Angie Ch. 01

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Angie Ch.-1

By Crawl2

A few years ago, just after I turned forty, three of my friends invited me to play in a golf scramble for a local benefit. On the fourth hole stood four young ladies giving away beers and watching to see if anyone hit a hole in one for their car give-a-way. Angie is the only woman I even noticed. I wasn’t intentionally being rude to the others, it’s just that Angie got my full attention. She was twenty-five with dark hair and blue eyes. She wore shorts, a lose blouse and a baseball cap. She wasn’t dressed to catch anyone’s attention, but she did catch mine. I looked directly into her eyes and told her she was gorgeous. She smiled and we talked a few minutes. I didn’t really think she had an interest in me, primarily because of our age difference, but I told her that I would really like to meet her for a drink or two that night. She accepted and we met.

Sitting in the bar a few minutes early I noticed her strolling across the parking lot as if walking down a model’s runway. She wore a tan mini skirt, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I told a friend of mine in the bar that she was my date. He said, “Don’t you wish?”

Imagine his surprise when she greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

We had a few drinks and were trying to decide if we wanted to hit one of the local dance bars.

Angie said, “we could do that, or we could just go to your place. I would invite you to mine, but my roommate told me she had a hot date coming over tonight.”

“Let’s go,” was all I could manage to say.

That night I found out she was the most sensual and sexual woman I’d ever met. She didn’t play any games. Her sexual desire matched or maybe even exceeded my own. She asked me if I always dated younger women. I explained that I rarely went out with women her age, but that there was an advantage to it from my viewpoint. When she asked me what it was, I simply explained that women my age either couldn’t keep up sexually or didn’t have the desire to keep up.

She laughed and told me I needed to explain.

“Simply stated, I like to have sex daily and when time permits, like a long weekend or vacation, I enjoy it more than a single time in a day. There are other factors as well that have to do with adventures or you know, something different.”

Angie said, “I can keep up and I plan on it.”

The age difference was a factor, not for sex, but for a true relationship. We became FB’s and did for a couple of years. It was nice and it went both ways. Anytime either of us didn’t have anything, or anyone, else to do we called each other.

She’s a bit of an exhibitionist and that’s something I enjoy watching her do. We spent long weekends away from the day to day grind and I found out her keeping up with me wasn’t an issue. She has multiple climaxes and I enjoy getting her off. Within an eighteen-hour period she got me off eight times, which was and is a personal best for me. The last time that evening I told her there wasn’t a possibility I could go again. She proved me wrong by introducing me to a snowblower. If you’re not familiar with the term, she gave me a blowjob with a mouth full of crushed ice. It was much different than anything I’d experienced in that area, but it worked.

Angie told me three months after we met that there wasn’t anything sexual I could come up with that she wouldn’t do with or for me. I told her that I had a very vivid imagination in that department, and I was sure I’d find something before long that she’d back away from. I didn’t in over two years.

About four months into our relationship I got the idea to go on an island vacation to the Caribbean. I’d like to tell you the name of the island, but I’m more interested in protecting her and the others involved. That is where our wild and out of the ordinary sex began.

I wasn’t sure about hitting her with a few of my ideas, so I decided to set something up without her knowledge. If it didn’t work out…no harm, no foul.

We met a cab driver the first day who ended up taking us everywhere we went for the week. His name was Alfonzo, Fonz for short. He was a good-looking guy about thirty years old and had several talents. In addition to driving a cab, he played in a band and was a photographer. He did mostly wedding photography.

Fonz and I sat at the bar and talked while Angie lay by the pool. I told him I wanted to play a round of golf, but there was more to it than that. He explained the island was in a draught and the golf course wasn’t in good condition, so nobody really wanted to play it. I told him that might work out perfectly for my plan. I wasn’t interested in golf because I could play that back home anytime.

He asked me what I had in mind and how he could help.

“What I’m interested in is taking Angie to the golf course where she will wear a short skirt with nothing under it and a see-through blouse. I would like to have her photographed both posing and action shots. I’m interested in getting graphic Betturkey photos. I would also like for a couple of guys to accidentally join us. I mean after we start playing a couple of guys catch up with us and we will ask them if they would like to join us. Do you have a couple of friends who would be interested in playing along?”

Fonz laughed. “I’ve lived on this island all my life. I probably know two dozen friends who would jump at the chance. Let me see which two I could recommend. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I just don’t want her to know I set this up. I want it to look like it just happened.”

“I’ll set it up for tomorrow afternoon.”

“Good, I’ll take Angie shopping to find just the right skirt and blouse.”

“Fonz, I have another question I’m not sure how to ask. Since we’ve been here a couple of days hanging around the pool and the beach Angie pointed out and I agreed that it appears all the local men on this island are hung like horses. Is that our imagination?”

Fonz couldn’t quit laughing. “That is the case. It’s because we all came from basically the same place in Africa during the slave days. Ships were loaded with future slaves all captured from the same region. When the captains got word there were no more slave buyers, he dumped everyone off the ship a mile or two from shore. There were about two hundred people out of three hundred or so that survived the swim to the island. The island was deserted, so everyone is related. By the way, I’ve been asked that question several times.”

“Well Fonz, if things go the way I plan tomorrow, Angie will find out first-hand.”

“How far do you want this to go tomorrow?”

“As far as Angie is willing to go. You need to take several photos and videos and of course you’re welcome to participate.”

That night I told Angie what I wanted her to wear on the golf course and that I wanted Fonz to take several photos and videos of her and that I didn’t want her to be shy. She was excited. I related the story Fonz told me about all the men on the island originating from the same area in Africa and that was the reason they were all hung like horses. I told her that to answer her question concerning the subject, but also to plant the seed. I knew she’d be looking closer the rest of our trip.

We went shopping the next morning as soon as the shops opened. All the women’s golf skirts are attached to shorts, so we decided on a tennis skirt and a thin pale blouse. She looked phenomenal in it. She didn’t need to bend over far to see everything. She was so excited about the afternoon that she practiced sitting and bending over in the room in front of mirrors. She must have practiced for an hour. Of course, at that time she thought it would be just Fonz and me there. We then went to lunch so she could practice a few of her moves in a more crowded place.

When the time came, we were all three excited. Fonz took his first set of pictures before we started to the number one tee box. Since Fonz knows everyone on the island, he invited the club pro and assistant to pose with Angie in the cart before we left. Her 34 C cups were on fire and at full attention during the initial pictures. Before we pulled away, Fonz asked Angie if she would let the club pro sit in the cart and if she would sit on his lap. Of course, she agreed. Before she sat in his lap, she flipped the back of her skirt up, so she sat her bare ass on his bare legs. The young assistant got an eyeful. Before Fonz finished taking the first pictures, it was evident Angie had nothing on under her skirt. Her nipples remained erect the remainder of the day.

Fonz took pictures of Angie getting in and out of the cart. Since the golf course sat on the ocean a nice breeze blew constantly. We had many Marilyn Monroe type shots, except the skirt was shorter and her ass was bare. Angie was already loving it and we had just started. On the second hole Fonz took videos of Angie’s swing, pictures of her placing the ball on the tee while bending from the waist, and of course several wind-blown shots.

Before finishing the second hole the two guys caught up with us. We all made the introductions. Fonz acted as if he too had just met the guys. I told Angie I wanted to explain something to the guys. When I returned to our cart Angie asked me what I told them. I told her that I told them you were dressed the way you are as a birthday present to me. I told them I wanted you to dress like that and I wanted pictures by a photographer. Then I told them that if it offended or embarrassed them, they could play through, but if they enjoyed the show, they were welcome to join us.

Angie swallowed heavily and then finally smiled and said, “It could be fun.”

We teed off on the next hole and it became painfully evident theses two guys weren’t golfers. Angie watched as we all walked to the men’s tee box. The two guys, Marcus and Daniel, wore the same thin cotton shorts most of the locals wore. As they walked to the tee box Angie noticed Betturkey Giriş they were both hanging a long way down the leg of their pants. She smiled and said, “I guess most of the locals are lefties also.”

I couldn’t quit laughing and I couldn’t tell the guys what I laughed about.

All eyes were on Angie as she approached her tee box. She squatted to place a tee in the ground, but the wind blew her skirt up uncovering everything. When she stood over the ball, the wind blew her skirt up over her waist several times. She didn’t even try to fight with it. When she came back to the cart, we all got a drink before heading down the fairway. Marcus told us there were no more houses or clubhouse for the next few holes so we would have total privacy even if someone did have binoculars.

We finally reached the green and I asked Fonz to take a picture of Angie and me with Marcus and Daniel. He took several. Then I told Fonz I wanted to take pictures of all four of them together. Fonz stepped behind Angie and Marcus and Daniel stood on each side of her. After I took a couple of pictures, I asked Fonz to wrap his arms around her just under her boobs. Then I told the two guys on each side of her to squat down and each wrap their arms around her legs and place the palms of their hand on the inside of her thighs. That was the beginning of some great pictures. Marcus and Daniel automatically placed their hands high up on her thighs and Angie opened her stance to accommodate them. Their hands were less than six inches from her bare pussy and of course the wind blowing off the ocean helped the view.

After a couple more pictures, Marcus picked Angie up with one arm under her knees and the other behind her shoulders. Her skirt was above her waist the whole time. When Marcus sat her back down, he said, “I think you should play the next few holes topless.”

Everyone agreed and Angie didn’t appear to make any objections. I told Marcus, “Since that was your idea, maybe you should help her off with her blouse while I take a few pictures.”

Angie stood between Fonz and Daniel smiling as Marcus slowly unbuttoned her blouse. He handed her top to me and I took several more pictures.

When we arrived back at the carts Marcus sat in the passenger side with one leg over the handrail and the other on the floorboard. I told Angie to sit between his legs for a few more pictures. She didn’t hesitate. When she looked into his lap before sitting between his legs, she noticed his erection, then she looked up at me and smiled. She scooted back against his crotch and then ‘accidently’ placed her hand on his dick as if using his leg to scoot her back a little more. She jerked her hand off him and said, “excuse me. That was accidental.” Marcus grabbed her hand and placed it back on his dick, where she left it for the next few minutes.

As I took a few pictures while Marcus fondled her tits and tweaked her nipples. She had a difficult time sitting still. His dick was only covered by about three inches of material at the end. Angie’s curiosity got the better of her and although I expected her to uncover him, she just slowly rubbed him back and forth. Since his pants were loose, she could get a good grip around his dick. The look of surprise on her face was priceless when she realized her hand wouldn’t even come close to wrapping all the way around his dick. I took a few more pictures and then Fonz said, “the hole after this next one has a table and chairs set up on the beach. That could be a good spot to have a few drinks and take a few more pictures. Since it’s getting hot, a swim might be a good idea as well.”

When Angie set her tee on the next tee box, she simply bent from the waist to set it. We all got a great view and she walked back to the cart smiling.

On the green, Daniel, the least aggressive of the two surprised us. He posed with Angie for a couple of pictures with the ocean in the backdrop. While Fonz took the pictures, Daniel moved to Angie’s front, fondled her tits, and then began sucking on her nipples. Marcus decided to help and moved up to take the other nipple into his mouth. I told Fonz to hand me the camera and that I wanted him to step behind Angie while Marcus and Daniel played with her tits. He looked at me a little confused because he wasn’t sure what I wanted him to do. So, I told him. “I want you to stand behind her and play with her pussy.” He couldn’t stop grinning.

Angie focused on me for a minute while Fonz stepped behind her and grinned from ear to ear as she placed her hands on the back of Marcus’ and Daniel’s heads to guide them to her nipples. Fonz wasted no time. Almost as soon as he got behind her he put his hand under her short skirt. Angie widened her stance to give him better access. With his free hand he raised her skirt so I could see as he pumped his fingers in and out of her. Marcus and Daniel pulled their dicks out and Angie took one in each hand. She stroked them up and down and attempted to wrap her hands around them but could Betturkey Güncel Giriş not. She climaxed within two minutes.

We decided to skip the next hole and go straight to the table and chairs behind the next green.

Angie was on fire. I played with her soaked pussy until we reached the beach area with the table.

Before heading to the table Angie said as she smiled, “I’m extremely out numbered.”

“Yes, you are. Do you want to change the plan?”

She smiled. “No, but to tell you the truth, I am a little concerned about the size of these guys. Even my biggest toy isn’t nearly as long or big around as either of those guys and it appears Fonz is about the same size.”

We grabbed a few drinks and headed to the table. Marcus and Daniel were already there.

No time was wasted getting started. I had Angie sit on the table, still topless of course, and had her pull her knees up to her chest with her feet on the edge of the table. Fonz began taking pictures immediately. Fonz whispered something to Marcus and I just set back and watched the show.

Marcus stepped in front of Angie, placed his hands on her knees, and opened her legs. We all watched from just a few feet away. Before Marcus touched her anywhere but the knees, her pussy was open like a rose petal and it was obvious she was soaking wet. Even the inside of her legs glistened with her fluid. He leaned in with his face and began licking her. She immediately grabbed his head to pull him in closer. Daniel laid her back on the table and dropped his shorts. He held his dick in his hand and began to approach Angie’s lips with it. Before he got that far, she had already grabbed his dick and began licking the head. She took three or four inches of him into her mouth and it became obvious that’s all she would be able to handle. Angie stroked Daniel with both hands as she worked on getting as much of his dick as she could into her mouth.

In a short time, Daniel told her he was about to cum almost as if asking her where he should cum. Angie looked into his eyes and said, “I want you to cum in my mouth.” He instantly did.

Now Angie never backs off and she has swallowed my cum many times. It’s something she obviously enjoys. However, Daniel came like a horse and Angie chocked and gagged. She then backed off a little, laughed and finished what she was doing. When he backed off, we could see Angie’s upper lip, cheek and part of her neck covered in his cum.

She began paying attention to what Marcus was doing to her and within two minutes, she came again. This time she flooded his face. Fonz handed me the camera and took Danie’s place at her head. He cleaned up her upper lip and cheek with the head of his dick and then placed it on her lips. As she began repeating the performance she had with Daniel, Marcus began sliding his dick up and down her slit. It was an amazing site, and she was certainly wet enough to take him. When he slid about half of his dick into her, she stopped him and backed off Fonz for a minute.

“You’re fucking huge,” she told him. “I’ve never had anything that big in me before. Please go slow so I can have time to adjust.”

Fonz had backed off and came to the end of the table where Daniel and I watched the show. It was an amazing view, and I got a short video. With Marcus halfway in, every time he pulled back it looked as if he was turning her inside out. Finally, Angie said, ” I need to control this. You lay on the table and I’ll get on top.”

She rode him in true cowgirl style. It took a few minutes, especially for the last two inches, but she did take him all the way down. When she did, she rode him in full stride raising up until he almost came out of her and then back down all the way. Without breaking the pace, they both came in about five minutes. He too filled her with cum. When she rolled off and lay on her back Fonz slid her to the end of the table and entered her. Although he was almost as large as Marcus, he slid in all the way in just a few strokes. It didn’t take him long to cum either. When he backed away cum gushed out of her pussy and ran down her ass. So, I stepped up.

Needless to say, I didn’t have any difficulty burying myself into her. As I pumped away Daniel approached her face for another blowjob. The combination of fucking her after two guys had already finished in her while watching her suck Daniel sent me over the edge. By the time I finished, Daniel was hard and ready. Angie had him lay on the table and rode him cowgirl position until they both came again.

We grabbed a few drinks and hit the water to cool off and clean up. Watching her play with the guys in the ocean along with everything else that had happened that day made me finally realize that there probably wasn’t anything that I could come up with that she and I wouldn’t do together.

We had a repeat performance of earlier and then took another swim before heading back to the clubhouse.

All of us decided that tomorrow night we would have drinks and play in our room. Angie looked forward to it.

When we returned to the clubhouse, the pro had left leaving the place to his assistant. His assistant, probably twenty-years old had us park the carts. Marcus and Daniel headed out. Fonz sat in his cart next to us while we finished our drinks. I had another idea/test.

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