Anita’s Sexual Adventures Ch. 03-04

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I strongly suggest reading “Anita’s Sexual Adventure” in order to better understand the character relationships and besides its a good story too.



Chapter 3: Bubba and Steven

I had bought a baby doll nightie I wanted to “show” Billy. It was see-though Gamecock red. You could clearly see my nipples and bushy through the material. I felt my legs. They were a bit rough. I decided to shave them silky smooth for Billy. I got into a nice hot tub of water and removed my leg hair. They were as soft and smooth as a baby’s behind. I just hoped Billy appreciated all I was doing for him. Not many sisters go this far out of their way for their brother.

Afterwards I went back to my room and slipped on the nightie. I checked myself out in the mirror. I was just drop-dead gorgeous or “purty as a speckled pup” as Billy would say. I can’t imagine any man being able to keep their hands off of me once they got a gander of me in this. I was as giddy as bride on her wedding night as I pranced into Billy’s room.

I opened the door and went in. There was some rumbling by the closet. Shoot! It was Steven! He was peeping at me. I walked over to the closet to see if Billy was also there. As it turned out he was out with Felicia. But Bubba was there with Steven! I was shocked that my brother was allowing outsiders to spy on my nakedness.

I attempted to storm out the room, but then Steven grabbed me by my arm. “Bubba, don’t Miss Sunny look pur-dy?” Bubba stared intently at me. I tried to cover myself with my free hand, but Steven grabbed both my hands and held them like a vice them behind my back, pushing my Gamecock red tinted titties out farther. Bubba didn’t answer right away. Bubba had ridden the short bus to school. He was dumber than a June bug on a string. The kids teased him unmercifully. I was always nice to Bubba, or at least didn’t tease him nearly as much as everyone else, including Steven, who was one of the worse.

“Don’t you want to touch Miss Sunny, Bubba?” Steven continued. “She is so pur-dy and wants to be touched.”

“No I don’t want to be touched!” I protested. “You’ll get in trouble if you touch me, Bubba.”

Bubba has a confused look on his face, like we just told to pee in the corner of a round room. He was apprehensive. I could see he wanted to feel me up, but didn’t want to get in trouble. Bubba rubbed his hands nervously. His large frame moved up and down from his knees bending. Bubba was teased that he looked like Junior Samples on Hee-Haw. He was built about the same and wore bib overalls all the time. The big difference is that Bubba never wore anything under his bibs and was extremely hairy, including his back.

Steven contradicted me. “You won’t get in any trouble Bubba because I said it was okay for you to touch Sunny.”

“You touch me Bubba and I will scream” I said in desperation. “Who was it that always nice to you Bubba?”

Bubba thought for a bit and said “Miss Case.” Ah yes. I had forgotten about Ms. Case. After she had a mastectomy, her husband became as scarce as hen’s teeth. She used to have Bubba come over and help her out around the house. Ma claimed Bubba was doing more than just odd jobs around the house. She moved away a spell back; got a job at the Michelin plant in Greenville. I would imagine she was nice to Bubba, and he got paid for it too.

Actually it would have done me no good to scream. No one was at home and I don’t think our neighbors were home yet either. But it was worth a bluff. So I let out a loud scream. Steven tossed me on Billy’s bed and forced my face into his pillow, suffocating me. I gasped for air. I hated that feeling of suffocation. I still have nightmares from when I was four and they put an ether mask over my face to remove my tonsils.

Steven let me up as I gasped. “Don’t you ever do that again!” I ordered.

Steven replied, “If you don’t scream, I won’t put your face down into the pillow.”

It seemed like a fair trade off. But I still didn’t want Bubba’s dirty hairy paws on me. His fingernails had that black stripe of grime under them. His hands were rough like a mechanic’s.

I thought I would appeal to Steven since talking Casibom to Bubba was like talking to a retard. Actually it was talking to retard. I now wish I had never called Bubba a retard at the bus stop growing up. “Why are you doing this to me Steven? I am your own sister.”

Steven replied,” Because I can. You don’t want Pa to find out about you and Billy. Besides you have been very nice to Billy and ignoring me.”

I attempted to strike a bargain. “I’m sorry Steven. I promise it wouldn’t happen again. I will let you in on the fun.”

Steven ignored me. I don’t think he bought it. The sorry butt was going to have some fun with me right here and now.

Steven was able to hold both my hands together with one of his. With his free hand he placed it under my boob and held it up to Bubba. He bounced it a little. “See Bubba, see how nice they are? Go ahead. You can play with them too.”

With Steven touching my boobs, Bubba-Einstein must have surmised it was okay to feel me up too. He extended his hairy mitt and felt my boobs. His hands were extremely coarse. The material of my nightie was sticking to it as he felt my tits. He was going to ruin it and make it run. I said, “Steven, if you let my hands go, I will take this off.” I wanted my lingerie to look nice for Billy, not like I got it at Goodwill.

Steven let go of my hands and the garment came off over my head with an audience of admirers looking at my chest. “There,” I said. “Is that better?” I asked rhetorically. “Now who wants to touch me?”

Steven stood behind me and did a reach around on my titties. His Biggerstaff was poking me in the butt. Playfully I wiggled my ass against his rod. Bubba felt his first set of real tits. He petted them like he would a kitten. I said, “Do you want me to tell you about the rabbits, Lenny?”

Steven laughed. “That isn’t nice Sunny; God will get you for that.” Bubba kept on petting me while Steven felt and poked me from behind.

Apparently my tits weren’t enough for Steven. He slipped both his hands down inside my panties, cupping and feeling my butt. His hands went to the elastic band and my panties were at my ankles in one quick swoop. Whoop! There it is! My pussy was now naked before two men.

Steven placed his hand between my legs and finger fucked me from behind.

Bubba laughed. “Duh-ha-ha. My do-hickey is hard.”

“Don’t worry Bubba” Steven said. “Sunny will take of that just like Miss Case- won’t you Sunny.”

“Steven,” I said. I agreed to let you have some more fun, not Bubba. This isn’t part of the deal.”

“I’m in charge of cooking the chicken.” Steven said firmly. “Besides you don’t want Pa to find out. He would ground you for life and bust Billy’s bottom if he ever saw that hole in his closet.”

Pa did build this house and took pride in it. I remembered the can of whoop-ass Pa opened up on me and Billy as kids when we attempted to match the walls with each of the 64 Crayola colors. I know my kids are going to get wax crayons until they’re thirty.

Well it looked like Sunny was headed for cock-suck city. Steven instructed Bubba to drop his bibs so I could take care of his hard do-hickey like Ms. Case. I dropped to my knees and examined Bubba’s cock. He was no Biggerstaff, but larger than most of my dates. I could see why Ms. Case kept him around. I began to suck on Bubba’s burger when I heard Steven’s zipper coming undone. WOW! I was going to get my first real two-fer.

Now I thought I had gotten pretty good at sucking cock. Billy was gracious enough to allow me to practice on him. I was able to get my throat muscles so relaxed I could swallow a sword. I would play a game with Billy. I would sneak in his room and he would play opossum while I sucked his cock. I would let him lie on the bed quietly (as not to disturb the family) while I sucked on his cock and made him stand straight up in the air. I called him “Mr. Six O’clock.” That became our little secret code word. Whenever I wanted to practice on Billy, I would ask him if it was six o’clock. Or if he wanted a blow job he would tell me it was six o’clock. I remember Friday night I kept him hard and wouldn’t let him cum. I kept sucking on his Casibom Giriş big dick and then would stop right before he came. We started around nine that evening. It was nearly two o’clock when I finally got back to my own bed. That was the evening I first got my throat muscles to relax. Now sucking big cocks was as easy as sliding backwards off a greased log.

I was sucking on Bubba when Steve’s do-hickey entered the picture. I gave his wanker a pretty good licking too. I kept the boys’ cocks hard from my kneeling position. Steven then told me, “Get off the floor and onto the bed. I want some poontang.”

We were going to fuck on Billy’s bed. I hoped he wouldn’t mind. I got on the bed, lying across the width. I spread my legs and placed them in the air to welcome my brother. Steven obliged by mounting me. His cock felt good. My head was hanging off the edge of the bed. Bubba had his dick at my mouth. I continued my task of sucking him off. Bubba grabbed my bottle-blonde ponytail as I swallowed his meat. I liked this two cock deal. A girl could get addicted to it, or duel-dicted to it. I could just imagine what three would be like.

Steven’s cock was giving my poontang a good pounding. Bubba’s paws had control of my head as he was face fucking me. My biggest concern was Bubba not realizing his own strength and breaking my neck if I teased his cock too much. I managed to find the sweet spot on his cock and made Bubba cum. I don’t know if Ms. Case ever swallow him before, but I was concerned for Billy’s bed spread. I didn’t want to ruin it so I swallowed the load like a good little girl. Bubba released me from his grasp as the final drops left his sated do-hickey.

Steven took one look at my sticky cum face and shot his wad inside of me. I swear if I ever have a kid it’s going to look just like me. I have got to stop allowing my brothers to cum in me. I just hope that little pills works.

I got up off the bed and grabbed my lingerie. I gave my brother Steven a kiss on the cheek as I left Billy’s room to let him know I had no hard feelings. Steven smiled and said quietly, “Remember your promise.”

I smiled back at him and said, “Don’t worry honey, I will.”

It was bath time again.

Chapter Four: Bath Time

I was in the tub when Billy walked into the bathroom to use the toilet. Billy said “Hurry up Sunny; I need to take a shower.”

I said back to him, “Would you like for me to give you a special bath?” I think the word “special” got his attention.

“Sure” Billy responded. “That sounds like fun.”

I got out of the tub and dried off. Billy got naked, drained some water, added some hot water and got in the tub. Well he tried to. As soon as his foot hit the hot water, he went back to the toilet. However, once in the tub, I got the wash cloth nice, wet and soapy as I began to wash my brother. I took my time too and made sure to get behind his ears. I enjoyed rubbing my hands over his muscles, such as they were, as Billy was a bit on the wiry side. I got his face and massaged it as I cleaned him. I enjoyed touching his back and chest. As I made my way down his chest to his stomach, his do-hickey (somehow I got have that dumb word stuck in my mind) became alive and displayed some independent motion.

I started down by his feet and worked my way up his legs. Washing of his inner thighs was extremely fun. I could see the agony on Billy’s face as I knew he couldn’t wait until I washed his dick. I skipped back over his dick again and washed his tummy. He was gently pushing my hands toward his cock, as if he desired something. I pulled my hands out of the water and stopped. “Well, how did you like my special bath?” I said standing there still naked with my hands on my hips.

“You cock tease!” Billy said and then quickly lowered his voice as he realized we weren’t home alone.

I giggled and smiled at Billy. “Okay little big man. I’ll take care of you.” I knelt back down and soaped up my hands. I rubbed them slowly along the shaft of his cock, performing long up and down strokes, rubbing my hand around the head. “Do you like this special bath Billy?” I teased.

“Oh yes Sunny. You give the best baths,” Casibom Güncel Giriş Billy managed to get out. He was barely able to speak.

I did some more of the long dick stroking. “You don’t want me to stop do you? You do want me to continue like this?” I asked.

“Yes, yes,” Billy said. “I am happier than a kid on Christmas.” Billy reached out to play with my titties. I repositioned myself on my knees to make myself more accessible to him. As Billy piddled around with my titties, I continued my long slow soapy strokes up and down his shaft.

“Sunny, could you go a little faster please?” Billy asked almost in desperation.

“Now you don’t want Christmas to be over with too soon, now do ya?” I replied as I continued my long strokes. Billy just grinned and bared it. I don’t know how long I was stroking Billy’s big cock, but my hands were getting numb. I envisioned myself explaining to my folks how I got carpal tunnel syndrome. “While I was stroking Billy’s do-hickey…” Fortunately, I didn’t have to go much longer. Billy squirted cum over my hands. It was so weird. It was as if he had cum in slow motion. Apparently this wasn’t very satisfying for Billy. Sure he came, but without the quick short strokes, it seemed he had more pent up inside of him. He was still Mr. Six O’clock! He wanted some poontang. Billy stood up and I playfully dried him off, stroking his dick, keeping him hard. We stole away to his bedroom.

This became my first experience with the sixty-nine position. Sex with my boyfriends typically took place in the back of a Ford so there was never any room for this kind of action. In fact it was rare if I ever got eaten out at all. Normally I would end a date by giving him a thank-you blow job, which Billy, thank you, helped me perfect. Now he introduces me to something new.

We quietly made our way to Billy’s bed where he assumed his “Pearl Harbor” position. The one where he just lays there and I blow the hell out him. We were lying naked on Billy’s bed. I had his cock in my mouth, quietly slurping away, minding my own business, when all of a sudden Billy grabs my leg and starts tugging! He was moving me into a position where my pussy would be above his face. What the heck did he have in mind? The room was dark. I couldn’t believe it. Billy was fixin’ to lick my pussy! Mt brother’s tongue sent shivers through me. There was something about having a tongue on my pussy and a large velvet cock (squeaky clean too!) in my mouth was driving me crazier than a road runnin’ lizard. It felt so good! Sixty-nine had quickly become my favorite number. I wanted to tattoo it on my ass. Billy had just raised the bar for my dates. I was thinking about writing up a questionnaire for my dates with one question: “Do you sixty-nine?”

I would later find out not only was Billy gifted with a big dick, but was one of the best candy lickers in these parts. And believe me I tried to find someone better. If I had a tail I’d be waggin’ at this point.

I sucked hard on Billy’s cock. I wanted to eat his cum. But then it hit me. I was getting ready to orgasm. Is it proper social etiquette to juice in your brother’s face? What if he didn’t like my taste? What if I tasted like I smelled? What if he didn’t want my juice in his face? What if…? That was the last “what if” which came to my mind. I came in Billy’s face. His tongue action speeded up as my baby brother lapped up my juice. (At least I think most of it was mine and none of Steven’s cum still lodged up in there. Shoot. I had forgotten about that load.)

Apparently Billy hadn’t noticed or cared. He kept eating my pussy and I kept cumming. I was losing control, I tried to move off of Billy’s face, but he wouldn’t have any of it. He grabbed my ass and forced my pussy into his mouth. He said “I was sweeter than a July ham.” My orgasms were coming quick as bunny. My mouth was all over his magnificent cock. I fucked his cock with my mouth as I jerked him off with my hands. Billy eventually got his load off down my throat. I was exhausted and euphoric. I wanted to spend the night sleeping with Billy’s arms around me, but that would be too cool if my folks called upstairs to my room, shouted for me, and I answered from Billy’s room (they never come in my room.)

I gave Billy a big sloppy wet kiss (He turned out to be the only guy that would French kiss after I swallowed their cum) and returned to my room. I squeezed my pillow that night thinking of Billy.

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