Annie Loves Her Daddy, Part-1

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Annie Loves Her Daddy, Part-1

My name is Annie. I’m just your ordinary 18 year old girl who loves her stepfather more than she ever should. As the years passed, I actually fell in-love with him. But it was at the age of 12, when I gathered the courage to make a move towards our me and Daddy’s sexual beginning.

Prior to my 12th birthday, I noticed that my dad didn’t seem as happy as he once was. I thought maybe I had done something to sadden him. Maybe even possibly causing him to think about leaving me and mom. But he convinced me that everything was OK. However I knew that he was just trying to comfort me.

I assumed the recent stressful air in our home, was caused from a mommy and daddy problem. Still I didn’t want to risk the chance that my dad Sonny would leave us. I didn’t know what to do, but I felt I had to do something.

So one night I sneaked from my bedroom and down to my parents bedroom door. Quietly I listened, in hopes I could pick up any reason for the unrest. That’s when I heard Mom and Daddy arguing. Daddy was sort of quiet, but she was more vocal.

Mom said “Sonny.. I love you and all.. But your cock is beginning to irritate me.. Most couples don’t want to fuck as much as you do.. How about we just pick out a few days a month and focus on that?” Daddy quietly responded, “Well Emily if you think that is what you want, then I guess it will have to be OK..”

Even at 12, I knew that some people need more sex than others. But after hearing all of this, I felt really bad for Daddy. Then sneaking back to my bed, I knew that I had to do something.

Once I arrived back to my room and got back into bed, I realized that my panty was wet. Reaching my hand inside, I was surprised to feel all the sex-goo I had deposited inside of it. “Could my mom’s vocal
about not fucking, caused me to want to have sex?” I wondered. But that night brought my answer home with a loud thump.

I tossed and turned trying to get to sleep. The more I tossed, the more I felt goo sill out of my young pussy. So removing my panties, I began to masturbate like I had never done before. With an occasional “Oh Daddy..” Finally I exploded my first massive orgasm. Spewing my cum all over my thighs, dripping down to my ass cheeks. From that moment on, the love for my Dad intensified.

My name is Sonny and I am Annie’s stepfather. I have been since she was four years old. For the past eight years we all seemed to enjoy our family togetherness. But as it has happened so many times in a relationship. The flames of love, tend to lessen to dying embers among parents.

As was the case, my wife Emily always seemed to find ways to avoid our special family gatherings. Annie’s 12th birthday was one of them. She claimed to have an important business trip during that time.

Emily told me to purchase some nice gifts for my daughter’s birthday. Plus add in a few training bras. Just the thought of buying bras for Annie was turn-on. The thought of being responsible to cover my little-girl’s loving tits, had my cock, rock hard. I know that it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop the sensation.

On my 12th birthday, Mom was away on another “unavoidable” business trip. This had become routine and I didn’t care. I wanted Daddy to myself, and would love celebrating my birthday with him alone.

On the afternoon of my birthday, I came home from school. That’s when Sonny met me at the door. Dropping my book-bag on the floor, I jumped into his arms. With Sonny’s hands securely under my butt, I gave him an extremely non-proper daughter kiss.

When he broke away I smiled, “Hi Dad! I Love You!” With a shocked look on his face he said, “And I Love You Back..” That’s when he pointed to the sofa and I saw my gifts. “Put Me Down!” I screamed. Flying across the room to see what I got.

Daddy went and sat in his recliner. He told me that mom would be bringing more, when she returns from her business trip.

So starting with the biggest box, I pulled out a very pretty dress and slip. It looked like something a 15-year-old would wear. It made me really feel older and I was loving it.

In the next box were two very sexy tops and matching shorts. The tops were the peasant type. One pink and the other powder blue. Not revealing though sexy still the same. The shorts fit me like a glove and would have shown my camel-toe. That is.. If I had one.. (smile)

The 3rd box I opened, had two pairs of shoes. One pair was the dressy type to match the dress. Where the other was cute tennis shoes to match the top and shorts. The sneaks were very attractive..

I was so happy that I ran over to Daddy in his recliner. Leaping into his lap, I gave him one big kiss on the lips. That’s when he reached down beside his chair. Giving me one last gift. He said that this gift would compliment the others. That my mom told him to get it.

When I opened the box, I became so very happy. In it were 3 panties, 3 matching bras, and 6 pairs of socks. Holding one of the bras up to my chest I harped, “Look Daddy! Now I’ll be all grown up for you!” On this my 12th birthday, I couldn’t have been more happier.

With that, he said that he also got me a cake. Suggesting that I might try everything on first to see if it all fits. While he gets the cake and our dinner together. So grabbing up everything, I trotted off to my bedroom.

When I returned to the dining room, I had my new dress and shoes on. Daddy meanwhile was standing in the kitchen, with 12 candles lit on the cake.

Smiling and spinning around in a circle, I asked, “How does your Princess look Daddy?” He said, “You are beautiful! Like and Angel who has come down from heaven! Now blow out your candles!” he smiled. So I made my wish and blew out the candles, sort of frowning.

Sonny asked me if something was wrong. I said, “Do you know what I wished for Daddy?” He said that he didn’t have a clue. I said that my wish was that he’d never leave me no matter what.. I was surprised when he got teary eyed.

“Princess.. You are my Baby. And I promise you that your Daddy will never leave you no matter what! But Annie.. What brought this on?” Shying away, I told Dad that I heard he and mom arguing. He tried to convince me that it was just a misunderstanding, but I didn’t believe him.

Trying to change the subject, I told him that the dress and shoes fit great. Then after getting up the courage, I pulled up dress, showing him my panties. I wasn’t aware, but Daddy saw a wet love spot on the front of it.

He joked, “Princess.. Are you already wet for your Daddy?” That’s when I looked down and saw the wet spot on my new panties. At first I was embarrassed. But somehow a love warmth came all over me, and I let out an “Oops!”

Playing it off, I asked Dad if he’d like to see me in the other stuff too. He said he would. So I darted back off to my room to make the change. Returning, I had on the sneaks, a top and bra, and my shorts and dry panties.

After we had our dinner, we followed it up with cake and ice cream. Then I joined Dad on the sofa for a movie. I snuggled up in his caress, and we got comfortable for the movie.

Being it was evening and getting dark, we had but one light on in the living-room. Where the TV appeared to give off far more light.

Then when I stretched out, I placed my cheek on Daddy’s thigh. That’s when I felt his cock bulge on my face. Playing innocent, I reached my hand up and laid it on his semi-hardness.

As the movie continued with an extremely boring plot. I felt Daddy’s fingers begin toying with the buttons on my new shorts. Helping him, I reached my hand down, undid the button and unzipped my shorts.

With both of our hormones firing away, I felt his hand slide into my shorts, and on top of panties. My first thought was that I hoped I didn’t wet up a second panty, but I knew I had.. Then I felt Daddy’s finger pressing into my panty covered cunt.

Now I had been touching and masturbating thinking about his touch. I even thought about Daddy fucking me. That really got me wet. But never did I think it would have felt as good as his touch right then..

A few moments later, Daddy really began to finger my young, hot pussy. Where it seemed like seconds had passed, when I exploded. Leaving my panties very wet from the orgasm. Silently, we then embraced. As though nothing out of the ordinary had taken place.

Eventually Daddy got up and came back with a warm wash cloth. Giving the cloth to me, I began cleaning the goo off inside of my panties. After giving it back to him, I zipped and buttoned up my shorts. Then he put me in his lap. Where we finished watching the movie.

Right after the movie had ended and the credits had gone by, Daddy gave me a short peck on the lips. HE told me to get ready for bed. That he’d be in shortly to tuck me in.

Well once I arrived to your room Annie, you had all your new things spread out over the nearby chair. Sitting on the side of your bed, I told you that I was happy yet saddened by what we did.

You interrupted with “No Daddy! Don’t be sad.. I’ve wanted you touching me in that special way for a long time. So.. So this will be just between us, because I don’t want us to stop..” I said, “Tomorrow is another day, Princess.. We’ll see. Now you get some sleep!”

Then as I reached my lips down to kiss you goodnight, you sat up. Allowing your covers to fall away. Giving me a perfect view of your naked boobs and pussy. I kissed you on the lips, instead of the traditional peck on the cheek.

Coming up I said, “Goodnight Princess! I Love You..” You smiled back, “Goodnight Daddy! And I Love You Too..” I couldn’t believe it. At age12, you Princess, were now maturing and sporting a nice set of blossoming bra covered boobs.

From that point, we found ourselves doing the touchy-feely thing whenever we were alone. I think life appeared happier for the both of us.

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