Angus in Paris Ch. 2

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Angus was ready and waiting for Fleur when she quietly tapped on his hotel room door. He opened the door and Fleur quickly passed him with a bottle of champagne in her hand. She had changed out of her uniform and was looking stunning in a tight black skirt, sheer white blouse, black nylons and black high heels. Her slender tanned legs looked sensational beneath the very short skirt, her sheer slightly transparent blouse, showed quite plainly her generous youthful breasts, braless, straining against the material. Her blonde hair hung loose and flowing down her back. She wore only a little make up to accentuate her beautiful face. A little mascara and eyeliner to make her deep blue eyes stand out, red lipstick to moisten her lovely full lips but no blush necessary on cheeks that were highlighted by a slight rosy flush. Fleur was surprised to see Angus standing there naked with only a towel in his big hands.

She stopped and admired him, enjoying what she saw. Angus stood 6ft tall, fair with slightly red hair, his matching beard was well trimmed. He had broad shoulders, a 42 ” chest, 34″ waist, long well muscled legs and his prick was already erect and proudly displaying it’s full 9 ” length. Fleur blushed a little as she felt herself staring at how thick his prick was.

“Ready for fun and games, my little french tart?” He asked.

Fleur laughed, nodding her head. “Oui, monsuier. What did you have in mind?” Angus puts the towel on the bed and took the bottle of champagne. Shaking it a little as he popped the cork, taking no notice as the liquid ran down his hand and arm.

Fleur moved closer to Angus, kneeling at his feet, and taking his hand, placed his fingers in her mouth sucking the champagne from them, using her small warm tongue to lap at the champagne as it ran down his arm and dripped from his fingers. Looking up into Angus’s face, she saw a very strong handsome face with light blue eyes that twinkled at the thought of the fun to come. Angus poured a little of the champagne onto his stiff prick, Fleur immediately tried to catch the drips as they fall from the large glistening head. She encircled the tip of his prick, placing it inside her mouth, sucking noisely, drinking the remnants of the champagne from his dick. Licking ankara escort bayan and nuzzling at his balls, stroking him with her tongue, paying particular attention to the shaft. Tasting him, Fleur takes him into her mouth, deep, as far as she can. Angus watches as Fleur’s full lips satisfy him, her head bobbing up and down on his prick, leaving faint traces of red lipstick along his shaft. He thrusts his hips a bit to make her take him in even deeper. Fleur continues to suck him off, her hands busy holding and massaging his balls. Angus felt his balls starting to tighten as the sensation of needing to explode into her mouth neared. He quickly pulls himself out of Fleurs mouth.

Angus helped Fleur up from the floor slowly took her blouse off, enjoying her nakedness, her breasts rising and falling in her state of excitement and anticipation of what Angus was going to do to her. He unzipped her skirt, sliding it slowly off her curvy hips, letting the skirt fall at her feet. Fleur stepped quickly out of the skirt and Angus ran his hands over her hips and finding the thin material of her black g-string removed it leaving her standing in only her black lace garterbelt and nylons. Guiding Fleur to the bed, he lay her down, on her back, open to him. Angus joined her on the bed, lying close to her, stroking the inside of her thigh, she opened her thighs wider to allow him to touch her. Instead he traced slow circles on her inner thighs, sometimes brushing her pubes, Fleur thrust her pussy closer to his questing fingers, urging him to touch her, to place his fingers inside her. Resisting the urge to plunge his fingers into her eager wet pussy, Angus removed the garterbelt and slowly rolled the nylons down each leg. He took the nylons and used them tie Fleur’s hands together to the headboard.

Angus left her side, returning with the champagne. He took the bottle and proceeded to dribble a little, drop by drop onto her naked skin. Using his hand he rub the champagne in to her smooth skin. Just a drop on her nipples, sucking them and tasting their champagne flavour. Pouring a little into her navel and licking the liquid from her belly button. Sipping from her navel, tasting her skin mixed with the champagne. Kissing her, licking the drops of champagne eryaman escort from her beautiful body. Fleur moaned as Angus’s tongue scraped across her skin, enjoying the sensation of the chilled champagne on her warm skin. He worked himself down her body, exploring her. Angus parted Fleur’s legs, spilling champagne on her pussy, watching the drips as they slide down her pussy and disappeared between her lips, Fleur gasped as the ice cold champagne ran down her pussy. Angus knelt between Fleur’s legs and kisses her, his tongue darted and flicked into her pussy, licking and sucking where the champagne had run. Finding her clit he sucked gently on the hard nub, Fleur squealed at the sensation, pushing herself closer to Angus’s mouth. Thrusting as his tongue entered her, Fleur quickly came and Angus lapped up the warm juices.

Angus reached for the towel he had discarded earlier and wound it up, wringing it in his hands and allowing it to slacken. “Have you been a good girl since we were last together, Fleur? Or have you continued in your wicked ways?” Angus trailed the loose towel across her naked flesh. Brushing the soft towel across her stiff nipples, across her taut stomach and down, tickling her pussy. “I have been good, monsieur, so good.”

“Liar.” Angus says softly. “You have been naughty. Thinking dirty thoughts and sleeping with men. I need to punish you.” Angus turned her over and flicked the towel on Fleur’s bottom. “You’ve been naughty haven’t you, Fleur? Admit it.”

Fleur gasped in surprise as he flicked her again, the towel leaving a red mark on one creamy cheek. “Yes, monsieur. I have. Late at night.” Fleur breathlessly said. “I have thought of you.”

“Tell me.” Angus flicked her again, across her bottom, harder. “I think of the last time you made love to me and I touch myself.” Fleur wriggled at the thought and Angus lashed at her with the towel, a little harder with each stroke, hard enough to leave a welt that faded slowly into pink, rosy skin. Angus’s prick was so stiff and his balls were aching for release.

Angus untied Fleur and pulled her to a sitting position. As sat on the edge of the bed, Fleur looked at him, flushed, her bottom still stinging sweetly from the punishment Angus etlik escort had administered. She was ready to be satisfied by his large dick and crawls towards him, offering her body for his pleasure. “Please monsuier, I will be a very good girl, I promise. Please make love to me!”

Angus move back on the bed drawing Fleur to him he guided her to sitting position on his lap facing away from him. Fleur raised herself, poised above his stiff prick, using one arm to maintain balance and the other to hold his prick upright she lowered herself on to his shaft. Screaming as his hard prick entered her tight pussy she impaled herself on his rigid throbbing dick, thrusting herself up and down. Angus responded to her, stroke after stroke he felt his orgasm building, lost in the sensation of the fast rhythmic plunging of his prick deep into her hot wet pussy.

Fleur came quickly as she controlled the pace and the depth of his prick in her pussy. Slowing and stroking as she wanted it. Fleur raised herself from his prick, lowering herself again she contracted her muscles, clenching him tighter, letting her pussy take more and more of his large prick until she was touching the base of his prick and rubbing her pubic bone on his balls. Angus felt his prick held so tightly in her warm, moist pussy, her muscles squeezed him and rippled along his shaft.

Angus could no longer hold back, the urge for release was too strong. He grabbed her hips, lifting her nearly right off his shaft, before pulling her down and plunging inside of her, burying himself as deep as he could. “Oh my goooooddd I’m coming!” Angus moaned as he jerked spasmodically and came explosively inside Fleur. They slumped against one another, breathing deeply, quickly, relaxing in each other’s arms.

After a few minutes, Fleur slipped away, having a quick shower. She returned. “Till we meet again, monsieur.” She whispered as she slipped him a piece of paper. “Yes, Fleur. Not goodbye but see you again.” Angus kissed Fleur on the lips, savouring the taste of her beautiful lips, caressing her lovely face. Gathering her clothes and quickly getting dressed, Fleur blew him a kiss as she went out through the door.

Angus stretched and looked at the paper, reading Fleur’s note. In neat writing he found her home phone number. “Call me when you are in town next. I have a friend I would like you to meet.” Angus whistled. “Great” He thought. “More fun to be had if I can just convince Deborah I need to check on the new clients.”

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