Astarte Ch. 05

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Deon woke up and stretched, straightening both arms and legs as much as possible. Upon relaxing, he became aware of another body in his bed. He turned and looked into the bright blue eyes of his sister. “Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said with a grin. “I’ve been waiting for you to wake up for at least ten minutes, but it seems like an hour.”

He grinned in return, and instead of answering, moved his body over hers, forcing his knees between her thighs. Sally put her hand up to his chest, stopping him. “You need to go talk to Mary. I was up when she came in last night, and heard her crying. I went to ask her what was wrong, but she wouldn’t talk to me. Go see what’s going on with her.”

Deon sighed and got out of bed. Pulling on a pair gym shorts, he headed for the guest room. On the way he called for Astarte. “You won’t need me for this,” she answered him. “You’ll know what to do; just follow your instincts.”

He knocked on the guest room door, waited a few seconds for an answer and pushed the door open. Mary was sitting on the bed, her arms wrapped around her knees, naked. When she heard the door open, she looked to see who was coming in, and smiled when she saw Deon. “Morning, Deon. Sally okay?”

“Pretty much; worried about you. She said you were crying when you came in last night.”

“Yeah, I guess I was. I don’t want to go home, or to Paris. I want to stay here and go to school. I was talking to some of the PUS girls, some who are in the teaching school. They showed me how I can tailor my program and get nearly the same background as I could in Paris, for less money, even though it would take more time. But I would be among people who spoke my language, close to home. I can even use the scholarship here, and I’m sure I’d be able to convince my parents…”

“I hear a great big but coming.” Deon interrupted.

“It’s too late to get accepted for the Fall, but I could take classes on a part time basis, except that I don’t have a place to live. To stay in any of the dorms, I have to be a full time student, the same with a sorority house. If I don’t start using the scholarship by January, I lose it, and second semester doesn’t start until February. I need to find a job, and…”

She started to tear up. “Mouse shit! That’s all it is, just pure mouse shit. None of it can’t be overcome when confronted one at a time, but altogether…I just don’t know where to start, and I have to start today; I only have three weeks to get it all organized.”

“Christ, Mary! I was afraid you were going to tell me you’d been assaulted and gang raped at the sorority last night.” he paused, looking at her, marveling at how pretty Astarte had made her. “You can stay here as long as you need to, until the first of the year, anyhow. That’s when we all have to move. But we’ll find a place big enough to include you. And I know a job that will be available as soon as school starts. It’s waitressing in a diner, but I can talk to the owner, and maybe get you some time helping their cook. She thinks she owes me a favor.”

“Do you mean it? Can I really? Ohh, Deon, you are the greatest,” she cried, throwing her arms around his neck. “As far as all the rest of the men in the world are concerned, I’m totally asexual, but you can fuck me any time, any way you want to,” she said, kissing him and pulling him down on the bed.

“Take it easy, Mary,” warned Sally from the doorway. “Remember, he’s taken.”

“I know, Sal, but just a few times a month, five, ten, fifteen or so,” she laughed. “I owe him a lot. He just made it possible for me to come to school with you.”

“He did? That’s great, Mary, but what about Paris? I thought you were set on going there.”

“It was really my mom’s choice; she said I had to see some of the world outside the US before I got settled down. She’ll be disappointed, but also relieved. It was going to cost a lot of money beyond the scholarship.”

“How are…never mind. Let’s get ready and you can tell me all about it on the way home.”

Later, that afternoon, shortly after the girls had gone, the phone rang. Deon picked it up and heard his mother talking to someone in the background. “Hello. Mom?”

“Deon, thank goodness, you’re home. I need to settle some transportation, and wanted to talk to you first. I have to fly to St. Louis this weekend, and there’s a flight out of San’ Angelo Friday night. I thought I might come up Thursday and you could take me to the airport Friday.”

“That sounds great. What time would you get here, and when do you leave?” They spent several minutes settling details. When he hung up, Deon realized he was semi erect with anticipation. He would be alone with his mother for nearly 24 hours. He looked at the clock, thinking about it, and suddenly realized, he had ten minutes to get to work.

On the way, he called the diner and asked for Donna. “Deon? Is something wrong?” she asked when she got to the phone.

“No, nothing’s wrong. I was just calling to see what time you were bursa suriyeli escort escort done.”

“I’m still not sure this is a good idea. I know what you want to do; I don’t think I can…”

“Donna, I know I came on kinda strong the other day. You won’t have to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. If you’d rather just go get something to eat someplace else, that’s fine. I just want to see you.”

She relaxed, and felt the tingle in her quim that had been there all weekend. “I’m being silly,” she said. “Dinner at your place will be fine. I get off at nine. I’m sorry for being such a ninny.”

“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for, Donna. I’ll see you at nine.”

Deon arrived at the diner at 9:05. Karen was at the register. “She’s in the back changing. She’s been nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs since you called.” She smiled at the young student. There was something about him which stirred her juices. “If you’re looking just for some fun, with no ties…” she said, straightening and pushing her ample bust forward. “You know what they say about us older women.”

“Careful, Karen. You know what they say about young men and temptation. I’m not sure either of us would survive.” Karen laughed and nodded toward the kitchen door, where Donna had just appeared.

Karen left the register and walked back to the kitchen, stopping to say something to the younger woman which made her smile and blush. As they walked to his car, Deon asked, “What did Karen say?”

“She said to have fun and not do anything she wouldn’t do, but at the moment, with you, she couldn’t think what that would be.” Donna grinned. “She was trying to make a joke, but I think she was telling the truth. When you took care of her face that day, she said if she were thirty years younger, she’d have you in bed so fast, it would make my head spin.

“What is it about you, anyway? I saw you at the bar the other night. You came in with one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen; danced with Kyle Woolhouse’s designated toy and I thought she was going to screw you on the dance floor, and then you walk up to another really attractive girl in the group that had just come in and she throws herself at you. And for some reason, you say you want me. Why me? I’m…”

“Why not you? You’re as pretty as any of the girls you mentioned, if not prettier.”

“You wouldn’t say that if you really knew me.”

“I can’t think of anything you could tell me that would make me think otherwise, unless you beat little children and kittens.”

She laughed. “No, not that.”

“What then?”

“Maybe later, if the evening gets that far.”

They had arrived at Deon’s house. He got them each a beer and began pulling cans from his pantry. In a few minutes he had a Putanesca sauce simmering on the stove, waiting for the pasta to finish cooking. He quickly assembled a salad and sliced some bread. Thirty minutes after arriving they were sitting down to eat.

After dinner, they broke out their books and notes and began reviewing for the Art History class they shared. At one point, he helped clarify a stumbling point she was having problems with concerning French Impressionism. When she looked at him with a smile of appreciation, he reached up and gently cradled her head and pulled her to him for a kiss. She started to withdraw, then yielded to the kiss. Lips parted; mouths opened; tongues got involved.

Donna pulled back. “Deon, I think I should tell you about me, to avoid disappointment later.”

“Okay,” he replied, frowning. He looked at the young blonde. She was an interesting study in contrasts, a natural blonde, he was sure, her skin had a slightly dusky color, making her dark blonde hair seem lighter. The dark skin also set off her hazel eyes, making them look greener.

She spoke hesitantly, often near tears. “Six years ago, in the May of my senior year in high school, I was bicycling home from a friend’s house. She lived about a mile out of town, and it was about an hour before sundown. The road wasn’t really a back road, but not a main road, either. At that time of day… barely any traffic. About a half mile from my friend’s house, a van ran me into the ditch. I fell and hit my head… I was dazed… not out… but not really in control.

“Two guys in the van jumped out and carried me back to the van… I thought they were going to take me to the hospital and I tried to tell them I was okay… They just laughed and… began… taking off my clothes. When I was naked… they started… taking turns with me… There were… four of them… The last hour…they made me… take… three at a time. When they were done…they just pushed me out of the van… back into the ditch where they had run me off the road… They didn’t even give me back my clothes… I didn’t recognize any of them. They looked like they might have been migrants, but they weren’t Latino.”

“And you think this experience bursa ucuz escort somehow makes you undesirable?”

“According to my father, who’s a deacon in the local church, like all women who have sex before they get married, I’m damaged goods.” She choked back a sob. “It also…I’ve tried with a couple of guys…and I just can’t…I freeze… and get all…numb inside, like somebody… turns a switch… as soon as a guy tries to… touch me.

“I know why it happens, but the therapists I’ve tried can’t seem to help. One said just let it happen; another talked about trust issues and my relationship with my father. God! The jerk!” She started to tear up more. “I should go now. Will you take me home, please?”

Deon spoke softly. “Donna, I want you to listen to me, and to really hear me. What happened to you, what those men did, was horrific, and they should be castrated for it. But, and you must believe this, it doesn’t make you ‘damaged goods’ any more than if you cut your hand. I can’t believe a father would say that to a daughter who had been through what happened to you, deacon or not.

“The reaction you have when you try to make love, is called Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Your body is reacting to what happened to you, and to your memory of it.

“In a way, the therapist who said just do it was right. You have to face your fear and the memory to over come its effects. I think that is what the second one was trying, not very well, to do. You have to learn to trust men again, and to do that, you examine the relationship with a male which has been most successful, usually the father figure, although, in your case, I’m not so sure.

“So, no, I won’t take you home. You don’t really want to go, do you?” he asked, making it sound like a statement. She shook her head. “You want to spend the night with me, don’t you? Then you will. Come with me,” he ordered, holding out his hand.

In the bedroom, he pulled the nervous young woman into his arms and kissed her. While their lips were busy with each other, he found the buttons on the front of her blouse and began to unfasten them. He felt her start and pull away. Holding the lapels of the blouse, he pulled her back without relinquishing her lips. Under his, he felt her smile. Then her hands were pushing his out of the way and finishing the task he had started.

He moved his lips from her mouth to her ear. “Yes. Good girl,” he whispered. His hands dropped to her waist and sought the button holding the waistband of her jeans closed. He opened the waist and pulled her zipper down. He felt her stiffen against him. He put his arms around her and pulled her close. “Come, lie down with me,” he said, picking her up and placing her on the bed. He finished removing her jeans and lay down beside her, his clothes still on.

“Take off your clothes, Deon. You being dressed reminds me too much of…” He stopped her with a gentle kiss. He stood up and, letting her watch, stripped to his jockeys. Her shy smile was almost reward enough.

He rejoined her and wrapped her in his arms, holding her close. When she lifted her face to look at him, he kissed her, just grazing her lips with his tongue. Her lips parted, allowing his tongue entry to play with hers. Her hand pushing his to her breast let him know it was time to remove her bra.

The feel of bare skin on bare skin resulted in mutual mmmms of pleasure and harder kisses. He felt her nipples harden against his chest and sought one out with his hand while his mouth engulfed the other one. Her resulting moan was deep enough to be a groan. Her leg slipped over his hip and pulled him to her, pushing his erection into her pubis. “Uuuuoooohhhh,” was all she could say.

She pushed Deon off her nipple and pulled his face up so she could look in his eyes. “Take me now, Deon. Take me hard. There’s no need to be gentle. Just fuck me; fuck me like there won’t ever be another time for either of us,” and she pulled him to her for a kiss he felt in his balls.

The next day, in class, Bertie noticed a richness and depth to the questions and answers offered by one of her students from whom she usually got minimal answers. She caught Deon’s eye and raised her eyebrow in question. He just shrugged and smiled. Bertie smiled and shook her head.

The next day, the young woman’s new found expertise was also noticed by her fellow students, drawing appreciative glances from some of the men in the class. Bertie watched her as she left the lecture hall at the end of class. Even her carriage had changed. Bertie was sure she knew why. She glanced at her watch. She was due at Deon’s in an hour. They had some time before he had to be at work, then it was her turn to cook for him while he went to his museum job.

After their greeting hug and kiss, she leaned back in his arms, and, with a grin, asked, “So, what’s the deal with you and Donna George? And don’t try to deny it. She may be saying them, but her answers bursa üniversiteli escort are yours.”

“Not entirely. She knows the material. She just didn’t have the confidence to articulate it. We’ve been studying together for a couple of nights now. I think it’s helped her. At least, I hope so.”

“More than just studying, if I’m a judge of women. I’ve seen her in class before and passed right over her; today, she had the bearing of a, a, a ‘star,’ there’s no other way to say it. And you should be ready for some competition, the way the other men were looking at her today.”

“I hope so; she deserves to be happy.”

Thursday noon, Deon was standing in the living room, watching out the window for his mother when he saw her Mercedes SLK 55 pull into the driveway. By the time she was standing up out of the roadster, he was at her side, asking for her luggage. Laughing, she reached back in the cockpit and popped open the small trunk for him. He lifted out her suitcase and led her to the house.

After he had deposited her luggage in the guest room and she had used the facilities to refresh herself, they met in the living room. He greeted her with a warm hug, which she returned. “Can I get you a drink, coffee, tea, soda, wine, whiskey?”

“Wow, a full service bar, huh? I thought you said the owner was a medical professional. Sounds more like a restauranteur.”

“Well, the first three are from me. The wine is sherry, and it’s Jim Beam or Johnny Walker. Dr. Hill was one of the first nurse practitioners in the state, and is the Director of the Community Nursing program.”

Kate smiled. “Tea will be fine, Dee. I could use a drink of something stronger, but it’s still a little early. And some cheese and crackers, if possible. I had a small breakfast a long time ago.”

“Of course. I’ll go put the tea on. Make yourself comfortable.”

“I’ll come help. I know it’s only been a couple of weeks, but I feel we have a lot to discuss. Sally said she had a good time during Orientation. What in hell happened to her hair?”

“Her roommates. They got it in their heads, after a night out convincing upperclassmen to buy them drinks, that she was Irish and needed to show it off. It was just shampoo and lime jello. It should have washed right out, but I guess it stayed on too long and some of the color bled into her hair. It should cover easily enough, and wash out in a week or so of regular washing.”

“Kids! I’m amazed the human race has survived sometimes. How do they think up some of the stunts they pull?” she paused while he poured the hot water over the tea bags.

“I hear Mary might be joining us in the house; that she’s given up her Paris plans. That’s making her father happy. Her mom was a bit put out, but seemed mollified a bit when Mary said you’d be here to keep an eye on her, and that she could go to Paris later, on a foreign study program. I think she was more impressed by you being around to sort of supervise her little girl. I refrained from telling her about your adventures with her ‘little girl,'” she said, with a sly smile.

Deon grinned. “She ‘did’ promise me anytime, any way, but I don’t think she was totally sincere. She had just spent the night with the Pi-U-Sigs and learned of the benefits of going LUG.”

Kate laughed. “I won’t tell Marg. It’s probably better for everyone if she doesn’t know what her ‘little girl’ is up to. ” She cocked her head to one side as she took a slice of cheese and a cracker. “And how about Sally? Is she okay with you having sex with her friend?”

Deon looked at his mother, wondering how much to tell. He decided to tell it all. “We set up the first threesome so Sally could watch me with another girl. It was my suggestion when she asked me about helping Mary. She said it made her so hot she felt like she peed herself.”

Kate took a sip of tea to hide the effect of the sudden tingle she felt between her legs. She wasn’t quite fast enough. Deon noticed the micro-expression and correctly interpreted it. He reached out and covered her hand with his. “Was there something else you wanted to talk about, Kate?” her asked, addressing her by her first name for the first time.

She looked up at him, startled, aware of the intimate implications his using her first name held. She tried to look away from him, but found it impossible to do. She was reminded of the struggle she had gone through the morning she had seen him and Sally together. She knew then she was losing the struggle. Deon saw the look of resignation as she set her cup down. He stood up and walked around the table to her, and pulled her to her feet. Without a word, he bent down and kissed her, full on the mouth, separating her lips with his tongue.

“Deon! What are you…Stop it now! Deon! You shouldn’t …oh, oh Deon, don’t… stop it this instant! Deo…n; oh, baby what are you doing to me? Don’t…stop…oh, noooo; oh, baby, no. you’re going to make me… ooooohhhhh, nooooo! What are you…Oh, god, Deon! Nooo…oh Yessssss, harder…faster! Yessss! Like that, baby! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yesssss! That’s it, baby! Like that! Come on…come in your momma! Give me a baby…your baby…our baby! Do it! Come on; that’s it, come on, come in me! Let me feel you come…let me feel your cum! Go, baby, go! Yesssssss; mmm, yes, baby, you did good. Momma’s happy. Your Momma loves you, baby.”

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