Annie Oakley Wears a Kimono

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Many thanks go to RF-Fast and Just918 for their editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are of the age of consent.

I don’t consider myself a writer or author, I’m a storyteller. So please take that into consideration when you read it, it should be read like someone is telling you the story. I am not now, or never have been, an English major. So synonyms may be wrong, and the grammar may not be correct, but it is like people really talk. I’ve never talked to someone that had perfect grammar.

There may or may not be discussion of political issues in my stories. If you are a Snowflake that feels you need to be protected from any mention of politics, or reality in general, then click the Back button now, and never attempt to read any of my stories ever again. You’ve been warned. For those of you that do like what I’ve posted so far, thank you and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

To all the true Americans in one uniform or another, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE ! And remember, thē greatest enemy of the United States Constitution and your individual freedoms and rights is not China, is not Korea, is not Russia… no, the greatest threat to America is the American Mainstream Media, their corruption, their dishonesty, and their rabid political bias toward the American Socialist Democrats.

John Stuart Mill once said, ‘Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.’ Whenever possible, I will do my best to shine the light of truth on the bad people. I write for my enjoyment and for the patriotic people that like it. If you don’t like how and what I write, oh well. Don’t read it. My feelings won’t be hurt.

Copyright (c) 2023 by Acup

# # #

I was perusing the stacks of treasures, looking for that one little bit I needed. I had no idea just what I was looking for, but I’d know it when I saw it. Or if it had a damn good low price on it.

I’m going to date myself a little. I started browsing this surplus shop back when you could still build a decent computer cheaper than you could buy a used laptop, hell nowadays, you could just about buy a new one cheaper than you could build a PC unless you needed something specific.

Now back when I first discovered this place, I was drooling at some of the cards I found for my tower. The nineteen-inch color monitor took up half my desk, but it was a major improvement over the fourteen-inch green monochrome. I had snagged a motherboard that had the new PS2 connections for the mouse and keyboard instead of the serial connectors.

Thankfully I’m not one of those that must have the latest and greatest thing out there that’s full of all sorts of bugs in the OS.

Even today I have one of those little netbooks gathering dust that has 98 on it, and half of my laptops still have Win7 32 bit. I finally converted my main laptop to Win10 64 bit, and I’m still considering going back to Win7, just keeping the 64 bit. I’ll give them a few more years to get the bugs out of 11 before I’ll consider making that jump.

Back then, I made regular enough trips I got to know many of the staff. The docks and offices were on the main floor. The office equipment and furniture on the second and part of the third with the computer area taking up the rest of the third. There were three more floors above but no real organization to them yet. I would occasionally sneak up and see if I could find any treasures before they were brought downstairs.

I did have other reasons for stopping in regularly, Hitomi. She was a lovely Japanese woman. Married with two kids, but she dressed very nice and was always pleasant to talk to. She did her best to be ‘an American woman’. She was second generation, but still had that alluring Japanese look to her.

All of a sudden, she was gone. Agnes chuckled at me. Hitomi wasn’t ‘gone’, she just wasn’t in the front office anymore. Things had grown enough, that she had taken over some of the back offices and had a mini daycare going for her and a few of the employees’ kids.

Over the next few years, the surplus shop expanded to fill all the upper floors, and the daycare had expanded to need two additional workers and take over the back parking lot for a part time playground.

When a workspace operation took over an old truck depot a few doors down and a few other businesses in the area found out about the local daycare, the daycare took another jump. They now have seven workers, and Hitomi had a new assistant in the office.

Unlike Hitomi, Annie kept a nice bit of the Japanese flair to her outfits. They were primarily American designs, but some of the sleeve and collar accents had the lovely Çankaya Escort Japanese flavor to them… and she was single.

Now she did not have nearly as big a chest as Hitomi, but she had a mysterious look to her. That slight nod and tilt that looked like she was looking at you out of the corner of her eye. That little smile that just intrigued you to smile back. The little sparkle in her eye when you did couldn’t help but make your smile increase.

I would park at the far end of the dock and walk through instead of out around the outside like we were supposed to do. Then I’d be able to take a glance in the door glass into the daycare area. Quite often I would get a peek at a decent ass bent over when one of the girls was helping one of the children, even a few times with a glance down a top gaping open slightly.

With Hitomi, you got to see a bit more cleavage as her D cups tried to escape. A few of the other girls also had some huge tits, each fighting to drop out.

And then there was Annie. I would put Annie in the B cup range. When she leaned over you saw a nice bit of ass accentuated by the shimmery material. Not always, but ninety percent of the time she was in a short dress that had some kind of sheen to it.

Leaning forward was NICE. With her smaller chest, you got a bit more cleavage, and if she was turned a bit, you got a quick view of a little more tit above a small bra. Occasionally I would swear I could detect a bit of nipple bump in the sheen as she stood.

If one of them was in the office instead of out with the kids, I’d find an excuse to stop and chat a bit. Not long usually, but just a ‘Hi, how you doin.’ kind of thing. A few months after she started, that little stop was very rewarding.

I was just saying hi to Hitomi, when Annie came in with a fidgeting little girl on her hip. Just as Annie turned toward me, the little girl made a grab at Annie’s neckline.

Annie wore dresses with a cut neckline, no buttons and such. Normally they had a nice bit of a V to them. When the little girl grabbed and pulled, she pulled it wide and partially off Annie’s shoulder.

I could see the top of a lace bra cup, and the strap being pulled off to one side before it got back on course to go up and over her shoulder. But that also put the nice swell of her upper tit bare and on display, probably pushed up a bit from the strap being pulled aside.

It took both of us a moment to realize just how much I could see. I kept looking as she turned her back to get the little girl to release her top, and she turned beet red as she ducked back out to the classroom.

She’d disappear out to the classrooms for the next two weeks if I stopped in. Hitomi just chuckled.

Over the next two months. She stopped disappearing, and we had a few short conversations. I got a few more glimpses down her top, and many views of that shimmering ass as she walked away.

I wasn’t really an ass man, but a shimmering moving one is still a beauty to behold.

Several weeks later it was a bit of a madhouse. One of the girls had called in sick on the day three more kids started. They had lunch set for the kids, but Hitomi and Annie were out with the kids, so they didn’t have time to run up to the corner diner and get their lunch.

I volunteered to be the delivery boy, and stopped at the convenience store next to it and grabbed a little bouquet of mixed flowers. Annie gasped at the flowers, and Hitomi said something in Japanese that had Annie blushing.

They ate quick, and I enjoyed that fast moving shimmering ass as they went back to the classrooms.

That was the next step. I’d grab a sandwich, and try to appear near lunch time. It was mostly English, but there were a few mini-Japanese conversations between the two mixed in that had them both smiling.

I also enjoyed that Annie’s above the knee straight cut dresses became nicely mid-thigh when she sat to eat.

I would occasionally stop in before lunch, and we’d walk up to the deli for her to get their lunch, and I’d grab a sandwich at the same time. She also became more relaxed around me, enough that if I sat before her in the right spot, I could occasionally get a bit of a panty shot as she turned and sat.

Now I didn’t just hang out there and ogle gorgeous Japanese babes. I had the odd date here and there, but I wasn’t hunting the all mighty dollar, so all too many of the shallow girls didn’t last beyond one or two dates. Usually long enough to get them to my place and get laid before they disappeared.

I wasn’t what you would call a catch. I worked a little more than part time maintenance at a senior care facility, and I lived in a fairly decent fifth wheel camper… in the middle of two-hundred and eighty acres.

The land and camper I inherited from my grandparents. I had solar for power, and the pond to fish in if I wanted to. The old livestock well gave me plenty of water. Satellite for TV and a radio link for internet and I was sitting Cebeci Escort pretty in the middle of nowhere.

We were walking to the deli, and Annie was staying pretty close to my side. “Something bothering you?”

She sighed, “Somebody tried to rob the convenience store last night.”

“They get away with much?”

“No, the clerk was about to close the bullet resistant glass for the night when the kid ran in and waved a gun. The clerk ducked as the kid fired high like a warning shot, then he popped up with his own gun and shot the kid in the gut.”

I chuckled, “Nobody ever said criminals were smart.”

Annie sighed, “Yeah, but all it takes is one of those idiots to ruin somebody’s day, or the rest of his life if they get a lucky shot off. All these politicians ranting the ‘defund the police’ bullshit is just making the criminals bolder.”

I took the opportunity to put an arm around her shoulder… and get a nice look down her top. A light little baby blue bra today. “Yeah, isn’t it amazing they hide behind high dollar security with lots of guns, but scream to hell and back if we want to do the same.”

She made a very ladylike snort. “Top of the news last night was the mall shooting out west. Ranting about how bad the guns were but neglecting to point out almost all of these attacks happen in their ‘gun free zones’. Like it would really take any common sense to get rid of them. They wouldn’t be so bold if they had no clue who was or was not carrying.”

I sighed. “Yeah, they’ll grin about suing gun manufactures, but have yet to see them go after the vehicle and alcohol people for all the drunk driving deaths. Somehow grabbing a bottle and a steering wheel is a mental health issue, but grabbing any kind of weapon isn’t, because they fear weapons.”

She grunted, “More like they fear the people that are trained to use them. Wouldn’t be surprised if that radical prosecutor tries to go after the clerk just for defending himself. And you knew the idiot with the gun was one of their fellow radicals. Otherwise, they’d be plastering it to hell and back in the media the guy was a republican or worse, a lifetime NRA member.”

I chuckled, “And they love lumping all deaths involving firearms into one big category. You knock out the rough two thirds that are suicides that are going to happen no matter the method, when you take out the ‘in line of duty’ police shootings and the self-defense incidents, the number of actual homicides gets pretty damn small. Definitely nowhere near enough to justify taking away our actual written constitutional rights.”

Arriving at the Deli kind of ended our mutual rant on the left-wing radicals. She got their lunch, I got mine, and with stuff in our hands I didn’t have an excuse to put my arm around her. But I did find out the panties matched the bra when she struggled to sit with her hands full!

She walked close enough twice over the next two weeks I was able to put my arm around her. White satin, and sheer white lace. Didn’t get a chance to see if the panties matched, but I imagined the lace panties were as skimpy as the bra!

Monday when I stopped in before lunch, Annie was all grins.

“What’s got you in such a good mood?”

She turned to her purse, bending enough to give me a nice bit of ass to admire, then turned to show me a soft pistol case. She unzipped it and began to pull it from the case.

I put my hand on hers to stop her, “Is that loaded?”


“Are you sure?”

“Of course!” as she scowled at me.

I slowly removed her hand, and then picked it up and ejected the magazine and pulled the slide to verify. “Always assume any weapon is loaded until you know otherwise.”

She scowled at me, but she took it back and zipped up the case. “I have to go practice at a range. But I’m legal to have it.”

I smiled, “Let me know when and where and I’ll make sure to stay well clear.”

Hitomi chuckled, and Annie spat something in Japanese. “And when I get checked out, then I can apply for a conceal carry permit.”

My turn to chuckle. “The common-sense people finally got the radical libs out of the way and passed Constitutional Carry two years ago. Registering for a permit will only make you a target if they get control again. You do need to practice, but you don’t have to get a Conceal Carry permit anymore since you already passed your background check.”

“Really? There was a story on the news just a few days ago about how to get your permit.”

“Uh huh, and that was probably one of those same reporters spewing how bad it was for citizens to exercise their constitutional rights. Like the teachers associations and unions should have more say than parents on what is taught to the kids.”

Annie went bug eyed, and Hitomi made a noise. “Yeah, we had a few ‘concerned citizens’ wanting to give us teaching materials for toddlers. No way in hell I was going to teach racism or promote porn to little kids and try and Çukurambar Escort twist it to be some asinine regressive shit.”

“Both of our families went through some nasty shit after Pearl Harbor,” she continued. “And these people somehow think that idiotic shit is going to fly around here. No way in hell while I’m in charge.”

Hitomi was grumbling, and Annie grinned where Hitomi couldn’t see her. Every once in a while something these idiots were doing would set her off, and she’d go on one of her ‘radical regressive’ rants.

Most Americans who had been taught critical thinking instead of Critical Racist Theory, and weren’t afraid to debate what they thought, would agree with her. And she had a nice little sign above the wall size American Flag behind her desk.

‘How do you know when a liberal is losing the argument?

They stop debating and start calling you names.

Racist and bigot are two of their current favorites.’

I smiled, Socrates in modern words. The man really knew people.

I got a nice squeeze on the arm from Annie as we left Hitomi to grumble to herself.

I got busy with work, and didn’t have time to make my noon lunch stops at the surplus shop for over a week.

The girls smiled as I stepped around the corner.

“Well my next appointment is here,” Hitomi said to a woman I had not seen there before. “So as soon as you can get me that information verification, we’ll be glad to take a look at it.”

The young woman stood like she really wanted to keep talking. “I’ll get back with you soon, but it’s never too early to expose young minds to enriching information.”

She left slowly, and I sat down in front of Hitomi’s desk. As soon as the lady was around the corner she showed me the literature, then held her hand over the trash can, pinched her nose and made a face like it really smelled, then dropped it in with an evil grin.

I shook my head, all these kids were pre-K, and these people were trying to push LGBT and trans programs.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with the LGBT community, and several of my friends are gay and lesbian, I don’t know if any are Bi or trans. More power to them if they are that way. But you don’t go pushing it on kids that are nowhere near developed enough to make an informed decision, especially without the parents knowing about it.

But that little mental rant was cut short. Annie was all bubbly, she found a purse she liked with a carry pocket. Then she sighed, “Now I just have to get some decent range time in.”

“Having trouble finding open slots?”

“Yes and no. I can get slots, but the guys are hovering around me. Telling me to do this and do that. I’m not sure if they are helping, or purposely telling me the wrong things to do.”

I had to grin, even in this day and age, there are guys that don’t think a woman should have a weapon. Although I have known a few women that should have their guns locked up when their PMS hits.

She leaned close, “You sound like you know a little bit about guns, where do you go?”

I chuckled, “Right outside my back door.”


I smiled at her, “I live out in the country on some acreage. Doesn’t matter if I want to fire this,” patting my hip, “or one of my other pistols. All I’m going to bother is the critters.”

Annie looked down at my hip, “That… that’s a gun?”

I put my finger to my lips, “Shhhh,” then took it off my belt. I flipped the chambers up and ejected the two rounds, then opened the handle and handed it to her.

She was looking between it and me. “All this time I never realized. It looks just like a phone…”

“That’s the whole idea, hide in plain sight. I got one just after they became available. Put it on your belt or in your pocket, and nobody recognizes it. And with the handle in, it’s safe. It’s a double action, so even then it has a pretty heavy trigger.”

I took it back from her, closed the handle, and reloaded the rounds. “They have them in nine millimeter now, and with some really cool graphics if you want them, but I’ll stick with this for the time being.”

Annie put her new purse back, then turned back to me. “Um, would you mind… that is would it be possible if I…”

I smiled, it would be soooo terrible to have Annie around. “Sure, I’m home most evening and weekends. Give me a call and I’ll give you directions. What’s your number?” as I pulled my real cellphone from my shirt pocket.

She snickered and gave me her number. I hit send and heard it make a racket in her purse. She gasped and dived for it as I hit end.

And since it had been a few weeks, I set some paper bulls eye targets up and got a bit of practice in that evening. It would not do for Annie to show up and me not hit a damn thing. I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into.

I got out the box of .380 and sat on the edge of the deck. I had my Glock and my Sig and my Cellphone Gun.

Now the Cellphone Gun was only two shots, but it was not a ‘going to a gun fight’ weapon. It was a ‘use in an emergency to stop an idiot’ weapon. If someone was trying to rob me or steal my truck, he was going to get two shots in places that would hurt and hopefully kill. Hitting a target from a few feet away was something just about anybody could do.

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