As Promised

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You enter my room and lie besides me, I am sleeping on my side, you slide the bed sheets aside and uncover my body, I am wearing a purple nighty.

You whisper my name and ask me not to wake up, to keep sleeping you will be doing it all…

While you talk you caress my arm sliding your hand up to my upper-arm and then to my breasts, you firmly cup my breast in your hand then slide the nighty strip down my shoulders and move my arm so it is off my body, you cup my breast again stroking it, feeling my nipple stiffen in the palm of your hand.

You stare down my ass and legs and with your other hand slide the skirt up uncovering my naked ass and waist, your hand is caressing my ass and you brush what you can see from my pussy very softly

You go down my body and gently twist my legs so I am now laying on my stomach, then you cup my ass in your hands massage my cheeks in strokes and spread them out.

You take each thigh in your hands and spread my legs a bit open, bending my knees on each side, you cannot see my pussy but you slide your hand over my ass down to my crack and towards my slit, you feel up my pussy lips, I sight with pleasure from your touch, that encourage you to push my legs wide wide open with my knees towards my shoulders, now you can see my pussy from behind and how my pussy lips are opening up.

You probe my pussy with your fingers and then your tongue starts its wonders slightly licking up and down and all around my pussy lips and slit, you separate my pussy lips with your tongue. I can feel your breath and your nose in my hole and start moaning in whispers, your licks are getting stronger and harder and my pussy is responding to your caresses.

You slightly lick my pussy hole and I feel a shiver going up and down my spine, you tease my hole some more licking my slit and pussy lips around.

I am getting so wet and hot, but I still not move. You take each pussy lip in your hand and separate them wide delicately you want to see and now you can see gecelik escort my clit.

You mumble your appreciation, this is what you came for, this is what you wanted to have and see. You take a puffy pillow and slide it under my belly, you stare at my open pussy up close so puffy and wet from your saliva and then you start your attack on my clit, touching it with the tip of your tongue, you lick it and then you push it towards your mouth with your tongue and start sucking my clit softly I moan more loudly and move my hips in response.

You dine for a while on my pussy, licking my hole, tongue fucking me, touching my lips, entering me with your fingers while sucking and nibbling my clit, I move like a snake from pleasure, you are getting me so wet and hot.

Then you stop, stand up and look back down at me: naked, with my legs wide spread and my pussy open and wet: I am all for you to take.

You take off your clothes; you are rock hard and ready. You put the rubber on, come back to bed, grab each thigh in your hands while positioning your cock in my slit and say: “I am just figuring out which angles will look the best in the pictures”, you slide your cock up and down my slit and start pushing it inside of me, I can feel how you penetrate me from behind, you can feel it too and you can see it close and clear.

That’s an angle you will try, you say, I am so wet and hot, I push my body down so I can get as much of your cock inside of me as possible, you pull back and you can see my wetness in your cock, you push in deeper this time, you pull back again and into my pussy until I can feel your balls touching my clit and then you start pumping hard and deep.

I squat backwards a bit, I want to feel your fucking deep and enjoy it all.

You know I am not that vocal, but you know that your words turn us on, so you talk dirty while you fuck me from behind telling me what you see, what you want and what you are doing or want to do with me…the istanbul eskort room now is filled with our moans, your words, the wet sound of your cock sliding in and out of my pussy and your balls slapping against my clit.

You wanted to fuck a pussy early in the morning, and you are. You wanted to feel a tight wet pussy around your cock before going to work and you are, you wanted to fuck my pussy hard and deep, you wanted to have me good and you are.

I love the way you fuck me, I love the way your cock feels inside of me, I wanted it so badly, now you are pleasuring yourself with my pussy.

You are about to cum so you stop, slide out of my pussy and ask me to lie into my back, you take your condom out, and move yourself up towards my side, you open my legs more and start touching my clit and finger-fucking me, you approach your cock to my mouth and I start licking your cock, first the tip, then the head, then I clean you all, slide my tongue up and down and around, and then you grab my hair and slide your cock inside my mouth.

I keep licking your hardness -so hard and sooo hot – while you enter my mouth, your hand comes from my pussy to my breasts, you probe them, stroke them, pinch my nipples and pull them with one hand while the other assists you in fucking my face, I am so hot that I start moaning and touching myself.

“These are two angles I would definitively use in my pictures” you say while looking and feeling your cock in and out my mouth and my fingers working on my clit. Then you pull your cock out and start cumming on my breasts, you spill your cum all over my breasts and tummy and I start rubbing it all over my body, you clean your cock in my nipples and then start licking and sucking them, I am licking my hands from your cum, then with one hand I clean my pussy hole licking our juices from my hand and with the other I grab your cock and start sucking you clean, licking your shaft until it gets flaccid, then I suck your empty balls and keep otele gelen escort licking you until I feel there is not a drop of cum on and in you.

I look up at you and you are smiling I smile back. I lay back down and you come closer and kiss me deep, pulling my nipples and stroking my pussy, fingering my hole softly, you love the feeling of my soft hairless pussy and my dipping hot hole. I moan and move my hips in response, I am ready for you again, you can have me whenever you want you know that and you like that.

You look at me and say: “Now you know what pictures I want to have”, I smile and nod, “Next time I come we will do those and some others” you wink at me and step out of the bed “Keep your legs wide open and play with your pussy for me” you look at my fingers opening my pussy wide for you, touching my hood, sliding in and out my hole while you dress up.

Then you lay down besides me and touch my whole body staring at my hard nipples, my cum covered chest and my hands moving in and around my hole and clit. You grab my face and kiss me deep again, you put your hand over mine and start playing with my pussy, I let you do yourself and when you start sliding your fingers in and out my hole you say:

“The waiting was worth it, I want to have you again, want to feel this pussy around my cock soon but till then, I want you to use your fingers, get them as deep as I was when I fucked you every time you think of me, no matter where you are. Don’t use panties until you leave the city or even until you get back home, use skirts, short skirts and keep your legs open when you sit down, that way you will be thinking of me all the time. Remember, instead of your clit, stroke your hole, get deep inside your pussy and wait for my next visit'”

“Would you fuck me again?” I ask.

” I do want to have you again and again, sure I will. Now go back to sleep and don’t forget what I told you”.

You slid your fingers out of my pussy and give them to me to suck, and while I am licking and sucking them clean you kiss me again so our tongues are mixed between our mouths and my fingers, then you pinch and pull a nipple, suck and nibble it while pulling the other one, slide the sheets back and cover my body, stand up and leave.

My fantasy as promised


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32