Are You My Mummy?

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My boyfriend and I have a strange fetish. We like to dress up in costumes, then fuck our brains out. I think it’s the thrill of pretending we are someone else. And pretending your partner is someone else, as well. We have done this so many times, we have it down to a science.

First I give him head. He always cums too quickly for me, and this prolongs our fuck session. Then we screw in several different positions. Usually this is all done without saying a word. Talking seems to ruin the illusion. We finish off on all fours, we both love doing it doggy style.

That being said, Halloween is obviously one of our favorite days. This year I will be a ballerina. I will start with a sheer, crotch less body suit, and add a tutu. Being a dancer, I can get away with the illusion. Standing on one foot, I can bring my other leg straight up, doing a vertical split. My boyfriend loves to fuck me in that position. This year he wants to be a mummy. Must be a guy thing.

The plan was for him to come over around five, we would do our fuck thing, then head out for the party. Precisely at five, I heard his familiar knock. Opening the door, I was faced with a very realistic mummy. I quickly pulled him inside and planted a lip lock on türbanlı escort him. I dropped to my knees, and fumbled with the bandages, until I could free his cock. It seemed bigger and harder than usual, but then, we haven’t had sex in almost two weeks.

No sooner had I wrapped my wet lips around him, when he grabbed my head and began humping. Poor guy was horny! The domination was kind of a turn on, and in just moments, he began to fill my mouth. I don’t ever remember him cumming this much, and I had a difficult time swallowing it all. I love having a mouthful of warm thick cum!

I quickly flopped on my back, pulling his cock towards my wet snatch. He wasted no time, shoving his hard cock deep inside me. His throbbing meat filled my cavity, and touched places it hadn’t reached before. He was being a lot more aggressive than usual, and it really turned me on. After about ten minutes of this, I usually flip over onto all fours. This is how we like to finish. But he was lasting much longer, and I wasn’t about to complain. Suddenly his body stiffened up, and I could feel him shooting another large load inside me. I could actually feel each spurt as it coated my pussy. I started to get istanbul escort up, but he nudged me to roll over.

Wow, the last time he did it three times was when my sister was visiting, and he saw her walking around in that skimpy negligee. I rolled over onto all fours, but this time I folded my arms up and laid my head on the floor, leaving my butt pointing skyward. He quickly took his position behind me, and slid his salami deep into my pussy. He would pull it all the way out, and slowly push it back in. I found myself pushing back each time. But after about five times of stroking in and out, he pulled out and hesitated. I waited, and when I felt the head of his cock touch my skin, I pushed back. But this time, he lifted his cock a bit. It was only an inch or so, but it was enough to line it up with my tight little ass. Before I could adjust, he had pushed the fat head beyond my pucker, and in one swift yank, he pulled my hips towards his, impaling me on his shaft. It momentarily knocked the wind out of me, and shocked me as well, he never tried to spear my ass before. Whatever fire I was feeling before was quickly quenched by his hose. I don’t normally like anal, but his passion was really turning me on. He unloaded tesettürlü escort spurt after spurt of cum deep in my bowels. I hadn’t cum this hard, or this many times ever.

I ran to the bathroom on wobbly legs and returned with a washcloth to clean him up. His thick cum was starting to run down my legs, so I reached down and scooped it up with two fingers. I couldn’t let it go to waste, so I sucked it from my fingers, causing him to moan. As I cleaned him up, I marveled at the fact that he was still hard. I planted a kiss on the tip, and he quickly placed hi hand on top of my head. His aggression was really making my pussy wet, and I gave him a sloppy, slurpy blow job. It took a while for him to cum this time, but when he came, it was as intense as the first time. At least five thick spurts of man honey coated my tongue, but he was finally satisfied. This was truly the best sex I ever had.

We both lay there, trying to catch our breath when the phone rang. I ran towards the kitchen as he wrapped his cock back into the bandages. I heard the front door close as I picked up the phone. Funny, I didn’t hear the door bell.

“Hello?” I said, slightly out of breath.

“Hi honey, Sorry I’m late. After getting all wrapped up in these bandages, I found I couldn’t sit down to drive. I think I’ll just wear my Freddy Kruger mask from last year. I should be there in about thirty minutes, OK?”

“Sure, that will be fine.” I said calmly. I then hung up the phone and passed out.

Happy Halloween!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32