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What’s an au pair? When a young woman wants to learn a foreign language, she can find a family where she can live and perform general house duties, and look after the younger members of the family in return for accommodation and food. My childhood was comfortable and trouble free, being nursed and pampered with a succession of young ladies. As it happened, our last au pair girl came to us from France to learn English. She was around 19 years old, with shoulder length auburn hair in ringlets, a soft milky complexion with dark chestnut smouldering eyes. She was lovely and tried her best to speak English without her strong French accent. At the time, I was 18 and was well beyond the need of an au pair, and I spoke French like a schoolboy. We would chat and use sign language when we ran out of words. I’ll call her Angelique, although that is not her real name.

She had few friends in our area, and was lonely during her leisure time. We would talk, listen to music in my bedroom, and drink cheap wine from the local supermarket. Occasionally, I would “borrow” a bottle of decent Beaujolais from Dad’s wine cupboard as I think Angelique was insulted by the cheap plonk that my pocket money could afford. We enjoyed each others company and gradually became close friends. We would lie on my bed; listen to classical music on my stereo and just chill together. One evening, we fell silent, looked deep into each others eyes, and moving closer together until our noses touched, we kissed. I had kissed girls before, and had a good idea of how it felt; but this was completely different. Her yielding lips melted effortlessly into mine, and I drifted into her body. It was gentle, sweet, arousing and erotic. After a few minutes of dry kissing, she gently licked my lips with the tip of her tongue. She was obviously more experienced that I was, but she had the good grace to teach me instead of just making fun of me. I returned the compliment and explored the inside of her mouth as our kiss developed. I held her head and she held my shoulders and ran her hands across my back. I had an erection and she could feel it through our clothing as I rolled on top of her. As we kissed and our breathing became heavier, she raised her hips to increase the pressure on my groin. It felt wonderful.

I took a chance and shuffled off and alongside her so I could touch her slim body. I started at her waist but only succeeded in making her laugh. There’s a time and a place for tickling, and this was neither. I can still remember the soft silk blouse she wore, tucked loosely into her velvet jeans. I recall the line and curve of her breasts, a small handful but large enough to be plenty for me, and pert, tight and firm with small nipples that were hard and rubbery. Her breasts were sensitive, and her bra was quickly removed to allow easier access. tandoğan escort I think she helped me with the hooks. My hands were novices at the task. I held her breasts in my hands and closed my eyes to memorise her gorgeous shape. I was too timid to move my hands and she covered them with hers and showed me how to caress her. I was entranced as she gently brought my head down to kiss her nipples and suck them. I can still recall the soft, womanly scent of freshly washed skin. It wasn’t at all soapy, it was just beautifully feminine. I nuzzled her and kissed and licked her youthful body.

Both of us wanted more, but I didn’t know what to do. I tried to relax and let my instincts take over. Her hands wandered down my body and ran around the outline of my stiff cock. She seemed pleased as a wry smile crept over her face. I pushed myself into her hand and she began to undo my belt and open the top of my jeans. Over the strains of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto in G, I heard and felt the unmistakable sound of my zip being lowered. Seconds later, her petite hand snaked into the waistband of my underwear and held my erect penis. I was in heaven, and tried to keep calm. I knew about cumming, and I knew the feelings deep in the pit of my body that signalled the imminent arrival of a tablespoonful of spunk.

She grasped me firmly and looked into my eyes as she said, “Cher, tu veut que je te faire une pompe?” I had NO IDEA what she asked… but it sounded like it would be good, so I simply nodded and smiled. She took my hand away from her body, reached down and fully undid my jeans and underwear and allowed me the freedom to shuffle out of them.

The next thing I knew my cock sunk into her hot mouth. Needless to say, I hadn’t felt anything like it and she sucked me and licked around my sensitive head. As her tongue swirled around my budding manhood, the underside of my cock tingled and I felt my young balls pulse and twitch. Both of us knew what was about to happen. As the young Frenchwoman worked on my cock, I ran my fingers through her hair and held her head gently but firmly against my body. Her nose breathed in the musk around my pubic hair – thank heaven I had already had my shower that morning – and she held her breath to concentrate on sucking my hot spunk from my erupting cock. My eyes were closed, my panting breath caught in my throat as my orgasm overtook me. I clenched my buttocks and directed every ounce of energy into my bucking cock that filled her greedy mouth.

As I came, I noticed that her right hand had sneaked down to rub her molten pussy. I could detect her fresh and lovely scent. She let me finish and come down as she cleaned me up. Our eyes made contact and as she sexily wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, her sultry eyes invited me to share tunalı escort her body. I remember the feel of my fingers on her velvet trousers and the sound of her zipper as I pulled it down, gently but surely. I recall her panties were functional cotton, not the erotic silk of her blouse, or the feminine lace of her bra. I reached in to feel her warm pussy and its light covering of soft hair. As I became bolder, I ran my index finger along her lips and felt her warm moisture… lush, inviting and erotic. My slickly coated fingers slid in and out of her waiting pussy, and she moaned with delight. I sank my fingers up to my knuckles and pounded into her forcefully. She winced with discomfort and asked me to be gentle. She grasped my wrist and showed me how to touch her. She guided my fingers to her clitoris and whilst I was an eager student, she had to remind me of its location until my fingers found their own way to the centre of her pleasure, as if by magic. I must admit that I did not recognise her orgasm when it came. I just thought she had a cramp in her leg as her body stiffened and shuddered. But when she thanked me, I cottoned on to the idea that I had done well. But she wanted more, and so did I.

Angelique guided my face to her waiting pussy. This was completely new to me. I don’t remember feeling fear or apprehension, only a desire to return the compliment she had so richly paid to me. I think it was her delicate smell that persuaded me to kiss her soft pussy lips. Pheromones have developed over the millions of years just for this purpose, to arouse a sexual response. I have been addicted to licking pussy ever since. I can’t get enough of that fantastic scent, taste, warmth and enormous reward as my lady cums.

As I tasted my first raw cunt, I felt the sweet sticky liquid coat my face as I rubbed myself lavishly over her. My nose bumped into her clitoris as my tongue found her open lips. She jumped and I thought that I had hurt her again. I withdrew, and she motioned to me that she was OK. I returned to her hot sex, but honestly could not find that special place that was the key to her orgasm. Once again, she guided me to her clitoris, and I tried to memorise its location and shape. I licked and stroked and sucked her cunt as she writhed beneath my youthfully exuberant attention. I was not subtle, but I was certainly effective. She came and her warm fluid gushed over my face and into my mouth. I was surprised, but not in a bad way. I was caught up with the joy and thrill as Angelique came and came again. She muttered in French, but I didn’t understand her words. She pushed my head away from her body and signalled me to stop and recover. Her body was covered with a sheen of perspiration. It was not a heavy sweat, but a soft and sweet patina to her alabaster skin.

We turangüneş escort lay together panting for breath. My face was sticky with her drying cum, and as I licked my lips, I tasted her again. Her aroma filled my head with her delicate and intoxicating scent and my young cock grew firm once again. This was it… the moment of truth. I had been wanked and sucked to orgasm. I had masturbated her and licked her pussy. Both of us had cum fully and joyfully. It was time… time for me to become a man. It was time to leave my childhood behind me and join a woman’s body for the first time. The last thing I wanted was a baby, so I felt along the bed to my bedside cabinet and pulled open the top drawer. Johann Sebastian was with me all the way as the third movement started. As I rummaged around for my condoms — like most young men, I had bought them much earlier in the then vain hope of a shag — the drawer came out of its runners and fell to the floor. I couldn’t have cared less as my hand grasped my trusty packet of three Durex Featherlites. I opened the pack, grabbed a sachet and ripped it open with my teeth. The pink Sensitol Lubricated sheath slipped onto my waiting dick with practiced ease…. probably the best example of beginners luck.

I rolled back on top of Angelique, now naked beneath me. Somehow in the melee of the moment, I too had become naked. We were the first. We were Adam and Eve, enjoying the absolute pleasure of two young bodies. Angelique opened her arms and her legs to welcome me and I felt her hand guide me into her. Entering her wet and wanting furnace, I thrust into her in one movement. She was obviously not a virgin, but she accepted my virginity with honour and love. As I moved inside her and gained speed and depth, she motioned me to slow down and take my time. I had no desire to comply with this silly request and pounded into her with gusto. What I lost in style, I gained in enthusiasm. My rhythm matched the Baroque quavers as Bach reached his climax. I came with a grunt and a lunge that threw me bodily into her loins. She gasped as I filled the condom, and I gasped like a drowning man as I lay on her hot and moist body.

So, that was my first time. Angelique left us a few weeks later, but during that period I learned to take my time, be more attentive to my lover, and as time progressed, she taught me how and where to please a woman. Above all, she taught me the patience to realise that if a man makes a woman cum, she will bless him a hundred times over. That has been my maxim throughout my adult life. I devote loads of time to encourage my lady to cum. Gentle foreplay can start even the day before the “main event”. Progression to a romantic meal, good wine and food, laced with eye contact and non-verbal communication takes the foreplay to the next level. Once in the bedroom – or any arena that’s conducive to sex – I take my time and enjoy each moment. Touches are slow, deliberate, increasing in boldness. My first priority is her lust…. and mine will surely follow.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32