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(Hello! This time I thought it would be fun to see where the Roberts Boys got it from. If you are not sure what I am referring to, please click my profile. Of the 12 multi-chapter stories written so far, 10 are about the Roberts boys and their sexual hi-jinks/adventures, so it’s high-time I wrote something about their Dad. This one incorporates a young lass’s introduction into BDSM, hope you enjoy it!)

Anna-Brooks should have been more assertive, but Mike Roberts was right; she was exploring her sexuality freely and enjoying it. With a smile & a kiss, she signed off.

Less than a minute later, Anna-Brooks was back, this time on face-time. I couldn’t help but notice that she had that soft music on again. Anna-Brooks today was wearing a simple pale pink cotton bra & panty set. “I want you know, calling you ‘Sir’ initially made me blush, but I LIKE that I can now call you that” she said starting us off, “By the way, thanks so much for the flowers. I have rarely ever received them. I like that you make me feel special.”

I smiled. “Good, my pet. You are special, & I am glad you like them. Fine things should be appreciated. Now pet, you can wear the plain things for your boyfriend, but I only want you in satin and lace whenever we interact, even if its like this. Don’t worry about today though.”

“OK,” Anna-Brooks said. “Mist-Umm…Sir, what IS this item-well, do you…”

“yes Pet,” I reply, “here is what you are going to do. I know you have one of those large three panel dressing mirrors. I want you to put this phone on the bed, so that it faces that mirror, then you are to place yourself so your back is to the mirror facing the phone.”

Anna-Brooks did as told, but was a bit sheepish in her movements.

“Now pet, it’s OK,” I told her, “Only Mike can see you. Now very seductively, I want you to peel off that underwear. Remember whose you are.”

“I’m yours,” she said. That statement seemed to transform her. Standing, Anna-Brooks closed her eyes, ran her hands thru her hair, and began to sway to the music. She did as instructed, and did a fine job too. I was sporting a bit of a stiffy once she was done. I liked that she was careful to show her pubic hair ‘mark’ when done

“So how popular is ‘my’ mark?” I asked with a wry smile.

“Well Sir,” she said sheepishly, “I had to tell him I did it for him,” Anna-Brooks responded, then added “But I LIKE it. I run my fingers over it often, and think of you.”

“Good pet….Good. You did what you had to do there. I’m proud. Now this part is going to be a bit tougher, but I know you can do it. Open the small box, and show it to me.”

As she did so, Anna-Brooks asked “Sir, I really like the rose shape of this, did you know red roses are my fave? But…Mike…is this a…a plug?”

“yes pet, it is. Here is what I want you to do. Take the plug and wet the end that would go inside you. As it Escort is new, you can clean it if you wish. Get it very wet, and hold it up for me to see.” Seeing that she had done that I then said “Now Pet, I want you to shift yourself or the phone if you need to, but…)

“You want to be able to see my face and my reflection as it is being inserted” Anna-Brooks said, knowing why I had her set everything up as so. “OK Sir…I can do this.” And then she worked up quite a lot of spit as she held silver plug in her mouth like a pacifier. It did look cute in mouth like that. She smiled nervously, then turned and shifted a bit. Finally, she reached back…wiggled her tush and her hand…and then her face went to frown, then a grimace. “OOhh-h-h…” and with a satisfied look on her face said “I got it!” Sure enough, the plug was in her ass.

“Good pet…Good.” I cooed. “Now here is what I want my sweet girl to do. Turn around, lean forward, and hold those cheeks open, I want to see your fine work.”

With a look of satisfaction Anna-Brooks turned and did as instructed and I must say, it was most impressive, Anna-Brooks’s perfect heart-shaped pubic hair on the front, and that incredible rose butt plug. The rose was a fire-red color, it’s base/flange being silver.

“How is it?” I asked

“It’s…OK.” She responded immediately. “It isn’t nearly as thick as Sir, even at the wide part, so yeah, it’s OK.”

“Good. Now, reach back & pump it in and out, I want to see that butthole stretch a little bit for me”

Obediently Anna-Brooks reached back and followed my instructions. After about 10 seconds, her face was flushed & she was grunting as she worked the plug.

“Keep going…and don’t touch that pussy.” I said to her.

After another minute, Anna-Brooks was grunting louder, and starting to pant & moan.

“My girl likes it.” I said

“Ye-yes (Pant-pant) Yes Sir.” She replied.

“Keep going, and turn it as you go.” I told her.

“Uh-Uh-hhhh…” Anna-Brooks said, as she twisted and pumped the buttplug in and out of her ass. I could tell her nipples had stiffened.

“OK pet, stop.” I said, knowing I had started the motor running. Seeing her comply, I then told her. “Now Anna-Brooks, I want you to take that out on camera, and show it to me. Then you are to clean up. I think I got my pet going, so when your little boyfriend comes home, you are to fuck him the minute he comes in the door, but you are not to give him oral, and especially no anal. Later, you are to let me know when he is again working late.”

Anna-Brooks did as instructed. Jay didn’t know about anal, but the truth was she liked to suck dick, so that was a bit of a let down. Just before Jay’s truck pulled up she let her Sir know that it was tomorrow, and also told him that Jay would go in early, giving them even more time. It was with secret anticipation Escort Bayan for another that she welcomed her boyfriend to his apartment, wearing nothing at all. There were questions in her head, but again she told herself “Enjoy the moment.”


Today when Anna-Brooks came over I told her we were going to do something a bit different. Although I had her strip to her underwear (a really nice blue satin/black lace combo that was French or high waisted cut, showing plenty of her ass but not a thong), this time I had her kneel on a pillow in front of me, as I sat in a chair. We faced a mirror so we could see each other’s faces. “I very much like that you have this satin/blue combo on, you listened. Good job.” As I said this, I ran my fingers thru her hair.

Anna-Brooks found that she was very much appreciating Her Man’s touch. She wanted to please him, and his compliments made her smile. “Thank you Sir, but I am starting to worry about Jay, sooner or later…”

“I know,” “I said, “Is Jay game to learn & treat you in the ways that I have taught you?”

“No,” she said, “And if he knew that I was doing any of this, well….you know.”

“I see, but that leaves you in a bit of a dilemma long term.”

“Sir, I’m not thinking long term right now, Carpe’ Diem.” She said with a smile

“Seize the Day indeed,” I responded. “So my thoughts for today are to stretch a different boundary my pet. But in order to do that, you & I need to have a bit of a more mental connection. That is why I wanted to us to talk, and also to sit in this manner. I can tell you are enjoying my touch.”

“I am, Sir.” She said, blushing just a bit. “I am also enjoying much more than your touch, and am ready to learn from my Sir.”

I stood, and taking my new property by the hand, I guided her to her feet as well. “Now pet, you are to follow me.” And as I led her to guest bedroom, I had her walk behind me, both hands together, holding my hand. In the room was another pillow beside a hair, as before. I barely had to point to it in order for her to take her place there.

The guest bedroom featured a large four-poster canopy type bed. Laid out on the bed were 2 set of cuffs along with several coils of black, thick rope.

“Now pet,” I explain, as I began placing the cuffs on her wrists, “The boundary I want to push is that of ‘Predicament & Restraint’, I am going to use these cuffs and rope to place you in unusual positions/attitudes. This is going to feel snug, uncomfortable, or even a bit tight, but you are totally safe, OK? Also, MY pet is to tell me if/when you feel numbness or pain. You are especially to tell me if you feel claustrophobic or overwhelmed, OK?” Anna-Brooks looked at me and nodded. She was almost panting at the site of all this, and was certainly smiling. It was going to be quite an afternoon.


Part of Anna-Brooks wondered how she got to this point. Roughly a month ago, she was just an ordinary young lady, the typical girl next door. She had a nice Bayan Escort boyfriend, a decent job to tide her over until school restarted. It was all so, just so…set. And now? “look at yourself” she thought, “just look.” Anna-Brooks had kept her eyes closed, but now opened them. She was looking into a full length mirror, and she hardly recognized the reflection. Here she was, the ‘point’ of this much older man’s thrusts. She had gone from a nice, decent girl, to being treated like an object. What’s more…she was liking it.

Anna-Brooks’s hands were above her head, in the cuffs & locked together, and she was standing, completely naked. Her Dom/’Owner’ had stripped her and from long coils of the tick, black rope he’d run ‘round her waist like a belt, crisscrossing her chest and just under her breasts. The rope also ran between her legs, and then up to the cross rail of the canopy bed. She was standing on one foot, the other was held up off the floor by the rope, her leg bound at the knee, fully exposing her sex to her owner, who was sitting in a chair, looking at her with a smug smile, apparently feeling most satisfied with himself

Anna-Brooks should have been enraged, demanding to be let down, but at the moment, she couldn’t think straight, mostly because her ‘Owner’, Mike Roberts, now had a device she had only heard about, called a Hitachi. It was making quite a buzzing noise, on a stand, and was pressing against her sex. Her owner had for some time been using a control to turn it on, turn off, speed it up & down. By moving his foot he could increase the pressure of it pushing against her, pulling it away each time she was about to cum. He did this expertly & repeatedly, 4 or more times at least, the net result leaving Anna-Brooks a moaning, groaning, puddling mess, & he wouldn’t stop, despite her begging. And she did beg.

“Si-Si-Sir-r-rrr…” Anna-Brooks groaned, “P-PLEASE let me cum!” She exclaimed. It was her fourth time he let her get close & her hips were twitching hard now, along with her begging shriek. She wasn’t sure she could take much more, yet Mike Roberts, damn his hide, would release the pressure or turn the damn thing off each time, was getting there. Only thing was, each time she got a bit closer.

I could see that she was getting close, and so I knew it was time to change it up. I stood and moved the complete stand away. With one hand I grabbed my toy behind her neck and kissed her hard. With the other hand, as before I began to ‘spank’ that pussy with light pops, to break up the coming orgasm. It worked, I could see her ease, so I did what any gentleman would do.

I repeated the pussy-spank a FIFTH time, but this time I did it using a fast ‘pop-pop-pop-pop!’ and then as I nuzzled her neck, my fingers found her vagina,& I started using thrusting those fingers in & out, very fast. Anna-Brooks inhaled sharply with a gasp, and began to tremble, it was coming, so I lined up and pu-u-u-shed my dick inside her. It took only a quick ‘pump-pump-pump!’ before my fuck-toy came all over my cock, her orgasm breaking over her in a wave. Anna-Brooks Cowan yelled my name as she shuddered and convulsed, hanging in her binds and almost crying from relief.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32