Andy and the Club

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The “Club” had been in service for longer than any of its current members. Its discretion and purpose enabled its perpetuity. A phone call and hotel room were all that was required (and some fuzzy edict) – the rest was very individualized.

It was Andy’s first time.

The American dream is to own a home. The American dream is to be rich. The American dream is to have a family. The American dream is boring. Andy knew this before it all happened 14 years ago. Dating was fun but what he really wanted was to grow up, marry for love, and get ahead. So he did and here he – calling a number that seems oddly familiar. In this day of cell phones it is really hard to remember a phone number and even harder to remember if you have dialed it before.

It is ringing.

Andy is excited about something for the first time in years. His heart is racing in a way he can hardly remember. Air becomes hard to process. It is the dizzy moment of anything can happen that both alarms and compels him to continue through his urge to hang up. Can this really be him, can he be the guy who calls this number? Rize Escort A million thoughts run wild in his head from the dial tone to the first ring.

A voice.

His erection is immediate. Her “hello” cuts though him – it is a low serious voice filled with purpose. This is a voice that knows its purpose, a voice that wants him hard. Andy imagines her lips brushing against the receiver when she says it. It feels like she is so close. It is a voice unlike he has heard before.


After she accepts he comes to the best part – for the first time in years he gets to say what he really wants. He hears out loud the truth he has thought so many times before. He called her – that means he picks what they do, where they meet, how he likes it. The freedom of the conversation, her eager acceptance underlies her own excitement: next time she will call him and do the same. That is how the club works.

It is tonight.

He knows she is waiting in the hotel room – he told her to. He knows every detail. He shuts his eyes to be closer to the fresh perfume Rize Escort Bayan coming from inside. The urge to race into the room is slowed by the romance of his suit, by the splendor of his red roses. The single pedal pressed against the side of his neck as he opens the door foreshadows the pleasure of the bed, of her body, of their story.

It is like a dream world.

Andy is unsure if it is real. He blinks. Still here. The room is still dimly lit and the large bed is more inviting with each passing second. The best part is they still won’t meet. He is just her to drop off her dress. In 20 minutes they will be meeting in the lobby for drinks. This is the time when most men lose their composure but not Andy. His mind wanders into the closed bathroom door but his body walks downstairs.

The first thing he feels is her breath.

There is alcohol in it. Yes, certainly some fruit – peaches. As the warm feeling pushes all his nervousness out Andy can’t help but to be disarmed by that perfume again. What has he gotten himself into does not cross his eyes once Escort Rize their eyes meet.

She looks stunning.

Different from her usual attire but all the more amazing. Every sip from her glass makes Andy want to be the whine. She is a little drunk, maybe a lot drunk, but in the best way. She fumbles over her words in random conversation, she smiles at silly mistakes in speech and her upturned eyes on occasion look away bashfully. She looks happy.

Unknown time passes in conversation.

Drinks are followed by more drinks. They even meet another “club” couple (though neither of them knows it). Andy can’t get over how much fun they are having. When was the last time this had happened? Why wasn’t this how he lived? His mind did not care. He was in the moment with a beautiful woman (the most beautiful women) on a beautiful night (the most beautiful night). What else mattered? Nothing.

They moved naturally to the room.

Through the haze of alcohol and joy he met her eyes with his. Andy felt like he would remember this for the rest of his life. Right then he thought of life as something new. It was as if the old meaning of the word was replaced by the night with her. All day and night he wondered about her dreams. Right now he marveled at how close they were – he and his wife.

They would be club members for life.

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