Art Teacher Romance Ch. 06

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This is Chapter 6 of the Art Teacher Romance Series. You do not have to read the first five chapters to enjoy this Chapter, but I hope you will want to read them all.

Also, you might enjoy the “Art Class with Julie” series which appears in the Erotic Couplings section. Terry, one of the two main characters in this story, is first introduced in “Art Class with Julie Chapter 03.” Other characters appearing here were first introduced in that series as well.

This story has some heterosexual activity, but it is primarily a Lesbian love story, hence the placement in this section

Comments and criticism is always welcome.

The night table lamps cast a soft evening light around the guest bedroom. Terry and Anne relaxed under the covers of the queen sized bed. As Terry rolled onto her left side, she gently draped her right arm across Anne’s bare belly, rubbing her hand along Anne’s soft hip.

“Those flowers are really beautiful,” Anne said. “I can’t believe you bought them for me.”

“I wanted to celebrate,” Terry responded. “It’s our anniversary. Well our one month anniversary. One month since we first started seeing each other.” Terry used her fingertips to trace Anne’s belly button.

“Hmmm, I love when you do that.” Anne purred. “You really didn’t have to bring me anything. It’s been a long time since I got flowers. Rob hasn’t done that for years.” The mention of her husbands name left an awkward silence hanging in the room. Terry stopped caressing Anne’s belly for a moment. “Sorry,” Anne cut in, “I thought you were okay with us talking about Rob.”

“No, no, that’s okay. It just sort of caught me short. We’ve discussed this before. You’re married. You love Rob. That’s good. We’ll work around it.”

“So you’re not jealous?” Anne asked cautiously.

“I’m a little jealous,” Terry said. “I get to spend maybe two nights a week with you; Rob gets you the rest of the time. I know he was here first, and you’re married, and you have two children in college, and all that. I just want to be able spend as much time with you as possible. We’ll figure all of this out.”

“So you can start rubbing my belly again?” Anne said with a questioning smile on her face.

“Sure,” Terry said as she resumed her gentle caresses. “And I’ll kiss your neck, and your ear, and whatever else my lips can find.” And Terry did exactly as she said, making Anne squirm slightly as the kisses tickled her neck. Terry laid her head back on her pillow, giving Anne a moment to recover. Then Terry’s hand started working its way up Anne’s belly, to her breasts. Terry loved the way that Anne’s small breasts fit neatly into her cupped hands. With Anne laying on her back her breasts flattened down even more then usual; only a slight mound remained for Terry’s caress. Terry’s hands caused Anne nipples to harden. Anne’s eyes were closed allowing her to relax and absorb the pleasure of Terry’s caress.

“I want to ask you a question,” Terry said.

“Hmmm?” was all the response Anne could muster.

“Was Rob your first?”

“My first what?” Anne asked in a languid voice. Terry’s hand had settled into a gentle circular massage of Anne’s left breast; small ripples of pleasure radiated through Anne’s body.

“Your first lover. Did you have sex with anyone before Rob?” Terry’s asked in a gentle voice.

“No. He was the second guy I had sex with. We met sophomore year in college, down in Champagne, at the University of Illinois. We were in an English Literature class together. He was very cute and sweet.”

“So what happened?”

“He asked me out on a date. To a movie. ‘The Big Chill.’ He was such a gentleman. He wouldn’t even kiss me until our third date. Two weeks later, his roommate went out of town for the weekend, and I spent the night with Rob.”

Terry moved her hand down to Anne’s pubic hair and began gently combing her fingers through the dark brown patch.

“But he wasn’t my first. That was Steve, a guy I knew in high school. We were seniors and had been dating for six months. I think kids today start having sex a little younger then when I was in High School. We were both eighteen by the time we started dating. We would kiss in the front seat of his car, or during a move in the theater. Pretty soon, I let him touch my breasts. It seemed so erotic the first time he did that.” Anne sighed at the memory, while Terry smiled at the image of the two young lovers first explorations.

Anne continued, “I remember how proud he was of himself when he figured out how to unsnap my bra. It took him five minutes and both hands Şerifali Escort and he practically rubbed my back raw, but he finally got it.” Anne and Terry laughed. “Then, of course, I let him slip his hand down my jeans. Wow, that was something; having someone else touch me down there. Even if he had no idea what he was doing, it still felt wonderful. While he had his hands on me, I kind of started rubbing him through his jeans. So he’s getting pretty excited and I have no idea what I’m doing, but just kind of rubbing my hand on this big bulge in his jeans and all of a sudden he let’s out a little scream and his whole body stiffens up and then he sort of collapses. I thought I had killed him or something.”

“You made him cum just by rubbing his cock through his jeans?”

“Uhmm, well, I’m not sure I would have said it exactly like that, but I guess that’s basically what happened.”

Anne was clearly enjoying retelling this story. Terry moved her fingers down to Anne’s wet slit. Terry wasn’t sure if it was her caresses or recounting past experiences that had Anne so turned on. It didn’t really matter to Terry at that moment.

“We sort of repeated that same sequence a few more times. He’d pop off my bra. I’d let him into my panties. A little rubbing and boom. Eventually, I decided I wanted to try a little more. One evening, we were sitting in his car, working our way along, and I unsnapped his pants and pulled them down. He was a little surprised but very aroused.”

“Oh come on Anne,” Terry teased. “You’re being coy again. He had a hard-on. A boner. His cock was hard as a rock. You can say it.” Terry had stopped everything else for the moment. She enjoyed teasing Anne about her modest vocabulary. Then she went back to running her fingers up and down Anne’s slit.

“Right. What you said,” Anne smirked as she said it. “Anyway, I started stroking him. This might have been the first time anyone else had ever touched his…cock,” Anne said this in an exaggerated voice, “like that. It didn’t take more then a few times up and down. He leaned back and sort of thrust his hips up. Next thing I knew, he’s ejaculating all over the place. There’s white stuff shooting out of him, getting on my breasts, in my hair, on the steering wheel. Everywhere.”

Terry inserted her middle finger into Anne’s pussy, stroking upwards, feeling the ridges of her g-spot. Anne’s breathing was becoming a little more labored as she continued telling her story.

“Mmmm, keep doing that. It took a while to clean ourselves up and I was a little more careful how I handled him after that. Then on graduation night, we went out with a bunch of friends. Mostly couples but a few singles. After desert at a local diner, the two of us went for a drive. We parked. I don’t think anything was really said between us, we both knew what we were going to do. We climbed into the back seat of the car. He unbuttoned my shirt and took off my bra. Next thing I knew my pants were off and he was pulling down my panties. I had to help him, but only a little bit. By then I was pretty expert at getting him out of his pants, not that he gave any resistance. I think I was pretty excited about it; I was certainly wet enough. He didn’t have any trouble entering me. I guess I had expected it to be painful, but it wasn’t. He slid right in. We were pretty dumb, we didn’t use condoms or anything like that. He was on top of me, I remember that. We didn’t really know what to do after he was inside me.”

As Anne continued to talk, Terry continued stoking inside Anne’s pussy, then pressing down on Anne’s pubic bone with the heal of her hand. Anne started wriggling her hips, pushing up against Terry’s hand. Terry gave one more firm stroke with her finger sending Anne over the top. Anne’s toes curled tight, her knees squeezed together as all of her muscles responded to the orgasm crashing through her body. She pressed her head back firmly against the pillow, arching her back upwards as one final wave of pleasure took hold of her. And then she relaxed back onto the bed, Terry’s hand still resting on her crotch, one finger still insider of her.

When Anne’s breathing returned to normal, Terry asked “Well what happened?”

Anne looked at her with a slightly confused look on her face, “You made me cum.”

Terry laughed, “No silly, not that. What happened with the high school boyfriend?”

“Nature sort of took over,” Anne said. She took Terry’s hand out from between her thighs. “He started pumping in and out of me.” Anne moved Terry’s fingers to her lips. “In,” Anne sucked in on Terry’s Şerifali Escort Bayan middle finger, still coated with the liquid from her pussy. “And out,” Anne pulled Terry’s finger out against the suction of her mouth. Terry gasped at the sensation. “That was about it. He didn’t last very long that first time. I didn’t have an orgasm or anything like that. But it was good. I really liked Steve. We stayed together until just before we both went off to college.”

Terry snuggled up against Anne’s neck, breathing in a deep and refreshing breath. “That’s a good story. Thanks for telling me.”

“Not so fast young lady,” Anne said, turning on her side to look at Terry. “I told you my first time story. What about you? Did you ever have sex with a man? What was your first time like?”

“Busted!” Terry exclaimed. “I guess I can’t hide on this one. And the answer to your question is no, I have never had sex with a man. I was never interested. When you were like fifteen years old, did you ever practice kissing with your girl friends?”

“Sure, I think a lot of girls do that. We would kiss and talk about some hot senior or a football player and how we would kiss them if we ever got the chance.”

“Uh, huh. I did the same thing. But it was different for me. While we were always talking about some guy, I was thinking about how I really wanted to keep kissing the girl I was with; or maybe one of the cheerleaders.” Anne laughed out loud hearing about the cheer leader. “I was lucky, it never really bothered me that I wasn’t interested in boys. I was always pretty confident in myself, so that must have helped.”

“But didn’t any of your friends say anything? I’m sure you were as pretty in high school as you are today. Didn’t people talk?”

“Not really. I had a friend, Sean. Today I know for sure that he’s gay. Back then, we didn’t really talk about it. He and I would go to dances or out with friends as a couple. He wasn’t trying to get into my pants and I never asked him to kiss me. I guess we sort of protected each other. It wasn’t until my freshman year in college that I figure things out about myself.”

Now Anne decided to repay the pleasures that Terry had given to her. Both women were lying on their sides, facing each other. Anne ran her left hand along Terry’s arm, the small blonde hairs tickling her as she went along. When she reached Terry’s hand, she gave a small squeeze of her fingers.

“I want to hear this, so don’t stop just because I look busy,” Anne instructed, as she squirmed her way down slightly on the bed. Anne’s lips were now perfectly aligned with the nipple of Terry’s right breast. Terry’s breasts were quite a bit larger then Anne’s and lying on her side helped exaggerate their size. Anne ran her tongue around Terry’s large areolas. Terry’s nipple hardened in response to the stimulation.

“Hmmm; okay. Freshman year. I was at an off campus party with a bunch of my art school friends; some of the senior girls were hosting at their apartment. I was talking with one of the hostesses, Kyle. She was pretty; long red hair, a pointy little nose, green eyes, thin as a rail. I was sitting down and she was leaning over me. The neckline of her dress sort of draped open in front of me. I guess I was staring at her tits while we were talking. They were really cute; pale white with very long, dark red nipples.”

Hearing this, Anne suckled on Terry’s nipple for a few seconds. Terry moaned in response. Anne left Terry’s nipple and simply pressed the side of her face up against Terry’s chest. But with her left hand, Anne began firmly massaging Terry’s butt.

“We were probably both a little bit drunk.” Terry continued her story, losing track for a moment of where she was. “I think Kyle knew I was staring at her tits. Pretty soon, she’s sitting next to me on the couch asking me about boy friends. We said I thought boy friends were kind of a drag. Then Kyle leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Right there. On the couch. At a party. With our friends all around. I guess because this was an artsy group, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it seemed kind of strange to me. I didn’t resist. Staring at Kyles breasts like I had been sort of loosened me up. I didn’t want it to stop. Kyle was wearing a short dress. I remember that very well. We were kissing, her tongue was all over mine. Then Kyle took my hand and put it under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties or anything. My hand was right on her pussy. I’d never touched another girl like that. And she was very wet.”

Terry was very wet too as Anne soon discovered. Escort Şerifali Anne rolled Terry back so that she way laying flat on the bed. Anne quickly walked the four fingers of her left hand along the length of Terry’s torso, from neck to crotch, ending with one finger sliding easily between Terry’s pussy lips. But Anne wanted to prolong Terry’s excitement so she quickly focused her attention in other areas.

“Keep going, I want to hear how this turns out,” Anne said as she sat up and moved down to Terry’s feet. For each foot, Anne alternated between massaging the instep and nibbling on the big toe. This sent little shivers through Terry’s body.

Terry recovered her thoughts and continued her story. “I rubbed Kyle’s wet slit a few times and then she took my hand and licked my finger. I doubt I even knew where we were by that point. I guess Kyle decided that we should continue somewhere a little more private, because we stood up, she took my hand and led me into her bedroom.

“She didn’t waste any time asking me about my experience or anything. Kyle pulled her dress up over her head and kicked off her shoes. She was beautiful. Thin, as I said. Her breasts were very small but with really big, dark, sort of puffy nipples that popped out from her pale skin. Her long red hair went down to her waist. She sat down on the bed and lifted her feet up. Her pussy was just glaring at me. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Her pubic hair was orange colored, almost like a carrot. And her pussy lips were very red, slick and enlarged from excitement. I had never done anything like it, but I wanted to taste her right then, but Kyle had other ideas.

“She told me to come closer, which I did. Then she removed my clothes, quickly, not seductively. She just wanted me naked. Standing in front of her, she started fingering my pussy. Another new experience for me. It didn’t take long before she had me coming all over her hand.”

Anne was listening to this as she continued the foot massage. Now Anne raised Terry’s knees up slightly and spread her legs apart, making plenty of room for her to have easy access to Terry’s crotch.

“Kyle knew what she wanted, though. She had me kneel down on the floor in front of her and held me by the back of my head, directing my face into her dripping pussy. I remember the taste even today. It filled my head with the taste of cinnamon and honey. She helped me as we went along, telling me where to place my tongue, when to lick, when to suck. She came probably five times that night.”

Anne knew that Terry was ready, too. She pressed the tip of her tongue first deep into Terry’s waiting pussy, licking out the smooth lubricants within. Anne loved the spicy sweet taste of Terry’s pussy, it distracted her thoughts even when the two woman were apart. Anne next slid her tongue along the edges of Terry’s inner pussy lips. Around and around, covering each spot twice. Stopping just below her pussy and flicking her tongue along the short expanse between Terry anus and pussy. Terry flinched at this sensation. Anne placed her fingers inside Terry’s pussy and moved her tongue up near Terry’s engorged clitoris. Anne lightly ran her tongue on either side of Terry’s clit, while pressing in and out with her fingers. Anne felt Terry’s pussy squeeze tight on her fingers as her orgasm took hold. Terry grabbed Anne by the back of her head and pressed her lips in firmly against her clitoris, rocking Anne’s head from side to side to add more stimulation. Terry’s thigh and stomach muscles contracted, pulling her up into a crunch position, pressing Anne harder against her crotch. Then, finally, Terry’s body began to relax, releasing her grip on Anne. Anne moved up on the bed, lying face to face along side Terry.

“Did I hurt you?” Terry asked, worried that she had been overly aggressive in her climax.

“No. I’m fine,” Anne assured her. “What ever happened to Kyle?” Anne asked.

“Hmmm. Oh, right,” Terry was having trouble focusing. “Kyle. We fooled around for a while. I don’t think we were exactly lovers. It was mostly about the sex. She was a good teacher. But I didn’t fall in love with her or anything like that. When it ended, it ended. No big deal.”

“Are you still in touch with her?”

“No. I lost touch shortly after she graduated. Last I heard she was happily married and has two kids. She was living in Des Moines working as a graphic artist for one of the insurance companies. Even then I didn’t think of her as a lesbian. She just liked having sex. Male, female, it didn’t matter to her. I bet her husband has his hands full with her.”

“I’d bet your right about that.”

The two women lay next to each other, holding hands, heads lightly touching.

“Is Rob coming home tonight? I’d like to stay the night with you.”

“Rob? No. I made sure he was away on a business trip today. It’s our one month anniversary, remember?”

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