Anna and Elizabeth Ch. 03

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Sam, Tom and the boys had hitched their gear and rifles onto the tack and were off to go hunting in the hills west of town. No less an untruth than Anna and Elizabeth’s tale of sitting with an ill spinster schoolmarm, perhaps even for the night. The two now sat miserably across from each other.

“How did it all come to this,” Anna asked as tears slipped over her rounded cheeks to the soft line of her chin. “What are we to do?”

“Anna I don’t know,” Elizabeth whispered, her head resting in her palms. “Have we a choice? Can we do anything other than what she insists? We have our things. The evenings getting on and you remember she insisted we be there early. I shall beg of her that no one is to find us out.”

“Will they make us be with Tommy and Jimmy again?”

“Anna, my dear Anna you know that they will. Though I’m sure Jimmy will choose you this time and I will be with your Tommy. After that, I don’t know. I fear it will be more than the one.”

“Elizabeth. I cannot, I simply can’t. We cannot… do that, again. I cannot allow my son…”

“What would you have us do Anna? Be found out? For Tommy to know that he pleasured himself with his Mother? For Jimmy to know that he was with me? That he took his Mother on all fours like… like, an animal, a beast? You think they did not know of the way our… that we were… Did Tommy have to force himself into you? Did he? Did he hurt you, were you not ready for him? Here, take your things. We must go.”

“Please, don’t scold me such, I know, I know my shame. He went into me as easily as I thread my needle. I don’t understand, how I could have been, that way. Elizabeth, please, could we have a drink, the bourbon that we had? I must have something or I fear I shall be sick.”

“Of course, yes how could I have forgotten. I just can’t think right now. I dare say I shall take a much greater portion than before. And you certainly will too.”

Though the drink had yet to unsteady their walk Anna clung tightly to Elizabeth’s arm. The wagon left for Carsonville and the fate that lay before them. Elizabeth snapped the reins and the horse quickened it’s gait.


“Well, what have we here?” Miss Marie Louise smiled from the polished table at the entryway. “A couple new girls. Come on ladies, come this way to your room. I have a room for you to change in and keep your things. Come now, up the grand staircase girls. Be quick.”

They hurried up the ornate stairs into a large well lit hall with a small sitting room and settees at the end. Another staircase there lead down to the saloon next door. Miss Marie opened one of the hallway doors and ushered them into a bedroom furnished surprisingly nice.

“This is your room. No other girls may come in here except you two, or myself. No men are allowed in here but for those you or I invite. You can keep your things in the shifrobe. I have things for you to wear.”

“We have brought our own things thank you. And this is not “our room”. Now one thing, you must not allow anyone to know who we are. We certainly do not work for you. We are simply here due to some misfortune and err that has befallen us. This night is to be the end of it.”

“Oh, the little one, Anna, speaks. How nice. Now lets see if she listens. Now sit down, there, on the edge of the bed. Now! You two whores, yes… whores, and I could refer to you as something worse… you are two whores who tonight are most certainly in my employ for I have accepted payment for your services. If you think otherwise, there is the door. You may freely leave. Go, go now or hold your sass.”

“So, as I thought. You may refer to me as Miss Marie and answer, yes ma’am or no ma’am like all the other whores here.”

“Well? Is that understood?”

“Yes, yes ma’am, Miss Marie,” Anna and Elizabeth whispered with eyes cast downward to the lace of the bedspread.

Miss Marie reached into a shifrobe and pulled out two diaphanous white gowns and lay them across the bed.

“Get undressed. Quickly now.”

“But, we brought our things.”

“No buts, hurry now,” as Miss Marie grabbed their bags and tossed them into the shifrobe.

Anna and Elizabeth turned their backs as they slipped out of their clothes.

“Everything girls, nothing to remain. My God, have you girls no sense of a razor?” Marie laughed. “Well, it’s too late now to trim you up. I must say though, each of you have ample charms to occupy a man’s fancy. I don’t know that I have ever seen such roses as that Anna. Certainly none of my girls have such natural adornments. But then, you are my girls now, aren’t you. I know a number of gentlemen who would enjoy… well, they would if you were so inclined?”

They stood cheeks flushed, naked in front of her.

“Put the gowns on. Here, arms through the short sleeves and wrap around and sash. Hurry now.”

As the two stood before the mirror Anna cried in aghast, “You can see through them, I mean almost everything. We can’t wear this, we can’t.”

“You certainly will. I have white veils for you to wear which will do very nicely to disguise you. Put these over your heads. They tie here, in the back. Down over your face now. There.”

She Hatay Escort grabbed them by the wrists and pulled them out the door and down the hall to another larger room.

“This is where you will entertain them. You can bring them drinks from the bar, play cards and you can take them to your room as they’re ready.”

In horror they looked at her.

Anna wailed, “You mean here? They are coming here? We’re to be here? In this place? We have to go to the bar? Like… like common whores?”

They each cringed as Miss Marie grabbed them by their veils pulling them forward.

“Now listen well you two little whores. You are to do anything asked. Anything! Anything I tell you. The men know they are not to remove your veils. But if you hesitate, if you refuse anything, then I’ll rip them off myself and march you right down into the main barroom, understood?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes ma’am, yes Miss Marie.”

“And tonight you are whores, whores just like the other hard working girls here tonight, though you’ve yet to earn the right to be called good whores. You’re a couple stupid little housewives that have gotten yourselves in a mess with your meddling and cannot get out. Before this night lightens I expect that you shall prove that you are every bit as worthy as my best, understand?”

“Yes, Miss Marie, yes, please… we will,” they wailed.

“And you’re what?”

“Whores, we”re whores,” Elizabeth cried.

“Well Anna?” Miss Marie asked as she gave her a shake.

“I’m a whore, just a whore Miss Marie,” she whispered tearfully.

She grabbed their wrists, whisked them down the hall and the staircase to the anteroom.

Elizabeth and Anna sat forlornly in a settee waiting, watching gentlemen arrive, talk to the other girls and after a drink, slip away up the staircase.

Elizabeth’s hand jerked tightly on Anna’s arm. “There, Oh my God, they’re here. Anna, their here. There’s Tommy, and Jimmy. And.. oh my God, look Anna, they’ve brought Braden and Johnny from church. If their Mothers or wives only knew. Oh my, they would have a fit if they knew their sons were here.”

“Elizabeth,” Anna cried, her tears hidden by the veil. “Don’t you understand, they are here, here for us. I don’t care about their Mothers. I don’t care about their wives. We can never tell them. Oh God, they are going to do all sorts of terrible things to us and Miss Marie will let them.”

They watched as Sam and Tom walked to the receptionist table and spoke to the girl there. Miss Marie quickly came over.

“Welcome gentlemen. It is not often we get a special group like this. But the girls you requested are ready and we have a special room for you to be entertained in. Girls! Girls, come here, your guests are here.”

Looking at Anna and Elizabeth, she spoke to the group, “Gentlemen I assure you that you will be very satisfied with your evening. I will stop in from time to time to see that everything is to your complete satisfaction.”

Tom moved next to her with a grin, his arm circling her waist, hand slipping up to hold her breast, “Now maybe you could just help out some yourself Missy. I might be feelin a bit partial to you.”

Miss Marie slipped from his grasp with a practiced move and laughed, “Oh I don’t think so, I have many responsibilities tonight. I think these two lovely ladies will serve you well, won’t you girls?”

Anna stared in despair, and then in growing anger that her Tom would touch Miss Marie, dare yet to suggest… and perhaps…” as she turned to look at Elizabeth.

“Yes, yes,” she whispered tersely. “Yes Ma’am.”

Elizabeth turned to lead them up the stairs. Marie pulled Anna to the small anteroom bar and filled a tray with glasses and bottles of whiskey and wine.

“Did I hear a bit of ire there? That wouldn’t have been your sweet faithful husband with his hands on me now would it? And looking over your cohort too I believe?”

Anna took the tray and fled up the staircase.

Anna set the bottles and glasses down on the table as the men sat down and pulled out some cards.

Elizabeth leaned to whisper, “What’s the matter?”

“Did you see Tom? The way he was with that… with Miss Marie? I could just poke his eyes out. How could he, and with me, right in front of him too.”

“Oh he doesn’t know.”

“Oh my God, Elizabeth, will you… with Tom?”

“I don’t know and stop using our names or someone will hear.”

“Hey girls, come over here and pour us some drinks. You sit right here on Jimmy’s lap and the tall pretty one can sit on Tommy’s.”

As Elizabeth walked past Tom, Anna watched as he reached out to slide his hands across her breasts. A flood of emotions rushed through her. Hurt, jealousy, anger as she was pulled into Jimmy’s lap.

The men passed around the glasses and bottles. Anna and Elizabeth readily accepted tumblers of the strong drink that burned their throats, warmed their stomachs and most importantly dulled their virtues. Anna watched as Elizabeth sat in her Tommy’s lap. Watched in dismay as her son slid his hand through the billowy wrap and held her breast. She felt a little Hatay Escort Bayan pang of jealousy as his fingertips toyed with the dark circle of her nipple. Muffling a small cry Anna put her arms around Jimmy looking away over his shoulder.

Anna felt Jimmy’s hand slip between her gown, over the soft warm skin of her stomach and then to the swell of her breast. As the men played cards, laughed and drank his fingertips incessantly moved in little circles around her nipple. The whiskey held her loosely collapsed in his lap. His palm moved lower to hold curve of her breast. Her nipple had stiffened under the teasing movements as his thumb slid slowly back and forth. Her lips parted, her eyes closed denying the little warm tingles beginning to stir. She couldn’t ever remember her breasts being touched such. Never the inescapable attention such as this. It was almost a delicious torture. Her nipple ached for his lips as they had never ached for such an illicit touch.

She felt a stirring beneath her, pressing up against her inner thigh as she sat in his lap. His hand left the tormented rose of her breast and slipped between her thighs. She squeezed them together but the strength of his hand opened her. Her arms tightened and she lightly gasped as his fingers touched her most hidden parts. She blushed as his fingers slipped easily between moist lips.

“My God,” she thought in despair, “Have I become such, that any mans touch can stir the juices within me? No, no… it cannot be. It is the devil’s drink that is doing this to me. It is surely that.”

Anna closed her eyes as Jimmy’s fingertips gently caressed her, then found the warm passage she hid so well. He eased his fingers inside her, then carefully moved them gently in and out in teasing circles. Her hands clenched as her warm breath moistened his neck. Her hips twitched as she felt her desire tighten against his fingers. The whiskey coursing through her veins, the never ceasing attention of his devilish fingers were more than she could deny. She gasped as her body trembled with it’s own instinctive need. He was teasing her, torturing her, shaming her here in front of everyone. In front of her husband, her son… yet, her body ached with a hunger of it’s own.

“Hey girl, you got some place we can go?” Jimmy pushed her from his lap and stood.

She took his hand and pulled toward the hallway glancing back only long enough to see Tommy nuzzling Elizabeth’s neck, his hands roaming under her white gown. A muffled cry filled with a dizzying array of emotions and Anna allowed the devil inside her to pull them down the hall.

Elizabeth watched as Anna pulled her son out the door and down the hallway. She wanted to say something… yet not knowing what. The drink had made her giddy and Tommy’s hands were making her half crazy. She was burning with desire, just awaiting for Tommy to ask her to leave, and now she must wait? Could they both use the room given them? Dare she?

Anna blushed crimson as Jimmy pushed her back on the bed opening her gown.

“God your beautiful honey,” Jimmy whispered as he stared down at her.

Her hips were softly rounded to tapered thighs with a wild tangled darkness between. She was thin, yet soft. Anna’s waist curved sweetly above her hips. Her breasts small with nipples such that he had never known. Jimmy stepped back to shrug off his shirt and kicked free of his boots and dungarees.

Anna stared agape as Jimmy’s cock juttted forth with the rounded tip an angry red. As Jimmy stepped to her she tried to push herself back on the bed her head shaking.

“No, oh my God no… you can’t, I can’t,” she groaned hoarsely her voice still thick with desire.

“Awww come on girl. You’re a mite small but I’ll be real slow and gentle, I promise.”

Jimmy pulled her back across the bed and bent down taking her nipple between his lips as his tongue began tracing little circles around and over. His hand slipped to her thigh and Anna grabbed his wrist.

“Please… please no, I can’t,” she whispered through clenched teeth.

“Hellooo all, is everything ok in there? I’m going down to look in on the men,” Miss Marie’s voice called from the closed door.

Jimmy swung around at the sound, “Yeah, yes ma’am we’re just fine. We’re just fine aren’t we darlin.”

Anna’s head nodded quickly with fear at the sound of Miss Marie’s voice.

Jimmy pushed her hands over her head, “Now why don’t you just leave them there for awhile and I’ll do the rest.”

His breath again caressed her nipple as his hand slipped between her thighs. His fingers lightly danced their way up the soft sensitive skin until he felt the sodden curls hiding her hunger.

His lips tormented her breasts moving from one nipple then to the other. Anna’s fingernails dug into her palms as her teeth bit against her bottom lip in a futile act of denial. Her nipples were aching, wanting to beg for his touch, to plead for him to suck them harder. Her knees lifted as he moved between them only to stop in fear as she felt his cock swing against the warm skin of her inner thigh. She trembled as Jimmy brushed the velvety tip over the slippery swells Escort Hatay of her pussy, then gasped as he pressed higher over her clift.

Jimmy took her hand pushing it down between them. “Here darlin, take it as slow as you want.”

Anna’s lips parted as her hand held the warm length of him, her breath in shallow gasps. Her heart was pounding, her virtue begging to deny what was now firmly grasped in her hand. Anna’s eyes widened as she pushed downward, his cock felt as if it dwarfed her hand. She breathed a soft whimper as her fingers pressed the tip against the warm moist skin. Slipping her hand higher on the rigid length she pulled him to her. She felt herself opening, then tighten around the rounded tip as her knees pulled higher, her thighs falling open to accept him. Anna’s hand grasped him tighter, pulling him deeper inside her. With a small cry of abandon she threw her arms around him pressing her face against his chest… waiting…

Jimmy was aching to plunge deep inside her, knew she had surrendered herself to him as he began to slowly move. He paused, slipped back a little, then pushed deeper, pausing again, then deeper listening to Anna’s quiet cries each time he slipped further inside her.

Anna held her breath as she pressed her face tightly to his chest. She had never felt so…. so completely full. Jimmy’s hips pressed tightly against hers. He began to move and Anna gasped as he pulled away to the very tip, pausing then pushed back inside her as once again their hips pressed together tightly. She knew he was being very careful for her. A warm blush of gratitude warmed her cheeks.

“It’s ok, I’m all right now,” she breathed against the young hard muscles of his chest.

Anna could feel her muscles tightening around him, pulling him into her, then clasping tightly to him as he pulled away. Her breath matched the rhythm of his hips as he began driving harder against her. In a far off haze she could hear his hips slapping against her skin. Then… she became mortified with shame at the little sounds of her desire as he slipped in and out, her body yielding to it’s needs.

Anna felt him quickening, his muscles tightening as he began driving deep inside her. She clung to him holding on and then with almost a frantic need of their own her hips began lifting, her knees pulling higher as her fingers dug hard into his arms. From inside her a aching whispered plea slipped from her lips…

“Yes, yes… please, oh God please, fill me, give it all to me.”

As she felt him jerking, his cock begin pouring itself into her filing her with his warm wetness, her neck arched and her ankles locked behind his waist. A low yearning plea slipped from Anna’s lips.

“Wait… oh God, wait… don’t stop… please… wait…. wait for me… there…. yes.. there it is… .. oh God here it comes… please… harder… yes… ohh God yes… nnooooowwwww…”

Her body trembled with it’s release as Anna’s need convulsed around the hardness filling her. Her instincts begged for every drop of him as she held him tightly inside her.

Anna attended herself with the ornate bowl of water and soft towels at the stand next to the dresser and now sat st the side of the bed away from the door. Her cheeks were damp with the despair of her heart and the way her life had spiraled out of her control.

“Hey boys,” Sam yelled, “I’m a goin down to the bar and have a couple with some ole boys I know. You’ins have some fun right here. Jimmy ought to be about all done-in down the hall. If you see him, send him down to the bar. Come on Tom, let’s go down and have a drink.”

They laughed as Braden and Johnny pulled Elizabeth from Tommy’s lap. Tommy got up and stepped to the doorway.

“I think I’ll go down the hall. I kind of really like that little girl Jimmy went with.”

“Hey how about we do it right here Miss Marie?” Braden asked.

She laughed as she pushed herself away from the wall where she was watching the card game.

‘Sure, just keep it upstairs boys, and dim the lamps. This isn’t exactly what this room is for. Come on Tommy, I’ll walk you down to see your… girl.”

Miss Marie hooked her arm in his, “You know Tommy, you’re quite a handsome young man. I might enjoy spending some time with you.”

“Yes ma’am, but there’s just something I really like about that one girl.”

“Well Tommy, I think I understand, more than you think. I think you two might have a lot in common. So, lets see if she is ready.”

Braden pulled Elizabeth across the table. She was dizzy with drink and her skin flushed warm from the insistence of Tommy’s hands. Johnny had moved between her legs at the end of the table pulling her gown open and pushing her knees high her calves against his shoulders. She mumbled a cry of protest at both of them being there, yet whispered a sigh of pleasure as she felt him push inside her. Her eyes were closed and the alcohol warmed her veins as Johnny was quickly coaxing another warmth now spreading in little waves through her hips. Elizabeth’s eyes opened as fingertips turned her head. Braden stood, his hands moving to push aside her veil. Elizabeth’s heart skipped as she brushed his hands away and grasped the rigid member weaving inches from her cheek. She hesitantly touched him with her lips, then slid them over the length of him as he pushed against her. As her breasts rocked from Johnny’s thrusts, Elizabeth’s lips tightened, with a quiet moan of urgency.

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