Annie’s Sex Diary 01

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I’ve been with my boyfriend, Tim, for a while now, through college and probably into university though I’m the only one going. He’s staying on his family ranch and learning more about the business side of it while doing some part time degree.

Anyway. Him and me, we like to hide in one of the big barns, high in the hayloft for privacy. That’s where we get up to the most mischief with no-one to interrupt us. On this particular day I was lying with my back against his tanned naked chest. His jeans were off and I could feel his hard cock pressing against the crease of my buttocks. As for me; my skirt was hitched up high and my panties were around my ankles. My vest top was above my breasts and my bra below them, squashing them and making them appear bigger.

Tim was quietly kissing my neck, whispering silly nothings in my ear while his fingers lazily rubbed at my clit and dipped in and out of my wet pussy. I could feel myself tightening and wanting him. I was pushing my buttocks up against the rough cloth of his boxers making him even harder. He moaned in my ear, “you really are a whore sometimes.”

“I can stop if you want.” I teased and smiled though he could only see half of it.

“No, don’t.” He pulled at my earlobe with his teeth.

The way we were sat was a bit different from normal. I can be a bit of a prude but something about being exposed to all the world as I was, was turning me on even more than facing Tim. A part of me even wanted to be caught in the act by someone. It felt as if I was showing off to the world Betturkey what a great pussy I had with its glistening lips ready to take a cock in at any moment. And then there were my breasts, showing them off as well, ready for a man to dive in and nibble at them or even cock fuck those instead; they were pressed that close together.

As I was lying there like that, dreaming of us getting caught though I wasn’t going to let Tim know that (that will be our little secret diary); there was a noise on the ladder leading into the hayloft. A shout came from it, “I know you two rabbits are up here.”

There was more movement as someone clambered over the bales and then a face appeared, half smiling and leering down at us. Ben, his best friend, “well, look at this.”

Instinctively I covered my pussy, pressing Tim’s finger deep into me. He curled it up and I did all I could to stop myself from moaning as it caught the g-spot. Behind me Tim hissed, “go away Ben.”

“You can’t make me. You’ll be all weak as the blood will be all in that one-eyed snake of yours. I’ll go if you let me watch.”

Tim and I glanced at each other. Though I had imaged this I was a bit unsure now and Tim looked as if he didn’t want it at all. I think the thought went between us though that there was no way out of it so he reluctantly nodded at Ben, “no touching though.”

“Touching who?”


“Ok.” Ben cheerfully said and clambered into the love nest we had created when the bales had first been brought up. Betturkey Giriş He sat down on the boards at a safe distance as Tim tugged me round. He stared into my eyes as if he was pretending he couldn’t see Ben.

I forgot all about Ben as my wet pussy rubbed up against Tim’s cock and I pulled his boxers off around it. There it was all red, upright and eager. I slipped myself on to it, lingering for a moment at the top where it was tightest. Tim moaned before burying his face in my breasts. Putting his hands on my hips he pushed me further on to him. A moan escaped my own lips and I closed my eyes.

As I began to rise I opened them to check on Tim, if he had asked. Secretly I was seeing what Ben was up to. Out of the corner of my eye I saw he had his jeans undone and his hand was down them, obviously pulling his own cock into life. I saw the top of it peek above the top of his boxers. Guiltily I wondered what his would feel like in me, either on its own or with Tim’s. He spotted me looking and raised his eyebrows at me. For just one second I considered shaking my head but then I nodded. He gave me a quick grin before shuffling across the boards.

His finger went down the crease of my buttocks where it found my small arsehole. Now I had heard rumours that he liked the backdoor and now I was seeing that it might actually be true. He took one of my hands and pulled it behind me and put it around his cock. I began to run my hand up and down it and he moaned softly into my back. At this point Tim Betturkey Güncel Giriş seemed to become aware of Ben and was about to voice a protest but I put a finger to his lips as a moan and smile came from my lips. He saw that I was enjoying myself and reluctantly let Ben stay. Ben reached round and rubbed at my clit for some of my sex juices before putting it back into my tight arsehole.

He took my hand off my cock and I am guessing then spat on to it to make it wet enough to slip into my arse. Slowly he pushed it in. There was pain and then with a small popping sensation it was gone and I now had two cocks inside me. Almost at once it was too much to bear but it felt so good as well. I could feel there cocks moving in me, sometimes rubbing against each other either side of the body’s barrier. I continued to gently ride up and down on Tim’s cock as Ben’s moved in and out of my back hole. With one hand I held on to Tim’s shoulder while with the other I rubbed at my clit until my hand was trapped as I was pressed against Tim. He was pulling me towards him as Ben pushed against me. I couldn’t move but I enjoyed the feeling of possession that I was getting and the domineering from them.

As one body we moved, panting and moaning and then Tim came. Ben came shortly after and for a moment we lay there pressing against each other. Carefully Ben withdrew first and turned to lie beside Tim and then slowly I lifted myself off Tim and lay between them.

It didn’t stop there. Ben’s hand ran down the side of my stomach, over my thigh and between them. His fingers began to rub at my clit hard and fast until I was panting hard and was bucking under his fingers. Taking Ben’s lead Tim’s fingers showed up and began fingering my hole, going in and out slowly. I could feel my body tightening around them. With a moan I came and we then all lay still.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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