Anna’s Awakening

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Anna was a bright young woman who had just turned 18. Her father died in a car accident when she was a young child, leaving her mother to raise her alone. The two of them look like best friends. Anna regarded having such a close relationship with her mother as a blessing. The tragic event in their lives strengthened their relationship. They spoke about everything and never kept anything from one another. Even her friends envied the mother-daughter bond they had.

Anna’s mother had been noticing changes in her young daughter for a few months; Anna had inherited her 32DD bra size, but had a more chiselled and firmer butt from working out at the gym. She even imagined the day when Anna would overcome her shyness and gain confidence in herself.

“She is going to break some hearts.”

Anna had been single for a year now, with no boyfriend and no wish to have one, and did not see the purpose of it. Having a boyfriend was more to fit in with her friends; boys did not draw her to them in any way. The only thing she ever hid from her mother was how embarrassed she felt about not wanting to be touched or engage in sexual activity with a man. The inexperienced Anna reasoned to herself that she wasn’t ready for that kind of relationship and continued living her own life.

Today, she decided it was time to update her wardrobe, particularly her lingerie. Her mother had told her several times and was becoming increasingly insistent that she was too old to wear such underwear, recalling what her mother had told her the day before.

“Those are for children, darling; you are a woman now, and a gorgeous one. You should get the underwear that I have. Trust me, they make you look sexy, and men love them.”

Anna had no intention of replacing them to appease men; instead, she wanted to imitate her friends, who she had observed were wearing the same underwear as her mother’s and thought it looked sexy on them. On that Saturday, she arrived at the mall early. In addition, she was the only customer in the store.

She was browsing the aisle when she heard someone talking to her.

“Can I help you, maybe?”

“Yes, I am looking to update my entire wardrobe, including dresses, tops, and lingerie,” Anna explained.

“Yes, please allow me to take your measurements, and I will be there in no time. Oh, one more question: Is there any budget limitation?”

“No, anything you can think of will work for me.”

In emek escort fact, Anna could have bought the entire shop if she wanted it. When her dad passed away, her mother and she received a large sum of money. Her mother was at the top of her father’s company now and had run it for many years. The only downside was that her mother had to travel to multiple states and abroad for business. Anna found it difficult at first, but she had grown accustomed to it by this point.

Anna was nervous as the shop assistant prepared to take her measurements. She was professional but friendly, and she could not help but feel a bit at ease in her presence. Then she asked her one more question.

“What colours do you prefer?” she asked.

Anna hesitated before answering. She was not sure what to say. She had always been a fan of black and white, but lately she felt like she wanted to try something different. After much thought, she finally replied that she was looking for bright colours, blues, greens, and yellows, anything that would make her stand out from the crowd. The shop assistant smiled and said that she could work with that. Anna watched as the shop assistant went about measuring. A few minutes later, the girl was back with a trolley full of clothes and lingerie.

” My name is Vanessa. “Why don’t we go to the dressing room and try on some of those items?”

“I am Anna, and you have fantastic taste. Everything is lovely and very sexy.”

“Well, picking them up was simple. You look so beautiful and sexy yourself.”

Anna could not stop herself from blushing at the compliment.

“Oh, and you look so cute now, blushing like that.” Vanessa said, smiling at Anna.

Her cheeks turned an even brighter shade of pink. She caught Vanessa’s eyes and smiled before heading to the dressing room. She could feel Vanessa’s hand on her back as they walked, and she could smell the perfume. It was a mix of jasmine and vanilla, and it was the perfect scent for the girl.

The door to the dressing room was open, and Vanessa smiled as she walked in, pulling Anna closer with her. Anna could feel Vanessa’s lips touch hers, and she could not help but moan in delight. Vanessa began kissing her neck, her tongue descending to her breasts. Anna wailed more than she pressed up against Vanessa. Their tongues brushed once more, a playful exploration of one another’s eryaman escort mouths. As they kissed, Vanessa’s hands slid down Vanessa’s body, feeling every crevice. They parted ways after smiling at each other. When Anna felt herself becoming wet, she realized she wanted more.

She had never felt that kind of excitement before when kissing boys. The kissing with her was just so tender, erotic, and passionate, and she just loved it, surprised at first but also eager to respond to those kisses pressing against Vanessa, sending waves of excitement between her legs as their breasts touched. Vanessa turned Anna around to face the mirror; even when self-masturbating at night, she had never felt so ecstatic in her entire life. She also appeared stunning, and Vanessa was aware of how much she looked better.

She ran her hands down Anna’s body, exploring every intimate part of it and kissing her neck and ears, gently biting them. Anna trembled as Vanessa’s fingers brushed against her sensitive skin. Vanessa could tell that she was getting close. Anna was moaning with jerky respirations and gasping for air. Vanessa could feel herself getting aroused. She reached down between Anna’s legs and started slowly massaging her clitoral area, making her moan louder and harder. Anna came hard and fast, shaking in Vanessa’s arms.

“Oh my god, what are you doing to me?” Anna asked.

“Well, by the sound I heard coming from your mouth and my creamy fingers full of your cum, it seems I gave you a wonderful orgasm.” She said this while licking and sucking her fingers, which were covered in Anna’s juices.

“Hum, yum, you taste like peaches, Anna, and I love it.”

But the ringing of the doorbell interrupted the two girls. A customer had just arrived. She kissed Anna on the lips.

“Choose what you like, and meet me at the desk when you have finished and are ready to pay.”

After a little while, Anna made her way to the desk, where she paid for the entire trolley. She took everything Vanessa had chosen for her. Once the girl had everything packed back into the trolley, she gave Vanessa her credit card and paid for the clothes. In return, she got her card back along with a note.

“That is my phone number. Unbelievably, I do not act like that toward my customers. In fact, you are the first, but you were so beautiful and attractive when you came inside the esat escort shop that I could not resist. I just hope now that I can see you again.”

“I would really love that.”

“I am off Sunday. “We could go for lunch if that is okay with you.” Vanessa asked.

“Sunday sounds perfect for me.”

“Give me a ring on Saturday night, and we will arrange where we meet.”

“Okay, I will, Vanessa.” Anna said.

Once out of the mall, she climbed into her car and drove down the street, arriving home and deciding to bring all the bags into her room.

“Hmm, let’s wait until tomorrow to unpack them and clear the closet,” she reasoned.

She took a book of history and jumped on her bed. However, after a brief time, she left the book beside her, useless. She couldn’t concentrate because she was still thinking about how the previous hours had troubled her.

Am I a lesbian? Women had never attracted her, or so she thought. Yes, she had looked at them during sports and after showers, but not in a dirty way. Yes, she had to admit she liked women’s bodies. They are beautiful, with those boobs of various shapes and those cute butts. And it just hit her in the face,

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I am fucking gay.”

She had to admit that she was really into the way women look. Anna could not deny that she enjoyed watching her friends play sports in their little shorts and with their breasts bouncing in their tops or spending time naked in the shower with them, but she never expected to be attracted to women. But she remembered how she felt when Virginia touched her breast and her hand was on her tight ass.

Her finger was inside her underwear, touching her clitoris, turning around the tight hole entrance of her pussy, and she felt the wall of her vagina become wet.

“Oh my god, what am I doing?”

“All I can think about now is having sex and who I’m becoming.” Anna said, talking to herself, troubled and even more confused.

She had never caressed herself in the middle of the day before; yes, she used to masturbate at night, but she was always angry at herself for feeling that way and using those kinds of behaviour to give herself some pleasure. She could not believe how she was acting. To calm down those naughty thoughts she was having, she stopped and went for a cold shower. Anna inhaled and had to acknowledge that she was, in fact, sexually attracted to women, which helped her understand why she had failed with boys. She was not interested in boys, and the only thing that drew her attention was the shape of a woman’s breasts and ass, and now that she had tasted the touch of a woman on her, she wanted more; she wanted to feel the pleasure she discovered in Vanessa’s arms that morning.

(To be continued)

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