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I was sleeping the other night when I woke with a strange feeling near my mouth, I looked down and saw a black body laying very close to me. His knees bent near my head then all of a sudden my head started to spin and I could feel my dick getting hard. I reached down to stroke my dick when I touched someone’s head. While my hand was touching him he took more and more of my dick into his mouth. Then I felt his nose touch me smooth pubic hair. I keep it short as I have always imagined this happening but never thought it would. Then it started to bob up and down, sucking it harder and harder. He then moved his crouch closer to my head and then in the dim light I saw the head of his dick slowly moving towards my mouth. I was going to move my head away when I felt a hand behind my head keeping it still.

I was going to shout out but as I opened my mouth the head slipped in. the hand held my head still and then slight pressure as I was made to take the dick further into my mouth and finally into my throat. My head still being held still the black dick started to move in and out. The guy sucking me off was fucking my mouth. I dropped my hand onto his head and forced my dick deep into his throat and hold it there and then I did the same fro him. I closed my lips around it and sucked hard. I heard a groan from the mouth around my dick. I then bobbed my head and fucked his dick with my mouth. I didn’t have to tell him what I wanted, he did the same.

At this point Casibom I felt another dick near my mouth trying to get in as well. I let the first one slip nearly out and then I had them both touching my lips. I slipped my tongue out and licked both heads at once. Making them both moan. I then felt the second guy move slightly over me and start to kiss my body. It was so sensual it nearly made me cum, but I held off. I didn’t want this to stop.

Then tongue made it way down until he was sucking my length while the other guy had the head in his mouth. Two guys sucking me was shear heaven. The second guy bit my shaft and then moved away. The sharp pain was wonderful. He then moved his tongue around my waist until he was slipping between my arse cheeks. He then used both of his hands to spread my arse and with a swift movement he fucked my arse with his tongue. In and out continuously opening me up more and more. He then slipped a finger in then two and with his tongue right next to them lubricated his fingers while he finger fucked me.

With all the sensations happening at once I started to wank one dick and suck the other then change over. All of us were groaning louder and louder. The first dick moved me onto my back and he was over me. His dick was poised over my mouth, ready to fuck my mouth. The second guy held my hands to I had no control. He then held his friends dick and wanked it hard again and then force it into my mouth. He kept just Casibom Giriş enough pressure on my mouth so the dick went deeper and deeper. He then held his dick still with his body covering my face and then he started to face fuck me.

I then felt my a hand on my dick and then I felt my legs being lifted higher and higher. I started to feel scared as I knew he was going to fuck my arse and I couldn’t do anything about it. I then felt his mouth on my arse hole licking and kissing it. Something was said which I didn’t hear but the guy pushed his dick deep into my mouth and held it there. Then I felt something hard and big push against my arse. There was some pain but then my muscles relaxed and the dick enter me. He held it still for a minute and the guy fucked my mouth again, then I felt the dick enter my arse further then they got into a rhythm and fucked me together. My dick as getting bigger and harder. Then I felt a mouth suck me again. I started to fuck his mouth, suck his dick and feel a dick in my arse. Sheer heaven.

This went on for ages. When they said they were going to come one guy pinched my nipples and then twist them, we all cum together. They pulled out of me licked the cum from my mouth and the cum seeping out of my arse.

I feel into a light sleep when I was woken again with someone sucking me. I again saw a black dick by my face this time it was different one. Then the other was by my mouth as well it was the Casibom Yeni Giriş same as the fist one to fuck me. It all started again.

The first guy came to me again as I heard him I got up on my knees felt for his dick and sucked him in, after a while I let it slip out turn around and offering him my arse. I reached behind and held my cheeks apart ready for him to enter me. He fucked me again.

Later we feel asleep in each other’s arms. Waking together. I asked him his name and he said Anthony. I had seen him before and he had been to my flat. I knew then he liked guys, on each occasion when I had seen him I let him get a look at my dick knowing he was looking. I was very bad, sitting with my legs under me so my legs were apart so he could see all. Often after he had gone I would take my wife into the bedroom and fuck her hard thinking of his dick in my mouth. I would call he a slut and slap her arse while fucking her. I would fuck her hard and fast so she was sore afterwards, just the way I wanted to feel. At one time after seeing Anthony I fucked her arse thinking about having the same done to me but I wanted to have a dick in my mouth as well.

Of course to humiliate her I made her suck me clean after fucking her cunt and arse. Now I want to try dick. I have held some and they feel good but I want more and a black one as well.

I hope you are hard now.



By he way I have often wondered what it would be like to have your friends touch me as you suck me. I can still remember them. I’m sure one realised I liked you as he would always smile at me when I was sitting show myself off. He got hard one day. Then when he shook hands to leave it was long handshake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32