Another Wednesday Ch. 2

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This is a continuation of the story Another Wednesday. It is also related to the story Home Early on a Wednesday. Feedback is appreciated.

* * * * *

The house is darker than outside and it takes my eyes a moment to adjust. I see her standing in the dining room, beckoning me. I want her. I can never remember my cock being so hard, so ready. As I approach her she smiles and kisses me.

“I’m your little slut. I’ll do whatever you tell me,” she says.

I know what she wants. She has spent her life behaving nicely, speaking nicely…being nice. Right now, she doesn’t want that. She wants bad, dirty, wild, unplanned, urgent sex. She wants to break some of the rules she has lived her life by. Yet she wants to be ordered to do it, told to be bad, perhaps, so that in the morning, there will be no guilt, just the pleasant afterglow of the act itself.

“Bend over the table,” I instruct her. “Rest your face and tits on the table.”

She complies immediately. I caress her arse for a moment with the hardness of my cock. Then I guide my cock into her pussy, with aching slowness for both of us. Inch by hard inch I enter the tightness of her, both of us feeling every slight, slow movement. Never before have I entered her this slowly in one single thrust. It is like a punishment, a torture to be endured, yet enjoyed. It takes many seconds of this one single, lingering push before I am completely inside her and my balls sway heavily against her. It simply makes me need her with a compelling urgency that I cannot control.

I fuck her. Hard. Deep. Fast. We both moan and she grips the sides of the table as I ram my cock into her. I have never fucked her like this before, so completely uncontrolled. She groans and tries to speak but her words merge together and become a single, long cry of pleasure. I know that I cannot fuck her like this for long, the sensation of it and the knowledge of it is too intense. Yet I want to prolong this event, draw it out, and I decide that I will not cum just yet. I pull out of her, breathing hard.

“No. no. Don’t stop,” she says. “It felt amazing. I’ve never been taken like that before.”

“Go over to the couch,” I order and she looks at me briefly, nods obediently and makes her unsteady way into the living room. I follow, slowly, allowing myself time to retreat from the brink of orgasm.

I instruct her to lean over the high, wide, padded arm of the couch, so that her face is pressed against the seat and her feet are off the floor. Best of all, her arse is raised to the perfect height. I lightly put my hands over the curve of her bottom, caressing the soft escort bayan skin. I slide my hands down to her thighs and part them wide. She is thrown across the arm of the couch now, helpless and completely available to me.

I enter her once more, as slowly as I can, another single, gradual thrust that curls her toes. But once I am conpletely inside her pussy, I can no longer control my need and I fuck her hard once again. In this position my cock thrusts into her at a new angle and she moans her delight.

“Yes, I feel so bad being taken like this,” she says, breathlessly.

“Does it make you feel like a slut,” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah, such a bad slut,” she manages weakly, drunkenly. Her face is pressed against the cushion as her body is jolted by the force of me fucking her.

“I’ve been thinking about fucking you in this position for a long time,” I confess. It seems almost unreal but I am actually doing it, just as I fantasized, and she is enjoying it even more than my imagination had allowed.

“The first time we got this couch, she says, pausing, panting, as I ram into her again, “I imagined you doing this to me.” Another pause, another hard thrust. “Why did we wait so long?”

It is a question that has no answer. But it triggers the same thought in both of us and she voices it before I have a chance.

“Show me the other ones you think about,” she says. “How else do you want to take me?”

I pull out of her, my mind a fury of long-imagined fantasies. I help her back to her feet.

“Kitchen bench,” I say, amd she understands immediately. We go into the kitchen and she sits on the edge of the bench, leaning back, making herself available to me. I enter her, once again slowly, but then, after that first stroke I ram myself into her hard. Her head strikes the spice rack on the wall and several bottles and jars clatter from the rack and bounce noisily on the bench beside her.

“I love the thought of having sex in the kitchen. I think about it a lot some days,” she says.

I fuck her until I feel close to orgasm and it is time to move on.

“Coffee table,” I say, and we move to the living room. She sits on the edge of the coffee table, legs parted, arms out to embrace me. I drop to my knees and we follow our now-familiar pattern. I enter her as slowly and deliberately as I can manage, then we do it as hard and fast as we can. In this position I feel her nipples rubbing against my chest with each thrust. Very soon, I can manage no more without losing control. She is barely in control herself and each new dikmen escort position seems to leave her frustratingly close to orgasm before I stop.

“Where next,” she says, impatient, but wanting more places, more positions.

“Armchair,” I decide and I help her to her feet before I sit down in the wide, deeply padded armchair. She immediately straddles me, knees on the chair, breasts bouncing against my face. This time it is her turn to control the pace but she follows my lead, very slowly sinking down on my cock until after several long seconds it fills her completely. Then she rises and falls urgently, riding me to orgasm almost immediately.

“Oh…this one makes me cum,” she says, barely audible. I feel her pussy tighten around me as her legs shake, her orgasm shuddering through her. Then after holding me deep inside herself as her ecstasy subsides, she begins a slow gyration of her hips, rubbing her breasts against my face.

“Mmm, I love cumming in that position,” she says. Her hair is wild and I can see the drunken abandon in her eyes as she looks at me. “Where next?” she asks, and I know that she is not satisfied yet.

“The floor,” I say, ticking it off my mental list.

She slides onto the wooden floor and kneels, waiting for me to join her. “You want me on my hands and knees don’t you?” she says.

“Yes,” I say, and I am quickly on my knees sliding into her slowly. I can thrust very deeply in this position and she feels it, moaning encouragement. I hold her hips and control her movements as I take her. I run my hands up her back, holding her shoulders, pulling her to me, pushing myself deeper.

“Make me cum again,” she pleads. “I’m close.” She lowers her head and shoulders to the hard wooden floor, as I thrust in.

I know that I am close to orgasm now and I want her to cum once more first. I slide my hand under her and find her hard clitoris. She responds immediately, wildly. My finger rubs her clitoris hard as she moans and swirls her hips in desperate circles.

“Yes, you’re making me cum again.” She groans and collapses onto the floor. I pull out of her and she wimpers at the loss of the cock filling her. I have no choice. I am too close myself and I want to witness her pleasure before I take my own. She is exhausted, the evening’s exertions and alcohol taking their toll.

She sits up and appraises my hard cock. “I want you to cum. However you want. Tell me and I’ll do it,” she says.

“Outside again,” I tell her quietly. She nods and I guide her back into the courtyard coolness. We stand ankara otele gelen escort and hug, the breeze a delight after all our action inside the house. For a few seconds I raise my head to the clear sky, hold her, this beautiful, intelligent woman and thank the night that she is my wife. And I thank the stars that she is drunk and adventurous and feeling wicked. And I thank the moon that moments like this make up for all the routine and predictability and sameness of life.

“I’ll do anything you want,” she repeats. “Just tell me.”

“I love you…I want to cum on you,” I say.

She smiles and nods. “Will you cum on my breasts and on my neck?” she asks.

“No,” I say. “On your face.”

“You’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, haven’t you?” she says.

“A long time,” I agree.

She kisses me lightly on the lips and holds me close for a moment. Softly, she whispers in my ear, “I want you to cum on my face. I want it as much as you do. To show just how much I love you.” She lowers herself to her knees, hands resting on my thighs, then she kisses my cock and smiles up at me.

I take my cock in my hand, feeling the hot throb of my heartbeat through the hard shaft, feeling the aching need for release in my balls. I stroke slowly up and down as I watch her, watch that face I have loved for so long now. Her eyes follow the movements of my hand then meet my gaze. Each stroke takes me closer, and closer until the need is unbearable.

I moan and she looks at me expectantly. I feel the tightening in my balls, the tensing of my thighs and the explosion of pleasure in my mind. I hold my cock and see the first hot jet of semen pump glistening from the tip and splash in thick cords onto her cheek. A second more powerful burst erupts from my cock and covers her lips and chin. Then another and another and another and another. Each time my semen spurts onto her face. Some drips off her chin to her breasts, some from her lips onto her tongue. She holds my gaze, taking my cum, indulging me. I love her more than ever. She takes me in her mouth, sucking the last of my semen from my softening cock.

I stand there a moment and look at her, this astounding woman, a woman that I thought I knew completely but who now leaves me intrigued anew. She licks some of the pearls of cum from her lips and gets unsteadily to her feet.

We smile at each other. There is so much we could say, but we say nothing. In fact it is minutes later, laying together in bed before either of us feels the need to speak. The house is locked, lights out, our son checked. She has cleaned her face and lies snuggled close to me.

“All those fantasies we’ve both had for so long,” she says, “Let’s share them from now on.”

“Absolutely,” I respond.

There is silence for a few moments. Then she kisses me and soon after I hear the steady deep breathing of sleep. I smile, hold her close to me and allow myself to drift into sleep as well.

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