Another Day at the Office Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

This is the third chapter in a story involving female domination and forced cross dressing, if these are not to your taste I suggest you move on to another story, but if they are then I hope you enjoy my little offering. But I do suggest you read Chapters one and two first.

I’d just like to say a big thank you to everybody who has given me encouragement to continue.


I climbed into my car to drive hope, and for a few minutes all I could do was sit there as the days events replayed in my mind. There I was sat in stockings and suspenders and a spunk filled thong. But my hardening cock told me that I would be following the instructions I had received by email earlier that afternoon, to shave all my body hair off, so that I could please my anonymous mistress.

As I stopped at the 24 hour grocery store I realised I didn’t know what I needed, never mind, I’d just have to work it out when I could see what there was.

The range was incredible, as many different razors as in the men’s section, then there was wax, depilatory creams, it looked so confusing, how do women decide what to use?. That’s when I realized that someone was stacking the shelves just along from where I was, she looked in her late teens, probably working her way through college. Then she stopped and asked if I needed any help, caught again, what to say, so I started to stutter that I’d been sent to buy something to remove body hair.

“Her’s or your’s?” she replied

Rather nervously I replied “mine”

“Well that’s fine, if its just a one off then a razor would be fine, but for longer lasting results the wax would be better. And if you want a hand doing those hard to reach places then I finish in 20 minutes and you can give me a lift home, you’ll never manage you’re back on your own, and by the way my name’s Emma”

She stood smiling at me, and my cock overtook my mind as I agreed.

I paid for the items Emma had told me to, and went and sat in my car to wait for her to finish work. As she climbed into the passenger seat she smiled and gave me directions to where she lived, she told me not to worry as her flat-mate would be away all night, so we wouldn’t be interrupted as she removed every hair from my body. Only then did it cross my mind that maybe there were things that I didn’t want her to see, I still had my new stockings on, and Zoe’s thong that I’d filled with cum at lunchtime. But it was too late to back out now, and she directed me towards her apartment.

As we walked into Emma’s apartment she offered me a drink, because I’d probably need one when she started to wax me. I nodded and said I’d have whatever she was drinking, and with that she went off to the kitchen.

When she returned, she held two???? I should have realised she probably wouldn’t be drinking beer, which was what I really wanted, but I couldn’t now turn down the glass being offered to me.

“So are we going to start on your back then, as that’s the bit you’ll find hardest?” and when I nodded She continued,” Off with your shirt then, we can’t do this fully clothed now, can we.”

Now was the moment of truth, as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, my thong encased cock getting harder every second. As I bent down to put my shirt on the floor, I could feel Emma’s hand on my back, and with a flick of her finger my suspender belt snapped back into place.

“Well what have we here? We seem to be slightly less than a man in our choice of underwear don’t we?”

All I could do was stutter, as she continued, “It looks like this little game of yours is a lot more serious than I thought, now what do you have to say for yourself little panty batman seks hikayeleri boy?”

I told her about having worn my ex-girlfriends’ thong, because nothing else had been clean, and that ever since one of my work colleagues had been blackmailing me.

“I see, I assume that means they are the ones who got you dressed like that, and they have told you to rid yourself of all that hair. Mmm, think maybe we should get you undressed now, and start getting rid of all that hair, hairy legs are never good in stockings.”

“You know, I really think they have hit upon a wonderful idea.”

And with that she started to laugh.

I could do nothing but comply with her demand that I strip off, after all I’d willingly gone home with her, so I closed my eyes, pushed my shoes off and started to undo my belt, her hand struck my ass as she told me to stop messing about and get them off, so seconds later there I was stood only in stockings and suspenders with a very stained white thong on, my reaction though was plainly evident, as my rapidly hardening cock pushed out of the thong, and pre-cum glistened on the tip.

“You can stop those thoughts RIGHT NOW, if you think I’m going to play with your little cocklet you’ve got another thing coming. Now sit still and we’ll start on your hairy chest.”

As Emma ripped the first wax strip from my chest I screamed, I couldn’t believe how painful it was just trying to please my mistress. Emma looked sympathetic, as she told me to remove the thong and stockings I was wearing, as she had an idea that would take my mind off the pain.

My mind raced, and my cock rose up as I considered what she might have in mind.

Emma held out her hand as I removed my thong and said, “You have been making a mess of these haven’t you, I think they could do with washing.”

And with that she pushed it into my mouth and told me to be quiet.

I started to protest and my hand went towards my mouth to remove the sweaty salty tasting item, but she grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back, and then told me to give her my other arm.

She then used my stockings to tie my arms behind my back.

“Right, now we have that understood, I’ll continue.”

Slowly Emma removed every trace of hair from my body and legs, leaving only that which was on top of my head.

The pain of the waxing was only dulled slightly as I tasted my creamy spunk on the thong she had used as a gag.

When she had finished she stood back and looked pleased with her efforts.

“Now I hope you realise that I shall be expecting you to repay me for my kindness, but I am tired, I have taken you business card, and I’ll be in touch, so get dressed now, I think you’ve had all the fun you deserve this evening.” And with that she walked to be door and held it open. All I could do was meekly comply, so I quickly dressed, and left to go home.

The drive home seemed to pass in a blur, as my mind raced at 1000 miles an hour, wondering where all this was taking me.

When I walked in the front door I knew I had to see what was in my parcel.

As I opened it I saw a note,

“You are a very lucky panty boy, when I explained to Dorothy (the customer you barely managed to speak to) what you had Really been doing in my shop, she decided to buy you a little gift.”

And then I saw the little pink negligee with matching lace panties, and I just knew that I would be wearing them tonight.

So having sorted out my new lingerie, and after trying to wash off the waxy residue in the shower, I put on my fabulous new negligee.

The sheer fabric felt so soft against my skin, and I wondered what I had been missing all these years. I was exhausted, but sleep seemed a thousand miles away, all I wanted to do was see and touch myself wearing such sexy lingerie.

But I knew I had to sleep, I was tired, and I couldn’t be late for work, I’m not sure I would have been able to give the real reason I was so tired.

So I went to bed and tried to sleep, but all night I tossed and turned, wondering what the punishment would be for relieving my aching cock.

I couldn’t see how my tormentor would know, but somehow I knew she would and that I wouldn’t enjoy the results, especially if she put a stop to what was happening.

When eventually my alarm sounded, and awoke me from what little sleep I’d had, I could see a damp patch on my panties, and then I knew that whatever happened, my days of wearing men’s underwear had finished forever.

As the steam from the shower filled the bathroom I took off my negligee, and inspected my hairless body, and realised that I would need to shop in a whole different section for my toiletries, because when I was just a ‘bloke’ I’d never seen the need to moisturise, or pluck my eyebrows, but I realised I now actually wanted to do these things.

As I climbed out of the shower, I stopped before I started to get dressed, I was sure an ex had left some body moisturiser somewhere. It only took a couple of minutes to find, and a few more to build the courage to use it, but as I started to apply it my doubts were erased. It felt so good, and somehow so right to be so feminine in my daily preparation, how could I have gone so long without realising the joy of femininity.

As a regular guy I’d always enjoyed looking at sexy panties and thongs, and thought it was just because of the women wearing them, I had never realised the pleasure in wearing them.

But my daydreaming had to wait, as I realised the time, I needed to get dressed if I wasn’t going to be late for work.

As I rolled the stockings I had chosen the night before up my legs, my cock cried out for attention, I began to wonder how I would ever get the tiny pink thong I had selected on, I knew that I could have taken myself in hand to relieve the frustration, but I had been specifically told that I must not play with my cock, though I wasn’t sure I was going to need to touch it to make me fill my thong with hot creamy spunk for a second day.

Eventually I eased my throbbing member into the tiny piece of cloth covering my modesty, and quickly put on my suit, I had to hurry, I couldn’t face answering the questions as to why I was late for work.

As I drove into work, I had a smile on my face for the first time since this had all begun, the feel of the stockings on my legs, and the way the suspenders felt on my thighs just felt so right, and knowing the shock everybody who knew me would feel if they could see my panties just added to the erotic feeling, and my cock made the thong rather uncomfortable as it caused the fabric to stretch, and pulled it into my ass.

I was first to arrive in our office, and I had to resist the urge to release my throbbing cock from its lacy prison. Ten minutes later, when Gemma walked through the door, she greeted me with a smile, and said she hoped I hadn’t been there all night, and that she’d really enjoyed her unexpected early finish yesterday.

I assured her that I’d been home, and that I was really pleased with everyone’s efforts in producing a really great presentation for the company to send to all its potential customers.

“Great!” said Laura as she walked through the door, “that must mean you’re taking us all out for dinner tonight, it is Friday after all.”

I gulped, it was difficult enough remembering not to give away any hint of what I was wearing. But how could I say no, I’d been warned about failure to comply with every request.

So I replied, “of course ladies, how about we go for drinks after work and then I’ll treat you all to dinner.”

Then Gemma replied, “Sounds like a great idea, I’ll book us a table. I’ve got somewhere nice in mind.”

I couldn’t help wondering where we’d be going, and whether I’d need to make sure I had my credit card.

They said nothing more about the evening, that morning other than to tell Sophie, who seemed to like the idea.

Time seemed to stand still all morning, with no contact from my tormentor, but the wonderful feeling on my legs whenever my suit moved over my nylon clad thighs.

I left for a walk at lunchtime as I couldn’t cope cooped up any longer. My cock hardened every time I moved, and what I had on underneath my suit kept reminding me of the position I was in. Only when I returned to my desk did I receive the attention I had been craving all day, there was a small packet on my desk, and a new email in my inbox.

“My little panty slave, you have done well today, I see you have followed my instructions. But if you wish to take me for dinner then I need you to do my laundry for me.

I visited the gym before work this morning, but forgot to pack any clean panties for after my shower, so I want you to clean the ones on your desk for me, so I can year them again this evening, when you have finished leave them back on your desk

Mistress xxx”

The old me, the one who had known exactly who he was, and what he wanted from life and love when he got up on Monday morning was saying this is wrong, how could you clean panties with your tongue? But that me was gone, the new me, who was sat wearing stockings and a thong under his conservative suit was thrilled with the task, and was overjoyed that his mistress was bestowing her attention on him.

As I walked to the toilets with my treasured parcel I had to stop myself from grinning from ear to ear, and as I pulled out the black bikini panties I could smell a heady mixture of sweat at female arousal, and as I unfolded them I could see the heavy staining on the cotton gusset, that had so recently been held tight against my mistresses damp pussy. Like a moth drawn to a light I could not wait to bury my face into the sweet smelling dampness, and taste the slightly salty stain I had been left to clean.

And clean it I did, savouring the taste, as I pushed the gusset into my mouth to work on cleaning them with my tongue. I must have been gone for over ten minutes, enjoying my little panty task, and hoping I wouldn’t be missed. Eventually, though, I knew I had to return, so replaced the panties in the packet and walked back to my desk, trying desperately to hide the bulge where my cock was staining to free itself from the tiny thong I was wearing.

The afternoon passed quietly, the parcel disappearing when I’d left my desk for a minute, until I received another email just after 5.00.

“Well done my little slave, mistress is pleased with your cleaning efforts and I am wearing my freshly laundered panties. Mistress thinks that slave should take us all for drinks now.”

When I finished reading, I realised there was no point in prevaricating. So I looked up from my computer screen and said, “Right ladies, you’ve all been working hard all week, and for that I apologise, but I think it’s time I took you all out for a few drinks and a meal.”

I looked to see if there was any reaction from the three women before me, but they all smiled, and I couldn’t tell if it was because they knew what I had just done, or whether it was the thought of free drinks and a night out.

To be continued…

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