Anything Means Anything

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“What are you doing? Put your pants back on!” Mom said as she saw me walking in to her bedroom this Saturday morning.

“It’s not like you haven’t seen me naked before.” I said matter of factually.

“Yes, but…” she protested.

“I know, seeing me with a hard-on like this is not the same.” I paused for a second to gather courage, “You always say you’d do anything for me mom…”

“Oh, no, you are not serious?” she gasped, not sounding angry oddly enough, despite her protests and her probably knowing my intent.

“Yeah… I’m still a virgin, and I’d love it if you could teach me to be a good and skilled lover.” I said trying to sound confident, but probably mom could pick up my insecurity, she is after all the woman than knows me the best.

“Honey,” she felt a little weird starting her reply like that, given what I was asking of her, “you know I’ll do anything, but…”

“But what? I know it’ll count as incest and that it totally must be our secret…” said hoping that she’d realize I knew what I was getting into, or hoped to get myself back into.

“You’ve thought a lot about this, haven’t you?” as mom, said, I had, and she knows that if anything, I think perhaps a little too much at times and end-up getting little done. “This is a very very serious thing, having sex with you own mother…” she trailed off.

“I know, I’m not taking it lightly. I love you too… I know I probably won’t make it feel that good for you at first, but I promise to listen to you and do my best, and I’ll try to last as long as I can…” she cut me off.

“I know you’d do your best, you always do. You’re really that insecure about sex, that you have to ask your own mother before you’d dare try it with a girl?” She knew me all too well.

“Yeah…” I said reluctantly, not wanting to break my faked dead sure facade for fear she’s not believe I knew what I wanted. “But don’t get me wrong, it’s not just… I actually think you’re hot…” I felt my cheeks burning, it felt like I was confessing my undying love or something…

“Aw, thank you.” She sounded flattered, “But you shouldn’t be saying so about your own mother.” she said, and this time I knew she was flattered for real, she was trying to deflect, she’s not the only one to know the other all too well.

“I mean it mom, you’re hotter than any of the girls in my class, and they’re hot too.” I paused to let that sink in, “I know I can’t tell anyone else but you I think so…”

“So, you are certain?” mom said after an awkward pause.

“Yes.” I replied quickly, “So, will you teach me?”

“I did say I’ll do anything for you…” she flung the bedding of her and reached under her nightie to take her panties off, “I just never thought it would include breaking you in…” she flung the panties at me and told me to drop them in the hamper, which was next to the door but had a lid which is why she needed me to do it for her rather than throwing them in there directly. I caught a whiff of her sex scent, it was intoxicating.

I got next to her in her bed and helped her take the nightie of, revealing her amazing naked body to me. She was pleased to see me my eyes pop out of their sockets and my jaw dislodge and joked that I might be too fragile to have sex with her. She pulled my t-shirt of, which felt oddly normal despite being years since she’d done that. It gave me a sense of security, mom would make everything all right.

“So, where do we start…” mom said mostly rhetorically, “you’re hard and ready, but mommy like all girls needs to get wet before you can put that cock of yours in. So, give me a kiss on the mouth and then kiss your way down between my legs, don’t forget to make a stop to kiss and fondle my boobies, be gentle with them.”

The kiss lasted for a long time before she pushed me downwards, I didn’t forget her boobies, they were amazing… Since she was so young when she had me she was still a rather young woman, and her tit’s were perfect. She also had to push me again to get me to go lower, once I got to her crotch I wasn’t sure what to do. Luckily, she gave me instructions as long as she could before she got really big problems talking coherently. I understood as much that I managed to get her off, and she panted for a while and held me in close contact with the deliciously tasting gateway from whence I once came out of her.

Being there I was awed and couldn’t quite grasp how on earth I could have come from it, sure I was much smaller but still… I realized what a champion she must have been to push me out, and I couldn’t help wondering how she looked being pregnant with me.

“Good boy,” she interrupted my train of thought, “you did that really good for a first time pussy-licker. We’re definitely doing that again honey… Now, kiss your way back up, here…” she urged me and I did.

“You didn’t bring any condom by any chance, did you?” she queried as I got stuck between her boobies.

“Uhm… no…” I mumbled busy sucking on one of her nipples, not really hearing the question.

“Hmm…” she said with a thinking tone, like she was thinking about something important, “eh…” she said like Escort it really didn’t matter, “should be safe enough…” she mumbled and I only barely heard it, but somewhere I realized that protection might be something we needed to worry about. I had thought mom was on some kind of protection, but since she didn’t seem overly concerned I wasn’t. After all, she’s the one that would know about such things…

“I love you so much mom.” I whispered in to her ear as I made my way all the way up and felt one of her hands giving my cock a helping hand getting where it is supposed to go, “I just push now?” I asked, with the language skill of a cave man.

“Yes honey, push, and then rock in and out, it should come naturally and feel really really good for you…” she used her legs to push me in before I had the chance to do it myself, feeling the tip of my cock touch her pussy lips was a feeling in itself that I had thought I’d have time to explore.

She was so right, but was a million “really” short of describing it. Needless to say, I came halfway in side mom’s pussy, and by the time I was all the way in I was grunting with pleasure with my twitching cock shooting rope after rope of my cum inside her. She held on to me and whispered “good boy, good boy, now that felt good didn’t it?”

“Sorry… I came…” I started to apologize, I’d hope to last at least a little longer…

“Don’t be…” she was caressing my back and combing through my hair reassuring me, “it’s your first time, it’s perfectly normal. You made mommy come before you got inside, remember?” I nodded, having difficult focusing with all the emotions, feelings, and the sensation of my cock still inside mom, now feeling very sensitive, every tiny motion sending shivers down my spine. “I cant believe it, my little son, just became a man, I’m so proud of you.”

She kept comforting me and telling me not to worry about cumming right away, and I felt better about cumming too soon. Mind you, most of my mind was in pure disbelief, I was feeling the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. Total love and commitment to mom, she is the best and coolest mom ever, and I felt certain that even if other boys had sex with the mom’s, none of them had a mom that was this good.

As I came down from my high I began thinking about how I’ve just filled my mom with my cum, we just had sex, for real and my cum was exhibit A deposited in mom’s warm tight wet inner most. It felt unreal, I was a man now, sure I had plenty to learn and I came in an instant, but mom had made me a man! It felt awesome, and I told her. She broke in to a heartily laugh with me joining in, and she too explained how this was special for her.

I don’t know how long it took, but suddenly mom said something.

“All ready? Honey, you’re getting hard again!” she had a happy encouraging tone so I didn’t worry that it was something bad, “Let’s see how much longer you can last inside me this time, now, slowly move your hips, like this…” she moved her own hips under me and it felt amazingly good and I needed no further encouragement to get rocking…

I lasted longer this time, but it felt all too soon, it was such an intimate feeling, like her pussy was forming itself around me, hugging my dick. Still, cumming inside her was definitively even so much better. There was something inside me that told me that cumming was the best part of sex, a part of me felt like I was marking my rightful place inside her with my cum. Another part reminded me that that was just the end and symbolic peak, the whole love making session, that was the truly awesome part.

“Mom?” I said after we had been snuggling up for a while, she hummed or maybe it was a purr in reply, “Thank you. You are the best mom ever, how can I thank you?”

“You don’t have to, you’re my son, I’ll do everything for you,” she planted a kiss on my forehead, “as I think I’ve just proven. But,” she paused for a second, “I’m a woman too, I too have urges… so this is not just feeling good for you..” she trailed off.

“I get it mom, I promise I’ll do my best to make it as good for you as I possibly can too… I’m guessing it feels better to me too the more it feels good to you…” I speculated, and was relieved my guessing was right when mom confirmed it.

We lay in bed until the phone rang, mom shushed at me and picked up her cell from the bedside table.

“Hi? Uhm… no didn’t we say…” she glanced at the clock behind me, smiling as her eyes passed me, “11?” It was a little over 10.30 now.

“No, half 11,” the voice on the other end said with emphasis on “half”. It sounded like one of her friends. “This is so not like you, you’re always early…” the voice turned an obvious curious tone, “You are so going to tell me… You’re sleeping in late aren’t you! Tell you what, get your ass here by 12 and I’ll only ask for the sexy details, OK? You’ve finally taken my advice and gotten laid haven’t you?”

“No, I just overslept… the only one here besides me is my son… He, kept me up with a movie marathon.” That was not all a lie, we had been having a two night movie marathon. “I probably should check in on Escort Bayan him to make sure he’s not starving to death, you know teenagers and their appetite… I’ll come as soon as I’ve taken a quick shower and told him not to set the house on fire.” I almost laughed, the last comment was a remark to her friends daughter who’d lit a small fire when making food once, smart move and it had her friend distracted trying to hide her embarrassment over her daughter.

“You do that, still, we’re going to have a talk, you seriously need to get laid… How long has it been since last? Anyway, see ya.” she said and hung up.

“Whew,” mom said, “too bad I can’t tell her I just got laid…” she smiled mischievously, “you’re not the only one that needs to keep your mouth shut honey. I may have to make up some imaginary guy to explain how I’m not as sexually frustrated from now on… I think I can manage to act this time… but seriously, I need to take a shower.”

She untangled herself and got out of bed, posing for me, picking up the clothes she’d put on asking me for feedback. I stayed in her bed, looking at her feeling content, and able to admire her beauty without fear of being caught looking. She told me I could stay in her bed a little longer, but to get my ass up before noon and to make the bed for her. She leaned over and kissed me on the mouth saying that we would have to talk this through when she got back.

There was something about how we probably should keep this purely a sexual education for me, nothing more. I could tell she was trying to make it sound like it was settled, but I too felt that we might have gotten way more that we bargained for… I realized that I wasn’t sure if I had known what I was doing, I had thought mom would have been much harder to talk in to educating me. That I was certain that she would at most let this be a once or twice, “this is how you do it” kind of sex. As I heard mom enter the shower I realized that I was thinking about how it would be to make this my bedroom too, and how my room would be more of a study…

I picked up the nightie that was still haphazardly on the bed where it had landed when I took it of mom, raffled some more from our dancing. I brought it to my nose, and thought “mom” as her scent filled my nose again. Just having had sex with her, knowing she was in the shower to hide the scent of sex with me from her friend, and probably leaking my cum from her pussy. I felt a strange sense of living together with my mom, had a different meaning now. I wouldn’t say it felt like I owned her, more like she belonged to me, with me, like there was now “us” and her pussy naturally would be my responsibility to keep satisfied and kept from starving by feeding it my cum.

I looked at the clock, it was almost 12. I thought about defying mom and stay longer, but somehow, it felt irresponsible. As I made her bed I felt a strange sense of content, never felt like this fixing my bed. It felt like I was keeping our home tidy, like I took responsibility to keep out nest clean. I found myself not stopping at the bed, I cleaned up some more, there was some laundry that had been hung to dry that now was ready to put away. I did so, took me a few minutes to find where all items should go.

Mom noticed and thanked me when she got home, she greeted me with a kiss, and I asked if we could have that talk after sex. She just laughed and said that I was a horny bastard, but grabbed my hand and pulled me to her bedroom. I thought that her friend must be right, mom must be in need of sex. Now that I think of it, I can’t remember seeing her with any one since dad left us too soon. That also made me realize that, he’d probably wouldn’t have let mom’s “anything” include sex, which conflicted me since his demise meant sex was on the menu for me.

After the sex we concluded that we both felt that we wanted more than “just sex”, but that it definitely would complicated things. We basically ended up saying that we’d play it by ear. So, hardly surprising, it meant that moms bedroom quickly became our bedroom. I kept some of my clothes there, but we made sure that my room remained as an alibi of sorts. I covered for her when we pretended she had a mystery lover, which basically meant that I said I had seen him. It seemed to work, and her friend top nagging her, and she was much more relaxed now that she got laid.

She brought up the point of protection, and said that we were tempting fate big time. We agreed that since we’d just begun, and since it felt so good, we’d keep bare-backing until she could get an IUD. And, while the probability was love, if she fell pregnant, we would seriously discuss if and how we would keep it. Honestly, I secretly wished she would come home smiling and let me know the doctor couldn’t put an IUD in because she was pregnant. She wasn’t, so she cam beck home with an IUD.

I basically was the man of the house, and we stopped pretending it was just education for me. We admitted to each other that we now were, as officially as we could be in total secrecy, a couple. By that time, it was just a natural thing, and we basically just concluded that Bayan Escort it was how things were now as we sat snuggled up by the TV waiting for commercials to end.

One day mom told me that she wanted me to find a girlfriend, and make her some grandchildren. It was partly a joke, after I had joked about how relieving it was that my mom wasn’t nagging me to find a girlfriend. I thought about it for a moment.

“Seriously, you could just take out that IUD and make them yourself.” I surprised myself by how serious I sounded, and even more how it felt like the most obvious and sensible question to reply with.

“Yeah I could…” she said, like she hadn’t thought about that being possible, “but you’d have to give up your room to make room for your sibling…” she commented, she might have intended it as a joke but it didn’t come out that way.

“I only use it for homework anyway, I could use the study… small price to pay, we’d have to fight for space there.” I kissed her just because I felt like it.

“You make it sound so easy honey…” she said, she was longing for it.

“We’d have to figure out how to explain our child… and whether to raise it as my sibling or, our child.”

“We’d have to move for the latter,” she said, “cut our ties here… but you’d finally get to proudly stand by me as the husband you for all intents and purposes are.”

“We can’t tell anyone we’re moving, think we can pull it off?”

“Let’s find out”, she said and we both knew each other well enough to know that the matter was settled, “I’ll make the doctor’s appointment as soon as I can.”

We almost got away with it. Remember her nosy friend that rang after our first sex? She decided to drop by when we were packing, she’d figured out something was going on. Mom had been wearing clothes that hid her still small baby bump, that was clearly visible when she wore clothes that weren’t chosen carefully. Yeah, mom and I got lucky almost directly after she got that IUD out, so we had little time to get things in order for our love child.

“Oh my, that’s a baby bump if ever I saw one!” she burst out as she stepped up to the open door just as mom was fetching a new box to pack in, she had a top that didn’t hide her belly at all. “Why haven’t you told me?” she came up all smiles and hugged mom.

“Uhm… I…” she was taken by surprise and didn’t know how to respond. I came to stand next to her, feeling some protective instinct.

“Are you moving?” she let go of mom, but still holding on to her hands, the box mom had reached for on the floor. She cocked her head to the side, thinking, then looked at me and I felt add odd feeling of her eyes piercing my skull, then she looked at mom and down at her baby bump. Her eye brows shot up, “wow! really?” she couldn’t hide her shocked amusement, no trace of disgust.

“I… don’t know what you’re…” mom started to say before being cut off.

“I’m not going to rat you out,” she said closing the door behind her, “it makes sense, your son being the only one to ever have heard of or seen that mystery guy that from your smiles and descriptions would be someone you’d marry in a heartbeat if you could… You’ve totally made a sibling with your own mother haven’t you?” she turned to me, “lucky bastards…” she muttered with a smile, “if only I could do this with my daughter…” she said poking her tongue out.

“What?” mom said in surprise.

“You’re not the only kinky pervert mom with a secret, albeit yours growing bigger by the second.” She let go of mom’s hands and put her hands on her belly and bent down to talk to it, “I guess I’m the first other than your mom, dad and brother,” emphasizing and, “to say ‘hi and welcome'”. She got up and grabbed me and mom by the hand, “Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!” she was contagiously happy, “Did you plan this?” she asked.

“Yes,” I spoke up, feeling proud to and just had to take this chance to tell someone about our baby, “we’re having a baby…”

Mom looked back at me looking like she was melting with joy, mouthing “love you” to me. Which her friend saw.

“Aw… so cute!” she obviously couldn’t contain herself, she must have been dying a little inside not being able to share her own secret. “I have to call my daughter and get her over here, we have so much to talk about! I knew there was something about you I liked.” The latter aimed a mom with a joking tone, they’d been best friends for as long as I could remember.

Her daughter came over quickly and she too was in awe of my mother’s pregnancy, and I thought I would burst from pride.

“Mom, if only we could…” she trailed off, I felt sorry for them.

We talked for a long while, they helped us pack and we decided to stay in contact and that they should consider moving where we were going. We promised that we’d vouch for them and make sure their striking familiarity was pure coincidence, they promised to start planning. I think it was mom that voiced the idea that maybe there was a way to hook them up with a proven sperm donor. Let’s say that escalated quickly, actually, that’s an understatement. Mother and daughter looked at each other and then looked at me with tearing puppy eyes like I was the answer to their prayers, mom just asked me if I’d be willing to see if my education worked on other women than her. Mom knew something I didn’t and turned to her friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32