Arrivederci, Baby!

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My Young Ron is leaving for a very definitely, well-deserved, ten-day vacation in Italy this afternoon. He works his ass off at a job that he is not particularly enamored of, however, as we all know and live today, somebody has to pay the bills! And woe is the guy who works his life away, without taking a little bit of time for his own now and then, just to relax and ENJOY it! Because everybody knows how true a fact it is that no man ever got to Heaven’s Pearly Gates and said to St. Peter, “Jeez, I sure do wish I had spent more time at the office!”

So it was with great pleasure and joy in my heart for Ron, that last night I welcomed him here to my apartment to wish him a wonderfully enjoyable journey. I also wanted to insure that for the ten days he is away from my slippery little snatch, the absence of its presence will insure that not only Ron’s heart for me will grow fonder, but that his hardon for me will grow harder! Because God knows, with the way my guy never does say much regarding those things he has called FEELINGS — as far as he and I are concerned — sometimes I wonder if my being out of his sight means I’m out of his mind as well! So I was certain to send him off with some sexy surprises, making our last evening spent together before his departure a truly memorable one!

Upon his arrival, taped to the screen door of my apartment, he found an envelope addressed to his name, directing him to fetch my spare key from the spot he knew as familiar. As I heard him unlocking the front door, I knew that his common sense of follow-through would naturally lead him further, the second he saw me lying in wait for him on my sofa in such a stylishly sexy state of repose!

I was wearing my new lingerie set, which consists of a white lace and gold lamé camisole teddy with matching g-string. To say I was WEARING it probably does not quite give you the proper picture of how I actually appeared to Ron initially — because it is cut so skimpily small and low, and woven so delicately thin and fine, that anyone seeing me in it would have the impression that I am barely wearing anything at all!

I instantly saw Ron’s cock — which he affectionately refers to as S.G. — spring into action, as it stood up like a tent pole underneath his silky, urban-style, summer shorts! And if you knew S.G. like I know S.G., you would realize I am not talking about the kind of pole that holds some measly, little, two-man, boy-scout, pup tent upright! Indeed, Ron’s cumpole is as solid as a steel rod and it seems to stay that way perpetually! It is stiff enough and long enough to do double-duty overtime, while it stands up in salute like the stake that supports some seriously overcrowded, heavy canvas Army shelter!

My freshly shaved snatch was already slimy with moisture long before Ron had arrived, as it always is every single time I anticipate his soon-to-be presence upon me. But tonight when he joined me on the sofa and ever-so-easily lowered his tall, heavy, muscle-laden, body gently on top of mine, I felt my swollen pussy mound soaked and dripping wet to flood stage!

He was kissing me hard and full with his mouth open wide upon mine — our tongues first colliding, then entwining — as if wrapped together finally once more in a long-awaited, warm, familiar dance. He kissed me deeper, pushing his hardness thick into my crotch, and pressing against me with what felt like every single inch Ankara escort and every fine fiber of his being! This is why I was always aching so intensely to be near him — to feel this kind of pure passion that we shared, as it passed back and forth between us with each and every movement that we made… Exchanging loving, long embraces — touching our hands, feeling each others faces, running our fingers through the other one’s hair, nibbling on one another’s lips, rubbing noses, tugging ears, tickling and teasing, giggling and laughing, always pleasing!

“Am I too heavy on you?” he sweetly inquired.

“Oh, not at all, baby,” I murmured in his ear, as I pulled him down tighter to me.

“Should we go in the bedroom? Or do you want to stay on the sofa and have me fuck the shit out of you right here?” he laughed.

He always questioned about going into my room — most times he would ask before we got so fired up for fucking that we were at the point of no return! There were a few times, however, when he had asked just a bit past that point, and we would instantly be screwing our brains out on my couch! Since my sofa was so wide and comfy, it was usually unimportant to me WHERE we did it, as long as we did do it, and do it right away! But since the sexy surprise I had in store for him required some space, I answered him simply by sitting up. I saw he got my message as he jumped to his feet, and pulled me up onto mine all in one, smooth, swoop!

He was on his back as soon as we reached my bed, trying to pull me down on top of him. But I resisted and instead stayed standing.

“Well now, baby, I am going to get your surprise started! So, I’m going into the kitchen for a minute and when I get back, I want to see you stark naked!” I said.

“No way, forget it, I am not taking out my cock for you!” he joked.

“Ditch the shorts, sweetheart!” I ordered him with a giggle, as I just about skipped out of the room.

I must stop my story for a second here, and present a few facts of explanation to you, my guys and my gals — so you will understand exactly what my sexy surprise for Young Ron is about, enabling you to enjoy the full effect of it with us.

Ever since I met my Young Ron online, I have been well aware of the fact that his favorite dessert food of all time is chocolate pudding. The question about “your favorite dessert” was one of 50 on a funny/sexy/informative getting-to-know-you quiz he filled out when he signed up for my Yahoo group more than two years ago. And I almost always have a batch of home-cooked chocolate pudding waiting for him, just about every time he has been here for a visit — tonight would be no exception.

Many of you who know me well, realize that the life I lead off of this Internet sometimes includes other interests and hobbies, besides just SEX! I admit the occasions for those other activities may be few and far between! But however rarely they may occur, needless to tell you, they do exist! And one of those hobbies that I pursue is collecting fine crystal stemware — consisting mostly of antique wine goblets that I obtain by shopping estate and garage sales on the weekends — and selling it as replacement crystal glassware on eBay. Hence, at any given moment, the china closet and curio cabinet in my living room, along with the top of the antique secretary desk in my bedroom, as well as the three-tiered cart in my kitchen Ankara escort bayan — are filled to overflowing with all sorts of various shapes, sizes, and styles of shining and sparkling, exquisite and expensive crystal glasses!

This afternoon, as I was standing at my stove stirring up the pot of Ron’s delicious chocolate pudding (I forgot to tell you that homemade chocolate pudding also happens to be MY favorite dessert in the whole wide world!) — as the milk was thickening and heating up to its boiling point — I was wondering about which crystal dessert dishes I would pour the finished product into this time. I have a plethora of gorgeous glasses I can use, so I try to choose a different style each time.

I turned to look at my cart of crystal right behind me, and immediately my eyes spied the absolutely perfect pieces! There on the second shelf stood a set of six crystal clear, ice cream sundae/sherbet cups.

I finished bringing the pudding pot to a boil, and immediately removed it from the burner. Carefully, I poured the hot, thickened, liquid product into four of the crystal sundae goblets, filling each one almost to the top of its tall, tapered cup, leaving about an inch of clear glass showing. Before setting them on the top shelf in the fridge to chill, I covered each dish with plastic, so that no pudding “skin” would form.

Now, before I get back to my story, my guys and my gals, I want to make absolutely certain that we are all on the same page here. Just in case you do not know what my sundae/sherbet dishes look like, let me describe one to you in detail. It is made of crystal clear glass and stands about eight inches tall, with the top of the cup being around three inches wide in diameter. And the dish narrows slightly, tapering all the way down to a point at the bottom, where the short stem meets the base! I am sure by now you must recognize the resemblance I have in my mind! Indeed, the glass dishes I used for the pudding are the same approximate size and shape of a COCK! And in this particular case, and much to my delight — they are the same approximate size and shape of my Young Ron’s cock! That would be — as he is so affectionately known — S.G.!

Now, my dear readers — BACK TO THE ACTION!

I opened my fridge to find that the chocolate pudding had set to perfection! After removing the plastic tops, I took two chocolate pudding filled dishes and grabbed two long-handled iced tea-type spoons, and trotted merrily back to my bedroom in less than a minute flat!

My Young Ron was still sprawled on his back, now naked as a jaybird! S.G. was sporting a steel-solid hardon, pointing straight up and skyward — and it was about the finest looking hardon as I have ever seen him show!

As I placed one dish of pudding and a spoon on the night table, I told Ron that was his to eat in just a bit, while the one I kept in my hand was mine — all mine!

I pounced down onto my mattress, kneeling between his legs as I gingerly spread apart his thighs. We were both giggling hard into laughing out loud, while — without a moment’s hesitation — I wrapped five fingers around the saluting S.G., and deeply dipped that stiff dick directly down into the dish of cold-set chocolate pudding! I could not have hoped for it to be of any better fit! Indeed, IT WAS PERFECT!

S.G. was sitting pretty — staying stiff as stone and soaking up the pudding Escort Ankara inside the crystal dish for several long seconds, while Ron and I roared with belly-rolling laughter! By the time I slipped S.G. out from inside the cup, he was drenched and dripping in pudding — covered from tip-top to balls-bottom with a good, half-inch thick, all-around layer of chocolate custard!

The dish was still about a quarter filled with pudding. So I scooped out whatever was left, and smoothly spooned it all over Ron’s balls! Upon admiring my creation with pride for a moment, I dove my entire face deep down into the cock and pudding concoction, covering my eyes, nose, chin and mouth with the sweet, cold, delicious, brown custard!

With my luscious lips nibbling non-stop and my teasing tongue lashing furiously against his cock and balls — I looked directly up into my Young Ron’s eyes — and I proceeded to lick, lap, and suck up the chocolate — every single, little, itty bitty, delicious last drop!

He smiled and laughed the entire time, as he watched me do a fabulous job of wet mopping up all but a bit of the chocolate pudding. And when he closed his eyes and started to clench his jaw, I knew he was about to cum.

“Where do you want to unload it?” I gurgled, totally uncertain if he could understand a single word I was trying to say.

“What did you say?” he asked with a laugh.

I finally ceased my sucking actions, and looked up at him, face to pudding-covered-face. “Where would you like to cum, my mouth or my pussy?”

“Do you know you look like a black person right now???!!!”

And with that we both cracked up totally, in raucously loud guffaws.

“Fuck me!” he said, “Fuck me now!”

The laughter was quieting just slightly, as I quickly mounted him like a jockey does a racehorse and sat my soaking wet, slippery snatch straight down upon the still stiff-as-steel S.G. Barely just chuckling now, my laughs had turned into pleasure moans — Ron pushed up with a fast thrust of his groin, while I bore down hard, plunging S.G. deep, deep inside of me, driving him directly to my throbbing G-spot.

It took only a few bumps and thumps against it to make me come crashing down onto him, in a powerful orgasmic explosion. Ron was already cumming, too — I felt S.G. spasm, as he pumped his huge, hot, creamy load so sweetly into my swollen, pulsating snatch!

We both started giggling again, as I collapsed my full weight right onto his belly. And it seemed that just as our orgasms came in unison, so did our words when we both said at the same time, “That was fun!”

And so went my surprising send-off for my Young Ron — a real success by anyone’s standards! After showering together, I watched him open the presents I bought him — nothing big, but a bunch of mostly travel-size items for him to take on the plane — except for the one at the very bottom of the bag, underneath two summer tank tops — inside of a crunched up mess of tissue paper and hanging from the ring of a tiny little L.E.D. flashlight — I lovingly placed the two keys to my apartment!

“What are these — the keys to your apartment?” he asked, as if he did not know that is exactly what they were!

“Yes, dear.”

“Oh, thank you so much!” he gushed. And he kissed me long and tenderly.

I was glad he had his eyes closed so he could not see the tear that had formed in my eye. I’m not quite sure if he realized it or not, but about those keys to my apartment that I gave him? Not only are they the keys that will fit to open my front door, but they’re also the Keys to My Heart!

Love and kisses,


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