Another Off Road Adventure: Locomotion

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Dave chuckled aloud

“You got that right! We will do this again. Next time it’s the locomotive”

They kissed longing one more time and left in separated directions.

End of part one


“Rinnnnggggggg Rinngggggggggg,” Dave answered the phone.

“ABC Locomotives, Dave here, can I help you?”

” Hi sexy, I’m in town wanna meet?” Rita purred into the receiver.

“Awesome babe, where are you now?” Dave asked with enthusiasm.

Rita loved to hear his voice

“About 10 mins the other side of town,” she purred into the receiver.

“Perfect. Everyone is gone for the day its all our!” Dave ranted .

“What’s ours?” Rita questioned him.

“Just get here … hurry! I can’t wait to taste you!” He replied.

“Where. At your work? Ooohhh Dave!” Rita purred, “You said we would. I just didn’t think you meant this next time! Mmmmm.”

“Get ready honey” Dave purred back, “we are going on a ride!”

Rita Giggle, “As long as I get to ride you, you can take me anywhere!”

“Gwad Rita, Hurry, I’m so hard just listening to your voice!” Dave begged her.

“Here I come babe.”

Rita closed the flip up of her phone & put her cell phone on the seat beside her. She loved his adventurous mind. That’s what attracted her to him in the first place. She drove for a couple more min and arrived at ABC Locomotives. Dave was waiting for her outside.

She drove up beside him and said, “Need a ride somewhere handsome?”

She giggles as he approached the car.

“Yes babe, that Locomotive down there!” Dave said as he opened the door and jumped in pointing to the big locomotive with the clear dome top.

“MMMMM you smell good!” she grabbed his necktie and pulled him close for a kiss.

Rita Love his soft lips. He kisses with such passion. Dave placed his hand on her cheek as his tongue search for hers.

“Lets go honey … I’m so hard. I can’t wait to feel you lips on my cock… Fuck, you know how to kiss!” Dave whispered.

Rita drove thru the treed area. Down a narrow roadway and between two separate tracks.

“Here!” Dave almost yelled.

She turned off the car and waited for him to open her door.

He took her by the hand and said, “It’s a tall step, but I’m sure I can help you up.”

He winked at her as he grinned.

Rita had his favourite Skirt (no panties) and blouse on with “HER” favourite bra .The one that pushed her tits together and made them just about fall out of her blouse. She loved the way men looked at them as they giggled when she walked by.She reached up high and placed her foot on the tall step .She hoisted her self up and stood there looking down at Dave looking up …

“Mmmmm, Mrs, I love the view from here.” Dave hissed.

Rita teased him by bending over spreading her legs so he could have a better look at her freshly shaven cunt, that was now soaking wet.

“Fuck lady you drive me nuts!” Dave laughed at her as he reached up between her legs to her cunt.

She quickly stood up and scampered to the top of the stairs. Dave was in hot pursuit after her.

” Welcome to my locomotive,” he bowed as a perfect gentleman would.

” Its big enough to be called that!” she teased him rubbing the bulge in his jeans.

He led her down a corridor and then up some stairs to the doom in the locomotive. It was beautiful. He has soft music playing, clean towels, red wine and candles lit for later as it would be dark in a couple hours. Right now, it was sunny and bright.

“You like?” he asked.

” It’s fucking awesome! Look how close we are to the road. We can fuck here all day and no one would know we were naked. I could suck your cock like this,” Rita winked at him.

She undid his fly on his jeans and pulled out his cock and his balls. Dave never wore underwear and she loved that.

Rita looked up at Dave wanting nothing more than but to please him. As she placed her hand on his cock, she felt the heat as it pulsated in her hand and she could smell his scent. This was all very pleasing to Dave’s senses of touch, taste and feel. She started to lick around the head with her tongue then flicked it and sucked on the underside. It throbbed in her hand as her tongue moved over it.

“Ummmmmm,” she moaned.

It was Bycasino hot to her tongue and she could feel it pulsate as her other hand cupped his heavy balls. They were so full and heavy with his rich hot cum. She felt the heat as the sperm inside waited to be let free as Rita’s fingernails raked across them. She smiled as he jumped and moaned from the sensations.

Rita licked down his cock as it were a lollipop, sweet, salty taste of Dave’s skin, a tasty treat to her mouth. Taking his balls, Rita suck one gently into her mouth, as her tongue massaged it then moved to the other. Rita’s hand stroked Dave’s shaft as she grasped and gently pulled causing the head to mushroom outward. Then She licked up his shaft, and around the smooth, silky head of his cock. She licked and kissed all around the head then she slowly lowered her head down his long curved cock. She swirled her tongue over the sensitive underside, sucked and stroked his shaft as she move down the length.

Dave pushed her head downward as she moved her head from side to side, as she used her tongue in a swirl motion. She sucked him deeper into her mouth, as he went further to the back of her throat. As Rita sucked she stroked his balls with her fingers, and tickled the taunt, fuzz covered skin encasing them. She felt them move around inside their sac as she massaged them with her warm hand. Her throat squeezed as she swallowed him down, as her head moved down until her chin brushed against his balls. Dave’s steel hard dick filled her mouth completely. His hips pushed upward as he buried himself even deeper into her throat.

Rita’s fingertips teased his balls as her mouth moved up and down over his throbbing, pulsating cock. Her mouth and tongue teased, tantalized and taunted him as she felt him grow even harder. Rita moved her head from side to side, as she tried not to choke or gag as his cock increased in width and length. His desire built as he moved faster in and out of her mouth, holding her in place. His breathing became louder and shorter as his left hand captured a nipple and began to pinch, pull and twist it. It went from nipple to nipple while the right held her head in place. Despite the slight pain, she increased her efforts as she ran her hands over his firm butt cheeks. She heard his voice quiver as he moaned.

“I am getting close!” Dave said, “We better slow down.”

Dave pulled his cock out of her mouth and lifted her to her feet.

“Fuck, you drive me crazy woman…. You sure know how to suck a cock!” Dave hissed at her

Rita stood in front of Dave and slowly unbuttoned her blouse to revel his favourite nipples. She pulled up her skirt to reveal no panties. She picked the seat where two where facing each other and sat down, then leaned back to expose her bald beautiful cunt

She put her right hand between her legs from the front, slid a finger into her cunt, parting her inner lips. Parted the outer lips; bald as the day she was born her legs where he could see. Parted the thin bright pink inner lips to lie out pulled back against the outer like a butterfly’s wings. Spread the inner lips wide, a vivid pink. Rita held them open for him with her fingers.

He knelt down and watched her finger her wet cunt for him. Dave wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her closer to him. He watched her eyes as he licked her. Dave licked up and down with all his tongue against the inside of her cunt. She was almost flavourless but excitingly not quite, salty, faintly fishy, like shellfish. He took one of the lips into his mouth, thin as a wafer and sucked it in, licked at it in his mouth. Then did the same with the other.

He shifted higher, to lick down over her clit. Dave flicked over the lump of the button with the tip of his tongue. Then flicked it sideways, across and across her clit from the small base half lost in the junction of her lips to the thicker bit near the tip, and then over the button of the tip half sheltered by its tiny hood of skin. Dave was very absorbed, taken over – the feel, the taste, and the intricacy of her bits, her womanly bits, excited, wet, and flowing.

She was panting and groaning a little.

“Yes Dave,” she said, deeper voiced now. “Lick me Dave, lick my cunt. I’m so wet Dave. So excited. Fuck, I love your tongue, lick me, taste me, and Bycasino giriş eat me.”

He licked and savoured and almost drank. Her cunt was sopping. He took his tongue away, held the cheeks of her ass open, bent and licked at her asshole softer now, easier to get his tongue in a little. He was in heaven. Her ass and her cunt, they were his tonight and he was going devour both. Back and forth, he licked her, from her ass to her cunt, licking her cunt juice, sucking and eating at her pussy to get the juice.

He sat up again; he slid one finger up her very wet cunt, and his thumb up her ass. Dave looked down at her more detachedly. Her bum, her cunt, her asshole, and his finger and thumb pushing in and out of her. Rita wanting it all, inviting it all, took it all.

“Suck me again Dave,” she begged.

With suddenly, urgently, he got back down, sucked.

“Suck. Suck. I’m going to come. Lick. Suck. I’m coming. Oh Dave, suck my cunt, suck my cunt, suck my cunt. I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. Oh, come, come. I’m coming, I’m coming.

She pulled his head in closer to her cunt mashing his face in her juices.

“angggggggggg…Oh Dave, fuck that is so goood!!! Ohhh yeahhh.

Dave gave a few last indulging licks over the whole surface of her cunt. He slowly slipped his fingers out of her. She moaned and shuffled sitting up a bit now. They paused to catch their breaths.

She spoke again in a quieter voice, intense.

“Dave? Fuck my cunt now please. I want your cum Dave. I want you pounding my cunt, Dave. Do you want my wet pussy milking your cock. Dave?”

“I’m going to fuck you, Rita. I’m going to put my cock in your cunt. Shoot my cum in your cunt. Then I’m going to fuck your ass.” He hissed.

He slipped his cock between her cunt lips, bending it down to her clit.

“I’m wetting my cock,” he said. “I’m wetting it in your juice.”

Dave was sliding his cock up and down in her cunt juice.

“Wet your cock, Dave. I want it nice and slippery for me. I need it up my cunt. Please Dave,” She pleaded. “Give it me. Shove it in. Shove your cock right up my cunt.”

He shifted, let his cock spring back up from her clit, held his cock and slapped her clit with his cock .The he ran his hot tip over her cunt lips and felt with its tip to find her vagina, her hole, the hole of her cunt. Nestled the tip of the cock into he soft moist opening. Dave slowly pushed his curved cock into her. She was so moist, so close, held him tight with her cunt muscles.

“Darling,” he said, “It’s lovely. So tight!”

“It’s good Dave. You’re so stiff. You’re deep into my cunt. I can feel you hitting my sweet spot”. She whimpered like a child.

He slid in, then out, then outside, sliding between her lips to her clit. Then parted them fully again to slide back into her. Deep unhurried thrusts! He looked down at her, her skirt up around her waist, her legs spread wide, and her asshole pink between her open cheeks. He slid his forefinger up her ass, pulled her back onto his cock then away.. Again, and again…hard to her sweet spot, then slowly and relaxed as he slid out.

“Oh Dave, I love your cock. Your cock right up my cunt. Ohhhhhhh Dave! Your finger up my ass, it’s lovely. Do it hard now Dave!. Do it hard. Hard Dave!, Hard!. Hit me with your balls! Fuckkkkkk, I love that!” she hissed. “I like the feeling of your balls as they hit me. I’m going to come again. I want your juice up my ass.. Will you pound my as too? Will you cum in my ass?”

His hands on the sides of her bum, holding her cheeks wide open, his finger in her ass, his cock banging her cunt, his balls slapping her bald lips , his thighs hitting hers. His cock went in and out, harder, faster, his cock throbbing, the tip trembling.

“Fuck, fuck, fucK!” he growled with each speeding stroke. “Up your cunt, deep in your cunt, Fuckkkk! Your soooooo tight!!!”

“Fuck me, fuck me! I want the world out there to know you are fucking a hot cunt!!” she exclaimed.

He felt the pressure suddenly growing. Then the throb, the burst, the release, the long flow.

“Ahhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrgggggggg ffuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkk! Yes, yes, yes yesssss!” Dave growled as he came.

Dave fell beside Rita, both panting hard.

“Chrissssssssst, that was hot!!!”Dave said gasping Bycasino deneme bonusu for air.

It was getting darker now the candles were flickering in the night .The cars that were oblivious to us before can see the candles and us drawn to look closer at what was there.Dave and Rita chatted for hours, drank their wine and munched on grapes, crackers and cheese, that Dave had set up for them. They kissed; touched and caressed each other as they devoured each others company.

“Well, Hun I guess I should push off now!” Rita said sadly.

“But I’m not done yet baby. Dave said as he stroked her face.

“Tonight is all about you”, he stated, “Wouldn’t it be nice fuck your ass on the Locomotive under the stars?”

He laid her on the seat and planted hot kisses down her skin. He gently turned her to her belly and caressed her body with hot tongue. He licked and twirled his tongue that sent shivers thru Rita. He got to the cheeks of her ass and devoured them with kisses and little bites, slowly, until he got to the crack of her beautiful ass. Dave pulled her to her knees and spread her cheeks wide. She didn’t know how but his tongue reached from her clit all over her lips to her asshole. Gwad she was floating. What was he doing to her? She really didn’t care is felt so good!!! She knew how much he loved fucking her tight ass. His mouth circle her ass and the juices ran from her cunt to help lubricate her ass. Dave also kept some gel around to help him get in when he was so horney and too big for her.

“Mmmmmmmmm, yeahhhh that’s is baby. Lick me … get me ready for that beautiful cock,” she encouraged him.

He fingered her ass for what seemed ever ,but the fact he enjoyed watching what he was doing made it all the better .

Dave knew she was ready. She relaxed so well .He slowly pushed in further. Inch after inch, his cock went in, until her ass cheeks made contact with his body. Rita was breathing hard, but she seemed fine…. She definitely was fine. Dave’s cock was really inside her ass, and it was in up to the hilt. The sight of Rita’s expanded asshole around his cock was unbelievable, and the feeling of her warm ass engulfing his cock was even more unreal. Gently, he pulled his cock out until only the head was in. Dave then started to push in again, slowly but steadily building up a rhythm. They started to moan so obviously; it wasn’t half bad for her either. His cock was going in and out of her ass now, and after a few minutes, Rita was even pushing back her ass at him. He started to pick up some speed when he noticed Rita was spread even further. That evoked quite a reaction.

“Oh fuck, yeah…. fuck me faster…fuck my ass faster! Rita moaned into the pillow.

Dave grabbed that wonderful ass of hers and started pushing in and out quite quickly, and Rita was really getting into it. After a few minutes of fucking, she pushed her ass back every time Dave pushed into her, her moans now little yelps and screams.

“Fuck….fuck…yeah….that’s so good….I can’t believe it….fuck me harder!” she screamed

Dave was in frenzy. He was amazed he could hold on for so long, since he had thought he would shoot his load just from looking at her open ass. He was really fucking her ass hard now. Dave pushed his cock in with one stroke and did that repeatedly. Suddenly, Rita cried out.

“Fuck …I’mmmmm cummmmming. Oh my god….I’m cumming….that’s soooo crazy….I’m Cumming!” she screamed into the pillow.

Dave wanted her to yell so the passer-by’s would look in and see him fucking her ass! Dave rammed his cock as hard as he could into Rita’s ass, and felt her spasm like hell. Rita screamed and moaned and he knew she was just having the orgasm of a lifetime.

“Oh fuck…. I’m squirting…. I’m fucking squirting!” Rita screamed.

She was right. There was a fucking torrent coming from her pussy. She had never ever before squirted that hard. That did it for Dave. He pushed his cock into her wonderful round ass for one last time and shot his load.


He collapsed on her body. The room reeked of sex, and a large puddle had formed just underneath Rita’s pussy.

“OOOOOO my Gwadddddd … You came so Hard Rita!! I couldn’t hold back anymore!!” Dave said panting and collapse beside her.

” Your one hellava fucker you know!”Rita complemented him as she stroked his sweaty head that lay on her tits.

“Toooooooot toooooooooooooot” was all he could say!

They giggled…. as the quiet set in they fell asleep until the wee hours of the morning.

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