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Big Tits

Alighting from a taxi, I breezed through the revolving doors and strode past the Assistant Manager’s desk to the elevators. When the doors opened, the dim lighting against the off-white wall led to a reception desk and a giant Chinese landscape painting to my right.

“I’d like a massage,” I said to the attractive girl behind the desk, who silently motioned me to a door on my left. I followed a young man into the changing rooms.

I was quietly shown a paper with massages ranging from a foot-massage to a masseuse for the night. I pointed to something between the Korean massage and “special service”. The paper was taken away and replaced with a pair of shorts and light shirt. The attendant opened a locker for me and waited while I changed.

After donning my clothes, my guide led me up a back staircase to a softly lit hall where white walls led to numerous red doors. A pretty woman in a tight black top, carrying a small basket of massage oils, glided past us. Her shiny black hair and rather large breasts bounced gently. Her skin glowed softly in the dim light of the hall. I turned around to follow her shapely form as it swayed beneath her black skirt.

I was ushered into my own red door and entered a room larger than my own apartment. After trying to turn on the TV, I fell back onto the largest bed I had ever been on and waited; my heart aflutter.

A knock on the door made me sit up, “Qing jin” (Please, come in) I croaked. A pretty young woman, with her hair pulled back into a ponytail, came in. She said hello and asked me my name. When I answered back in Chinese her face lit up like Catharine-Zeta Jones. She walked to the phone as I scooted along on the bed following her. She spoke for a short while to the person on the other end.

The pleasantries over, she plopped down next to me ankara escort on the bed kissing me on the cheek, grinning at me as if nothing in the world could please her more than to be here with me.

She crossed one luscious leg over the other, leaning in close to me to talk. She was so close that I almost had to put a hand on her bare thigh; exposed almost to her panties by the short black skirt she was wearing. Like the girl in the hall, she had breasts larger than most Chinese girls. Every so often she would giggle at my mispronunciation as we talked and would gently pinch my cheeks with adoration. I was growing smitten with every giggle and I calmed down slightly.

After a few minutes, she told to take off my jacket and lay face-up on the bed, as she grabbed her massage oils. She gave me a half-massage, mostly stretches that I might have done as a warm-up for kung fu class. As she worked on my arms, she sat cross legged next to me giving me a full view of her light yellow panties and her dark pubic hair visible underneath. When she stood up to go from one side to the other, she did nothing to stop her skirt from riding up her lush legs. When she had me lay on my back, the tips of her long hair brushed seductively against me like a feather, and her fingernails grazed down my back like a river.

When she told me to turn back face-up, my swollen member was making a tent in my loose shorts. She grinned wickedly at me as her hand brushed my privates, covered only by a thin layer of cloth.

I asked, in a shaky voice, if I could feel her breasts. She nodded and lifted the bottom of her black shirt over her tummy and breasts, held in a large, industrial white bra. She pushed the cups down, uncovering her C-cups with dark areola and little nipples.

Not wanting to spoil the moment by rushing, çankaya escort but also wanting to get my hands on the wonderful puppies on her chest, I raised a shaky hand up her soft belly towards her chest, as slowly as I could, and gently squeezed. They were as soft as the pillows supporting my head and more than filled my hands when I squeezed. I pulled gently on her nipples trying to get them hard. I wanted to nurse on them, but she gently pushed my hand away after too short a time and told me to lie down.

She tugged my shorts down and I quickly reached forward to pull them down for her, raising my hips off the bed, my heart racing as I did so. She raised my legs up and slid hers under mine, then rubbed some oil onto her hands and started massaging my cock, making grow long and hard. She then dribbled some oil onto its tip and began to “da fei ji” (jerk off). Her gentle hands slipped like a seal over the length of my shaft, working the oil in. My hips jerked as she did.

I apologized that my penis was so short and she exclaimed “oh no, for a Chinese it is big!” Her thumb occasionally flitted over the tip of my penis and her other hand would either caress my scrotum or glide down between my legs to my anus, which I didn’t really like but was too shocked to do anything about.

“Ni zuo ai ma” (Do you make love?) I asked.

“No, a different girl does that; if you want I can call her for you.

“No, no I want you here, if you don’t make love that’s fine.”

She heard a noise outside the door, and quickly pulled her shirt back over her precious puppies. I rose up and let my hands run along the length of her calves and shins. Occasionally, I would sit back up so my face was level with hers, an amused expression on her face and inquiring “shen me shi?” (something wrong?). kızılay escort To this I would also respond, “mei shi” (nothing’s wrong). I caressed her cheek with the back of my hand as she smiled, bemused at me. My hand ran down her neck and over her shoulder blades. I stopped at the V of her shirt.

“May I?”

She nodded and I eased my hand in, loving the feel of her soft breasts in my hand. I cupped them upside down and tried to play with her nipple there. I kissed her cheek then lay back down again.

When I rose up again later, I tried to find her nipple through her shirt. She gently pushed my hand away, shaking her head no. I started to gently push on it through her shirt, bouncing her breasts under my hand, feeling them gently jump and fall. They were so soft and pliable I couldn’t believe it; I almost couldn’t feel them when I squeezed. I played with them till she said “hao de” (enough) and I withdrew my hand.

I was so nervous that I wasn’t able to come. All too soon, our time was getting short. She started pushing me to come. I pushed her hand away and worked on it myself, awkwardly trying to fondle her with my left hand as I jerked off with my right. When that got to be too much work I asked her to take over again

Soon the phone rang again saying that our time was up. She apologized that I hadn’t come, and helped me to get dressed. She took my arm and led me back out the way I came. Past the plush chairs and people waiting for foot massages through to the door leading to the stairs back down to the changing rooms and back to reality. She told me to ask for massage option “202” and to ask for her masseuse “810” the next time I came. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and I gave her one back. I tried to get one last squeeze of her lovely chest but her hand gently captured mine before it got there and brought it back down.

I took one last look at that lovely, smitten by her voluptuous charms, knowing that though I really shouldn’t, I would probably be back the next night looking for more pleasure from number 810.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32