Another Mom , Son , Camera Story Ch. 04

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Yes, there are many Mom & Son camera stories on Literotica. Yes they are often similar, this one is mine. If you do not enjoy this subject matter do not read it.

This episode is the fourth chapter of my story.


I reached over to grab the camera, trying not to dislodge my cock from mom’s ass. Succeeding, I lifted my body a little and snapped a couple of one handed shots aimed at mom’s ass, inches of my cock visible. I collapsed gently onto mom’s back dropping the camera onto the patio, with a clunk.

“Aaahh, this feels so good,” and I meant it. My semi hard penis was slowly losing blood until it slid out of mom’s ass with a quiet gasp. I’m not sure if it was the sound of the camera hitting the ground or my cock exiting mom’s ass that caused mom to speak.

“Sweetie, what have we done?” Ah-oh said my brain.

“Mom we’ve done nothing, we love each other, let’s go inside & eat.” Panic was almost noticeable in my voice (because I was panicking).

“Son, we can not, must not, what have we, ohhhh god.” Having heard mom regret sex with me a couple of times over the last few hours, perhaps I did not take her comments seriously enough.

“Mom, I love you, let’s take a shower, I’ll scrub your back.”

“Son, get off me, NOW, please.” Truth was I was up and trying to put a towel around mom’s naked body as she spoke. By the time she said her next words I was through the patio door into the house, camera in hand. I only heard her because the door stayed open and she was speaking louder than usual.

“Son, give me that camera now, it is evil, we can never have physical, sexual contact ever again, I don’t want to see you…”

There was more but I was climbing stairs 3 at a time and listening to voices in my head; motherfucker you just fucked mom, in every hole, 3 times on a Sunday. Damn that was unbelievable, and you better remember every second because it ain’t happening again. And you may be sleeping at the ‘Y’ tonight.

By 6 o’clock in the evening, locked in my bedroom things appeared to have died down. I plugged the camera battery in to recharge, took a shower and listened from behind my door to the rest of the house, trying to hear any traces of mom.

I had heard little since her shouted comments as I zoomed up the stairs, hours earlier. Couple of doors closing, running water (shower), murmur of a voice (hers), presumably on the phone, then pretty much silence. Mom had not spoken to me or tried my bedroom door.

By seven, still nervous, unable to stay in my room, even though I had enough photos of mom on my hard drive to masturbate all night, I headed out.

Quietly as I could, I snuck from the house, no sign of mom, went to the closest pub and spent my last few pounds drinking beer until closing time.

The house was silent when I returned; I slept, ‘left the house early Monday. I withdrew cash from my “never touch” savings account so I could go straight to the pub after work every night of the week, getting home late, sleep, shower, early start the next day.

It appeared mom was home during the week, only because on a couple of evenings, I could detect old cooking smells wafting through the house. Wednesday night I noticed my camera, in its case, sitting on the coffee table in the living room. Mom must have taken it from my bedroom. I did not touch.

Friday night, I drank a little more, staggered home a little later & went to bed. Never saw mom. To be honest I drank a lot more on Friday night. A group of my friends and I had a blast.

I jerked awake just before midday Saturday, aware something had woken me. Mom had yelled out and slammed the front door closed. Sitting up, noting I had only a minor hangover and recalling her words before the door closed.

“Bye honey, see you later.” To be fair this was no deductive spectacular. Truth was I usually drank a lot on Friday nights & woke late. Mom slammed the front door and shouted out when she went shopping, nearly every Saturday.

Still, it felt good; we appeared to at least be speaking, even if not face to face.

My morning erection felt particularly hard and optimistic as I grasped it lovingly.

At 6:30pm Saturday evening, Dr. Who was on the brink of saving everyone. I was lounging on the big ‘L’ shaped sectional in the living room; I heard a thump against the front door, a giggle, ‘key being used and the door opened.

Mom’s older sister by 2 years, just as hot as mom, wearing a red bikini tripped into the hallway, followed immediately by mom.

“Hello boy, whatyadoin” asked (actually slurred) Aunt Pru. I do not know what her full name is. I had asked if it was Prudence and been told no, call me Pru, so many times I had stopped asking mom or aunt Pru. She nearly always called me boy or little man, kinda annoying but she was beautiful with bigger tits & ass than mom. Looking at her body, swaying Isparta Escort as she walked into the living room, she might have a hotter body than mom.

Aunt Pru always looked good, great cleavage, bare legs and/or shoulders, demanding everyone look at her very hot body. Unfortunately we did not see her very often, mom I had spent the entire visit trying to peer down her blouse looking for even more boobage than she was already showing. Looking back, I realized I had not left mom & Pru alone for a second, too busy perving. They had talked generalities and Pru had left.

As mom began speaking, I had an awakening of consciousness. Mom had not started showing cleavage 2 Saturdays ago (when this story series started) but on the previous Sunday. The day after aunt Pru had stopped by and I had spent the entire 2 hours trying to check out her breasts and legs (mostly her breasts) in front of mom. Even during the week mom had been flashing skin, nothing wank-worthy but the first skin in 6 months, I realized, until this second, I had not noticed.

“Sweetie, I asked how you were, what have you been doing today?” Mom sounded normal & politely interested.

“Nothing much mom, football game, tidied my room, watching TV. Where have you been?” Pru spoke up in a loud I’ve been drinking voice.”

“Boy, we’ve been at that pervert Smith’s pool party. What a piece of shit he is”

“Pru, don’t cuss in front of..”

“What the fuck sis, that man is unbelievable.” Mom moved next to Pru, put her arm around her waist, presumably to steady her swaying body and change the conversation. Neither mission was successful.

“No sis, I know you warned me and wore that granny swimsuit. That dirty old man would not leave me alone. He followed me into the bathroom and only left when someone announced two of the teenagers in the pool were topless.”

I looked at mom to see the white swimsuit from last week. She was wearing unfamiliar shorts and a tee shirt, judging from the movement of her body inside the fabric, no swimsuit, no bra and as I would soon discover, no panties.

“Ladies you look fantastic,” I volunteered, realizing they were starting to turn away.

“Thank you sweetie,” cooed mom, twisting to face me. She turned Pru’s body because her arm was still around her.

“Hey sis, don’t hurt me, thanks boy. Hey why don’t you take a photograph of your mom & me, we look great together.” She gestured towards the camera case sitting on the table.

“Oh no sis that’s not a good idea,” started mom.

“Bullcrap, sis, we look great”

“No Pru, we do look great, especially you, your body gets better every year but I’m not sure photographs are a good idea.” Mom the suck up, she was doomed.

“What the hell sis, we’ve had that fucking pervert Smith taking pictures of us all afternoon, from some pretty weird angles, why can’t we have the boy take nice pictures of family?”

“Boy, get the camera.” I was up and unpacking the camera before mom could start her sentence. I was sure mom was determined to put a stop to any picture taking after the events of last weekend.

“Pru, I am sorry, we can’t have my son taking our pictures and I really can’t tell you why.” The second half of the sentence was spoken in a whisper as mom realized how weird it sounded.

Pru looked at mom, with a deservedly puzzled expression, shrugged, removed mom’s arm from her waist, moved back and grabbed mom from behind in a bear hug. Mom’s arms were by her sides.

“Boy, take our picture now please.” Pru had seen I was ready, camera on, (still fully charged), aiming the lens at them. Mom was not happy.

“What the hell, Pru, let me go, you better let go or,”

“Or what little sister? What ya gonna do?” Pru’s voice turned mean, I could hear 30 years of sisters playing, fighting and god knew what else, in those words. Plus a few afternoon drinks in the hot sun added to the tension.

“I fucking lent you my shorts & shirt after you swam and half the party found out your $300 swimsuit was see-through after it got wet.” Wow, my cock got some blood thru it. I snapped one picture of their faces, mom glowered at me, I stopped, poised but motionless.

“Pru, I’m sorry, I really appreciate you lending me your clothes,”

“Yeah sister, I gave up my clothes for you, so that fucking pervert could spend the next couple of hours following me like a fucking shadow, with a camera.”

“Pru, you loved it, you love attention, you always have, the boys at school,” tried mom.

Aunt Pru growled and lifted mom’s tee shirt up. Mom’s trapped arms visibly tried to stop the travel, Pru was pretty strong, she lifted the shirt until the bottom of mom’s tits appeared.

“Pru stop, please stop.” Pru lifted the shirt to bare mom’s tits and stopped only after pulling the shirt over mom’s face.

“Take a photograph, little man,” so Isparta Escort Bayan I did. Mom’s tits still looked great. Her sister’s arms and body behind mom in the shot, added to the excitement. My cock was hard. It was pointing straight at the two women. It was not little.

“Boy take another photo, your mom looks hot don’t you think?” As I took the pic, mom’s legs bent at the knees forcing Pru to either hold her weight or let go. Pru kept hold of the tee shirt. Then mom was sitting on the floor topless, her breasts bouncing from the impact, I snapped a pic.

“Son, no more you’ve got to stop,” yelled mom. Then aunt Pru was on her. They both fell to the carpet, Pru on top, her ass looked great, bikini fabric buried in her crack, flesh tanned & firm.

I quickly realized this was more than gentle wrestling. Mom was slapping aunt Pru on her sides, arms and face. Pru was trying to grab both arms and stop the hitting. Flesh was moving as their bodies tussled, I could see occasional flashes of mom’s boobs as Pru moved her body.

Then Pru moved too far to one side, suddenly mom was sitting on top after flipping their bodies.

“Now big sister, how do you like being on the bottom? How about I take your bikini top off?”

“You wouldn’t dare,” snarled Pru, underestimating mom who grabbed the front of the bikini and pulled hard. Mom kept pulling until I heard a snap and the bikini was off. Considering Pru was on her back, her tits looked great. Bigger & sitting up more than moms. I gasped at their beauty.

“Son perhaps you should take a photo of someone else’s tits, for a change,” in the same snarl Pru had just used. I was on the job snapping some close ups of Pru’s breasts and then pulling out to include mom’s beautiful breasts in the shot.

“Son, you better not be taking pics of my tits, how about you shoot your aunt’s pussy.”

Mom put her arm behind her and waggled it around trying to reach Pru’s crotch.

“You better not little sister,” muttered Pru as she started squirming under mom. Mom’s tits moved frantically as their bodies fought for control. Mom had Pru’s arms trapped against her own body, held in place by her knees allowing mom to use both arms.

Mom shifted her body a little, leaned back and grabbed Pru’s bikini bottoms. There was a squeal from Pru, and then mom threw the red fabric across the room.

“Son, get some shots of that pussy, how does it look?” Pretty sure that was a rhetorical question; I moved in to snap some pics of my aunts shaved smooth pussy lips. She had a small diamond shape of hair above her vagina well away from her lips. Her labia was engorged, a little moisture was visible near the base of her pussy.

“You better not be taking photographs of my vagina little man,” snarled Pru trying to move her head either side of mom’s topless upper body. I kept taking photos of aunt Pru’s pussy from behind mom. God this was hot. I reached into my shorts to grab my cock and squeeze it, jacking it a couple of times. I pushed my shorts waistband down below my cock & balls to make the grabbing easier. My cock stood proud, pointing at mom & her sister.

“Big sister, my son will take photographs of whatever I tell him, I remember when we were young whoever was in charge gave the orders. Son take some close ups of Pru’s pussy please. I’m in charge Pru, I tell people what to do.” Mom sounded a little crazy, I didn’t care this was great.

‘Urrggh, dammit get off me.” growled wiggling Pru as I moved in behind mom, for close ups of Pru’s very wet, very sexy looking vagina. 5 pictures in, mom suddenly flew sideways off Pru, hitting the sofa hard, then Pru was standing, towering over me as I looked up, camera in hand.

“You little shit, I’m in charge now.” Naked Pru looked unbelievable. I peered up at her proud breasts, tight stomach and long sexy legs. I could smell pussy as I glanced at her crotch.

“Yes ma’am.”

“And pull those shorts off you look ridiculous.” That was Pru pointing at my cock & balls sticking out from on top of my shorts. I slid them down my legs and kicked them away.

“Take off the shirt too.” So I did. I was now naked in our living room with naked aunt Pru & topless mom, who was trying to crawl away over the back of the sofa. Pru grabbed the shorts that were barely covering mom’s ass, obviously a size too big, they slid down mom’s hips. Pru pulled them off, threw them across the room and muttered.

“Boy you had better be taking photos of your mother’s pussy.” She grabbed mom’s now naked hips, then thighs and pulled her back towards us. Mom fought hard, grasping at the sofa back, and seat cushions. Pru got a grip around mom’s waist and pulled mom onto her as she slid to the carpet, butt on the ground. I was taking photos of both of them, naked skin touching comparing bodies she looked more muscular. This tussle did not last long.

Aunt Escort Isparta Pru was lying on her back on the carpet with mom lying on top of her also on her back. Pru held mom’s arms in a head lock. Her arms were over her head, breasts completely bare, flopping as she struggled. My aunt had her legs locked on the inside of mom’s legs, calves hooked over mom’s shins forcing both women’s legs apart, mom unable to move. Both vaginas were completely bare, legs pulled wide apart, my mom lying on top of Pru, both on their backs. Damn, they looked hot.

My camera snapped shots as I captured the unbelievable sight of wide open labia, both wet and splayed open. The aroma of pussy wafted around me, my cock was like a rock, then Pru said.

“Boy I am in charge, I want you to put a finger in your mother, NOW.”

“Pru, this is crazy, stop it please. You can’t be serious, I’m his mother not his girlfren..” I put the camera down and moved in on the hottest scene I had ever seen, (sorry).

Two of my fingers slid into mom’s gapping pussy. It was so wet & wide I slid in a third finger.

“Ohhh mmmmmm,” gasped mom.

“Really sis? Questioned Pru.

“Boy, stick your cock in there, right now.” I stood and did as aunt Pru instructed.

My cock was momentarily resting on mom’s open lips then I leaned my body in and thrust my cock inside mom.

“Ohhhh yeaah,” said Pru, as she felt the weight of my thrust into mom.

“Pru, you can’t have my son sticking his cock into me, that’s incest, its wrong.”

“I know sis, but remember I am in charge, it’s the rule, always has been.”

“Mmmmhhh,” said mom as I started pumping my cock in & out of her pussy. Sloshing sounds making obvious to all she was very excited. I knew mom’s juices had to be dripping onto Pru’s vagina positioned underneath mom. That sexy thought alone redoubled my action.

Couple of minutes in, mom’s concerns about her son fucking her as she lay spread-eagled on top of her equally hot sister in our living room appeared allayed by the sex. Mom was groaning & moaning, making every sound that said, don’t stop I love it.

“Boy, stop fucking your mom’s pussy,” commanded Pru.

“Stick it in her mouth.”

‘Pru no, you can’t make me suck him off.”

“It’s okay little sister, you don’t have to do anything. He’ll be fucking your throat.”

I moved away from the twin crotches of my mom & her sister and kneeled over mom’s face leaning on the sofa for support. Mom had her mouth closed as my cock bumped against her lips. Pru’s face was below mom, a little to the side so she could see me trying to penetrate mom’s mouth.

“Sister you had better let him in, or..” as she spoke I saw Pru’s legs tighten and pull mom’s legs further apart as she tensed muscle. I was pretty sure mom’s legs could splay further apart; the pain of the grip ensured Pru got her way.

Mom’s mouth popped open, my cock slipped in. I juggled with the correct angle for a couple of pumps then found my rhythm. Mom put her tongue on the base of her mouth as I fucked her. There was no room for subtlety, I was following orders fucking mom’s throat.

The pause in the action had reduced my need to cum. As I pounded mom’s mouth I knew the need was coming back.

“Mmmmmhhh,” gasped mom as I slowed my pumping, not wanting to cum yet. Pru was not impressed.

“Don’t stop little boy, fuck that throat.” Mom was still lying on top of Pru locked in a wrestler’s grip, arms in a head lock, legs held apart. Pru was one tough lady holding mom’s weight and controlling mom’s arms & legs while I fucked 2 of mom’s holes.

Then everything changed.

Mom threw her head back for the umpteenth time, maybe Pru was tiring maybe mom caught it just right. Pru screamed in pain as the back of mom’s head hit her nose, mom bounced her body down onto Pru and she was free. Mom turned fast, dropping her hip into Pru’s crotch and slapped the side of her sister’s head with a closed fist.

Pru started to close her body in obvious pain as mom kicked her hard in the stomach and then dropped her body onto Pru’s stomach in a double slam. Pru curled up fast with an abbreviated scream of pain. Mom leaned down, tits hanging in a very sexy pose as she kneeled on Pru’s body screaming very specific issues.

“How dare you tell my son to fuck me, how dare you have him fuck my throat, you fucking bitch, in case you’ve forgotten, you are gonna find out what it feels like.” Hmm, said my brain to my cock.

Mom rapidly & roughly maneuvered Pru onto her knees facing me, mom stood behind her, put her arms in a head lock, same as Pru had held her 3 minutes earlier except Mom had Pru kneeling, legs apart, mom standing holding her arms aloft in a powerful grasp.

“Sweetie put your cock in my sister’s mouth and fuck it, please.” Mom asked politely.

“You bitch, you know I don’t suck cock, you had better,” started aunt Pru and then my cock was in, I could feel her teeth closing on my cock.

“Whoo, I’m not losing my cock mom.” I pulled out. Mom changed her position and I felt her tense her arms behind Pru. Pru squeeled.

“Sister I will break your arms if you do that again.”

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