Anna’s Nasty Prayers

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Girls at the Blessed Virgin College were told to ‘Always be Good.’ But it’s hard to always be good. All the damn time.

That day Anna walked toward her dorm when Nate, a blue eyed hunk drove up in his truck.

“Hey Anna wanna go to a party at the river?” The little brunette bit her lip as her pussy tingled. She knew the river was a naughty place. And yes, Anna had nasty thoughts about Nate and some seriously naughty prayers. But two other guys were in the truck.

“Gosh Nate I can’t, Sister Margaret would never approve.”

“C’mon Anna have some real fun.”

They opened the door and stared at her. Normally boys never noticed Anna, now she was the center of attention of three older boys. She’d prayed for this kind of attention. “Okay but where am I going to sit?”

A black guy named Big Mo smiled and patted his lap. “Sit here Missy.” The nervous girl crossed herself and hopped on his lap. Nate sped away. As they drove Anna felt Mo’s lump growing under her butt.

And Big Mo’s lump got bigger every time her butt cheeks jiggled… and it made her pussy jiggle too.

Reaching the river Nate parked on a bluff overlooking the water. “Anna this is a great place to watch the waves, just look out for the stickers… they might prick you.” Tommy laughed and laid out a blanket.

Little Anna giggled as she took off her saddle shoes and sat on the blanket. The boys huddled close around her, rubbing her warm thighs.

Mo pulled out a bottle of Mogen David and they all took a swig. Anna felt wonderfully warm and glowing. The Catholic girl kissed her Virgin Mary necklace and locked it in her purse.

Nate flashed his dreamy blue-eyes. “How about a kiss sweetie?”

“No Nathan not in front of them.” But Nate planted a long hard kiss on her lips and little Anna melted. Nate’s serpent-like tongue spun into her mouth, filling Anna with swirls of lusty thoughts.

“Aw c’mon dog,” Tommy yelled. “Don’t hog the honey.”

“Right on.” Mo yanked Anna into his arms, his lips crushed against hers. She’d never kissed a black guy before.

Tommy yanked her away and gave the little brunette a French kiss so deep his tongue tickled her tonsils. And back to Nate for another long kiss. But this time Nate squeezed her pointy breasts. Anna pushed his hands away.

“Stop— you can’t grope me!” Anna adjusted her bra cups in front of the horny boys… a very bad idea. All at once six horny hands pawed at her titties.

“NO!” But they didn’t stop. Nate shoved his hand down her blouse and it tore. “DON’T RIP IT!” Anna panicked. “OKAY—you can feel my boobies! Let me take off my blouse first.”

They stopped and three sets of wolf eyes watched her take off her white blouse and fold it. A second later Mo grabbed her bra.

Anna gripped it. “No! Nate Kastamonu Escort stop him!” Instead Nate held her arms back as Mo flung her bra into a tree. Anna’s naked titties popped out and wiggled around in the cool air. She felt her nipples harden.

Nate whistled. “Wow tea cup titties, with tart cherry nipples.”

“Yeah.” Mo squeezed her little boobs as his big finger flicked her nipples. “Small but sweet, with the prettiest nips I’ve ever seen.” Anna blushed at the compliment.

“Our turn.” Mo and Tommy pushed her down on the blanket and gave Anna her first nipple suck, a double nipple suck. Her nipples poked up like hard erasers.

“Now it’s party time.” Nate lifted her skirt. “Time for little Anna to get naked.”

“NOOO!” She kicked his face. “You want to fornicate me! Sister Sofia warned me about fornicators. She said guys want to fornicate your brains out.”

“I wish.” Nate laughed, yanking on her skirt. Anna kicked his arm. Tommy tried and she kicked his chin.

Muscle Mo stepped up like a wrestler, flexing his huge abs. “Take it off girl or I gonna rip it off.” Anna knew she had no choice. The Catholic girl slipped off her plaid skirt and tossed it into the tree.

Big Mo quickly yanked off her white cotton panties. “Oh man, ya’ll gotta see this— SHE BALD AS A BABY! All eyes focus on her hairless pussy. Anna blushed so hard her thighs shivered…

Nate rubbed her shiny mound. “It’s so smooth and so bald and… OH NO JAILBAIT!” The boys jumped back.

“No Fur—No Fuck. That’s the law!” Tommy spit in the grass. “Hell she ain’t even old enough to grow twat hair.”

“YES I AM! Dammit I’m eighteen.” Anna lifted shiny pussy. “I just shaved it. Look closer.”

Mo examined her smooth mound. “Don’t see no pubes… But hey we can still play with her girl hole.”

“DON’T!” The boys held her down as Nate’s finger shoved up her teen pussy. Anna flinched but smiled, happy that Nate was the first to finger her hole. Then all the boys took turns boys fingering her tight pussy and sucking her tiny tits.

Soon Big Mo’s big finger found her love button and flicked it like a pink match.

OMG! She didn’t know guys knew about clittys. His fat finger flicked her clitty back and forth and her pussy tingled. Suddenly the Catholic girl’s toes curled in her first orgasm. “Holy Jesus!”

Her little titties moved from mouth to mouth and her pussy from finger to finger, with her clitty throbbing ever-so-wonderfully. The brunette humped her throbbing twat onto their naughty fingers as her body twisted in two more tingle orgasms.

Soon the guys stood up, with boners bulging hard in their pants. It looked so painful and made Anna’s pussy ache so bad… If her Catholic pussy could pray it would pray for cock.

Anna Kastamonu Escort Bayan whispered. “Um… you guys can fornicate me if you want. Fornicate me really hard… I wouldn’t mind.” The Catholic girl opened her thighs, spreading her pussy lips politely.

Nate stared into her open fuck-hole. “Jeez I wish I could. I wish I could FUCK YOU SILLY!”

Anna felt her thighs shiver. Fucked silly was good. Fucked silly was awesome. She’d love to be fucked silly!

Nate shook his head. “But you’re JAILBAIT!”

“Dammit I’m eighteen!” Anna kicked him. “What does a girl have to do to get screwed?”

Jumping to her feet Anna ran behind the bushes. “I’m not leaving until one of you fornicates me— fornicates me good!” The Catholic girl lay naked in the grass and waited, praying to be fucked silly… praying to be totally and completely stuffed with cock.

After a minute she heard a rustle. “Is that you Nate?”

“No it’s me, Muscle Mo. And I ain’t passing up a piece of sweet pussy pie.”

Anna spread her legs. “Oh yes take my sweet pussy pie.” Mo pulled out his ginourmous prick… Anna’s pussy screamed and tried to run away.

Squeezing her tiny titties the guy moved his huge prick to her tiny fuck-hole. She winced as his long black spear pierced her virgin cunt.

Mo pumped in slow but firm, stretching her pussy walls. “OUCH… OUCH!” Anna squirmed as the hard prick tore through her tender tissue. She gripped her white legs around his black hips. “Oh fuck me… fuck me Mo!”

“Hold on Missy.” Big Mo pummeled deeper into her snug pussy, to the very bottom of her womanhood. It hurt like hell. It hurt wonderfully. As his long black shaft fucked in and out Anna felt sinful urges swell inside her loins… hot lusty urges, boiling hotter and hotter…

Soon she felt her clitty throb and—OH MY GOD…OH MY FUCKING GOD! A wicked orgasm shot through Anna’s body, searing up and down her spine. The Catholic girl closed her eyes as her body shook with wave after wave of unholy rapture.

Mo’s big head flew up. “I’m cumming!” Anna worked her hips to meet his spewing prick… letting her soft pink folds milk out his spurting goo.

After a minute Mo pulled out, and she felt his prick juice dripping onto her enflamed crack. “Missy you got a mighty sweet pussy.” She blushed and watched Mo curl his black snake back in his pants.

“Um Anna… Tommy and Nate, they’re on the other side of the bushes. They want pie too. That okay?”

“HEAVENS YES!” Anna spread her legs wide. “We’ll have a forno party!” Tommy raced through the bushes and plunged his prick straight into her open pussy. “OUCH!” Anna was bouncing under Tommy’s prick when Nate walked up. The girl blushed. “Sorry…Nathan … you’re… unh… next…”

“Sweetie Escort Kastamonu I don’t want no sloppy thirds.”

Tommy rolled Anna sideways. “Here Nate, you can bang her sweet ass!” Anna’s sphincter tightened but relaxed when she felt Nate’s warm hands spread her butt cheeks. She felt him finger her tiny butthole. Then his stiff prick shoved in— and it felt like a frickin’ baseball bat.

“OH HEAVENS— IT HURTS!” Anna clenched her fists as Nate’s thick prick reamed her tiny asshole, while Tommy’s prick pummeled her pussy. The guys gripped her tits and the Catholic girl bobbed between them like a fuck doll, their stiff pricks pounding her fuck-holes in rhythm.

The guys fucked her guts so hard Anna worried she might split in two… And the thought of splitting in two actually aroused Anna. Her teeth clenched as another ungodly orgasm ripped through her spine.

“OHMYGOD!” Little Anna couldn’t imagine being more stuffed with cock.

But Big Mo came up. “Lil’ Missy I wanna fuck your sweet mouth.” Anna smiled and nervously opened her lips. Mo’s meat pole pushed in upside down. She gagged as the fat black prick shoved to her throat and his hairy black balls bounced off her eyelids.

Holy Frickin’ Jesus… cock sucking was nasty.

With Mo fucking her mouth, Tommy pounding her pussy, and Nate screwing her ass Anna felt truly and fully stuffed with cock. Finally. The Catholic girl sighed as her body trembled with yet another orgasmic rapture…

Yes oh Yes! Sometimes even nasty prayers come true.


After the gang filled her with cum Anna squatted by a tree to pee. The guys took pictures.

Nathan pulled out his handkerchief and helped her wipe out her sticky fuck-holes. Then they all left in his truck. This time Anna sat on Tommy’s lap and felt his bulge stiffen below her jiggling ass cheeks.

Along the way Nate stopped behind some trees. “Hey guys, feel like another Anna-Anna bang-bang?”

Little Anna giggled, pulled off her panties and spread her legs like a lady. She loved being the center of fuck-attention. The three horny boys lined up and politely took turns screwing her silly.

It was dark when Anna finally reached the dorm. Crossing herself she hobbled inside. The sore Catholic girl had to walk bow-legged down the hall. As she walked she felt lines of cum running down her legs and into her saddle shoes.

Sister Roxanne stopped her in the hallway. “Why Miss Anna it’s an hour after curfew. Young lady where have you been and why is your blouse ripped?”

“Um… at a party… with my new friends… and my blouse tore uh… playing charades.”

Sister Roxanne winked. “Okay sure, but remember a proper young lady always sends a Thank-You text to her hosts.”

“Yes ma’am.” Anna knew what to do. Back in her room she stripped off her clothes. And like a proper young lady spread her legs in front of the mirror… and snapped a selfie of her dripping, ravaged red pussy.

Anna texted the pic to her new friends. “Thank you for the party. We had such a lovely time.”

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