Ann: The Married Years Ch. 34

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Ann leaned her hand against the car in the parking lot, waiting for Neil to finish putting the stroller in the back. They had just finished their lunch, and she was having a quick daydream of what they’d done so far that morning after leaving the house. In addition to eating, they’d taken Owen to a local park. And in both places, she had gotten back to her exhibitionist ways. She’d flashed for Neil and their camera at the park, and then again inside the Wendy’s just a few yards from where she was standing.

While the first had been incredible, she found the latter experience intoxicating; the déjà vu of repeating what she’d done just over five years before flooding her brain. That first time, in Nevada on their magical cross-country trip, solidified her love of exhibitionism; something she’d packed away in the recesses of her mind now that she was a mother. Neil was using their day out together as a way to draw that part of her sexual personality out into the open again. Quite literally.

And that fueled her courage. Yes, it was a bit strange to be taking such chances with her son in the stroller next to them. But it was all just innocent fun. It didn’t hurt that Owen had fallen asleep early on in the restaurant, napping through most of their lunch.

Knowing she could act like Anna instead of Ann, she let her husband direct her. She even felt comfortable enough to flash her pussy for him like she had in the first time in the Nevada Wendy’s. They tried to remember all the poses she’d done that day, cognizant that there were more people eating at this particular restaurant. And that it was in the town where they lived, not some desolate location they were just passing through. They viewed it as a challenge, wanting to get as many pictures as they could just like the originals.

She obliged him, going even further, stripping completely for him once the atrium cleared of other diners for a brief moment. She wasn’t naked that long, but she never would have imagined when she woke up that morning that she’d be shedding her clothes in the dining area of a fast foot joint. And while she didn’t walk out of the place topless like she had in Nevada, she couldn’t get over that he made her remove her top again in the parking lot.

“You amaze me,” she said as she slipped it back on while he backed out of the parking space.

“I think I should be the one saying that. I can’t believe you stripped all your clothes off inside.”

“It was only a matter of time before you made me do it anyway. I was just succumbing to the inevitable to save time.”

“I don’t think I would have asked you to take your skirt off, babe. That was a bit much, even for me.”

“Well it would have been nice to know that ahead of time before I set a precedent,” she laughed. “And if it’s all the same to you, I’m going to go ahead and pretend you were going to make me.”

“That’s fine by me.”

“I do wish I would have been wearing heels though. That would have been so much hotter.”

“I don’t think you know just how hot it was, Anna. But you will.”

“I will? When?”

“When we get the pictures back.”

She let out a happy sigh, thinking of how wonderful it would be to actually get that special package in the mail again. It was incredible when Rose returned pictures of Owen that she had developed, but it had been too long since she’d practiced her love of exhibitionism in front of a camera. She was already anticipating the fun of packing up the film to ship off to San Francisco.

That would have to wait for a while, since Owen oddly woke up when she put him in his car seat. She knew he was tired, having not slept that well the night before. She figured he’d be down for a couple of hours. But he was babbling happily in the back seat, which meant he’d be looking for some attention once they got home.

Instead of heading home though, Neil drove east down a different road out of town, much to her surprise. That in spite of him actually alluding to their day not being over before they got into the car.

“Where are we going now?”

“Hiking,” he smiled.

“Really? Where?”

“I’m thinking Maryland. There’s a nice mountain trail I’ve heard about.”

“We’re going up a mountain?”

“Well, think of it as a really big hill, but I suppose it’s kind of a high. I thought it would be nice to see the leaves overlooking the river. It should be beautiful. Are you up for it?”

“How will we get Owen up there?”

“From what I understand, there’s a pretty nice path. We should be fine. If not, we’ll find something else to do,” he grinned.

Ann was excited about the idea of it, if not the practicality. Autumn was such an incredible time of year where they lived, the leaves turning colors making the area so beautiful. Going hiking to see all the amazing scenery was appealing, but she worried about how their son would handle it.

Neil parked the car a little over a half-hour later, casino şirketleri and he got out the regular stroller again, thinking they might need more than the smaller version they’d used before. Ann got Owen out of his car seat, holding him while Neil got the stroller ready.

“Am I putting him in?” she asked.

“For now,” he nodded. “We’ll let him out in a bit, once we get where we’re going.”

She put him in, buckling the little belt, making sure to give him his container of cheerios to keep him settled. Once they were ready, Neil headed to their left, Ann following beside him, camera in hand.

“This place is amazing,” she finally said after taking several pictures of the old structures that lined the storied streets. “Where in the world are we?”

“We’re still in West Virginia.”

“I was referring to the town we’re in.”

“Harper’s Ferry,” he said, pointing to a big silver historical marker.

Glancing around, she noticed many more of them. She’d seen them before, along streets and in parks in their own town, and throughout the Shenandoah valley, signifying that something of significance had occurred sometime in the past. “What happened here? There are signs everywhere.”

“You know, I know it’s all Civil War stuff. I remember something about ammunition and a guy named John Brown, I think. To be honest, I remember just enough from my history classes to be dangerous. If you want to know more than that, you should ask my Mom. She became a bit of a Civil War buff when we lived out here in the valley when I was growing up.”

In truth, Neil knew much more about it than he let on. His mother called herself ‘novice expert’, if there was such a thing. Yes, it was an oxymoron, but it seemed to fit. She loved history, and she became infatuated with the Civil war. She read books, and visited battlefields. She even had a habit of pulling to the side of the road to read the historical markers that dotted the landscape of the area, which often drove him nuts.

But because if it, he’d also learned as well, whether he wanted to or not. It was almost by osmosis, just from being around her and the enthusiasm she showed for the subject. The fact that he knew more than he let on had more to do with what he wanted to do that day. He hadn’t brought them there for a history lesson. He wanted to get out and have some fun.

Ann felt the same way. “Well I’m interested, but I’m not that interested,” she laughed.

“Good. Frankly, I just brought us here because of how beautiful it is. I probably should learn to appreciate the history more like she did. But I think it can wait another day.”

Her voice was shaded with anticipation; her playful cadence and sparkling eyes giving him chills. “Have something else on your mind?”

“You have the camera, don’t you?”

“Where are we going?”

“Up there,” he responded, pointing to a large rock formation across the river to their left.

“Looks like quite a hike.”

“It’ll be worth it, as long as the trail is what I was told it would be.”

“I’m game if you are,” she shrugged, yet still a bit concerned about Owen.

They followed a footpath that crossed an old railroad bridge to the other side of the river. Once on the other side, they continued on the path between the riverbank and a road, until they got to a sign. Crossing over a road, they began following a winding trail that made its way deep into the wooded hillside.

Once they were far enough away from anyplace dangerous, like roads and riverbanks, Neil got Owen out of the stroller, letting him walk along with them. It obviously slowed them down a great deal with him being so young. In fact, it was an arduous journey at first, having to wait on him to get his bearings. Still, he quickly figured out the incline of the terrain, falling and stumbling just a couple of times before he was back to running like he always seemed to do.

“It’s just amazing how fast those little legs can take him,” Ann said as she strode a bit faster catch up to him.

Neil smiled, watching her athletic thighs as she hurried after their son, taking his little hand in hers. She heard the camera go off behind her, and she glanced over her shoulder, giving him a stern look. “No naughty pics with Owen in them,” she warned.

“You’re covered,” he replied, knowing she was thinking her ass was in view since he was further down the hill. “But that’s going to be hard.”

“Why’s that?”

“You look naughty in every picture I take,” he grinned.

“There’s a difference between sexy and naughty, Neil.”

He quickly focused the camera, zooming in on her face. Firing the shudder, he felt another tingle run through him as he saw her eyes through the viewfinder. “I don’t know, babe. Your eyes are pretty expressive, and I know what they’re saying.”

She flashed a toothy grin, nodding her head slightly. “Naughty,” she confirmed. “But you know what I mean. I’m in the mood to have fun, but I don’t want it ruined by us not being casino firmaları careful.”

“We will be.”

They slowly made their way up the trail. Owen was holding Ann’s hand, but it felt like he was leading the way, pulling her. It was taking forever, but since they were in no hurry it didn’t matter. It surprised them both that he walked most of the way.

“My god, how far is this?” she asked as she finally picked him up to carry him for a bit when the path got steeper.

“I dunno… a mile maybe?”

“I think it’s a lot further than that. I can’t get over how he does it… he’s only ten months old! Sometimes I think he’s two already.”

“It is a little hard to believe. At least he’s not having tantrums yet.”

“He will,” she laughed. “He’s a pretty happy baby, but I don’t see us getting away from the terrible twos. I just hope they don’t come early like everything else he seems to do.”

“Then again, if they’re early we can just get them over with sooner.”

“I’m in no hurry for him to grow up too fast, baby. I want to enjoy him. I don’t want to be one of those parents that push their kids; you know, moving them ahead in school and things like that.”

“Neither do I… I think it’s better when you’re older. It was for me.”


“I was the oldest in our class. Remember? It was so much easier, especially when it came to athletics. It’s a huge advantage. Plus, I wasn’t mentally mature enough. I can’t imagine graduating earlier than I did… it would have been a disaster.”

“I think it’s harder for boys anyway; the whole maturity thing,” she said as she put Owen down, the little guy wiggling because he wanted to run some more.

“What do you mean?”

“Just look at him. Physically, he’s doing things some kids twice his age can’t do yet. I can’t imagine any other kid his age climbing this mountain. It’s like he’s so much older, you forget he can’t talk yet.” She paused for a second, smiling at his expressive face. Her heart melted at the thought of hearing him say ‘mommy’ in a cute, tiny voice. “I can’t wait for that.”

“I can,” Neil laughed. “Trust me, you think you can’t wait for them to talk, but once they do, they never stop.”

Finally reaching the top, she picked Owen up again, not trusting him in such a dangerous place. Looking out over the edge of the rocky cliff they were perched upon, she heard the camera, turning around so Neil could take a picture of the two of them against the picturesque background; the color of the fall leaves exploding behind them.

“Wait… is that a fork in the river?” she said, as she faced south, looking directly below them.

“In a manner of speaking; it’s actually two rivers. This is really a pretty amazing place, Anna.”

Just hearing him call her that reminded her of why they’d come; a electric jolt running through her body, seemingly landing directly on her exposed clit barely covered by the short skirt she was wearing. She could feel herself starting to get wet, all from just him calling her by her given first name.

It was powerful the way he made her feel inside; the sexual excitement he could bring her with just a word or a phrase. That power was never lost on her psyche. Even after almost five years of marriage, while she was thinking a bit more motherly clutching their child, she found it exhilarating the way he could manipulate her sexually. Most if it was mental, and that’s what was such a turn on to her. Yes, she longed for his physical touch; the way he could please her was incredible. And they connected emotionally the way only true soul mates can. But it was how he could get inside her head, pushing her buttons, challenging her… God how she loved the way he made her do things.

She was suddenly willing to follow his lead, hoping he would do just that, the idea of being told to do something as naughty as the name he called her implied. It was making her nipples harden. And with Owen showing signs he was tiring, she had hopes that moment might come soon. Then again, it might not.

There was another couple sitting on a blanket far to their left. She’d noticed them as soon as they arrived at the summit, and now she silently begrudged that they were there. As usual, her mind was very much on sex and she was now hoping for some privacy. Resigned that she wouldn’t be doing anything while Owen was awake anyway, she figured their fun would have to wait.

Still, Neil had called her Anna, and with that came a certain expectation as far as she was concerned. If he was thinking of her in that light, she was certainly going to act like it, no matter what.

Turning her attentions back to the scene of the town below, she drank in the beauty around them. “Okay, tell us what’s so special about it.”

“Well, the river up there is the Shenandoah. It’s flowing toward us, feeding into the Potomac, which is the one down below us.”

“So it’s running from our right to our left?”

“Yep… that’s the Potomac going east. It’ll go güvenilir casino past DC, all the way to the Chesapeake Bay.”

“So where are we standing, exactly?”

“We’re in Maryland. The town across from us is in West Virginia. And the hillside on the other side of the Shenandoah… that’s Virginia.”

“You’re kidding. There’s three states right here?”

“Uh huh. Pretty cool, isn’t it.”

“Not to mention beautiful. I can’t believe you brought us here,” she smiled as he took another couple of photos. “Let me get a picture of you and Owen!”

She took the camera, taking a couple of him holding their son. They were careful not to set him down, even though they weren’t really that close to the edge. With as quick as he was, there was no sense taking that kind of chance.

Seeing that he was starting to fidget, she looked over the top of the camera. “I think it’s time to feed him. He didn’t have anything at the restaurant other than a couple of French fries.” She moved next to them, sitting down on the rock surface as she handed Neil the camera. He was about to give her the baby when he changed his mind. “What are you doing?”

“Multitasking,” he replied, carefully cradling Owen while he lifted the Nikon to his face. “Unzip.”


“You’re going to breastfeed him anyway. Unzip your top.”

It wasn’t an order, per se, but she took it like one. Her impish smile broadened when she heard the camera firing as she lowered the zipper. When the clasp was free at the bottom, she pulled the opening to the sides, exposing her breasts. Taking a couple more, he gave his next instruction. “Spread your legs.”

She’d expected it, but hearing the authority in his voice made her cunt moisten even more. Her legs had been outstretched in front of her, and she slowly bent her knees, bringing her feet in toward her ass. Then she froze.

Neil knew why, and he nodded. “Owen isn’t looking at you, babe. He’s looking over my shoulder. Now do it.”

She did as he’d practically demanded; the soles of her shoes gliding across the craggily rock surface until her pussy was totally exposed for him. It was an incredible feeling, her body reacting to the camera, and she leaned back to feel more exposed. The entire moment took just seconds, but it seemed much longer to her. And in a way, it was. She was baring her soul to him once again, opening up her vulnerability.

In return, he was setting her free from the binds she’d found herself in since she’d become a mother. She’d wanted to be Anna so badly, and she’d been getting there little by little. But this was precisely what she needed… what she’d been missing. The daring feeling of exhibitionism was something she craved, and being made to do it only made it better.

She ended up crossing her legs in like she was doing yoga, reaching out to take her baby so she could feed him. Covering up one of her breasts, she let him latch on to the other, staring at her husband. He sighed, amazed at how she could seamlessly transition from a sexy, slutty wife to a loving, caring mother in mere seconds. He knew the former of the two was just underneath the surface all the time, and he loved drawing her out. But he also loved that the latter was there for their son any time he needed her.

Ann was just finishing feeding him when the couple that had been nearby approached on their way toward the pathway that led to the woods, and the river valley below. They were an attractive pair in their mid-40s, he carrying the blanket and a picnic basket while she clung to his free arm. They stopped as Ann stood, clutching Owen to her chest, using him to block her open hooded sweatshirt.

The woman was stunning, her long reddish-brown tresses blowing in the slight breeze. “You have a beautiful family. Would you like my husband to take a picture of the three of you?” she said in a sweet southern voice.

“Would you mind?” Ann said excitedly, loving the idea of having an unofficial family portrait taken in such an incredible setting.

“Not at all,” the gentleman replied, stepping forward. He was ruggedly handsome, having a charm in his voice and the way he carried himself. “I’m Terrence Forbes and this is my wife, Janie.”

Ann was genuinely thrilled, more that the couple had taken the initiative to introduce themselves first. She was about to do it herself, but she always found it refreshing when someone else did it first. Carefully standing so as not to flash them anything underneath her short skirt, she said, “Hi Terrence, hi Janie… I’m Anna Thomas. This is my husband Neil.

Terrence smiled politely. “It’s nice to meet you. We just came up here for a picnic,” he said as he put down the things he was carrying.

“I can see that,” Neil said as he handed him the camera. Ann in turn handed her husband the baby, flashing her breasts a bit in the process. She casually zipped up the front of her top, but only half way. Her eyes never left Janie as she did. She knew Terrence was watching her, but she was captivated by the emerald eyes of the woman next to him and the way she was staring at her. It felt much more than a friendly hello. This was an intense gaze, one that brought excitement and hint of danger. And it left a lingering impression.

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