Ariel Helps Ms. Johnson

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My words get caught in my throat when Ms. Johnson opens the door. She’s truly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Those emerald eyes, her porcelain skin and full red lips, her face framed by red hair in her bob cut. Especially right now, as she’s all done up for her date. Just a hint of eye shadow, the slightest touch of blush to her cheeks, it is an act of pure will to not just reach out and try to kiss her.

“Hi Ariel! I was just finishing up, James is already in the playpen. He’s been kind of fussy today but I told him you were coming and that seemed to make him happy.” She said happily as we walked into her home.

I kind of doubted that a one year old would change his mood at something like that but if Ms. Johnson wanted to tell me the earth was flat I’d be willing to take it as holy writ. Especially when she’s wearing that little black dress. Two spaghetti straps over her shoulders, the dress only coming halfway up her back. Then there was the front of the dress. The way it held those gorgeous breasts, so round and perky, allowing the slightest bit of sway to them as she moved. Ms. Johnson spoke with her hands so they got to sway quite a bit.

I nearly moaned as she bent over to pick up her son. The way that dress clung to her ass, showing off her wonderful legs in those drop dead heels. You’d never know she had a one year old at home.

“Bottles in the fridge?” I ask, trying to distract myself. I’d gone for a sweatshirt with my college name emblazoned on the front and sweatpants. Sure, I wanted to dress to impress her but I knew I was here for a job. The last thing I wanted is a baby spitting up into a cute crop top.

“Yes they are. And just let me say how much I appreciate this! It feels so good to get dressed up and go out again. Since Jay left the only time I’m around other adults is at work. I’m glad you were able to free up a night to come over.”

“No problem Ms. Johnson. You go and enjoy yourself, James and I have a busy night ahead of us.”

And with that she said goodbye and went out to meet her uber. I don’t know why I do this to myself. Ever since I finally admitted to myself that I’m a lesbian, its been nothing but a series of impossible crushes. Oh sure, there have been a couple hook ups, a sorority house is great for that, but I’m looking for something a bit more stable. Charisma and Trixie and Candy and all the others insured I understood the mechanics of everything, but those are just flings. A way to give my body what it needs. None of them were relationship material. So instead I was left with a series of hopeless crushes. Cassie at the library, my Mom’s friend Monica, our neighbor Ms. Kathy, and of course Ms. Selina Johnson. She worked with my Mom, who had told all of her coworkers I did babysitting while I was home on summer break.

It was love at first sight. I’d gone to my Mom’s work cause she had left her purse at home. I’d just found her cubicle and handed it to her when this goddess walked up to us. She was in a black business suit with white pinstripes. My eyes couldn’t help but follow them down her shoulders, over the swell of her breasts, down to her waist and around her hips before her skirt ended just above her knee. I almost missed her introduce herself. That was three months ago. So now three times a week, every week, I’m at her house and taking care of her kid during the day as she attends to work or errands. Aroused just by breathing the same air as her. That first day I didn’t make it out of the building, I ended up in the women’s restroom with my left leg up on the handrail inside of the stall, fingering myself to orgasm. Now I was generally able to make it to the safety of my room at home, but she still had that affect on me. It really sucked that she was straight.

So I settled in for what I knew would be the next three hours of feeding, cleaning, and trying to put the kid to bed. I don’t know if its some maternal instinct or what, but I’ve always been good with kids. James is no exception. I talk to him about my day, discuss subjects from my philosophy and history classes with him while rolling his ball around or playing with his blocks. He’s rather deep for a one year old. Got this whole stoic zen thing going on where he allows me to come to the answers myself instead of giving me hints or advice. Though for all his sage equanimity, the slightest pang of hunger has him screaming. So maybe he isn’t the next Buddha and I’m just ridiculous. Feeding eventually leads to changing and cleaning which ends in bed time. The kid is a sound sleeper. Once during the day I’d set him down for a nap and went to watch some tv. Ms. Johnson has quite the set up with surround sound. I dozed and leaned on the remote wrong. Ended up with two monsters destroying Tokyo sounding like they were in the living room! I scrambled to turn it down and checked in on James who hadn’t stirred in the slightest.

With James down for the night, I curled up on the really nice sofa and read my old dog-eared copy of The Phantom bursa eskort of the Opera. I love these gothic novels. Oh sure, they’re problematic as hell. A woman who looks and feels the way I do wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near their world except maybe as the monster like in Carmella. But the lush words and the high drama of the events and the dark lure of the forbidden? It spoke to me in ways I can’t quite explain. I fell asleep reading. When I awoke it was 10:30 and she still wasn’t home.

I checked in on James as I called her number. It rang four times then went to voicemail. He was still sound asleep. I tried calling again but with the same result. Part of me was happy for her, and a little jealous. I assumed the date had gone well and she ended up either at his place or a hotel room. Thinking of her getting hot and heavy with someone was a bit of a turn on, but wouldn’t she have at least called to let me know?

It was closer to eleven now and I was really starting to worry when I heard someone at the door. By the time I made it to the front room, Ms. Johnson came stumbling through the front door. Her hair was a mess, one strap of her dress was down her arm and she had broken a heel. She was also severely drunk. I ran to catch her before she fell and got her safely on the couch.

“Than you, Ariel! You really nice!” She shouted as I went to close the door.

I shushed her as I made my way back. She kicked her shoes off and looked at me with a shocked expression, “Don’t shoosh…shush…make noises at me in my own home!”

“James is asleep.” I said as explanation.

“Oh.” She said and then kind of deflated. I sat down next to her and to my shock she leaned against me, put her head on my left shoulder and just started sobbing. I kind of froze at first, I’d dealt with sad drunks at school, but never with a real adult. Finally I put my arm around her and just kind of patted her on the back.

“Did something happen to you?” I asked growing concerned. She shook her head and sobbed what sounded like a no. It took a while but eventually in the midst of all the crying I got the story. Dinner had gone pretty well till she mentioned her son. That was where the guy jerked left on her. He didn’t know she was a mother, not on her profile page, she was a skank, he didn’t want to be a father, etc. Who in their right mind thinks they are going to be made a father on the first date? To me it sounded like she dodged a bullet but it really hurt her. So she started drinking.

Fortunately I knew she had plenty of milk stored in the fridge, so James wouldn’t have any problems. All the alcohol should be out of her system before she needs to feed him again directly.

“I want to see my baby.” She said in this really quiet voice.

“Okay, but he’s asleep so we have to be quiet.” She lifted her head off my now soaked sweatshirt and nodded solemnly. I helped her to her feet and walked with her to James’ room. She just gazed in awe at her son as we stood by his crib. He looked really cute in his sleep.

“It’s okay James, we don’t need anyone.” She whispered. I looked at her and saw tears still streaming down her face.

I felt my heart break for her. I hugged her to me and whispered, “You’re not alone.” And I couldn’t help but tear up myself.

Not sure how long we stood there holding each other. Eventually though we separated enough for me to help her walk to the kitchen. I sat her down at her breakfast table and made her a cup of black coffee. She sipped it in silence. I just let the hot caffeine work its magic. I could see her come back to herself a bit more.

“Thank you Ariel. I’m sorry…yeah…just sorry.”

“Don’t worry Ms. Johnson. Women have to stick together right?”

She gave a half-hearted smile that made me ache inside, “I come home sloppy drunk and you waste your whole night watching my kid, you get to call me Selina.”

“Well then Selina, its not a problem.” I tried to sound cheerful.

“Yes it is. I’m sure I made you break plans with your man tonight.” She looked shocked when I shook my head no. “Really, a gorgeous girl like you?”

“No, I’m not into guys.”

“Really?” She asked looking a bit shocked. I just nodded. “Probably for the best. At least you won’t end up pregnant and alone after the bastard fucks off.”

“There are other perks too.” I said trying to make her laugh but she just zoned out and stared off down the hall.

“I know its late, but could you stay a bit longer? I need to take a shower and I’d feel better if you were here in case I fall or do something stupid.”

“No problem.” I said despite the fact we were close to midnight.

“Help me to my room?” She asked.

I put her right arm over my shoulders and held her close as we made our way down the hall. She still reeked of alcohol, but underneath that was her smell. Just her with a hint of lilac. Being this close made it hard to concentrate as her body pressed against mine. Her walking was awkward from not taking bursa bayan escort off her shoes so she just kept rubbing against me as one step rose her up and the next brought her down. With her arm over my shoulder our hips rubbed against each other and occasionally the side of her cloth bound breast would brush against my cheek. This wasn’t the time to get aroused.

I got her seated safely on the edge of her large king sized bed. “Can you turn the shower on, I like it really steamy when I walk in.”

I swallowed a lump that formed in my throat and stepped into her full sized adjoining bathroom. There was a transparent walk in shower in the left corner and a full size tub next to it. I moved to the shower and opened the door. As I got the water running I heard her shoes hit the wall and then the floor as she kicked them off. The steam from the shower started to fill the room.

“I hope it’s not too hot, I’d hate to scald you on an already rough night.” I said half jokingly.

“It’ll be fine, I like it really hot.” She said from behind me. I turned to see her. In the steamy haze she was a bit of a blur as she moved past me into her shower. My brain didn’t even have time to fully register that she was naked before she was safely enclosed behind the fogged glass. I could barely make out her form but it was enough to take my breath away.

I stumbled out of her bathroom and onto the edge of her bed where she had been earlier. It was surreal, I’m in the bedroom of the woman I have a huge crush on and she’s naked only ten feet away. I could feel myself getting wet as I thought about the water cascading down her body. It was too much, this whole night was too much. I burned with desire for her and desperately needed to do something to quench the flame. I reached my right hand inside of my sweatpants and began rubbing myself through the lace panties I was wearing.

“Oh crap! Ariel can you come help me?” Her voice snapped me out of my fantasy and I was up in a moment.

The water had stopped running but the room was still filled with steam. As I moved further into the room it cleared somewhat so I could see her face through the haze as she leaned back against the glass wall of the shower.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“No. The heat got to me and now I don’t know what to do with them.” She sounded different. A little worried but also something else, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

More steam cleared as I got closer and I could see that as she leaned against the wall, she had her hands up, cradling her wonderful breasts. The pale white globes I had desired to see for so long were now presented to my full view, crowned with pale blush areolas and small dark pink nipples. Then as I’m staring I notice that there are several fine streams jetting from her right nipple and large droplets forming from her left.

“Can you help me?” She asked, her voice taking on a husky quality. I looked up at her, there was a hunger in her blue eyes that I felt move through my body. I closed the distance between us, the streams of her milk now lightly dampening my sweatshirt.

“Would you like me too…”

“Yes.” She answered before I could finish. I kept my eyes locked with hers as I lowered my head toward her breast. I licked as her spray hit my chin and finally into my open mouth and followed that stream till I had my mouth around her nipple. She kept eye contact with me till my mouth closed around her perky little bud and I suckled from her. Her eyes closed and she leaned her head back against the glass as I drank from her. Her right hand left her breast and instead came around to hold my head to her.

Part of me couldn’t believe this was happening, I couldn’t really be here and drinking from Ms. Johnson. Yet the sweet taste of that thin milk as it coated my tongue and filled my mouth showed just how real this was. As I sucked her breast I used my tongue to press her nipple into the roof of my mouth, sending a shiver through her body as she released the sexiest moan I ever heard. Emboldened by that sound I brought my right hand up to her left breast and began playing with the breast and squeezing the dripping nipple.

I don’t know if we were there minutes or hours. I do know that at some point I moved over to suckle on her left breast too. I drank deeply, emptying her of the milk that would have too much alcohol for her child. I felt intoxicated but most likely from the act itself than any booze I may be getting from her boobs. I worked her breasts till there wasn’t a drop left and still I sucked from her.

With my free hand I let my fingers trace her outline then glided my fingers across her till I found her little patch of pubic hair. I ran my fingers through it and down to cup her in my hand. She moaned and widened her stance a bit, opening up for me. I could feel the heat of her and a dampness that was more than just the remnants of her shower. I lightly traced my fingers around bursa ucuz escort her pussy lips.

“Ariel…” My name escaped her lips in a way I had prayed to hear since I first laid eyes on her. I felt her fingers did into my hair as she pulled me from her chest and bent her head to meet my lips. Best first kiss of my life! The way our lips met felt hot and right from the very beginning and as our tongues danced together it was as exciting as two new lovers should be but felt as comfortable as coming home. Our souls met in that kiss.

I was disappointed when she pushed me away, but thrilled as she moved to me now, grabbing my sweatshirt and pulling it off of me. She squealed in delight as my breasts bounced before her. I hadn’t bothered with a bra today so they had stretched all the way up before dropping down. Seeing her alabaster hands embrace my ebony globes was almost as erotic as feeling it. She didn’t play with them for long though before her fingers traced down my stomach to begin peeling down the sweatpants at my waist.

Once over the curves of my hips and ass I kicked the unwanted garment free. She looked at my black lace panties with a wry smile and knelt down in front of me. She kissed down my belly slowly, making me arch my back and moan till she reached my last article of clothing. I gave a small shriek as I felt teeth for the briefest instant on my skin as she bit my panties and pulled them off of me.

I reached down and helped her to her feet and then we embraced again, skin to skin, feeling the heat of each other’s body. “Will you please get into bed Ms. Johnson?” I asked. This beautiful, older mother gave me this curious look then bent down and gave me a quick peck on the lips before her face broke into this great smile.

“Whatever you say dear.” She then took my hand in hers and led me to her bed. She kissed me again before climbing onto the bed and laying down on her back. Her damp red hair fanned out above her head on the pillow, her left arm went under the swell of her breasts to prop them up for my hungry eyes as her legs spread wide and her right hand slid down over her amazing stomach to spread her pussy open with two fingers. “I’ve made myself ready for you.” She cooed.

I climbed into bed and covered her. We kissed passionately for a moment and I reveled in the feeling of our bodies pressing together, then broke the kiss and began licking my way down her sexy body. I drew a line from her lips to her clit with my tongue. She gave these cute little moans as I went down her neck, between her breasts, into her belly button, then cried out as my tongue encircled her little nub. I teased her with the tip of my tongue for a bit before leaning in fully to begin kissing along her inner thigh. I started on my left side and worked clockwise, her hand came to rest on my head, not pulling or demanding I go anywhere in particular, just holding me to her. After I had circled her three or four times I moved in closer and sucked the right lip of her pussy into my mouth. She cried out and arched her back off the bed. I sucked the sensitive skin for a bit and then did the same to the other one.

“ARIEL! Fuck! FUCK!! More…I’m getting close…FUCK!”

I spread her open with my hands and dived in fully, driving my tongue as deep as I could go inside of her. When she began crying out incoherently I pulled my tongue away and rose up and sucked her hood and clit into my mouth and drove two fingers into her. I pistoned in and out of her, making sure to rub along the top of her to hit her g-spot. Her hand left my head and I watched as she grabbed and pulled at her nipples roughly as she writhed and contorted so much I was worried she’d throw me. Then all at once she froze and stiffened, her whole body going taut. She stayed like that for a slice of eternity then came this massive exhalation and she relaxed into the mattress.

I let her go from my mouth and started to withdraw my hand but she grabbed my wrist and held me inside of her. I moved up her body till I could see her face. She was flushed and her eyes were glazed. “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” She whispered and pleaded at the same time.

“You like my fingers inside of you Ms. Johnson? You want me to bring you to another orgasm? Tell me Ms. Johnson. Tell me what you want. I need to hear you say it.”

“Yes…yes yes yes! Keep up what your doing. I’m almost there again. I’ve never…before…I’m so close again…”

“Never what? Had more than one orgasm or been with a woman?”

Watching her struggle for words as she was just on the edge was so cute.

“Both.” Finally escaped her lips.

“Ask me to make you cum again. I need to hear you ask Ms. Johnson.”

“Please Ariel…please…oh…”

Her eyes closed and I knew I wouldn’t be getting any more of that melodious voice begging me. With my free hand I moved her fingers away from her right breast and leaned in to claim the tin peak with my mouth. I sucked hard as my other hand kept up its pace inside of her. Seeing her pinching her nipples had given me this idea so I sucked as hard as I could and nipped at her with my teeth. She opened her mouth in a soundless cry and went completely still for a moment then I felt a gush of her coat my hand and her whole body began to tremble.

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