more drinks I was comfortable sitting in a room with 2 nude males, I even started checking out their bodies, especially their genitals. John has a longer cock than Bill but Bill has more girth. Oh my god!! Here I am fascinated by other guy’s cocks. Never would I have thought that I would even consider what was going through my mind at that time. I wanted to watch them blow each other and allow me to join them. Bill must have known what was going thru my mind as he reached over and put his hand on my thigh close to my crotch. I looked at him and nodded my head, his hand then moved and rubbed my cock thru my pants. I stood and undressed; John smiled at me and moved artemisbet yeni giriş to the couch with Bill and me. I sat between them as they played with my cock, which had become hard. I got my nerve up and took their cocks in each hand. I had never touched another mans cock before now I was holding 2 at the same time. The feeling was overwhelming I couldn’t believe how good this made me feeling. I began to masturbate the 2 of them, soon John bent over and took my cock in his mouth, god, what a feeling, I was so excited I thought I would cum immediately, I managed to control myself and continued to give them a hand job. John was sending such feelings thru me that I leaned over and took Bill into my mouth. As soon as I got my mouth around Bill’s cock I had a massive orgasm. I had never experienced such strong feelings of sexual excitement. Jesus, I must have been a closet gay all my life. I was beside myself trying to sort my feelings, was I queer and never realized it or was this just an extension my sexuality. As it turned out I didn’t care I had discovered a side of me that I did not know existed. I really and truly enjoyed sucking a cock and having another guy suck my cock. I have always been into oral sex and have enjoyed having my cock sucked by several women but I have never experienced anything as powerful as this.

John continued to suck my cock even though I had filled his mouth with my cum. After I regained my senses I resumed sucking Bill who by now was sporting a hugh erection. I took Bill as deeply into my mouth as I could, his cock being only about 5″ in length but at least that size in girth. I was able to work my tongue around the head and lick the slit of his cock which seemed to give him pleasure. I cupped his balls in my hand so I would feel them tighten before he would cum. I wanted to be sure that I was ready to swallow his cum rather than choke on it. Bill started slowly sliding his cock in and out of my mouth and I felt it getting harder and his balls were getting tight so I prepared to taste my first ever load of cum. Even though I thought I was ready, when the first spurt shot from his cock I was surprised at the volume that hit the back of my throat. This man shoots massive amounts of cum, I had to swallow 4 or 5 times to get it all down before the second shot was deposited. This happened 3 more times before Bill was finished. I did manage to swallow all of his ejaculate which was a chore.

Bill removed his cock from my well fucked mouth then leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss licking his cum from my lips and tongue. Another first, being French kissed by a man, I liked it.

John had moved off the couch shortly after I had started sucking Bill and had been watching us. He said that he had never seen anyone enjoy sucking a cock more than I appeared too. I agreed that it had been a pleasure, and that I was ready to do it again if he would like to participate, I would like to do him. John’s cock was probably 7″ long and artemisbet giriş half the girth of Bill’s. I liked the idea of trying a totally different shaped cock.

Bill asked if anyone would like a drink before we got engaged in more cocksucking to which we all agreed.

After we finished our drinks we went to the bedroom, they had a king size bed so we all 3 crawled in. We got into a position so that each of us had a cock to fondle, play with or suck. I had John’s cock; Bill had mine and John naturally had Bill’s. I took John’s cock in my hand and started massaging it, John by the way is uncircumcised so this was also something new. I found it fascinating as I was not familiar with foreskin. I massaged John’s cock and watched it swell to its full size, the head peeking thru the foreskin; I slid the skin back and licked the head. The slit in John’s cock was much larger than mine and Bill’s; I could get the tip of my tongue inside at least a half inch. I started licking and sucking on his cock taking more into my mouth and wrapping my tongue around as much of it as I could. The taste of his precum was great and there was a constant flow of it. I had the whole length of him in my mouth and had tightened my lips around the base of his cock so I could pull a vacuum on his cock. I was sucking as hard as I could and John had started fucking my mouth, I was holding his balls and could feel them getting tight. I also was rubbing his asshole with my finger. I must have been doing something right as John started cumming shooting load after load down my throat. I swallowed all I could but some spilled out over my chin. I held this beautiful cock in my mouth until it was soft and slid out. John was just finishing Bill and I had cum as John filled my mouth.

We were all satisfied so we went back to the den for another drink.

I asked John how he had gotten such a large hole in his cock.

John told us that as a teen he had started putting different objects inside his cock. He used anything that would fit, and over the years had used larger objects which he would insert as far as he could. This became his favorite masturbation activity. He also told us that his favorite item to insert is plastic worms used in Bass fishing because they come in so many different sizes. He would insert the largest worm he could then masturbate, and then he would cum with such force that he would push the worm out and send it airborne across the room.

I decided that I would have to try inserting worms myself just to see how it felt.

We all had a couple of drinks when Bill told us that he had to go to his office for a while but that we could hang around as long as we liked.

John volunteered to lock the house when we left if I wanted to stay for a while.

I said that I would because I wanted more info on urethra stretching. I couldn’t help myself but this activity fascinated me.

Bill got dressed and said he would be gone about 3 hours if we wanted artemisbet güvenilirmi to wait for his return. He gave us both a sloppy wet kiss and left.

John poured us another drink and sat beside me on the couch. I couldn’t help but notice that he was getting an erection so I leaned over and kissed the head of his cock then I moved off the couch and got on my knees in front of him. Once in position I took his cock in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. He became hard immediately, I continued to suck and move my head up and down. After a short time I removed his cock and started licking his balls I managed to slide him forward on the couch until I could run my tongue down to his asshole, I then licked around his asshole.

John slid even farther off the couch giving me more access to his ass, I then moved from his ass to his balls licking one then the other. I had learned from my wife that licking assholes was a real turn on for me but I never thought that I would do it to a man.

John was moaning and telling me how good this felt but that he was about to cum and he wanted to cum in my mouth.

I also wanted him to cum in my mouth because it seemed so wicked and naughty I also liked the taste of his cum. I moved so I could get his cock in my mouth and as soon as I wrapped my lips around him he started shooting large gobs of cum to the back of my throat. It seemed like he shot a quart of his man juice in my mouth and down my throat, I was swallowing as fast as I could but some still ran out and over his balls.

John said that he had never had such a powerful orgasm in his life and for sure he had never shot that amount of cum. And that if I would trade places with him he would try to give as much pleasure as I had given him.

I got on the couch with John on his knees in front of me; he pulled himself up and kissed me then took my cock into his mouth and started sucking. He was moving between licking my balls and sucking my cock until I was hard, he then moved to my asshole and started running his tongue around it. It wasn’t long before he stuck his tongue in my asshole, this was new to me and it sure felt good.

John fucked my ass with his tongue for awhile then he asked me if he could really fuck me.

I told him yes, that if his cock felt as good as his tongue I was all for a good ass fucking.

John got into position and put the head of his cock against my ass and started to penetrate my virgin hole. He moved slowly with just the right amount of pressure to get the head of his cock in me. I was expecting some pain from all the stories I had read about the first time an ass was fucked but there was nothing. John was all the way up to his balls before I realized it. He started moving in and out slowly and I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

I was getting fucked in my ass and I was really enjoying it. How in the hell did I go from a complete heterosexual to a willing homosexual in just 8 hours. John increased the speed in which he was fucking me until I could tell that he was about to cum in my ass. I was ready to accept what ever he was going to deposit in me.

There is much more to my adventures with John and Bill, maybe I will write about some more of them later.


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32