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Annie walked into the shop and was immediately impressed. There were beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, expensive looking wall hangings, and the very pleasant aroma of vanilla in the air. Very impressive for just a lingerie shop! She felt out of place, after all she was hardly the lingerie type. If her friends had known what she was up to, they would never have believed it. Quiet, shy, and timid Annie is about to buy herself some very naughty lingerie? No way! She had a secret life that no one knew anything about and she intended on keeping it that way. She was going to go out tonight and meet Brad and hopefully fuck his brains out! Even though they had never met they had been chatting online for months.

She was greeted by a stunningly beautiful saleswoman who asked, ” Are you looking for anything specific?”

” I honestly don’t know what I want,” Annie explained, “I have never been in one of these places. I’m not that kind.. I mean I … I am new at this sort of thing.”

The saleswoman gave her a friendly smile and asked, ” You’re not a virgin are you?”

Annie said, “Of course not, well not really. Look I just need something hot for tonight.”

The saleswoman looks her up and down,” I am Sandy I own this place and I am going to help you. A size 4 correct?”

Annie said, “Yes how did you know that?”

Sandy replied, “I know woman”

Sandy then turned and walked off. Annie wondered where had she gone and started to walk farther into the store. Sandy reappears with a bunch of bright red things on hangers

“Here try this on,” and hands it all to Annie.

Annie looked at what was there; a bra , panties, a garter ,and a pair of stockings, all bright red! She was a little scared she had never worn a garter before would she know how it goes on? She was ushered into a changing room, Annie had a hard time with everything it was like she was all thumbs!

When she didn’t come back out Sandy knocked and asked, “Is everything ok?”

When Annie started to explain Sandy threw open the curtain and said, “Here let me help you. ” Sandy took the bra and said, “Here slip your arms through.”

Annie did and Sandy turned her slowly towards the mirror. Sandy clasped the hooks. She then picked up the panties and held them up

“I trust you know how to put these on?” she said teasingly.

“Yes.” Annie said and slipped them on.

Sandy then took the garter and put it around Annie slowly. So slowly Annie could feel Sandy’s breath on her chest. Annie was shocked to feel a little quiver pass through her body! Sandy then bunched up the first stocking and knelt at Annie’s feet.

“These can get a little tricky,” Sandy says and puts Annie’s foot into the toe of the stocking.

Sandy then start to slowly unroll the stocking up Annie’s leg. This time Annie shivers so violently; she knows Sandy had to notice but Sandy just repeats it with the other stocking.

After she hooks up the garter to the stockings she stand back up behind Annie and turns her more towards the mirror and says, “There is that what you had in mind?”

Annie says, “I don’t know. I feel kind of ridiculous. Maybe it’s a bit too much?”

Sandy says” Trust me no man will resist you in this. Just look at how gorgeous you are.” Sandy starts to rub her hands up the outside of Annie’s legs, ” You have nice long legs.” Sandy’s hands are now on Annie’s hips, “beautiful hips.” Sandy hand goes across Annie’s stomach, ” A flat stomach.” Sandy turns Annie around, “The truth is you are stunning and I want nothing more than to take you right now.”

Annie didn’t know what to think. She had never been with a woman before. Heck she was a virgin up until 2 months ago when she let Jeremy go all the way, she shuddered at the thought. It was a horrible experience. Jeremy was on top of her all sweaty and breathing hard, then he entered her and the pain was almost unbearable! He pushed in and out a few times then shuddered and it was over. The whole experience took less than five minutes! She at first thought that’s what sex was going to be like forever, but then she got curious one night and started to look up porn on the internet. What she found astounded her. There were so many things she had to learn.

Growing up, her mother was very strict. A very religious woman Annie’s mother believed, “Good girls don’t have sex until marriage and then it’s only acceptable when trying to have kids, and then once a week to keep your husband happy.” To her sex was not something for a woman to enjoy, more like a duty or job to do around the house like housework. Annie went to an all girls school her whole life and so never really interacted with men before, but she knew there had to be more to life than what her mother described. So finally almost last month she got that secretary job she’d been hoping for and now has her own place. She couldn’t have been happier away from her mother’s control. Before long she was chatting on the internet with all kinds of men. Brad immediately Escort Bayan caught her attention. He was very sweet and quite handsome, charming, and intelligent. They had been talking every day for hours for the last 3 weeks. Finally they had decided to meet face to face.

Suddenly Annie was ripped from her own thoughts by Sandy unhooking her bra. She had almost forgotten where she was! Sandy slipped the bra off Annie’s breast and let it fall to the ground.

“You are so beautiful,” Sandy said and began to suck lightly on Annie’s breast.

Annie was in shock and at first wanted to pull back, but it felt so good that Annie immediately started to get a warm wet feeling in between her legs. Sandy’s hot breath on her breast was sending shivers down her spine. Sandy then kissed her on the lips. It was such a sweet tender teasing kiss. Annie got even wetter! Sandy ran her hands along Annie’s back down to her hips and started to slip off the panties. Annie was surprised to think all she wanted Sandy to do is rip the lingerie off and fuck her silly! Sandy had other things on her mind. She intended on taking her sweet time teasing Annie with her tongue and rubbing her hands down Annie’s back, butt and thighs.

“Let’s leave the garter and stockings on,” Sandy said. Sandy pulled Annie’s hand. “Come with me,” she said.

Sandy led Annie out into the waiting area to a small couch there.

“What if someone comes in?” asked Annie.

“We closed right after you came in,” Sandy said and kissed her again.

Sandy pushed Annie gently back onto the couch and spread her creamy white thighs apart.

“Now you just relax let me take care of you,” Sandy said with a little grin.

Annie realized just then that she had been holding her breath and she let it out in one long gasp. She felt as though she were in a dream, could this be really happening to her? She was about to make love to a woman! She had slept with Brad and now she was going to sleep with a woman? What her mother would think of her now! Annie quickly rid her mind of that thought after all why did she care what her mother thought? It was her life right? Annie shuddered as Sandy’s finger grazed her now soaking wet slit. God she was so horny! Sandy’s fingers gently spread her lips open to reveal Annie’s now very swollen clit.

“Such a beautiful pussy,” Sandy murmured.

Annie felt Sandy’s hot breath on her clit it felt like heaven. Annie almost jumped right off the couch when she felt Sandy’s tongue graze her sweet spot! Wow she had never experienced anything so wonderful! Annie spread her legs wider and Sandy dove in, licking and sucking Annie’s clit like her life depended on it. It didn’t take long and Annie started to get this funny feeling in her stomach, her whole body tingled! God she thought so this is what it’s like to be eaten, wow! Her heart was beating faster and faster, she was breathing so heavy that she was getting light headed. She started to moan and buck her soaked pussy up towards Sandy’s mouth grinding herself on Sandy’s tongue. The first wave of orgasm struck her. Her body convulsed and shuddered convulsed and shuddered. She could no longer think, heck she could barely breathe! Her orgasm swept through her body over and over until she thought she was going to pass out. Finally the tide of ecstasy began to subside and her body began to relax again. She thought wow so that’s what a real orgasm feels like. She had had orgasms before but they were not nearly as intense as this, and she always had to work very hard at giving herself 1 that it barely seemed worth it. Now she knew it was well worth everything! Sandy was still kneeling in front of her looking up with a sly smile on her face

“This is just the beginning,” Sandy said winking at Annie. She stood up and said, ” Don’t move I’ll be right back.”

Sandy walked back into the room carrying a small black bag.

“What’s that?” Annie asked.

Sandy just smiled a crooked little smile and said, “You’ll soon see.” Laying the bag at Annie’s feet, “Now where were we?” Sandy asked kneeling on the floor, “I believe I left off somewhere right around… ”

Before Sandy finished her sentence Annie felt the most incredible heat on her very swollen mound. It was the most amazing thing she’d ever felt in her whole life! Sandy’s mouth was like fire! Soon Annie was bucking and grinding herself on Sandy’s hot mouth. She was already so close to orgasm she couldn’t believe it! Never had she cum twice in a row! Just as she was about to lose her self completely, Sandy pulled away and Annie heard her unzip the bag. Annie couldn’t see the contents so she started to sit up.

Sandy gently pushed her back down and said, “Now be patient my lovely princess, don’t ruin the surprises I have for you.”

Annie was dying of curiosity what could be in that bag? She wondered. Her heart was beating so loud she thought Sandy could here and feel it! Sandy practically dove back into Annie’s pussy licking, sucking, and nibbling, Sandy then inserted her middle Escort finger into Annie’s wet hot hole.

” Do you like that?” Sandy asked “How does that feel?”

Before Annie had a chance to answer Sandy inserted another finger into her now dripping cunt! Annie could here Sandy rummaging around in that bag and was trying hard to peek at the contents but the edge of the couch was in the way! After what seemed like forever Sandy pulled out a long blue scarf.

“What’s that for?” Annie asked.

Sandy smiled and slowly put the scarf around Annie’s eyes tying it just tight enough so that Annie couldn’t see. Annie heard Sandy go back in the bag and then her hands and legs were being tied off so that she was spread open on the couch.

“Just relax and trust me,” Sandy whispered into Annie’s ear.

Annie tried to do just that but it certainly wasn’t easy. Her stomach was full of butterflies; her heart was pounding against her breast. The anticipation of things to come was almost intolerable. Annie could feel her body quake with it. After what seemed like forever; Sandy started to gently touch Annie but innocently. First a light caress on her calf, then a hand stroking her cheek etc. Sandy was watching Annie’s reaction with glee; after all it’s not every day she gets to make love to such a beautiful young lady; she intended on savoring this moment for all it was worth. Sandy’s hands caressed Annie’s stomach and slowly moved to Annie’s hips. Ever so slowly Sandy’s hands slid down Annie’s hips to her thighs. Sandy watched as Annie’s back arched with anticipation and smiled at the way Annie was squirming trying to make Sandy’s hands slide to her very swollen and wet slit. Sandy leaned in close to Annie’s sweet spot and slowly breathed in her aroma; wanting nothing more than to ravage this young beauty. She let out a long slow sigh which caressed Annie’s clitoris making Annie moan. Again Annie heard Sandy rummaging through her bag. Annie shuddered with excitement wondering what she has planned next.

Annie heard a low humming and then felt the most incredible feeling of her life. It was a vibrator. Annie knew what one was but had never used one. She had wanted to and even went to an adult store in the city just to buy one. There were so many to choose from all different sizes and shapes that she felt overwhelmed. It took her what seemed like forever before she decided to just buy a very small one to see what it was like. When she went to the front of the store and saw a group of men standing there talking to the cashier she panicked and bolted the store. She was way too shy to buy a vibrator in public she decided and ordered one on line. She was still waiting for it to be delivered. Now she couldn’t wait! The vibrations seemed to go through her whole body awakening every nerve ending even her toes tingled! She had never experienced anything quite like this. As if this new sensation wasn’t enough she then felt Sandy’s hot tongue probing her sweet mound while she inserted the vibrator into Annie. Within minutes Annie was having another orgasm. It passed through her body like shock waves. She felt like she was having a convulsion! Her back arched and her toes curled. She was clenching her jaw so tight she thought she’d break her teeth! Wave after delicious wave passed through her. Her orgasm seemed to last for days She cried out with an animalistic guttural moan. Finally just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore the quaking started to subside. Her body relaxed. In fact Annie thought she had never been more relaxed in her life! Annie couldn’t believe this day was happening. It had to be a dream.

Annie must have dozed off because the next thing she knew she was untied and in Sandy’s warm embrace. She slowly inhaled and the smell of Sandy’s lilac shampoo and the musky odor of sex filled her nostrils. She wanted to remember that scent and this day forever she thought and smiled. Sandy pulled back and looked into Annie’s eyes they locked gazes each thinking how beautiful the other looked and not believing this was really happening. They kissed. The kiss was so tender and sweet that Annie’s body immediately started to respond again. Her nipples grew hard, her breath grew short; on a whim she guided Sandy back onto the couch.

“Time to repay the favor or at least to try,” Annie said.

Sandy and Annie kissed again this time with more urgency. Annie kissed Sandy’s neck, and then went down to Sandy’s bosom. So beautiful, Annie thought, such perfect pert nipples! Annie found herself unable to stop, she started to kiss and suck Sandy’s small hard nipples until they stood out like pencil erasers. Soon Sandy was breathing hard and her body was responding in ways it hadn’t in a very long time. Annie was so gentle and warm!

Annie whispered, “I’d like to please you. Can you teach me how?”

Sandy smiled, “Just do what you would like done to you, I’ll tell you if you go astray.”

Sandy winked and lay back farther onto the couch. Annie was very nervous but also very excited, Bayan Escort she was about to go down on a woman for the first time! The thought completely aroused her and terrified her at the same time but she knew she just had to have this woman. She felt she would do anything to please this beautiful goddess! Annie kissed Sandy’s flat stomach slowly moving down her body to her soft yet firm thighs spreading them to expose the most beautiful pinkest pussy she’d ever seen! Annie got real nervous. Was she really going to do this? For a brief second she could hear the disapproval of her mother in her ear, but quickly shook it off. She had to live her life for her not for her mother right? Besides she knew she couldn’t stop now if she wanted to. Sandy’s beauty and sexuality had ensnared her. Annie felt like she needed her as much as she needed air to breathe! With her fingers she delicately spread open Sandy’s womanhood to expose her swollen pale pink clitoris. Just beautiful Annie thought and gave Sandy a light lick. She was glad to discover she tasted delicious too. With that Annie started to suck and lick Sandy’s pussy. She still wasn’t sure she was doing it right but just tried to copy what Sandy had done to her. Sandy’s moans told Annie she was on the right track, which encouraged her. Soon she was licking Sandy like her life depended on it! She licked and sucked and fingered Sandy, going on and on. Sandy grabbed Annie’s hair and held Annie face to her very wet and swollen mound while Annie slipped 2 fingers into Sandy’s slippery hole and Sandy began to grind herself onto Annie’s hot wet mouth, she was cumming and it was great! Her orgasm began to fade, her body relaxed and she pulled Annie up to her and kissed her passionately on the mouth tasting her own juices.

“We really have to do this again,.” Sandy said.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Annie replied with a twinkle in her eye.

She had hoped it would be many, many times more.

“Keep the outfit you’ve earned it,” Sandy said and began to get dressed again.

Annie realized she had to get dressed as well if she was going to still meet Brad tonight. She was going to be late! Oh well it was worth it Annie thought and smiled. She got dressed and left the lingerie shop with a new sense of self and a phone number in her pocket.

Annie arrived home a short while later and quickly got into the shower. She didn’t really want to just yet; she was still enjoying the smell and feel of her earlier encounter but figured it wouldn’t be right to go out with Brad smelling of sex with another woman! As the hot water ran down over her naked body she replayed the day’s events over and over in her mind. She was surprised to find that she was aroused again. The hot water splashed over her erect nipples and down her stomach. She took down her massaging shower head and put a leg up on the tub. She couldn’t believe how horny she still was! Incredible! It seemed the more orgasms she had the hornier she became. She turned the shower head to pulse and directed the stream of water to her sweetest of sweet spots. Her body immediately reacted and she was having another orgasm within minutes. Interesting, she thought, how many different kinds of orgasm I can have. So many different intensities and it’s different every time. She finished her shower, got out and toweled off. When she looked at the time she was shocked to see how much time had passed. She was going to be very late if she didn’t hurry up! She quickly went to her closet and picked out a very sexy dress she had been saving for this occasion. It was a little black slip like dress with red accents to match her new red stockings. She wore a red jacket and sexy red sling back high heels too. When she finished dressing she looked at herself in the mirror and was quite pleased with what she saw. She thought she looked stunning and okay maybe a little bit sluttish but that was the idea wasn’t it? After all she wanted tonight to be spectacular. Although she had her doubts that it would measure up to her afternoon, she could hope couldn’t she? She rushed out the door and hailed a taxi. She was very late now! She was supposed to meet Brad in 5 minutes at a restaurant that is over 20 minutes away! She quickly gave the address to the cab driver and was off. She just hoped Brad would still be there when she arrived!

When she arrived at the restaurant she was so nervous she could barely breathe! What if he already left? She felt sick at the thought after all she really did like him a lot. He intrigued her from the very first chat that they had. He seemed to be a man who really knew what he wanted and wasn’t afraid of going for it. What a big difference from Jeremy who was very shy and awkward when she was with him. To her relief the hostess said Brad was still there and led her into the dining room and up to a table where she saw the most striking man she had ever seen. His pictures don’t do him justice she thought to herself. He stood when he saw her coming and she looked him up and down and could feel him do the same to her. He was tall about six feet, two inches tall with a muscular build, but not too much so. He had dark hair, piercing blue eyes, a chiseled chin and a nice tan. He’s gorgeous she thought happily and the butterflies took off in her stomach again.

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