Anya Ch. 13

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I followed Jenny upstairs to find her feverently throwing things in to her suitcase. I had been so busy fucking the little minx that I had totally missed the fact she was stunning. Her pale skin contrasted so well with her dark hair. Her cute little butt was the perfect ending for her long, sleek legs. The curve of her breasts was exquisite.

I walked up behind her and put my arms round her waist. I kissed my way up her neck her cheek. My very evident hard-on was nicely settled between her butt cheeks.

“I do not have time,” Jenny said with an aura of authority.

I smiled, but continued to kiss her. Jenny was very self controlled; she just kept packing her stuff. Jenny broke out of my hold, and went in to the bathroom. Just then I heard the front door slam; it was Anya. I put some clothes on (Jeans and a Led Zeppelin t-shirt); Anya would be very worried if she knew we had been fucking behind her back. I went downstairs, and held Anya in my arms whilst kissing her.

“You taste of Jenny,” Anya said; she didn’t seem mad, although then she didn’t seem happy.

“Errr…. Yeah.” I smoothly replied (!).

“You’re forgiven; she a great fuck,” Anya smiled, I laughed.

Anya was wearing a pair of very thin, baggy trousers. I cupped her cute ass cheeks in my hands and found yet again she wasn’t wearing any panties. I started to grow hard. Jenny’s loud thundering down the stairs broke our Kuşadası Escort kiss; and I was greeted by the sight of Jenny’s tits bouncing all over the place. When Jenny reached me and Anya she immediately stuck her tongue down Anya’s throat. My cock was going to burst out of my jeans. God I was gonna miss Jenny.

We made it to the airport; Jenny and Anya spent most of their time kissing in the back seat of my car. The rest of the time Anya spent with her face buried in her little sister’s pussy. I was tempted to just pull over and join them; but thought I would behave and give the sisters some time alone.

Jenny’s flight was surprisingly on time. She checked in, and got her luggage on board with out any delays unfortunately. The goodbyes were fantastic. I think the old couple and their children/grandchildren next to us were thoroughly disgusted when Anya and Jenny kissed goodbye a bit more intimately then two women usually do. But the guys in that party seemed very envious when I kissed Jenny goodbye, and had my hand on Anya’s ass too. Life was too good. But my fantastic, sexual, week long orgy was over; Jenny was on the plane. She was gone.

I felt like a fuck.

As soon as we got in to the car I raced home. Anya seemed to have the same ideas I was having. It was very apparent that she was rubbing her pussy through the thin fabric of her trousers. So apparent that her trousers Kuşadası Escort Bayan were very wet between her legs. I drove up a small country lane that I had never been up before; apparently it led to nowhere. Anya pulled her trousers down; and started to finger her pussy. I could wait no longer and just pulled over.

As soon as the engine was off Anya leapt in to my lap and flung her t-shirt over her head to reveal a light blue bra. I started work on Anya’s bra whilst she worked on my jeans. There was no way we were gonna wait for Anya to disrobe me; so she just undid the button, and fly.

I plunged in to her dripping pussy; my cock being drowned in her pussy juices, and her pussy being stretched by my cock. Anya decided the pace; fast and hard. I grabbed a hold of her ass to steady her. Each time she slammed down on my cock; her pussy juice covered legs made a loud slapping sound hitting against my own legs. I started to suck on her tits; but this was very hard with her jumping up and down on me. I wasn’t complaining.

Anya suddenly stopped bouncing around; but only to come. As soon as she stopped bouncing; one of her tits was straight in my mouth. I started to nibble her nipple; this only made her scream ever more loudly. The gorgeous blonde’s eyes rolled back in to her head. Her low moans became screams (Helped along with my nibbling); those screams turned in shouts Escort Kuşadası of pure ecstasy, and of course a very large gush of cum. As soon as her orgasm was over I grabbed hold of her ass again, and exited the car. This is VERY hard when you’ve got a blonde hugging your cock with her pussy.

When we were outside I bent Anya over the bonnet of my car, and started to ram in to her pussy. The sight of her pussy trying to hold on to my cock as I pulled out of her was so sexy. It was amazing that her ass hole distracted me from such a wonderful sight.

I scooped up some of her pussy juice that had been forming at the base of my cock, and started to finger her ass hole. Again Anya started to moan. I pulled my cock all the way out of her pussy, and stuck in her tighter hole. I dived in, in one swift movement. I really slammed in hard in her ass; causing her feet to lift off the ground. With each thrust she was forced more up on the bonnet. By the time I was ready to come in her ass, I was nearly on the bonnet with her. Grabbing her legs I pulled her back down, and drove my cock back in to her pussy.

I shot my first rope of come in her pussy, and then pulled out shooting my second in to her ass. I alternated my thrusts between her pussy and her ass until I was spent. I felt a pang of guilt when Anya pulled her trousers back on, and was reminded that I had came in both her holes; my come drenched her trousers. It was such a turn on to watch her scoop up my come from her holes, and suck her hands clean. So much so, that when she was finished I pushed her head in to my lap. Anya was more then happy to give me a blow job as I drove us home.

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