Anita , Ketan

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Dear readers This is my fourth submission with .com . Hope you all will like my creation. Well to start I am 27 year old. I am 6’00” tall with brown eye’s and I stay in Surat in india .Well here goes the story enjoy yourself with or without clothe’s. Ohhhh okie this is work of fiction no resemblance. This story is written in view of Anita.


Ketan, is twenty-four, and has dark brown eyes, and dark Brown hair, not to mention awesome muscles. He was always working out, when he wasn’t working out he was either taking a class at the college. He was staying just opposite to our bungalow and we were his new neighbour.

After our parents got friend Ketan and I became close friend. We told each other everything, from what happened in school, college. One time I even noticed that he was getting turned on, by the bulge in his pants.

one day when it was get together of our parent’s at my home, we were sitting alone in my bed room. I told him that I LOVE YOU KETAN. He got up from where he had been sitting on the edge of my bed, I thought that he was going to walk out totally disgusted at me. Instead he walked up to me and kissed me.

When he broke the kiss, he told Anita I Love You too and I had been thinking about you too but I was hesitant to tell you. He said that every time in dream he always thought of me. He told me he thought that I had the perfect body. I have 36c breasts, and 28 waist, and 35 hips. Ketan then wrapped his arms around me, it felt so good. I loved the feel of his warm strong Escort Bayan body pressed against mine.

Ketan said that it was to late to do anything tonight, and he didn’t want our parents to catch us. He said he had an idea, and that I should be up and ready to go by 8:00am. That he was going to take me somewhere.

That night I feel asleep dreaming of everything that could happen, everything that I wanted to happen. I was up before my alarm, and I was showered and dressed by seven-thirty. I had decided to wear a shalwar kameez. I wore a very sexy Black lacy bra and panty, and kept the first two buttons undone of kameez.

At eight I met Ketan outside at his car. He told me to follow him in my car, that way our parents wouldn’t realize that we were together. So I got in my car and followed him. It was a long drive, and when we got there we were 30 kms from surat. Ketan got out of his car, and came up to me. He said Anita there was still a little way to go, but he wanted to go the rest of the way in my car. So he climbed in the passenger seat, and directed me where to go. When we got to where we were going there was a farmhouse, about 100 ft from the road. Ketan then explained that the farmhouse was of his friend.

Ketan took me in the farmhouse, and led me to a room in the back. He then shut the door, and began to kiss me. Soon I was sticking my tongue in his mouth. He was gently caressing my breasts, and my back, he was moving his hands down my back, and soon took of my kameez, he slowly untied my salwaar, and began Escort to caress my ass over the panty. He moved his hands slowly forward, and began to play with my already dripping pussy over the panty. Slowly he took of my panty and smelled the crotch area of my panty, licked it and kissed my panty .He said Anita your panty and pussy smells great. He stuck his finger in my pussy, I let out a moan.

Ketan got down on his knees and started to lick my pussy. Just like in my dream, only this time it was real and I could feel the heat of his tongue on my clit. Soon I was grinding my pussy into his face. Ketan then stood up, and pushed me onto the bed. He kissed my neck and ears, I was so hot, he could have made me cum then.

After he had removed my bra he kissed his way down to my breast, he took my nipple in his mouth and started to suck it, while he pinched and played with the other one. I was so turned on I started to rub my clit. He must have realized what I was doing because he then took my hands and put them over my head, and held them there. He then went back to sucking my breasts. I was practically screaming with pleasure, it felt so good. I started to beg Ketan to take me, I wanted him so bad. He just looked at me with a smile and went back to doing what he was doing before. Soon I was cumming, my orgasm was like a shock going through my body.

Ketan then kissed his way down my body until he reached my pussy, he sucked on my clit causing me to let out a gasp. He continued to tongue my pussy, to the point he was screwing Bayan Escort me with his tongue. By now I had recovered from my orgasm, and was now trying to match his pace.

Ketan stood up and took off all his clothes, he told me that he was going to take me, he told me he wanted to screw me, and that he wanted to be able to cum inside of my hot wet pussy. Then he entered me with his 6″ long dick, he entered me hard, it felt so good. I nearly screamed. He was soon pounding me. I could hear his balls slapping up against my ass. As he was pounding me he started to rub my clit, I was now screaming with pleasure, and calling out his name telling him to make me cum. That made him go faster. Once again, my orgasm shook my whole body, making me scream. Ketan then came, he made a grunting sound, and lied down next to me. We fell asleep in each others arms.

When we woke up, I gave Ketan mind blowing blowjob, then we decided we better head home, before our parents start to wonder where we went. We got home at about five o’clock. Nobody said anything to us about being gone.

He said Anita we should keep dating this way as our parents wouldn’t get suspicious, and we would go to the Farmhouse every chance we got. If our parents ever went out of town we would even do it at his or my home. I can’t wait until we are able to marry. Dear readers I love your feedback plzzz do me favour with your feedback.

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