Aroma Lust, Solo

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My shit scented vacation has given me the most erotic memories. Time to fly home though. The excitement lingers and the expectation of future aroma lust encounters is keeping me moist on the plane. Business class seating keeps the trip comfortable and I can get some work done. Visiting the rest room to check my orifice status probing my vagina and anus. My vagina was both wet and fragrant. My asshole had more than the hint of feces. Good thing that no one was sitting next to me.

Arriving home I texted Evelyn that I had landed safely. Evelyn has a great sense of humor. She texted me back that she was proof reading my text for smelling errors. She also has hints of a darker nature in her sharp comments to Nancy. I find both traits sexually stimulating.

Sharing my shit fantasy with Evelyn and Nancy was wonderfully fulfilling, but physically exhausting . Took care of my work agenda and then relaxed. Alone now but very sexually stimulated, looking forward to masturbating in excess with the recent experience as stimulation.

Both Evelyn and Nancy had very large collections of Lesbian scat videos. Several of them were right up my alley and I now had access to them in the privacy of my own home. I wanted to continue stinking from sweat, shit and piss. I had borrowed several of Evelyn’s rubberized panties. They had copious smears of shit and the excrement dominated the rubber scent, which does not enhance the erotic fragrance.

Nighttime is my erotic masturbating preference. And my accessories are set. Masturbating elder dyke in this video. I am turned on that she is older than me. Probably 60 years old. I have always been sexually drawn to women older than myself. Nurses have also been a favorite of mine, in my real life experiences and in pornographic fantasy. When I was twenty a brief hospital stay included several bayburt seks hikayeleri enemas. One of the nurses said to me, “you seem to enjoy your enemas. I enjoy giving them.” That memory has been an enduring masturbating stimulus.

Back to the nurse video. Nice looking thin and articulate. She explains her erotic compulsion to the smell of shit. Inhaling with her finger in her nostril I observe a small stain on the tip of the digit. Wearing tight jeans and fish net panties she fingers her anus that is already clogged with a thick fecal mass. It is a perfect brown color. With three digits covered she savors the smell. Spreading it on her face, concentrating on her nose. The video goes into the stimulating fecal fragrance of horse shit. My own shit smells that way when I have ingested mostly meat. What I find most erotic is the concentration on the inhaling. I am overcome with desire.

Just sticking my fingers in my ass is not enough. I shit my rubberized panties and then pull them down. How does it smell?? Earthy and not gassy. I adore that smell. Fouling myself in secret has always been my thing.

The video granny is smearing herself, I am also spreading my fragrant feces on my face. Evelyn and Nancy opened me up to the pleasure of shit eating and now I am doing it solo, though in small doses. In most of the foreign coprophilia videos I find it hard to swallow that large quantities of excrement could be ingested without puking your guts out. It looks genuine though.

Having been shown how to access the vast volume of lesbian scat I have been hornily exploring the genre. In my spare time it is an obsession.

Now i need to set the aroma lust stage. Dimming the lights, setting before me a plate of the stinkiest cheeses that are available, vinegar and mineral oil to finger and penetrate my ass, coat my fingers with shit. My senses are at their peak. On the table a 3X mirror details my body. Lips smooth with feces, nose buried with limburger cheese and shit. Vinegar splashed on neck and chest, shit rubbed on my left forearm. Smelling my fetid arm while masturbating, a habit going back to college dorm orgasms.

One of my roommates back in college had the habit of licking her forearm and then smelling it. This is an exercise in stinkiness that indicates fecal aroma lust. My roommate was lesbian like me. I regret I was too timid to test her boundaries of aroma lust. The memories did lead to many hours of masturbation excess.

Panty smearing turns me on. I found a video in that genre that fits my aroma lust desire. I watch as the thin panties begin to be stained with an ever growing dark brown load An elderly panty smearer is my favorite. She fingers her load and speaks directly how much the smell of shit arouses her. Spreading her feces on her nipple she lifts her breast to smell it like a flower. Another closeup of her hand in her soiled panties. The hand now rubbing her shit all over her face and in her nostrils as she takes a deep fetid breath. The finale is something that I now enjoy doing to myself. Granny rubs her teeth with her shit covered fingers and checking her breath for the proper level of stink. That was one of the many videos that I had downloaded from Evelyn’s extensive collection.

Nancy had fewer videos but several of them were very arousing. My introduction to the shit eating delights are tempered by volume and texture. Nancy has no such boundaries. Amazing to share sexual depravity with her. To be honest her fetish is exactly that. The unabashed temperament that she casually displays is very erotic to me. Repelled and excited, watching her smear, smell and ingest excrement keeps me masturbating until my hands cramp. Her videos get me to the same place.

Nancy’s first pick is the nurse genre. Not only is this up my alley but we share an erotic pleasure that is in the nurse video. We both like to take each other’s temperature. That is when we stick our fingers in either our own asshole or finger each other we smell the shit to see how we like the aroma. Our scent version of playing doctor.

A heavy rainstorm is the background for two fifty something nurses. Dressed in white from cap to shoes the close-up reveals pronounced brown smudges on their uniforms. Distracted from paperwork one of the nurses would like to go outside but the inclement weather precludes that. She relishes the load of shit she has inside. She loves shitting outside.. The second nurse responds that is so much better dumping and spreading in the woods. My own nostrils are always stimulated in the open air. The two nurses anxiously await the end of their shift They drive to a very dark secluded section in the deep woods.

Brings back solo masturbating memories for me. I loved shitting my pants in the Wisconsin woods, smelling myself into orgasm.

The next scene is inside the tent, one is on a cot. The prone nurse lays on her stomach and excrement grows inside her tight, white pants. The stain of shit moves down her leg. Her partner rubs the outside to spread the feces and then forces her hand inside, coating her entire hand with that wonderful aroma. Her first reward is a passionate inhaling of shit. They proceed to stink each other up. The camera pans to the front. Both matrons faces are smeared in the aroma they adore. Gently they feed each other excrement from the tips of their fingers and pass feces in their passionate kisses. Outside of the tent they light up cigarettes and continue to smell each other in their fetid state.

Sexually satisfied, alone, shit stained, time to sleep. This has been a lovely home coming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32