Apartment Shopping Pt. 01

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One of the proudest moments as a mother would be seeing their kids accomplish their goals. One of the lesser known perks, is being able to celebrate with them. This is definitely one of those cases. My name is Samantha and this is my story of how my son became my secret lover.

Walking around the furniture store, we walked through the sections, getting an idea for prices and styles small talk broke up the subtle stress that my only son would be moving out very soon. While Tyler knows I’ve been promiscuous and casual affairs with many younger men over the years simply because his father can’t or wouldn’t deliver on my needs. So while Tyler knows of it, he’s never confronted me over it. However, despite my years now trying to push the line and seduce him to be another notch on my bed-frame, I have always failed to do so successfully, hell, I tried when I visited him for parents weekend his freshman year in college, and I wound up naked in some frat house off campus leaking cum. Well at least I got to relive my college days for the moment.

Like any other warm late spring Saturday, I’m wearing black sheer leggings, gray t-shirt and blue thin flip-flops, the only accessory is a small anklet that serves as a small symbol to adventurous men, and of course, because I’m not wearing a bra so everyone can see vaguely through my shirt at my pierced and slightly enhanced breasts.

“What about this couch?” I asked Tyler, sitting on the firm red leather loveseat. A loud conversation was around the corner and I jumped, extending my body to see around the corner, and exhibiting my curves bluntly to my son, I heard a camera flash, looking back at the sound, I saw him grin. So again, I readjusted my posture and gave him a better photo opportunity, giving him a clear view of my scantly covered ass, and very clear I wasn’t wearing any panties. Again the familiar smart phone camera sound went off. Getting cheeky I asked, “Wanna see why they call this a loveseat?” Giving him a dirty grin. I didn’t have to wait Isparta Escort long or ask twice, Tyler quickly approached behind me and pulled me onto his lap. Repositioning myself, so it was more comfortable, I felt his cock, firm and long pressing against my ass. “Did I cause this?” I teased him in a motherly but seductive tone. Grinding myself on his lap, I felt his cock twitch and pulse against me. Feeling my pussy tingle and getting more wet, I leaned back and said in Tyler’s ear, be gentle, quick and subtle.” standing up, spreading my legs blocking any onlookers view, Tyler took his cock out of his shorts and ripped a small hole in my leggings, running two fingers along my swollen slit for a few moments, even just letting his finger tips sink inside my lips coating my skin my fluids. “Hurry up sweetie.” I was almost begging him.

Feeling that his prolonged fingering exploration of my vagina was going to make me cum, I struggled to contain myself before Tyler finally pulled me onto his lap, sinking his entire length inside my with one swift motion. covering my mouth to stifle my moan, I rocked my hips back and forth working into a rhythm riding his length. Feeling him leave small kisses along my neck and ear lobe, was all it took for me to cum hard over his cock. feeling my pussy spasm against his cock, gripping and milking every drop of cum up from his balls. “Im getting close ma.” He groaned in my ear.

“Cum inside me baby boy.” I moaned back in his ear. A few soft rocking moments later, feeling his cock stiffen against my walls, I picked up my pace fucking myself over him to cum with him as he erupted his warm, thick, forbidden seed deep inside my need pussy. Feeling the last spurts coat my walls and his cock go partially limp inside, I eased myself off him and quickly licked him clean and readjusted my leggings to at least try to conceal myself. “Let’s buy this one.” Tyler grinned at me as he stood up and took my hand as we continued our shopping.

Walking Isparta Escort Bayan around the mall, my legs still felt like jelly and I struggled to contain the slow drip of cum out of my pussy, we decided to go to the pub for lunch and talk about what happened. Sitting in a corner of the bar, I let my hands wander back to Tyler’s lap, stroking him through his pants as we drank. “You know honey, I’ve been trying to seduce you since you first went to college at 18, I almost gave completely up on actively trying for you, but I’m glad I didn’t.”

“Well Mom, how could I resist you any more. I knew what you were trying to do.” With that statement, he pushed his hand between my thighs and massaged my wet pussy lips through my leggings. “I can’t wait to get you out of those leggings though.” Tyler whispered in my ear.

Eagerly finishing lunch, and getting home, I tossed my clothes in a pile mixed with Tylers and joined him outside. But before I got to the patio, I stopped in and looked at my reflection, dirty blonde hair tied in a ponytail, breasts, though enhanced a little sagging, my toned abdomen not as tight as it used to be, my landing strip of hair needing a little touch up, he hasn’t seen me naked before, would it be a turn off? I shook my head and walked outside, watching Tyler dive headfirst into the pool, coming out immediately after. “Thank goodness for good genes.” I stared in awe, as I watched Tyler walk along the pools edge, his muscle bound body, square, broad chest leading to a firm abdomen, thick muscle bound legs, in between, long, veiny and thick, coupled with heavy hanging balls.

Sitting down next to him, I gazed at him watching him dry off, and he suddenly laid back my chair on my back and spread my legs over his shoulders, getting on his knees. “Hon, what are you doing?”

“Giving you what you desperately want.” Looking up at me, his green eyes winking at me and he put his face into my pussy. Leaving a trail of kisses on my inner thigh, Escort Isparta letting his fingers explore my cum-oozing slit, running over my clit as he found my g-spot. Soft moans left my mouth mixed with whimpers feeling his tongue explore my pussy. He wrapped his lips around my clit sucking and gently pulling as he lapped and fingered my cunt. “Sweetie Mommy is going to cum all over your face if you don’t stop.” My moans became sharper when he picked up his oral assault on my pussy. I tried to hold back but it was no use, squirting my juices over his face mixed with his cum from earlier, still he continued to lick me, slowing his fingering while he licked me clean. Showing his face smiling at me, I reached to bring him closer to me, pressing my tongue in his mouth tasting the heavenly mixture of my juices and his cum. Breaking our kiss, he stood up and took my hand, bringing me inside to the couch.

“Mom, stay on your knees, on the couch seat.” I knew what he wanted, spreading my legs a little more, I felt him ease his cock inside me, grunting when I took all of him in. “Fuck your mothers cunt.” I moaned as he pumped himself inside me. While he worked himself into a rhythm, grunting with every pump stretching my walls out, fucking me better than anyone else has before. Burying my head in the couch, you could still hear my moans as I was fucked into another orgasm, coming hard over Tyler cock. “Sweetie I don’t know how much more I can take.” my words broken with my body shaking with every hard thrust Tyler made pulling my hips into him while he plowed into me. O could hear his breathing increase, his grunts turn to moans, and with one more final deep pump, felt his cock spasm against my walls, spurting rope after rope of incestuous seed inside my cunt. I felt him collapse on top of me, his penis still inside my cum filled, oozing pussy, feeling his hands wander to my breasts and leave small kisses on the nape of my neck to my lips.

“Sweetie, I know this is wrong,” I started to say, “But please don’t let it end.” I pulled myself out from under his weight laying on my back now, pulling him into me for an embrace. I started running my fingers through his hair, feeling his tongue flick over my nipples wrapping my legs around him, preparing for another round of forbidden love.

to be continued…

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