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This story is set on a real life basis but all the character names have been changed

My name is Ajay I am eighteen years old. The reason I am telling you this story is because I have got no one else to tell it to. Its about a good family friend, her name is Asiya. She is really beautiful and has lovely breasts, feet and a lovely arse. It all started when she came around my house and came in to my room, we were talking for a while and I could see a hint in her eye that she fancied me. I did not wait and then started giving her the hint that I like her too, I first started hugging her and then slowly I started taking it a step at a time.

Asiya has nice long black hair up to her soldiers, and has twenty C breasts. I can’t help it, its like every time I say I have to stop touching her up she comes and I just get so turned on. I still remember the day when she came around and sat on the floor and I was on the bed and I kept teasing her and kept asking her if I could rub her breasts, she kept saying no at first but then after a while she said yes. I was the happiest man alive, her breasts were so nice and soft, I only got to rub ankara escort bayan them for five minutes but then when she looked at me I kissed her on her lips and she just looked at me with a wired look on her face.

Asiya stood up and said that she wanted to go on the internet and check her mail, I grabbed her from behind and started hugging her and pulled her and made her lay on the bed, she look at me and said “Stop it” I said ” come on Asiya you are so fucking sexy let me just touch you up a little bit more” she said no and I got despite, I then said I’ll touch anything and she just lifted her left leg up and I just held her leg from the heel of her foot.

I took her foot and started kissing her feet and she enjoyed it, she knew I would do anything and then she kept bossing me around and playing hard to get, till this day I am still her slave and enjoy being her slave, I always massage her feet and if its my lucky day I always worship her feet and get to feel her a bit more. I still remember the last time she came around she came in to my room telling me how boys were chatting demetevler escort her up, to be honest I knew it was a load of monkey crap but I was too fuckin horny and just didn’t give a fuck and just listened and agreed.

She came close and I grabbed her and took a little nibble on her breast and she was pushing me off. I knew she did not hate it and that she wanted me to go on, she was just playing hard to get. At the end she knew she wouldn’t win and just lay on the bed as I started kissing her toes and sucking her feet and working my way up. One thing I will never forget is when I kissed her on her lips, when my tongue was touching hers and that great feeling; I wanted to kiss her forever, I then undone her bra and started sucking her tits, her nipples were erected and it was the best sight ever. Asiya knew I did not have a condom on me but she didn’t care and just wanted me to fuck her.

My cock going deep inside her pussy, the room was silent so all you could hear was her moans and the slapping of my cock going deep in side her wet and nice and juicy esat escort pussy. Whilst I was fucking Asiya I stuck my finger up her arse and started to finger it. Then it finally happened, I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I was gonna cum deep inside her and make her pregnant. I shot my load right inside her pussy then I collapsed on top of her then started kissing her around the neck area.

Every time she comes in my room I always play with her breasts or keep feeling her arse and hugging her, she enjoys it, she wants it and she needs it. I still do what ever she wants me to do, as long if I can play with her feet or touch it at the end I’ll do anything. Going back even further the time when I was on top of her when I was 16 and kept playing with her breasts then. If her brother found out I was touching up his sister and if I had fucked her, he would chop of my head and hand it over to me, but I no Asiya won’t say nothing to her brother and why is that, because she’s a slut and loves being touched up and wants to be fucked.

Every time I go to her house I make an excuse to use their toilet and when I go in I open their closet in their toilet and take out her under wear and wear it and her bra too and also smell the others, her lovely pussy scent, after I am done with her under wear I open her dust bin and take out her tampon and squeeze all her period out and drink it and after I am done with my so called shitting in the toilet I go out and say my good byes and go home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32