Anne the Daughter

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Double Penetration

At eighteen I was six feet one tall, well built and fit. I played rugby for the local club, ‘B’ team, and was trying for the ‘A’ team. Like most eighteen year olds I was obsessed with getting laid. And that wasn’t as easy as you might think. I blame my upbringing. Despite playing rugby I was shy and awkward around girls. I was brought up to be polite and respectful. As the saying goes ‘rugby is a game for thugs played by gentlemen, football is a game for gentlemen played by thugs’.

Because of my size I didn’t feel comfortable in small cars, A35’s Mini Countryman type. I drove a second hand Transit MkII. It was big and reliable and I had room to move. I also had a mattress in the back artfully covered over with blankets and cushions. Whilst not very successful I was always hopeful.

I’d got to ‘first base’, as they say in the colonies, and ‘second base’ even ‘third base’ often enough BUT I’d never really got a ‘home run’. We’d be on the very verge and, being the considerate gentleman, when push came to shove I’d always wait to be asked. I was asked just the once, by a girl who finally got exasperated with my lack of action.

“Well! Are you going to fuck me or what??” she demanded.

We fumbled with the Durex. I got into position and asked if she was sure.

“Just get on with it!” she demanded, “before I change my mind!”

I pushed hard. She screamed loud. I stopped abruptly. She swore and told me to carry on. I did, gingerly. It all made one hell of a mess. We were both virgins. We tried a few times after that but I was always worried about hurting her and after a month we split up. No more tries or home runs.

I picked up Anne, quite literally, on a Saturday lunchtime. A bright sunny day had brought on a sudden, drenching downpour. She was walking down the road doing a good impression of a drowned rat. She heard me approaching, turned and waved. Pulling over to the crown of the road so as not to soak her even more by driving through the puddles I pulled into the lay-by just ahead. Scrambling over the passenger seat I opened the door just as she reached the back of my vehicle.

“May I give you a lift?” I offered noticing that she wasn’t a drowned rat at all but a young and very pretty woman despite being soaked to the skin.

“Yes please,” she said, “I’m soaked, even my knickers are wet.” she added with a naughty smile.

“That’s good, I like a girl with wet knickers.” I replied without thinking, then kicked myself. Why had I said that? I backed up into the cab making room for her to enter before she had time to change her mind.

“That’s rude!” she said as she climbed aboard but she was still smiling.

I apologised instantly then pointed to the back of the van.

“That red sports bag has got a couple of clean towels in it if you want to dry yourself off a bit?” I suggested lamely.

“Thanks,” she said stepping through to the back without hesitation. She knelt on the blanket covering the mattress and pulled the bag towards her.

“This is cozy. This where you bring your girlfriend when she has wet knickers?” she asked playfully. She pulled out the towels and, selecting the smaller, started to dry her face.

She wasn’t just pretty, she was beautiful! She was fit, lithe and even the action of drying her face was utterly breath taking. I was smitten instantly.

“Yeah! I wish. Haven’t even got a girlfriend at the moment.” I told her ruefully.

She stopped drying her face and looked at me quizically. “That must be a temporary situation, a good looking fella like you.” she said as she started to dry her hair vigorously.

Her tits looked escort bayan ankara gorgeous through her wet top! “There’s a couple of clean rugby shirts in the bag, if you would like to put one on until I get you home.” I suggested hopefully.

She stopped towelling her hair and looked up as if weighing me up.

“Yes, that would be great. Thanks.”

To my utter amazement and delight she took hold of the bottom of her top. She lifted it up, over her head and off then passed it to me. I took the soaking material without taking my eyes off her beautiful bra covered tits. She reached behind her back and a second or two later she passed over her bra. I accepted it soundlessly with my eyes glued to her naked torso. Perfection!

“What? Never seen a pair of tits before?” she challenged.

I shook myself back to reality. They were still there. Utter perfection. “Pardon?” I asked lamely.

“I said,” she said patiently, “have you never seen a pair of tits before?” Like the gentle rebuke about my liking girls with wet knickers she was smiling up at me.

“I have,” I agreed tentatively “but not on a girl as beautiful as you nor tits so perfect as yours.”

“I bet you say that to all the girls,” she said as she stroked my towel over them seemingly careless of how erotic it looked. “Would you mind squeezing some of the water out of those.” she pointed at her top and bra.

I dragged my eyes reluctantly from her nakedness and did as she bid. It took far too long in my opinion but I made as best a job of it as I could fearing that she would be fully covered when I was able to look at her again. She wasn’t. Still with a naked top half she was laying back on the blanket and trying to work her wet jeans down and off.

“Your rugby shirt is big enough to be a dress on me,” she said totally unabashed at me feasting my eyes on her again. “Thought it best to get out of these, if you don’t mind?”

She passed me her wet jeans and once more I opened the passenger window and squeezed as much water out of them as I could. I turned back to face her, only to be handed her wet knickers.

“My knickers are still wet.” she said still smiling at me.


“I know why you don’t have a girlfriend,” she accused as I turned back to see her laying back on the blanket, naked, towelling herself dry and utterly unconcerned. “You’re too nice! In the last few minutes I’ve stripped naked and you have stayed in the front of the van. You’ve made no attempt to touch me even though I have given you each article of wet clothing. I bet you get so far with your girlfriends then stop. Waiting for them to ask, probably.” She paused expecting a reply.

I nodded dumbly. “Yeah! You’re right. I always wait until I’m invited. I’m big, strong. It might feel as if I was forcing a girl to give in. That’s not right. I don’t want to hurt or even do anything that might frighten.” I explained.

“That is a good thing I agree. And you are very big and strong and very good looking, in my opinion, but nice girls don’t ask to be fucked. They want to be seduced and gently taken to heaven.” she paused, looking at me carefully before continuing,

“Luckily I’m not a nice girl so lock the front doors and climb in the back with me. I’m cold and need to be warmed up.”

I did as I was told and was soon laying beside her cuddling her close. She hurrumphed in my ear, took my hand and placed it at the top of her parted thighs.

“Now tease me, play with me and spread my juices around to get me ready kızılay escort to take your cock.”

I teased and played and was gratified when she started to wriggle and moan softly.

“Well, you’ve learned something from your earlier failures at least,” she said pushing her wetness up against my fingers, “let’s get these out of the way.” she said reaching for my trousers.

I lifted when instructed and again when she worked my pants down and off. My cock was satisfyingly stiff. She wrapped her small hand around it and started to stroke and I returned to teasing and playing with her pussy.

My cock was throbbing hard when she suddenly sat up. “Ever had your cock sucked?”

Before I could answer ‘No’ her mouth was encircling the head of my cock and her tongue was licking over the glans. I wasn’t going to last very long and was soon telling her that I was about to cum. She redoubled her efforts. I told her again expecting her to take her mouth away. She didn’t. I started to cum. She swallowed my cock and stroked the shaft quickly pumping my spunk down her throat mumbling ‘good boy’ and ‘well done’ as I submitted to her will completely.

She licked her lips and, still stroking my cock gently, asked “Did you like that?”

I nodded dumbly. “Mind blowing!” was the best I could manage.

“Good!” she said delightedly, “I love sucking cock and you don’t need to tell me you’re cummin, I’ll know. And I’ll take every drop of spunk you have and swallow every time. There’s only one condition, you eat my cunt — you make me cum I’ll make you cum. Deal?”

I’d never had a girl use her mouth on me and it felt fantastic! I’d never even thought about using my mouth ‘down there’ but if it felt as good for her as her blow job had felt for me I wasn’t going to refuse.

“Deal!” I exclaimed happily holding out my hand. We shook formally before I said, “You’ll have to teach me what feels good for you.” We shook hands again. I laid her down on her back and started my first cunnilingus lesson, with an expert teacher.

“Left a bit, down, perfect. Just there. Lick. Nibble. Ouch, not quite so hard. Try a bit to the right. A long, slow lick from top to bottom. Suck it just there.”

I listened. I learned and was attentive to her every word. I didn’t rush. I wanted lots more of this girl and if I could please her I might, just might, get lucky. I realised that sometimes she was on the verge and she gave me instructions that delayed her orgasm. I also learned that if I sometimes ignored her I could push her over the top and make her squeal with delight. I continued what ever had taken her to her ecstasy until I was able to ease her down the other side of her peak. I then switched tactics, licking softly and kissing the swollen lips while she recovered. Then I started again. I was in seventh heaven! I had a girl that enjoyed what I was doing and responded to my amateurish efforts enthusiastically.

She eventually made me stop after a particularly good orgasm.

“I need to be fucked!” she stated and taking hold of my cock she started to stroke. It didn’t take long to return it to full glory. With my rampant cock grasped firmly in her hand she swung her leg over my thighs and positioned herself directly over my cock.

“I’m going to fuck you,” she announced, “so you don’t have to worry about hurting me. I don’t mind if you shove it up hard inside me because I can always back off a little if it is too much. Just let me enjoy your cock.”

So saying she held my cock head close to her cunt and lowered her hips. My throbbing cock escort bayan slid effortlessly into her cunt. She sat there, impaled and looked down at me.

“God! I need this!” she said as she started to move back up my length.

She rode my cock as if she was trotting a pony taking a little more each time until she had the entire length inside her. After a few minutes she altered her riding position so that she was laying on top of me. Sliding back and forth on my cock while smothering me with kisses which I eagerly returned.

She came quite a few times but rode valiantly through each one before starting work to build up for the next. She sat up again. Putting my big hands on her tits she instructed me to ‘help her bounce’ on my cock. I was focused entirely on her and was enjoying every minute of it. Instinct told me to be a little rough with her nipples. I started to rub them hard between finger and thumb as I kneaded her tits. It proved to be exactly what was required and with a wonderful long, drawn out scream of pleasure she collapsed on top of me.

“Thank you. I needed that!” she groaned as I stroked her damp hair and kissed the top of her head.

We lay, cuddled together. It got a little chilly but rather than suggest we get dressed I pulled one of the blankets over us. We snuggled in the new warmth kissing and cuddling like long term lovers.

“You haven’t cum yet!” she said right out of the blue.

“Yes I have. You gave me a terrific blow job right at the beginning.” I reminded her.

“Yeah but that was so you didn’t blow as soon as I put your cock in me! That doesn’t count. What counts is a really big load deep inside me. I love to feel my cunt being pumped full. It’s what it’s for.”

I pulled her closer and reached down between her legs, exploring carefully. She reached for my cock. It was soon hard and she was soon wet.

“If you ever wait for me to ask you to fuck me, I’ll dump you and get someone else!” she threatened.

I nuzzled her ear. “OK” I agreed.

“And if I ever have to ask you to fuck me, I’ll also dump you and find someone else!” she added.

I nuzzled her ear again.

She rolled onto her back.

“Now fuck me!” she said parting her legs as wide as she could.

We both burst out laughing but I fucked her anyway, and every way.

She had one more threat waiting for me.

“You are not going to be allowed to stop until you’ve filled me with spunk!”

Finally she knelt up, bum in the air and looking absolutely gorgeous. “Fuck me frantically! Fill me full!”

I had to lift her onto my cock but what a beautiful sight. Her head was on the mattress. Her arms pushed straight out in front against the rear doors as she tried to force her cunt back onto my cock. Such a beautiful angle. I could feel everything. So could she. She started screaming for more almost immediately. I finally delivered and filled her to over flowing. We collapsed in a heap and snuggled contentedly.

After a while I nuzzled her ear again. She murmured contentedly. “May I ask you a personal question?” I asked cautiously.

“Mmmm.” she replied softly.

“I thought girls didn’t like the words ‘cunt’ or ‘spunk’ or ‘fuck’ but you seem to prefer them?”

She rolled over and looked at me. I thought I’d blown it and was ready to apologise when she simply said.

“Does it bother you that I use the ‘dirty’ words?”

“No, not at all,” I replied hastily, “I just didn’t want to use them if you would prefer I used others, like ‘pussy’ for instance.”

She kissed me hard on the mouth then smothered my face with more kisses.

“You are sweet and considerate. I think I might learn to love you but no, I love dirty talk especially when you’ve got your rampant cock shoved hard into my greedy cunt and pumping full of delicious spunk! Does that answer your question?” She kissed me again and I slipped my finger into her spunk filled cunt.

More to cum if you want it?

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