Another Late Night Ch. 02

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I’m pressed up against my wooden desk. My eyes are closed, my head back, my long dark hair loose around me. Staci has one hand on my ass, squeezing and kneading, while her right hand holds my drenched pussy lips apart. I’m almost dripping, the result of watching her fuck her own gorgeous pussy just moments ago. I spread my legs slightly further to allow her room to explore my folds. I feel her breath on my cunt. She is taking in my aroma. I moan in expectation. She is driving me wild with anticipation.

At last, I feel her warm tongue against my slit. She runs it all the way up, then all the way down past my waiting entrance to the tight little hole of my ass. I feel like melting against her. I open my eyes to gain composure.

She starts to kiss my clit, sucking it gently. Then suddenly she begins devouring me. She is sucking and licking my pussy with a passion. She moves her stiff tongue in and out of my tight hole like a little prick. I almost scream with pleasure. I watch her eating out my sweet pussy. Her eyes closed, her face drenched with my juices. What beauty.

I then gasp as she shoves two fingers deep inside me. She starts pounding me with her fingers. Then she takes my pussy lips in her mouth sucks and pulls back, looking up at me. She flattens her tongue and still looking at me, presses it against my clit and moves it in a wave motion. I am still being fucked hard by her two fingers, I begin to buck against her and she takes my clit in her mouth. Oooohh, I don’t know how much longer I can hold back. I begin to feel the heat rise in my body.

She feels my desire, I can see a gleam in her eye and she moves her other hand from my ass and brings it to her mouth, she sucks her finger, getting it nice and wet. Then she slowly inserts Anadolu Yakası Escort it into my ass, and returns her lips to my clit. I can’t take any more; I begin to pound against her fingers, two in my pussy, one in my ass, all pounding me hard and fast. I feel her suck on my clit again and I moan loudly. I begin to cum, harder and stronger than I have in a long time. My whole body trembles, I’m shaking all over. I collapse against the cool desk. I’m panting and sweating. She softly kisses my thighs, and then begins to leave a trail of kisses from my pussy to my chin.

She smiles at me; I pull her close and kiss her deeply and hungrily. She pulls away and brings her fingers to my mouth; I take them in and eagerly suck them clean. I lick up every drop of my cum from her fingers. I look at her, she has her other finger in her mouth, doing the same. A gorgeous sight. I reach over and start to rub her firm breast, pulling her tight little blouse off of her shoulders. I bring her breast completely out of all restraints. I take in the wondrous sight of her sitting bare-chested on the edge of my desk.

I reach out and grab her nipples, pulling and pinching them to attention. She moans and presses her chest out further. I start to lick her nice firm breast. But I long for more. I stand and begin to remove every last bit of clothing on her, which wasn’t much. I lay her on the soft carpet of my office. I return to licking her sweet body, my tongue traveling across her breast, down her cleavage, to her belly button.

I lick and suck her for a moment before moving to her inner thighs. I begin to leave kisses along her thighs, I pick up her leg and move it’s length covering her with my kisses and licks, I reach her sweet Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan little feet. I begin to suck on her toes. She moans and I feel goosebumps along her soft legs. I make my way up her other leg, kissing and sucking on her sweet flesh.

I get to the outside of her sweet pussy. I suck her outer lips bringing her to a load moan. She whispers to me, “Oh, lick me baby, I want you to fuck me.” So softly, her voice is sweet candy to my ears. How could I deny her? I begin to lick her sweet cunt. Oh, how delicious. I run my tongue around her wet folds. Licking and sucking her juices from her. I shove my tongue inside of her. I feel her heat and move my tongue in circles. Licking out all I could.

I start to rub her clit as I suck her pussy. She sighs loudly, and presses her sex closer to my face. I see out of the corner of my eyes, she is clingy tightly to the plush carpet under us. I am lost in the taste of her lovely pussy. I flick my tongue against her swollen little clit, and push three fingers into her pussy. She moans loudly and starts bucking against my hand. I begin to fuck her deep and hard with my hand as I continue to lick at her clit.

Suddenly I feel the walls of her pussy clench even tighter around my fingers, as though trapping them inside of her. I feel the walls around my fingers vibrate. She is panting and moaning loudly, “Yesss, oh fuck, yess!” That is all I hear as I clamp my mouth on her clit. I continue probing her and sucking on her clit until I feel her start to come down from her orgasm. I slowly thrust my fingers in and out, feeling her juices seep out, I watch as they drip down her crack. I remove my fingers, they are dripping with juices.

I smile at how much Escort Anadolu Yakası cum she gave me. She grabs my hand and sucks on my fingers bringing them all the way in and then out of her hot mouth. I smile as she lets them out. I push her knees up to her chest and go in for my rewards. I lick her juices from her pussy, sucking directly on her opening, getting a mouth full of her juices. I continue down her slit to her asshole; I lick the drops that got away. I lick her ass, and insert my tongue.

I feel her clench, and then release her ass cheeks. I wiggle my tongue inside her tight forbidden hole. She moans for more. I stick a finger into her drenched pussy bring out more of her sweet juices. Then I press against her puckered little hole slowly inserting it all the way, I wiggle it around and she clenches the carpet once more. I smile and begin to pull it out slowly, but not completely.

Again, I insert it, this time a bit rougher. She wriggles under me; I begin to feel my own juices drip from my pussy. I bring my lips again to her pussy and begin to fuck her ass harder now. She is moving in turn with my hand, meeting my thrusts as I finger her sweet asshole. I shove my tongue inside her pussy and suck on her as I fuck her. She is almost screaming now and I can see the sweat on her chest as I watch her beautiful breast heaving up and down, bouncing as I fuck her harder. I feel her ass clench my hand and she bucks even harder against me, throwing me off of her pussy.

I replace my tongue with my fingers inside her pussy. Fucking her hard in both of her tight little holes, as she cums for the third time tonight. Spent, she relaxes against the carpet, I lie down beside her. She looks at me and giggles. “Wow, if only I had known sooner. We could have done this a long time ago!” I smile at her and kiss her forehead. “It’s late we should get out of here.” She nods in agreement. We get up and quickly dress. She goes back to her desk to gather her things, I do the same. I close my office door behind me as we head out together. That night I lay in bed replaying the evening in my dreams…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32