Anne of Browndale Ch. 03

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This is a new story which I’ve shared elsewhere. I hope you’ll enjoy it but if watersports isn’t your thing you may prefer to pass it by.


“Well we’re here at last!” Sarah exclaimed as she pulled into the carpark. A tatty old sign bore witness to what the place had once been – Drydale Magna Secondary Modern School. A sea of weeds populated what had once been the tennis courts. Rotting and barely visible the old nets were still there, surrounded by nettles and thistles. It would be kind to say that the buildings had a ‘tired’ look about them – some of the window sills needed replacing and the whole place was badly in need of some TLC. Anne pulled a face and turned to her friend.

“No wonder County Hall let you have it for a song. Just look at the state of it. You’ve got your work cut out here if you’re to make anything decent out of it.”

Sarah turned to her friend and smiled.

“You mean we’ve got our work cut out! Yes the old place will certainly need a bit doing to it but at least it’s structurally sound – the surveyor’s report says as much. We won’t get it the way we want in time for this year’s summer course but we can at least make it decent.”

Anne gave a little frown.

“Sarah, what’s this we all of a sudden? I hope you’re not expecting me to weed that tennis court because you can forget it if you are.”

Sarah gave her old friend a playful slap on the bum.

“But of course, my dear. Who else? No, seriously you’ll be relieved to hear that I’m getting a landscape gardener to come in and tackle that as well as what I presume must have been the old school garden. I need your help though with cleaning, a little joinery as well as choosing the décor for the dining hall, lecture room and practical work rooms. You will need to make some decisions about the old assembly hall which doubles up as a gymnasium and, as fitness instructor, will be your personal fiefdom. You will have an office too and you’ll have to let me know what you require in there.”

Anne cast her friend a quizzical look.

“Sarah, how much time do you expect me to put in here? I mean do you envisage me giving up my job at the college or not?”

Sarah smiled.

“It all depends, Anne. I hope you’ll be as generous with your time in helping me to get the place up and running as you can. If it helps you to make a decision, whatever the college pays, I’ll pay more. I know your Mondays are precious and you must spend those with Archie. My plan is that once the fitness centre and holding courses get running I’ll arrange for students to arrive on Monday afternoons and do their induction then so I won’t require your services until Tuesdays. I imagine the college terms will be ending shortly and you’ll be free over the summer – at least part of the time – unless you and Archie are planning on going away for eight weeks which I doubt.”

“No. We have a break planned in Padstow for the last week in August but that’s all. It’s a long drive and I’ll have to make sure I’m well hydrated before we set off – as well as on route if it’s as hot as this. Archie will be stopping at every service station between Yorkshire and Cornwall but I shan’t be availing myself of the facilities if I can possibly help it. I’d sooner piss myself than use some of the filthy toilets in those places. After all, what were panties and jeans designed for?”

Sarah laughed.

“That’s güvenilir bahis my girl! Why don’t you drive instead and make Archie squirm for once?”

Anne gave her friend a knowing smile.

“What a marvellous idea! No, Archie bursting for a wee isn’t fun and Archie in wet pants is even less so.”

“You mean Archie wets himself sometimes?”

“Yes it has happened occasionally when he’s been genuinely caught short. Not as much as I’d like though because he’s one of those people who takes every opportunity to use a toilet – especially when he’s a away from home. Some big fish in the diocese has persuaded him that he ought to raise funds for a loo in the tower vestry at Browndale Church. As his wife I can’t actively oppose the plan but I won’t be supporting it either. They’ve managed without for 700 years and I think they can still manage. Put it this way, if they do get round to having one, my ass won’t be christening it!”

Sarah roared with laughter, involuntarily releasing a couple of spurts into her knickers as she did so.

“That’s my Annie! The day you let Archie – or anyone else – boss you around it’ll be a first. You’re such a card. I nearly pissed myself just then. Come on, I’ll show you the dormitories. I’m afraid the beds are all old ex NHS stock but they’ll be comfortable enough for our students – at least for the length of time they’ll be staying. They’re all fitted with mattress protectors – as I’m sure you’ll agree we should make a presumption of wet until proven dry where our students are concerned.”

“Sarah, just remind me, what will the age of the students be?”

“They’ll all be at least eighteen years old or older. In fact the first batch will have an average age that’s around double that. Safeguarding will still apply though because whilst in practice they’ll all be smart divas who are used to running rings round people we could, theoretically, get one or two whom the world classes as vulnerable adults. I’ve just got an enhanced DBS disclosure and I’m assuming yours will be transferable from the college.”

“Yes of course. They won’t be running any rings around me though. I’ll make sure of that if it’s the last thing I do. Do you anticipate me staying at the place overnight?”

“Anne, if you give up that job at the college – and I’m hoping you will – I’d appreciate it if you could stay at least a couple of nights a week. You’ll have your own private quarters as will I. It’s natural to want a little privacy but there’s a super king sized bed in my quarters and it goes without saying that I’d be glad of the company. Archie needn’t know and there’s no reason for any of the other staff or students to either.”

Unable to control the impulse, Anne hugged her old friend.

“Archie won’t mind in the slightest. He occasionally screws me on a Monday if he’s not feeling too tired after his weekend rectorial duties, but you could say that sex was more off the menu than on. Don’t get me wrong. He’s sweet, kind and pretty much everything that a loving husband should be, but he prefers playing with his willy to shagging me.”

Sarah cast her old friend a sympathetic glance.

“Presumably you’ve lectured him on the evils of masturbation and all that goes with it?”

“Sarah, I’ve tried but it goes straight in one ear and out of the other. He doesn’t seem to realise that if he left himself alone we’d have better sex and güvenilir bahis siteleri he’d need to go to the toilet less often.”

“Perhaps you should get him booked on to one of our courses. What are we going to call them? Proud Holders – or Proud Holders Plus – if I remember our discussion the other day. Anne, I really must show you some of the kit I’ve got in. Ex NHS commodes for kegel training, anti-fap chastity devices to fit even the biggest cocks as well as urethral plugs and that’s only for starters. Oh and I’ve got a couple of bed cages in case bedclothes need to be kept clear of anyone’s genitalia. You know the sort we used to use for hypospadias patients.”

“That sounds pretty impressive, Sarah, for starters at any rate. Will we be diapering any of the students?”

“Only as a punishment and/or if we think it’s medically necessary. You know the sort of thing I mean without any explanation being required.”

Anne grinned.

“Sarah, I know exactly what you mean. You seem to have thought about pretty much everything and it sounds as though you’ve got all bases covered.”

“I like to think so. Well most things at any rate. I’ll be glad of your advice though if you think there’s anything I’ve left off the list. One of the problems with this place being an old school is that the toilet provision is far too lavish for our requirements. I’ve got a local plumber coming in next week to make some much needed changes. What we have will still be legal for the number of people occupying the premises at any given time but it won’t be anywhere near so generous as when the place was a school. First to go will be the old boys’ toilets. I hate urinals, don’t you? Well the Proud Holders Fitness Centre won’t have any of those evil implements. When we allow male students to relieve themselves they’ll have to sit and use proper toilets like us girls. If we can’t stand to pee neither should they. In fact I’ve got one or two big boys booked in who already prefer sitting to standing because they don’t like showing their stuff off or it’s simply just too awkward. Oh what fun you and I are going to have!”

Later on that day, outside the Spread Eagle at Drydale…

“Well Anne, they certainly do a good ploughman’s here. Four cheeses, rustic bread, such wonderful pickles and a modern twist with the olives. We’ll have to come again. Thank you for your hospitality by the way. After all the work you’ve put in today, I should be treating you, not the other way round.”

“Not at all. It’s my pleasure, Sarah. At least we’ve made a start on getting that old place in some sort of order. Put it this way, that hall’s now stinking of chlorine disinfectant just as it should. So do I as a matter of fact. Goodness knows what Archie will say when I get home.”

Sarah chuckled.

“I expect he’s smelt far worse things in his time.”

It was more than Anne could manage to suppress a giggle.

“I can’t possibly imagine what you might be referring to, Sarah Worthington! Moving swiftly on, would it be okay if I had a go at driving that automatic of yours on the way back? I’ve always wanted to drive an automatic but Archie won’t hear of me trading in our ancient Merc for a newer model. He says we can’t afford it and, of course, he’s right – until keeping the vehicle we’ve got on the road ceases to be an economic proposition.”

“Be my guest, Anne. It’s the iddaa siteleri least I can do since you’ve bought us supper.”

A while later in the car…

“Anne, where are you going? We passed the turning for Browndale twenty minutes ago.”

She tried to hide it but there was an anxious look on Sarah’s face.

“Oh just for a spin. I thought we’d have a little mystery tour. To be truthful I’ve not really had a chance to explore the area properly yet and I have to say this car’s handling beautifully.”

“You’re not thinking of going far, are you Anne? I was hoping to get back soon.”

“Only over to Malham Tarn and back. It’d be fun to do a ton round Malham Tarn in this, don’t you think?”

“You what!”

Sarah looked as white as a sheet and Anne noticed for the first time that she had her hands clasped between her legs.

“Are you alright Sarah?”

“Yes I’m fine. I just need…”

“A wee?”

“Well since you mention it haven’t been all day – well perhaps not quite. Stupid of me not to have gone before we left the pub, wasn’t it?”

A wry smile crossed Anne’s face.

“No, not in the slightest. It was you who insisted on drinking three pints of Diet Coke, not forgetting that coffee you had, whereas I was content to settle for two.”

“Alright Anne. Don’t rub it in. I’m bursting and I don’t think I can hold on much longer without pissing myself.”

“Well you’re just going to have to be brave and hold on for the time being. Just think about all those exercises we’ll be putting the students through. There’s nowhere I can pull over at the moment. Besides if you and I are going to run courses on bladder control we’re going to have to master the art of ultimate control ourselves first. We may as well get some practice in now.”

Gripping herself, Sarah visibly shuddered and Anne couldn’t but notice the perspiration on her forehead.

“Pull over now Anne, please,” she pleaded. “I’m about to piss myself.”

Realising that she couldn’t prolong her friend’s torture any longer, Anne turned down a narrow country lane and stopped the car.

“There’s a clump of trees over there, Sarah. To be honest I could do with a leak too.”

Sarah sprang from the car and ran towards the trees. She was already spurting in her knickers and began to wet her jeans before she could get them down. Humiliated she finally got her jeans and knickers off and continued to pee uncontrollably, splashing her shoes. Anne followed, dropped her jeans and knickers, taking the opportunity to release her own personal cascade. A minute or so later both women were finally finished. Anne reached into her pocket and handed Sarah some tissues.

“Here, have these. Look, I’m sorry about tonight.”

“Sorry? I’ll get you for this, Anne Glenson!”

Having wiped herself she threw the tissues playfully at Anne.

“Look Sarah. I’m really sorry. If you don’t want me on your staff – or even want to see me again – I’ll understand completely.”

“Don’t be so silly Anne. You’ve proved tonight that you’re exactly what I need. When can you start?”

Anne struggled to suppress a grin.

“Will Thursday do? It’s the last day of term at college tomorrow and I’m handing my notice in. I won’t be going back in September. From now on I’m all yours – if you want me that is.”

Sarah hugged Anne tightly.

“Of course I want you – in more ways than one. That’s the best news I’ve heard for a long time. Come on, let’s get back to Browndale and seal the deal. There’s half a bottle of quite drinkable Merlot left over from Sunday and could use a hand with it!”


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