Andy Saves the Burks Pt. 01

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Some readers noticed that the names Ron and Andy were mixed up in places. That is what happens when I proof read late at night. I really appreciate the feedback and have made corrections. I submitted this as an introduction to the Burks and, as long as there is interest by you readers, I intend to continue their adventures.

It is funny how a person can develop “absolutely would never do that” rules in life. Then as time and circumstances change, find reasons to “do that”.

Andy Saves the Burks Part 1

Chapter 1

The Burks are a family of four. Mother Andria, who goes by Andy thank you very much, is thirty-seven years old and quite happy in her marriage. She is beautiful and maintains her slim body with regular exercise. She stands just under five foot and ten inches, with very long legs, slim hips, pert B cup breasts, and just enough bubble in her butt to make guys do a double take. Whenever she wears tight pants her husband Bob has a running bet with her on how many double takes occur and whether there was potential whiplash.

Bob is your basic “Ken” doll. He has the classic blond hair, blue eyes, and (contrary to “Ken”) is very well endowed. Andy and Bob have a great sex life. Their recently turned eighteen twins, a daughter and son, get their hair and eyes from their father. Jeremy looks like his father, while Susan takes after her mother.

Bob had lost his job in the worst possible way. The finance officer at his company had been embezzling money. When authorities finally caught up to him the money was gone off-shore and the company was ruined. Bob had invested heavily in the company and the Burk family lost everything.

He was actively looking for work, but word had gotten out about his old company. He was blacklisted by association and was struggling to find work. Up until now Andy had been teaching occasional college courses and doing a few commission consulting jobs. She had to go to work full time and she had to earn a good living if they were going to have any chance to pay their debts.

Andy began work as the office manager for Mr. Conor about six months ago. Don Conor was the CEO and majority stock holder in the company. Andy is currently working below her skill set. She is also smart and ambitious. The vice president of operations slot has opened up and Andy knows she is the best person for the job. Getting that job would go a long way in making her family’s finances whole again.

Don Conor stopped by her desk, “Andy I only have a minute, but I would like to invite you and your family to dinner at our house.” She knew she was in the running for the job so she immediately agreed. “We would love to. What time?”

“Seven. We do like to dress up a bit for dinner. Dresses for the ladies, coat and tie for the guys. Is that OK,” Don said?

“I don’t think that will be a problem at all. We will be there.” She then thought, “Yes! He wouldn’t invite us if I wasn’t being considered!”

Chapter 2

The Burks arrived at the Conor mansion promptly at seven. The man that answered the door was a ruggedly handsome black man who stood at least six foot eight. He said in a deep baritone voice, “Hello Burk family. My name is Ron and I work for the Conor family. Won’t you please come in?” Ron escorted the family into the massive dining room and to their assigned seats.

Sitting at the head of the table was Don Burk. Ron provided introductions for the Burk family and left the room.

Don stood and said, “This is my wife Mary and our children, Tony and Maria. Before we get started with dinner there is one thing that I need from you. Anyone spending time near my family must sign a non-disclosure agreement. We have had problems in the past and I need the document in order to fully protect my family’s Hatay Escort privacy.” Ron had returned to the room and passed a two-page document to each of the Burks.

“As you can see, the ND protects us all equally. Nothing that occurs in this house can be disclosed by any party. You can tell people you were here, but you can’t tell them anything about our home or us. If you don’t want to sign the ND we will ask you to leave and will not hold the decision against you in any way.”

Andy looked at her family. She could tell they thought it was a bit strange, but they didn’t seem to have a problem with it. She said, “We don’t mind signing at all.”

Ron walked around the table picking up the signed documents and as he walked toward the door said, “I will provide you all copies when you are ready to leave.”

Dinner was amazing, the wine was excellent, and the conversation light as they got to know each other. After the table was cleared and their glasses refilled Don began to speak, “First of all I want to congratulate Andy on her promotion to VP of Operations on Monday. There is no doubt you are the best person for the job.”

Andy was ecstatic, “Thank you so much!” was all she got out before her family enveloped her in a group hug.

Don smiled at them as they hugged and sorted themselves out. “I realize that you are now set for the long term, but we need to discuss the near term.” He had the Burk family’s undivided attention. “We thoroughly investigate anyone we are considering for high level positions in our company.”

“Because of that I am aware of what happened to Bob. I wish I could offer him a job, but we have a strict policy about hiring family and I won’t break it. You can use me as a reference in the future. That should get you past the stupid black-ball issue.”

Don looked at Andy, “However, you currently are deep in debt and will not recover for many years even with your promotion. Jeremy and Susan are good students, but without a full scholarship they will not be able to get into a good college. I have an offer for you that will resolve that issue if you choose to accept.” Ron had re-entered the room and laid documents in front of the Burk family.

“I will summarize what is in front of you. For the payment shown you will provide sexual services to my family. My family will have the authority to order you in the sexual services. In other words, if they say it, you have to do it. Since the idea is sexual enjoyment, none of you will be ordered to do anything illegal or that would cause you unacceptable pain.”

“This offer is independent of Andy’s promotion. You earned it, are the best person for the job, and I don’t do blackmail. The contact will be paid in increments of 5% per session. Please feel free to discuss it at the table. The offer will be rescinded in ten minutes if not signed.”

Chapter 3

Andy and her family looked at each other in shock, then began reading the contract. Unlike most contracts it was short and didn’t take long.

“OK, Wow!,” Andy said in shock. “Obviously we won’t be doing this.”

“Wait a minute mom,” Susan said. “Did you see the number of zeros? I can’t imagine I will be doing anything I haven’t already done for free.”

Jeremy agreed with his sister, “I am all in!”

Bob said, “Two sessions and we would be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I love you Andy and will do whatever you want as long as you still love me.”

“You would let me screw another man,” Andy said in shock!?

Bob said “As long as you came home to us. Anyway, you already know my fantasy.”

Jeremy and Susan looked at each other with raised eyes and smirks.

Andy spoke up, “Very well Don, you have a deal.” The family signed the contracts Hatay Escort Bayan and handed them over to Ron.”

“Outstanding,” said Don! “Ron and Andy, please stand in front of the table.”

“Ron?” Andy thought. “I didn’t know he was family,” she said to Don.

“Oh, he isn’t, but the contract specifically says that my family, including me, can order you to provide sexual services. It does not say it has to be for them.”

“Oh, I see.”

Ron stood in front of Andy, pressing his body into her until she backed against the table. He leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. He slowly ran his hands down her arms and around her back. He continued by lightly brushing her ass as his hands slowly made their way up her back. He pulled her into another kiss. A deeper kiss that made her knees week. Andy found herself opening her mouth to him as his hands caressed her.

Her dress buttoned up the front and Ron began slowly unbuttoning the dress as he kissed her deeply. When all of the buttons were unfastened, he used the back of his hands to open the dress until Andy’s bra and panties were on display. His huge hands began to caress her breasts lightly as he leaned down and began to kiss her neck and nibble her ear.

His deep voice rumbled in her ear as he caressed her, “You are very beautiful.” Goose bumps ran down her arms and she felt a wonderful tingle in her crotch. He slid her dress off of her shoulders and onto the floor. He unhooked her bra as he pulled her into another passionate kiss. Andy did not object when he pulled it down her arms and dropped it on the floor with her dress.

Ron leaned down and began to tease Andy’s nipples with his tongue and teeth. Lightly nipping her nipple and licking around it before sucking it into his mouth. He paid homage to each nipple before kissing his way up her chest to her neck. “Do you like what I am doing,” he asked?

“Yes,” she whispered.

“No one can hear you Andy. Say it louder.”

“Yes, I like it very much,” she said out loud.

Ron moved his hand down, gripping her thigh and pulling her legs apart. He began running his hand up and down her thigh as he kissed her. He leaned down to service her delicious tits some more and cupped her pussy through her panties with his hand. Andy put her hand behind his head and held him against her breast.

Ron began to slowly stroke her pussy through her underwear and Andy let out a low moan. Her panties were wet with her desire as Ron began pulling them down. She shook them off her feet and Ron picked her up and sat her on the dining table.

Ron put his hands on the backs of her legs and raised them into the air. He licked her slowly from her tits down to her pussy. He licked from her knees up her thighs and around her pussy. He teased her more by licking her slit lightly and flicking his tongue on her hooded clit. “Would you like me to eat your pussy Andy?”

“Yes, please eat my pussy!” Andy didn’t have to be told to say it out loud. She practically shouted it.

Ron began to eat Andy’s pussy. Slowly at first licking her slit until she began to open before him. He licked her clit while inserting one of his huge fingers into her opening. He began to slowly slide his finger in and out of her pussy as his togue continued to work magic. Ron put his hands under her ass and pulled her forcefully onto his face. He meant business now. No more teasing.

Andy thought that she was going insane. He was pushing all of her buttons and she had forgotten about anything except that wonderful mouth. She put her hand on the back of his head and held on as her orgasm surged over her. “Oh, fuck that’s good! Oh please don’t stop yet.” She began to buck against his face as she lost control of her muscles.

Ron Escort Hatay gradually slowed his ministrations. He raised his head from her pussy, leaned over her, and kissed her passionately. She returned his kiss with the same passion.

Chapter 4

Ron stood up and began undressing. Andy was amazed at his muscle definition. Bob was in great shape, but Ron looked like a black Greek god! He pulled his underwear down to show a massive cock that pulsed slowly up and down as she stared. “Oh my god! I will never be able to take that,” she thought. “But then again, I think I would like to try!”

Ron walked up to her as she lay on the table. He pulled her toward him by the hips until only her back was on the table. His cock was standing tall is it rubbed against her slit. Ron began to slowly rub his cock up and down her slit, rubbing against her inflamed clit and spreading her juices on his cock. He moved back until his cock was aimed at her opening and slowly moved forward until the tip was against her. Slowly pushing forward he embedded the head of his cock in her dripping pussy.

Slowly he pushed his massive cock into her. He slowly pulled back until only the tip was in and paused. “Do you want me to fuck you Andy? Do you want my big black cock in your pussy?”

“Oh my god YES!”

Ron again began slowly shoving his cock into her. When he sensed he was in as far as she could take for now, he began to flex his cock within her pussy. He pulsed his cock to match her breathing and she began to shake below him.

Andy felt another orgasm rush over her and grabbed him behind his neck with both hands while thrusting herself onto his cock. Ron began to fuck her slowly, gradually picking up the pace, until her moans of pleasure told him the rhythm she liked. Andy couldn’t hold back and began to thrust her pussy hard against him. As he continued to long stroke in and out of her she felt another climax coming. “Fuck me with that big cock,” she cried out as she felt the best orgasm she had ever had roll over her body.

Ron gradually slowed his pace and pulled his very erect cock out of the limp Andy. He leaned over and kissed her deeply. As the effects of her third orgasm gradually subsided Andy looked into Ron’s eyes. “You are amazing,” she said.

Ron helped her stand and turned her around to face the table. He bent her over and raised her leg, placing her knee on the table. Andy’s pussy was on proud display as Ron inserted his cock back into her. As her family watched he grabbed her hips and began long stroking her pussy. He gradually picked up the pace until he was fucking her hard. Andy had lost her words and could only grunt and moan as he fucked her.

Andy couldn’t have helped it if she had tried. She was in ecstasy and screamed her joy as she orgasmed yet again. Ron held his cock buried in Andy as she orgasmed, flexing it within her, and adding to her joy. As she began to calm down he slowly removed his still hard cock.

Ron helped her stand on her shaky feet. This time Andy kissed Ron passionately. She looked down at his amazing cock and got down on her knees. She put both hands around it and brought it to her mouth. She ran her tongue around the head and gently licked his glans. She pulled Ron’s cock into her mouth and began to slowly blow him while pumping with both hands.

Ron watched as this beautiful woman worshipped his cock with her mouth. She was so sexy and when she looked up at him with his cock in her mouth he couldn’t take anymore. He began coming, shooting as hard as he ever had into the back of her throat. She continued to pump his cock and swallow until he had nothing left to give her.

Andy slowly released his cock and rubbed her mouth with her hand. She captured the small amount of cum that had leaked out and began licking it off of her hand. Ron reached down and lifted her up. He held her close and kissed her deeply.

When they came up for air Andy looked around the room. She turned beet red when everyone began applauding.

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