Another Week on the Lake Ch. 09

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Author’s Note:This is a sequel to “A Week On The Lake” and “Snowed In.” A few of the characters in this story appear in the “Lucky Cable Guy” stories also. Readers of my previous stories will already be aware that sometimes my group sex scenes involve guys messing around with each other, “so if that doesn’t seem like your particular brand of vodka, help yourself to as much food as you like, and have a safe journey, no hard feelings. Otherwise, come with me.”

Special thanks to SpotInTheSand for story consultation and editing. Check out his stories. They’re excellent.

Additional thanks to Stonehammer69 for ongoing story consultation and idea brainstorming. He’s also got a couple of stories posted so go read them and tell him in the comments to keep the chapters coming!

Here is a quick refresh on who is who:

Jack’s Cabin:

Will – Our protagonist

Eva – Will’s girlfriend of one year

Jack – Will’s best friend. His family owns the cabin

Sophie – Jack’s long-time girlfriend, now fiancee

Maggie – Jack’s cousin by marriage

Dani and Kristen – Maggie’s friends

Next door neighbors

Mike and Tara

Josh and Liz

Kaylee’s group

Kaylee and Connor (this takes place the summer before “Connor’s Senior Year”)

Jill and Tommy

Jess and Roger

Katrina and Tyler

Saturday. Last full day at the lake.

I swear to God I actually pinched myself when I woke up Saturday morning in between Becky and Eva in bed. My girlfriends were both still asleep, having insisted that we initiate our new and frankly insane three-way relationship with a vigorous and fantastic threesome. Becky had responded to our invitation to join our relationship with an emphatic affirmative, and while we had decided to table the more awkward and difficult discussions of what this would mean to our lives going forward, we were all too excited not to celebrate.

It seemed ridiculous that I could have an erection again after the spectacle and festivities of the night before on Bonfire Island, but here I was. But with Becky and Eva snoring softly on either side of me, I didn’t want to disturb them, so I carefully and quietly extracted myself from the pile and left the room, pulling the door shut behind me. A shower might be just the thing I needed to start to sort out my own head.

First among my worries was Todd. He was a good friend, and even though Becky had assured me that their break-up had been mutual, I was worried about being too celebratory around him at the dawning of my relationship with his ex-girlfriend. It had only been a couple of weeks since they had called it quits after all. I was going to have to talk to him, and sooner rather than later.

I stood in a hot stream of water and sighed and stretched my sore muscles and looked down at my body. My cock was bigger and harder than any morning wood I had ever had before and I smiled and slowly stroked it’s length with one hand. And was it a trick of the morning light streaming through the open bathroom window, or were my abs and pecks a little more defined too?

One thing was for sure, my balls felt heavy and ready to explode instead of used up and sore like they should have been. I had a steady drip of pre-cum oozing from the tip of my bulging cock-head and I swirled it around and coated my shaft with it.

The next worry to pop into my head was the basics of our living situation. Becky had informed us that she was moving back to town and taking a new job, leaving Todd to pursue his life across the country. She was going to need a place to stay, but the apartment I shared with Eva was already feeling a little small for just the two of us, let alone adding a third adult. Maybe it was time to start looking a little more seriously at home sales listings. We were only twenty-six, but now might be a good time to get started in the ways of home ownership.

Daydreaming about a domestic routine including Becky made me think of a third problem that would need to be dealt with. Eva and I had a newly forged bond in the wake of our successive encounters with Luke and Rebekah at the bonfire. We could sense each other’s feelings and emotions and desires, a link which intensified with physical contact and became even more intense with sexual contact. There was a good chance that this would fade in the days and weeks ahead and the problem would take care of itself, but if it didn’t, that would make Becky the odd woman out. She wouldn’t be able to communicate with me and Eva in that extra-sensory way that we could communicate with each other, and it wasn’t difficult to imagine that imbalance being a problem, compounded by the fact that in many ways she was already the outsider, given the established duration of the relationship between me and Eva.

Unless. What had worked for me and Eva might work for Becky too. Today was our last full day at the lake and it might be a good idea for the three of us to try to find Luke and Rebekah and ask about casino oyna what had happened to us. More details certainly wouldn’t hurt, and being able to bring Becky into the bond with us would solve a lot of problems before they would have a chance to start. The problem was that I had no idea how to get in touch with Luke and Rebekah.

They ran the campground down at the south end of the lake, a seven or eight mile journey by boat, so maybe Jack and Sophie would be willing to make the trip today. Then I remembered Andrea, the eighteen-year-old beauty I’d met last night. She was a member of Luke and Rebekah’s church and staying at the campground this week. And she’d also invited me and Eva to come and spend some time with her and her boyfriend Jacob and possibly some of their campground friends. I’d forgotten to mention it to Eva in the wake of the bonfire orgy, and now I had two girlfriends instead of one, but it was our best chance at getting to see Luke and Rebekah again, so it seemed like the only plan available.

I toweled myself dry and left the bathroom to find Jack and Sophie’s bedroom door open and a delightful scene playing out on the bed. Todd was fucking Sophie from behind while she moaned and shrieked onto Jack’s huge cock. Just like me, Jack seemed to have been upgraded by his Luke and Rebekah encounter, and I suddenly realized that he and Sophie would probably have similar questions and would probably be just as interested as I was in finding them today.

“Mmm,” Sophie moaned, and I looked to see her smiling at me and stroking Jack’s cock. “Another cock for me?”

* * *

I didn’t get the sense from Todd that anything was off as the three of us fucked Jack’s fiancee. Then again there had been nothing noticeably different about the way he and Becky behaved around each other yesterday either. Either way, in the middle of gang-banging Sophie didn’t feel like the appropriate time to talk to him about Becky, so I waited until after Sophie somehow made all three of us cum at the same time, Jack into her pussy, Todd in her mouth, and me up her ass.

All four of us took turns showering quickly to rinse off sweat and other fluids, and I managed to turn away from the giggling I heard in my bedroom in order to talk to Todd in his.

“Hey man,” I said, standing in the doorway of his room, still naked and still fully erect.

Todd turned from his bed where he was trying to decide what to wear over his likewise rock-hard cock today. “I already know what’s on your mind, Will,” he said. “And I hope you can relax knowing I’m happy for all three of you.”

“Really?” I said, leaning against the door frame. “Just like that? I mean, she told me you guys only broke up a couple of weeks ago.”

“That’s true,” he said and smiled, glancing down at my cock and giving his a quick squeeze and a few slow strokes. “But I’m guessing she didn’t mention that I’m already seeing someone?”

“She didn’t, but that’s cool. Right?”

“It’s extremely cool,” Todd said. “Becky and I met her a few days after we got back from visiting you guys in the winter. We had sex with her a few times and I just kind of fell in love with her. I felt terrible about it for a while, but when I finally sat down to admit it to Becky, she told me she was in love with you and Eva. It actually made a lot of sense. So I told her about my feelings for Rosa and we celebrated with Rosa that night, and Becky decided she was going to move back home and see what happens.”

“Wow,” I said. “That’s a much different story than I was imagining. Rosa, huh?”

“Yeah man,” he said. “She’s amazing. We were all really disappointed she couldn’t make it to meet everyone.”

“And she doesn’t mind you taking a trip across the country with your ex-girlfriend and doing all of the things we do here at the lake?”

“Will, my man,” he chuckled, moving over to me and resting a hand on my shoulder. “Do you think I would be with someone who didn’t love this kind of life?”

“Good point,” I said.

His hand was still on my bare shoulder and I realized how close together our cocks were. Todd’s was the first cock I had ever sucked and it occurred to me how delicious it looked.

“By the way, Will,” he said. “Your cock looks fucking fantastic.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Yours too.”

“Mind if I suck it a little?”

“WILL!” Eva and Becky cried together from down the hall. “GET IN HERE!”

Todd and I chuckled. “Wanna come help me fuck my girlfriends?” I asked.

* * *

“Give me that big fucking cock, Todd,” Eva moaned as he started to stuff his prick into her pussy.

I pumped my throbbing fuck-rod deep into Becky’s pussy from behind while she muffled her own cries of pleasure by sucking on Eva’s incredible tits.

Jack and Sophie had told us to make it quick, and they were already preparing breakfast. Todd and I had already switched back and forth a few times, each of us bringing Eva and Becky to powerful orgasms with our cocks, and now we were both slot oyna hurtling toward the finish line.

Becky and Eva had been warming up since the sounds of us stuffing Sophie’s holes had woken them up. When Todd and I arrived in the room, Becky was slurping noisily on Eva’s pussy with her ass pointed back toward the door, giving us a wonderful view of her own pussy and asshole and her big tits swinging beneath her. The girls were mildly surprised to see Todd, but thrilled when we made them wait a few seconds for us to join them on the bed when we each took a moment to slowly suck the other’s cock.

Now as I worked my cock deep in Becky’s juicing pussy she raised her head and her howls of delight were no longer muffled by Eva’s breasts. I pulled Becky’s hair with one hand and grabbed one of her tits with the other and fucked her hard while we watched Todd grab onto Eva’s tits and pound her pussy as hard as he could with his big thick cock.

“Oh fuck baby I’m gonna fucking cum again!” Becky cried.

“Fucking cum in me, Todd!” Eva screamed. “FUCK ME!”

Becky pussy clenched down hard on my cock just as my balls started to churn and pump, and we gasped and thrashed together as her pussy covered my cock with her cum and I filled her with mine. Todd and Eva were right behind us, and I watched as well as I could in my orgasmic haze as he pulled his big cock out of Eva’s pussy and shot long thick ropes of cock cream all over her huge tits and up and down her stomach. Eva’s pussy squirted right along with him, wetting his balls and the underside of his cock and his pumping hand while he covered her with his cum.

I eased my cock out of Becky’s cunt and watched my cum dribble down the insides of her thighs as she fell to licking Todd’s cum off of Eva’s tits and stomach and pussy. Todd and I watched, both of our cocks glistening with girl-cum and still rock hard and pointing straight up in the air.

We ate breakfast this way, joining the naked Jack and Sophie in the kitchen. Becky and Eva both sucked Jack’s cock for a few seconds before sitting at the table, and Sophie sucked Eva’s cum off of Todd’s cock before turning to likewise clean Becky’s off of mine.

“So shall we just stay around the cabin and fuck all day today?” Jack asked as we ate piles of eggs and bacon and pancakes. None of us had realized how hungry we were until we sat down and I don’t think I’d ever seen anyone at the table eat as much as we did that morning.

“Actually,” I said. “I was wondering if you guys wanted to take a trip on the lake today.”

I told them about Andrea and Jacob and their invitation to spend some time with them at the campground.

“That sounds pretty good to me,” Sophie said. “Then tonight we can all go back to have another dinner with Jess and Roger and all of those guys. Jess and Katrina reminded me last night.”

“Celebrate the engagement lake-style?” Jack said with a grin.

Robert and Felicia came into the cabin before we were done eating, and they joined us in the breakfast feast. Both of them were still naked, and Robert sported a towering erection just like the rest of the guys. I was starting to wonder if there was a flaccid cock anywhere on this lake today.

When we finished cleaning up the dishes, Robert and Felicia announced their intention to spend the day with our neighbors in the next cabin, and Todd decided to join them once he saw the three young women piling out of the car in the next driveway over. It seemed our neighbors had company.

So we agreed to split up for the day, but Robert, Felicia, and Todd agreed that dinner with Jess and Roger was a great idea and that we’d meet back here at the cabin around five.

Our neighbors were already fucking on their lake-facing deck when we loaded the cooler onto the boat for the cruise down to the southern end of the lake. Jack and I were delighted to watch the three newly arrived young ladies take their clothes off when they joined Mike, Tara, Josh and Liz in the sun. Felicia led Robert and Todd through the yard by their cocks to join them.

“Almost a shame to leave,” Jack said, nodding to the deck where an orgy was in full swing by the time he started the boat’s motor.

“Indeed,” I said. “But I’m guessing the campground is going to be pretty interesting too.”

We’d put on bathing suits for the journey south, not knowing who we might run into on the open lake or the exact nudity etiquette of the campground we were visiting. Once again I found myself almost more aroused seeing Eva, Becky and Sophie in bikinis rather than naked. My cock had been hard since I’d woken up, and while it was somewhat uncomfortable trapped in my swimming trunks, it was fun knowing that my bulge was doing a good job advertising my condition.

Jack took his time cruising south over the expanse of the lake. We passed a joint around, sharpening the green of the forests on the western shore and the rolling hills beyond, and deepening the blue of the gently waving lake surface. canlı casino siteleri Nobody mentioned returning to our regular lives and jobs and beds, but there was no dread of leaving. I was excited to work out my new relationship with Becky and how that would fit in with me and Eva. Jack and Sophie had a wedding to plan and all of the excitement and stress that went along with that. But we wordlessly endeavored to relax and enjoy ourselves and not rush this last full day.

Andrea had told me her last name and a few clues to find her on Facebook so I could message her if Eva and I were going to visit. We were going to have to check in at the campground office and she and her boyfriend Jacob would meet us there. She had reacted positively to the news that I was bringing Becky, Jack, and Sophie.

We saw the buildings and docks of the campground after a half hour of cruising on the lake, and as we drew closer we began to make out people moving between the buildings and sunning themselves on a large sandy beach and swimming off the ends of the docks. The dress code appeared to be bathing suits or shorts and t-shirts, so the five of us pulled on t-shirts we’d packed as we closed the distance to an empty mooring.

The people nearest us waved or said hello as we climbed out of the boat. From the look of things, nearly everyone at the campground was Andrea’s age. She’d told me her bunkmates were all girls from her recently graduated class, so it made sense that the campground was filled with eighteen-year-olds fresh out of high school.

Nearest the lake shore were communal buildings like the mess hall, which looked like it doubled as a function hall, and a chapel, which once again clashed with the idea of life on the lake. This was a campground run by a church, and it was currently filled with graduates of a Christian school, one of whom I had fucked last night while she told me about her boyfriend and bunkmates.

The first familiar face was waiting for us in the administrative building. Sarah I had also met and fucked last night at the bonfire. Today her big tits and plump ass were hidden inside a white t-shirt and khaki shorts not too different from the Marine Patrol uniform except for the campground logo. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail which bounced and bobbed as she moved around the room filing papers and marking calendars and working out lunch schedules.

“Will!” Sarah said as we filed into the office. “What a surprise! What brings you guys to our humble spot in the woods?”

“Hey Sarah,” I said as she came around the desk to hug me. “These are my friends, Eva, Becky, Jack and Sophie.”

“Mmm,” Sarah said. She moved to embrace Becky and kissed her on the lips and the two busty beauties let their tongues dance together. “Becky and I met last night,” she said to me with a wink before moving down the line to greet the others.

“So what can I do for you?” Sarah asked once she’d returned to her side of the desk.

“We got an invitation to visit from Andrea,” I said. “She and Jacob were supposed to meet us here, but I guess we have to check in?”

“Check in you have,” Sarah said. “I run the place, so check-ins all go through me.”

“You run the place?” a man’s voice said from the next room. He strode into the room and smiled at us and slapped Sarah on the bottom. “I thought we were a team, babe.” He was about my height and build, probably in his forties like Sarah. There was no way not to notice that his cock was hard in his shorts. It was long and thick and pointed off to his left, trapped against his body.

“If you ever did any work around here I might be willing to call you my assistant,” Sarah said and laughed when he tried to slap her ass again. “This is my husband John. John, these are visitors. They’re here to see Andrea and Jacob.”

“Excellent!” John said and he made his way around to shake our hands and get our names. “Were you guys all at the bonfire last night? Some of you look vaguely familiar.”

“Yeah I bet,” Eva giggled. She grabbed John’s obviously erect cock through his shorts. “This cock feels vaguely familiar too.”

“Oh that’s right,” John chuckled. “I just didn’t recognize you with clothes on, Eva.”

“Speaking of clothes,” Sarah said once we’d all been introduced to her husband. “Let me just go over the few campground rules during Graduates Week. All of the kids staying with us this week are over eighteen, and nobody under eighteen is allowed to visit, but I think we’re all set on that, right?”

We all nodded.

“Another thing to keep in mind is that while we have a lot of fun here, this is not quite the free-for-all that the bonfire usually is. Less than half of the kids even attended the bonfire and not all of them are really here for non-stop sex. I know what happens on this lake every summer, and believe me, a lot of sex happens at this campground, but the kids are taking a week to decide at their own pace whether this kind of life is good for them or not. So I’m going to have to ask all five of you not to initiate anything sexual with anybody at this campground. If they initiate with you, then by all means, have fun. But let the campers take the initiative. Got it?”

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