Anne Got What She Wanted

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Anne was my best friend and when she told me she was going to a conference in Seattle for 8 days, I hoped that she would get laid. Not that she was a beautiful woman – she certainly is – but she intimidated most men. Tall, maybe 6’1″, with long dark hair, great firm breasts with hard nipples that poked through any bra she ever wore, and an ass to kill for, she was also intelligent and sarcastic, usually making most men look elsewhere. I hoped being away from New Jersey would make her relax a little and find some excitement.

When I met her at baggage claim in Newark, I knew my wishes had come true. Wearing a man’s shirt and jeans, she was glowing with sexual satisfaction. I snuck over next to her and whispered, “Somebody got screwed this past week.”

She jumped, smiled guiltily and blushed, “Is it that noticeable?”


As we walked to the car I told her, “Once we get Kültür Escort in the car I want details and all of them!”

“We met on Monday, the first day of the workshop. His name is Rob and he’s a project manager in healthcare and we were assigned to the same team to do the in-class exercises. He was nice, very funny, and tall. And he was very, very bright but was open to other opinions and ideas. Not intimidated at all.”

As we pulled onto the expressway she continued, “That first night we went out to a jazz club and we sat across from each other. He was very good company and we all had a good time. And for the rest of the week we ate lunch together, at a table, nothing obvious, just part of a group. Then we decided to go bike riding Thursday afternoon, just the two of us. After the bike ride we ate, then we went to a bar for a drink, and he put his hand on my knee and rubbed Kültür Escort Bayan it lightly, and I was instantly wet. I had to have him so I quickly invited him back to my room.”

“He went quickly to my breasts and stripped my shirt off.”

“Of course,” Anne had beautiful massive breasts with hard nipples.

“But he dropped to my crotch and slid my panties aside, not even waiting to strip them off, and began to suck and lick me. Within five minutes I was panting and screaming and within another two, I had a great orgasm on his face.”


“Then he stood, stripped and got on top of me. He slid my legs back spreading me wide, and began to screw me. I’ve never cum so easily in my life. He just fucked me and fucked me and I kept cumming and cumming, over and over again. I must have cum 3 or 4 times before he came and we rested, spooned together.

“Oh Escort Kültür shit.”

And he did it three more times before dawn – three times that he came, mind you. I must have come about 12-15 times that night.”


“And he fucked me again the next afternoon and then that night after we went on an evening sailboat cruise. I must have come another 6-7 times on Friday. Damn, he made me cum so easily” she moaned.

“So you fucked this guy and came maybe 18-20 times over two days.”

“I guess. More like 36 hours. Damn, he was really good. He had a nice thick cock, maybe 7-8 inches long and he was attentive and sweet.”

“Where does he live?”

“About an hour away from my brother’s house in Atlanta.”

“Who you haven’t visited since he moved there three years ago.”

“I called him last night. I’m going down in a couple of weeks. I told him I could only spend 2-3 days. And I called Rob and he’s taking the week off to spend with me. ” She glowed.

“Damn, how sweet.”

“I know. Imagine how many times I will cum if I spend a whole week with him. Damn, I’m wet again.”

So Anne got what she wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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